Messages in the Newspaper

Omaha World-Herald

April 4 to 12, 1996

During the first two weeks of April 1996 there will be a series of advertisements in the Omaha World-Herald newspaper in Omaha, Nebraska. These will be 1 column wide and 1.5 inches long. They will look something like the following:

Spring To Life In 1996
Jesus loves you

This is the schedule of the advertising. The messages will be placed in the sections if there is room, else they could be anywhere in the paper. I will scan one in, if I get a chance when they are printed.

Date Section Message
April 4 Sports Jesus loves you
April 5 Midlands News Jesus is the resurrection and the life
April 6 TV Trust in Jesus
April 8 Living Pray to Jesus everyday
April 9 Obituaries Read the Bible everyday
April 10 General News Give your heart to Jesus
April 11 Sports Jesus is your best friend
April 12 Midlands News Jesus loves you

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