1054 Paris Street

October 1995

Turn off the lights when you leave!

Year of the Supernova

1054 was the year of a supernova in our Milky Way Galaxy. What you can see today is the

Crab Nebula.

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Sunday, 22 October 1995

The Columbia Space Shuttle (STS-73) is flying today. It took them 6 tries to launch it.
If you have Windows 95, you can download Microsoft Money for free.
Sometimes I watch the SCI-FI Channel.

Saturday, 14 October 1995

Today I've got 3 sessions of Netscape going. I flip back and forth between them using Windows 95. So while one is loading I'm reading the others. I'm using the TCP/IP stack to connect to Netcom and then to Netscape to get out to the Internet. I like it. It works out nice!
There is a site that has 23,000 links. Take a look at what Matthew Gray has done. It has my Index for 1054 Paris Street beat bad!
One of my favorite TV programs is The Twilight Zone.
Don't ever get caught in a Speed Trap again.
When I get time I like to read Sky and Telescope Magazine and PC Magazine.
For some pictures out of this world (literally) I like to visit the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Sunday, 8 October 1995

Today I'm watching TV on my PC by way of Streamworks. It's not as good as my cable TV connection, but it is a remarkable start! I'm watching and listening to the Pope in Baltimore, Maryland USA. Amazing!

You can listen to radio stations around the world with this also.

Saturday, 7 October 1995

I helped my niece, Rachel, update her home page yesterday at 1332 Hollywood.
There is lots of shareware at Jumbo.
For the latest news on WWW browsers you should read BrowserWatch.
I purchased and installed Windows 95 a few days ago. It is not that easy to unlearn Windows 3.1 and learn Windows 95. I found a site to to help me at Cybertalk. Lots of help is there if you need help.
I even signed up for Microsoft Network just to see what it is like.

Sunday, 1 October 1995

I loaded the software for the Real Audio Player. It's very cool!
Take a look at the very Worst of the Web.

Write something to: Dan.

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