1054 Paris Street

September 1995

Turn off the lights when you leave!

Year of the Supernova

1054 was the year of a supernova in our Milky Way Galaxy. What you can see today is the

Crab Nebula.

Some other nebula that I like:

Horsehead Nebula (Way Cool!)

Cat's Eye Nebula (Meow!)

Eagle Nebula (It's flying!)

Veil Nebula (Awesome!)

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Sunday, 24 September 1995

I've been reading about the people who live at The Spot. They write down their lives for anyone to read.

When I was in college I kept a journal of important things that happened to me, but I did not let thousands of people read it. I still have those journals somewhere in my "archives" in the basement.

Saturday, 23 September 1995

The engineers at Netscape have an electronic sign in their work location. You can send a message to the Netscape Engineering Sign and then see it displayed.
The Netscape stock is going up up up! Yesterday it went up 4 points. Check how much it is worth now by clicking this:

Saturday, 16 September 1995

Two days ago I became one of just a few thousand people in the USA to have cable television provided by a local telephone company. Our local telephone company in Omaha is U S WEST. Here is a Press Release about this market trial.
AT&T has developed a 6 M Bit Modem. Here is the announcement. (And I thought my 28,800 modem was quick.)
Today I loaded Adobe Photoshop Upgrade 3.0.4 on my PC. It arrived in the mail yesterday.
Jimmy Buffett will be in Kansas City, Kansas USA on September 30th. I hear a lot of people get dressed up with parrot outfits for his concerts. If you are a "Parrot Head" and have been to one of his concerts, write and tell me about what it's like.

Tuesday, 12 September 1995

The Space Shuttle is orbiting the earth today. Take a look at the Internet site for Endeavour. Their Photo Gallery has some spectacular pictures of Hurricane Luis and Marilyn. This year will go down in history as the "Year of the Hurricane".
On 3 February 1995 I was in Florida and saw the night launch of STS-63. I've got it on video tape, if you'd like to see it. I watched the launch as a NASA VIP Guest from just over 3 miles away. The astronaut's families were not far away from where we watched.
If you like chess, Viswanathan Anand of India is playing Garry Kasparov of Russia in the Chess Association World Championship in New York City. They played to a draw today. (Game 3 was a draw also.)

Sunday, 10 September 1995

Pete Sampras beat Andre Agassi today at the U. S. Open.
There's a new movie coming your way called Hackers. I guess they have been hacking at this Web site, so watch out!

Saturday, 2 September 1995

If you like tennis, check out the U. S. Open which is happening right now (7:40 PM CDT).
If you are part of the "Counter" culture, make a stop at GEO Counter.
I am working on the index for all my links. It is under construction, but you can take a peak at the Index for 1054 Paris Street.

Friday, 1 September 1995

I changed my wallpaper thanks to Heather Champ.
The newspaper says that 1,000,000 copies of Windows 95 were sold in the first 4 days.
Check out what Mari is up to. She knows how to use Adobe Photoshop.

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