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The Bridge Is Out

by Dan Boeckman

This is the story of Mr. Jones. He is driving along in his car one summer night heading for the city of Sunshine which is a few hours away. Mr. Jones has studied the maps and decided on a route that hopefully will get him there by morning. He's never been to Sunshine before and is going there for a new job.

It's the middle of the night and 70 degrees outside. Mr. Jones is enjoying the cool breeze and has his windows open. The road he's currently on is only wide enough for one car and is very bumpy. He's thinking that there must be an easier way than this old road, so he stops to take another look at his maps. Suddenly a stranger comes out of the darkness and approaches his car. Mr. Jones is startled for a moment. The stranger asks him if he's lost. "I'm on my way to Sunshine. Is this the way or is there a better way?" inquires Mr. Jones. The stranger just happens to be going to Sunshine also and offers to give directions. Mr. Jones is hesitant to let this stranger into his car and thinks for a moment. He decides to take a chance and tells the stranger to get in. "Keep heading down this road for one mile and then turn to get on the large highway," directs the stranger. So Mr. Jones heads down the road with the stranger. When they get to the highway a sign says that the city of Sunshine is straight ahead on the old bumpy road. Mr. Jones asks, "Shouldn't we stay on this road? The sign says that this is the way to get there." "No, that is an old sign and this is a new highway. Trust me. We'll get there," answers the stranger. Mr. Jones turns to get on the new highway.

On the entrance ramp to the new highway a sign says to turn off your headlights before proceeding. Mr. Jones stops the car and looks at the stranger. "They don't expect me to drive without any lights?" asks Mr. Jones. "Trust me," replies the stranger. Mr. Jones is wondering what he got himself into. "The road is very wide and I'll watch the edge for you out my window. There's nothing to it. I've traveled this road with many people. We've never had any problems," insists the stranger. Mr. Jones thinks that it is crazy to drive with no lights. "Everybody does it without getting hurt," says the persistent stranger. Mr. Jones thinks that if everyone does it then it must be alright. So Mr. Jones turns off his lights and drives off into the darkness. The road is very wide and it's smooth. Mr. Jones is glad to get away from the bumps but drives very slowly. The other drivers on the highway start blowing their horns at Mr. Jones. "You better speed up or you'll get us killed!" yells the stranger. So Mr. Jones speeds up and blends into the traffic. As they drive along, the stranger occasionally warns Mr. Jones that he's too close to the edge and they proceed quickly on their way. All this time Mr. Jones can't see a thing.

After awhile Mr. Jones adjusts to driving in the darkness. From time to time he can see the outlines of signs overhead as they pass beneath them. He wonders what the signs might say. After several hours Mr. Jones gets very nervous. They should have been in Sunshine by now. In fact it should be morning by now and the sun should be up, but it was still dark outside. What is going on? Immediately Mr. Jones does the unthinkable thing --- he turns on his headlights! "Turn your lights out!" yells the stranger. Mr. Jones sees one of the signs overhead. It says, "Bridge is Out." Mr. Jones figures out that all the other signs must have been detour signs which he couldn't see. He sharply turns the steering wheel and heads for the edge of the road and gets off the road just in time. The stranger jumps out of the car and vanishes into the darkness. Mr. Jones barely makes out the uncompleted bridge in the darkness and sees the many cars flying over the edge to certain death.

What should Mr. Jones do? What would you do? Would you try to warn those on the highway of the danger ahead? Maybe get out a flashlight or flares or something to warn others. Well, that is what these words are today. They are a warning to you. In the story the city of Sunshine represents Heaven which is the city of light. The narrow road represents the path to Heaven. The wide highway represents the path to Hell. So where are you? Are you on the narrow road or the wide highway? The maps and signs represent directions from God. One sign from God today is the Bible, which informs us of what is right and wrong. It tells us how to get to Heaven. Do you read the signs from God? The stranger represents the devil. You can't believe a thing he says. He's a liar. He says to trust him because everyone is doing it and you won't get hurt. Just because a great percentage of people believe sex outside of marriage is right doesn't make it right. The old bumpy road represents the struggles you will have as a follower of Jesus Christ. It is not easy to be a Christian in 1992. You will be invited to parties where they are doing things that are wrong and you will be forced to take a stand for what is right. The other drivers on the highway represent the many 'friends' you have who will lead you down a path to destruction. However, if you do what is right, there will be times when it will just be you and Jesus. The uncompleted bridge represents the judgment of God. One day you will have to answer for what you have done with your life. You make the choice. God permits you to choose the path you will travel. There is no greater sign than the sign of the cross. It stands for all eternity as a message of light and hope. Without Jesus we are all lost. Jesus died on the cross and then rose from the tomb, so that you would have forgiveness of your sins. No matter what you have done, God will forgive you if you ask Him to. The pulling off the road represents your turning away from evil. You have to do this today. Right now! If you've been away from church for years, come home today. If you've never been to church, search for one that believes in Jesus. Start reading the Bible everyday. Begin with the Gospel of Matthew. Read one chapter a day.

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