1054 Paris Street

Year of the Supernova

1054 was the year of the supernova that created the Crab Nebula. It is 5,000 light years away from us in our Milky Way Galaxy .

A supernova is a star that explodes.

It was so bright that it was visible during the day.

The Chinese and Japanese recorded seeing it.

This is what my house looked like in JULY 1995

See what my house looks like in October 1995 and September 1995 and August 1995.

Monday, July 31st, 1995

I started off the day with a 2-hour meeting with my boss on my evaluation for 2nd quarter. I told him all about my HTML project for work and showed him some screen prints of the pages. I guess he liked the idea when I told him we just have to update a telephone number or address in just one place and all the other documentation points to that one page in HTML. Then we talked about all the other projects I have to work on. This was a stressful time for me.

Cousin Ron's Computer

In the afternoon I tried to load the new version of MOSAIC on Cousin Ron's computer at work. (He's my "2nd cousin once removed".) I fought it for over an hour and gave up. I think there is something wrong with his computer. It was working last week. Or maybe they changed something on the LAN over the weekend to cause this. Mondays are a scary day to come to work. You never know what they did to the systems!
When I went outside after work it was actually cool outside. It was 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 Celsius maybe, I'm not good at converting it) outside. I was getting used to all the warm days. (If you know the formula for converting Fahrenheit/Celsius, send it my way on e-mail. I tried to find it on my CD-ROM encyclopedia without success. It's something like 9 / 5 C + 32 = F . HELP ME! Robert Warren says the formula is c = 5/9 (f - 32) . Thanks, Robert, for the help!
On the way home from work my car passed the 40,000 mile mark! (I know you are very excited about this. Right?) I have a 1991 Toyota Camry .
In the evening I went for a 45-minute walk at the Westroads Shopping Center to relieve all my stress.
Here's something I found July 28 on checking stocks on the Stock Exchange.

Sunday, July 30th, 1995

Today I went to church at Boys Town in west Omaha . It was very crowded because this is "Alumni Weekend" and all these former boys and girls returned home. Yes, there are girls at Boys Town. There are at least 500 children that live there.
I've been taking MOSAIC version 2.0.0 final beta for Windows on a test drive. WOW! If they get the bugs out of it, it will be fantastic. See July 29 below for more info. It will be better than Netscape , if you can believe that. I like the competition.
Yesterday I found a page of cameras from around the world . Interesting. I have to check it out.
WWW Newsgroups:
comp.infosystems.www.announce Announce your new home page to the world!

Saturday, July 29th, 1995

Finding Keys to a Car

Today I went to the grocery store here in Omaha and when I was leaving I found some keys by a car. There was no one around. I took the keys back into the store to have someone make an announcement over the PA system, but everyone was busy that worked there. I went back outside and wrote a note to the person. I put the keys and note on the floor inside the driver's door. This is a good example of: "A good deed a day will keep evil away." I had the keys to a $20K car for a few moments. What would you have done?

The forecast is for the temperature in Omaha to get up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (about 38 Celsius) today. You can use the Interactive Weather Browser to see if it made it yet. Enter OMA in capital letters for Omaha. The last time I checked at 7 PM it was 94 degrees. Well, It never made it to 100. I think the high was 94 (about 34 Celsius).
I downloaded MOSAIC version 2.0.0 final beta for Windows this morning. For info on this go to NCSA. I will see how many bugs are in it. I tried it at work yesterday and had problems. I tried it at home just now and it complains about not finding OLE32.DLL, so I'm out searching the world for it. Well I found it. It was in the release notes that I didn't read. Do a "Load To Disk" of w32sole.exe. It is huge (2.2M), so be patient.


Links to other sites on the Web

Windows 95 is coming soon on August 24th. I'm going to wait for Windows 95.1

Harvard's Information Super Collider A great way to see a lot of places at once. I found the "wallpaper" for my house using this. Keep reloading the document. It can be very slow though.

LYCOS Search Engine I can't live without it

Utility to search for URL addresses Something new I found on July 21st

We might have a strike at U S WEST in Omaha, Nebraska USA on August 12th.

RAGU I'm part Italian... Mama Mia! And they have a contest going on.

Hi my name is Dan and I'm a Webaholic This is very large, so watch out. There are a lot of Webaholics.

I read Interactive Age Daily everyday for what's happening in cyberspace. You need to subscribe to this to use it.

Current projects that I'm working on

HTML Documentation Project

I'm trying to document some common things where I work using HTML. It is a challenge, since most people can't get to the Internet. I put a copy of "Stand Alone Mosaic" on our LAN which I got from someone at the University of Florida some months ago. All the HTML is stored locally on our LAN in DOS format. I've created Home Pages for all people in my work group. I've created Home Pages for the projects that people work on. I'm excited about it. So far so good.

Update.... July 24

I was showing my LAN project to some people at work today and they were very impressed. I even showed them by new "house" on Paris Street.

I bought a book on HTML "More Web Publishing with HTML" today. Now all I have to do is find the time to read it.

Update.... July 25

Today I added an article that I had in our local newpaper on June 11, 1995 titled "The Answer is Love" . I received a few calls from people that said it was one of the best articles that I've written. I've been writing a few articles each year since 1982 for the newspaper.

Update.... July 27

Updated Interactive Age Daily URL address. They moved.
The HTML project at work is taking quite an effort. I was testing it today on a UNIX system and learned a few things:
Upper/Lowercase file names are a big problem on UNIX but not DOS. UNIX could not find PROJECT.htm instead of project.htm.
DOS will take 9 position file names and treat them as 8 position names. Like greenball.gif = greenbal.gif to DOS. UNIX looks for all the characters and can't find the gif file.
UNIX MOSAIC printed the pages correctly, but the version of MOSAIC (2.0 Alpha 2) that I have does not print at all. 2.0 Alpha 7 does not print high-lighted text fields. GREAT!
So I'm learning a lot from this project.

I've always wanted to visit Paris and now I live on Paris Street!.

There's no place like home.There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

I've lived here since July 22, 1995.

Stop by and say HI sometime.

My e-mail address: dboeckm@csealumni.unl.edu

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