1054 Paris Street

This is what my house looked like in AUGUST 1995

Don't forget to turn off the lights when you leave!

The Light Switch.

Year of the Supernova

1054 was the year of a supernova in our Milky Way Galaxy. What we see today is the Crab Nebula. Some of these pictures were taken by the Hubble Bubble Telescope. (That's what I call it.)

Take a ride on the time machine to October 1995 or September 1995 or July 1995.

I like to go traveling through time. Someday I will build an index for all the links that I have. And that "someday" is not today.

Tuesday, 29 August 1995

If you have Netscape, try pressing Control-ALT-F, Control-ALT-S, and Control-ALT-T. It's kind of fishy, I think. It's very strange!
Television on the Internet? Check what they are up to with ABC, NBC and CBS.

Sunday, 27 August 1995

Here take a look at the latest satellite image over France (65K JPEG format) and the rest of Europe.
Syntax check your HTML source code at Weblint or at HalSoft. See if your code passes the test or not.
Make your vote count at VoteLink. I voted on "Should Hillary Clinton should go to China or not?" The vote results as of 9 PM were: YES (1177), NO (952), ABSTAIN (71).
I downloaded Netscape version 1.2 Beta 5 for Windows 3.1 last night. So far it looks great.
I found an awesome home page yesterday. Take a look at what Josh Warnick has done. Wow! He is way ahead of me.
There's no home page like Heather Champ's that I've ever found. She did the graphics for the Cool Site of the Day.
NETCOM added a new Web site recently. I loaded version 2.0 of their Netcruiser today. This is my service provider.

Saturday, 26 August 1995

I changed the counter at the bottom of this page, since the counter in Sweden stopped working.
I created a new background using Adobe Photoshop 3.0 for Windows for my niece at Hollywood 1332. I used the "Gaussian Blur" on the letters. I'm on tutorial number 4 and I learn a little each day.

Tuesday, 22 August 1995

Hi Joe! (That's for my brother who is looking for my house tonight.)
I bought Adobe Photoshop 3.0 for Windows from A.V.W. Inc. 800-655-1675. Give them a call. I'm going through the tutorials this week. Photoshop is for touching up pictures. It looks great so far. Stay tuned for some awesome pictures.

Sunday, 13 August 1995

Here's my very favorite picture of a trip I took to San Diego, California USA in 1993. It was a Sunday afternoon on San Diego Bay (Sorry, the picture is too big! I deleted it in September.) looking for whales. I think we saw 3 whales, if I remember correctly. It was a beautiful "California Day" that day (sunshine and 70 F (21 C)). The America's Cup Race was going on that day. That's why there are so many sailboats in the picture.

Saturday, 12 August 1995

Today I put a light switch in the house and changed the wallpaper. (You won't see the wallpaper and how dark it gets when the lights go out without using Netscape (did you buy their stock at $28?) or MOSAIC 2.0.0 BETA FINAL.)
A few days ago I saw the car license plate "4T7" (forty-seven). In the past I've seen "G DAY M8" (Good Day Mate), "THX DAD" (Thanks Dad), "R WE MAD" (Are we mad?), "WAS HIS", "ODAT" (One Day At a Time), "MOMS KAR" (Mom's Car), "CRAZY" (it described his way of driving), "4" (this was on the former mayor's car), "ETC" (etc.).
My new neighbor gave me this link to check on the Internet Providers in your city. It is called The List.
Check the weather in Omaha or your city with The Lighthouse. The weather never looked so good! It's predicted to go to 101 F (38 C) today in Omaha. It was 98 F (37 C) at 5 PM.
Tonight at midnight there might be a strike involving U S WEST. They are still negotiating at last report.

Wednesday, 9 August 1995

Today I worked from home. The phone didn't stop ringing. I was on the computer most of the day typing up my 3rd quarter plans. (Sounds good, doesn't it?) Well, I watered the lawn too, since it was dying. The high yesterday was 99 F (about 37 C) here in Omaha.
I received an electronic postcard today from my new neighbor. I like to collect snail-mail postcards. My latest postcards were from:
  • McVille, North Dakota

  • Okoboji, Iowa

  • Fertile, Minnesota

To send an electronic postcard visit The Electric Postcard.

Here's something I found a few days ago on Scott Adams. He writes the Dilbert comic strip in the newpaper. You can read all about Scott's exciting life. Have you ever noticed that his e-mail address (scottadams@aol.com) is on the comic strip?

Tuesday, 8 August 1995

There goes the neighborhood. One of the people I work with moved in down the street at 1167 Paris Street. Hi LaRae! Ha Ha Ha!
It's time for that French test I was talking about on 3 August and no cheating.
Question #1
The French word for "YES" is:

Answer #1
The answer is:

Question #2
The French word for "NEW" is:

Answer #2
The answer is:

Question #3
The French word for "NO" is:

Answer #3
The answer is:

Monday, 7 August 1995

In case you get lost on the Internet Laura will tell you where you are. She even talks to you to calm you down.
Laura was born on Edgar Allan Poe's B-day (January 19, 1809, Boston, Mass.). (This link says that many of Poe's stories take place in Paris.) I was born on Ludwig van Beethoven's B-day (December 16, 1770, Bonn, Germany).

Sunday, 6 August 1995

50 years ago today (6 August 1945 at 8:15 AM) the first atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan.
Let us pray today for peace in our world.
I'm constructing Project HANK2000. HANK stands for "Handy And Nice Knowledge". (That's the best I could come up with at the moment.) It is under construction , so be careful at the Project HANK2000 Home Page.

Friday, 4 August 1995

Today I helped my niece, Rachel, build a house a few miles away at Hollywood 1332 . She's 10 years old. I told her to think up things to add to her house. I will help her next week make some improvements. If anything happened in the year 1332 AD or 1332 BC, let me know and I will pass that along to her. Thanks!
I also figured out how to install MOSAIC 2.0.0 BETA FINAL and w32sole.exe (note: do a "Load To Disk" on this link) on my computer at work. I loaded this 3 or 4 times before I figured out that the setup.exe was not moving all the files into directory WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WIN32S. Then I loaded it to Cousin Ron's PC also. That's one less thing to worry about.

Thursday, 3 August 1995

Hurricane Erin hit Pensacola, Florida USA today with 94 MPH winds. For the latest information check the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida.
You will notice that I have added a symbol for the word "new" in French (nouveau). The English word "Yes" is "oui" in French and "no" is "non". That's your French lesson for today. There will be a test tomorrow, so you better study! Check out the newsgroup soc.culture.french . They are discussing the current issues in France, like nuclear testing. Half of the discussion is in French, so get out your French/English dictionary.
I'm thinking about making templates for the rest of you to use local HTML documentation in your offices. I showed the HTML Documentation Project to 2 more people outside my work group and they were impressed. I would create a ZIP file that you would download and load to your hard drive then UNZIP it. Then you just edit the HTML statements and fill in the names of people and projects. It's just a lot of typing once you have the structure in place. Then test it all out. I think it's very easy to accomplish.

Wednesday, 2 August 1995

Since this is Paris I changed the date to day-month-year format instead of month-day-year. Check out the Eiffel Tower sometime.
"One thing I ask of the Lord this I seek: To dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life." Psalms 27:4. I usually read something from the Bible each day.
Congratulations goes to 2 of my neighbors on Paris Street that have been named the Cool Homestead of the Day . They are Pinky (I wonder who helped her with the counter?) and Dennis . Way to go! Also check out the COOL Cat Nikki on my street. I heard a "Meow" or two this morning in my e-mail box.
All the houses are taken on my street now. That was quick! It was like the Gold Rush! I'll try to get out this weekend and see how everyone is doing and welcome the new neighbors.
I have to watch what I write about because my coworkers are dropping in to my house now to see how the place looks. Today we were trying to give the HTML Documentation Project a name. Some suggestions were "DIRT" (Documented Integrated Radical Technology), "HANK" (Handy Archive something something), "DERF" (our boss' name spelled backwards), etc. I will keep you posted. If you have suggestions, send them my way. We have to give this project a name, because we don't know what to call it now.
A news item in the USA today is Hurricane Erin that hit Florida.

Tuesday, 1 August 1995

The high in Paris was 88 F (31 C) for this date. The low was 70 (21 C). (If you can believe the Omaha newspaper.)
It's time to turn all the pages on the calendars, so I rebuilt my house. How do you like the original art work of my house? I put in new wallpaper for those of you that can see backgrounds.
I need to do research on counters . I found this in the comp.infosystems.www.misc newsgroup last week. This involved writing a 'C' program, so I don't know if it will be of value to you.
Today we had a staff meeting and my boss said "thanks" for the HTML documentation project that I did on the LAN. That was very nice . I typed until my hands hurt in making it and it's only just begun. The meeting was a video teleconference call with about 10 people in Omaha, Nebraska USA and 2 people in Bellevue, Washington USA. We could see them on the television screen in the front of the room and they could see us from where they where. We even watched a video tape of a presentation about our company for 45 minutes. It just about put me to sleep.
I received another disk in the mail today from America Online . It's version 2.5 for Windows. I tried America Online a few months ago and decided it was too expensive. I use NETCOM now. With these free disks in the mail I don't have to worry about buying blank disks anymore. That is so kind of them. I read they passed the 3 million mark in customers recently.
Someday I'd like to see Antarctica . It looks awesome.

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