1054 Paris Street
December 1995

Year of the Supernova

1054 was the year of a supernova
in our Milky Way Galaxy.
What you see today is the Crab Nebula.

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Wednesday, 27 December 1995

Today I was looking at some pictures of
China. It is a beautiful country.

I like to read the comic strip Peanuts.
Charles Schulz is very creative.

Monday, 25 December 1995

Yes, it's Christmas Day!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Peace and Joy!

There is a Christmas Greeting at The Vatican.
The greetings are in 7 different languages.
It's such a small world.

Saturday, 23 December 1995

Ever wonder how to say 'Merry Christmas' in
German? According to
Chris in Munich you say
'Frohe Weihnachten!'. I hope I got this right,
because German has different letters than English.
I met Chris by way of the Birthday Page.

I found another search engine at Alta Vista.
If you search for 'Dan Boeckman', it finds
my Home Page.

Sunday, 17 December 1995

I finally picked out a
virtual Christmas tree.
It is a Juniper Supreme.

Thursday, 14 December 1995

My birthday is coming up on Saturday, December 16th.
Be sure to register your birthday on the Birthday Page,
so the whole world knows.

Tuesday, 12 December 1995

Ever wonder what is happening in San Diego, California?
It is a beautiful city on the Pacific Ocean.

Have you found the UseLess Pages yet?
They are worthless! Don't waste your time there.

Today I changed the format of my home page.
It is very hard to make a left margin like you see.
(This assumes that you are using Netscape of course.)
In fact I think it's too much work for what you get.
What do you think? Is it worth it or not?
Send me an e-mail message.

Sunday, 10 December 1995

I found a new Christian Information
page at Kingdom Surf.
Christmas will be here very soon.

The year 2000 will be here in about 4 years.
People are predicting all kinds of problems with computers.
Are you prepared for the Year 2000?

Saturday, 2 December 1995

The Galileo space probe is nearing Jupiter.
It will arrive on December 7, 1995.
The JPL also has a Galileo Home Page.

Today in Omaha the temperature is about
65 F degrees and there are still little patches
of snow from a snowstorm 5 days ago.
It's hard to believe that it's December.

Try a different search engine at www.excite.com.
You can search all the newsgroups for a
string like "Omaha" or "Bosnia" or "Diana"
and see what others are saying about it.

Send a message to: Dan.

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