God Is Calling You

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by Dan Boeckman
E-mail address: dan@spring2life.com
Omaha, Nebraska USA

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God Is Calling You

By Dan Boeckman (Internet Site: http://spring2life.com)

I have 3 African violet plants in my kitchen by the south window. I water them once per week on Saturday morning. They appear to be healthy with quite a few dark green leaves, but I don't see any other colors. I have not seen any flowers for months. At first they bloomed with bright colors of pink, blue and purple. As time goes on, I wonder if they will ever bloom again.

Is there any color in your life? Are you alive or just existing? I see quite a few green leaves, but are you growing? Have you been the same for months and years with no change? Now is the time to bloom. Today is the day to spring to life. You need some new colors in your life.

God is calling you. St. Paul once wrote, 'I plead with you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.' God is calling you. In another letter Paul says, 'May he enlighten your innermost vision that you may know the great hope to which he has called you.' Do you hear the voice of the Lord? Here we are in early 1997. The years are rushing by. God is calling you. Will you respond to the call of the Lord?

God calls you by name. He knows everything about you. He made you. He loves you. Jesus says: 'My sheep hear my voice and listen to my commands.' Do you hear his voice? There are so many distractions in the world. 'Be still and know that I am God.' Take time to pray. Set aside some quiet time. Listen to the Lord. He is calling you. Seek the Lord while he is near.

Jesus tells you 'to be perfect as he is perfect.' Yes, you can achieve greatness in the Kingdom of God. You are called to be holy and blameless in his sight. You are to do the will of God. Let your true colors shine!

Do not let anyone keep you from God. Someone in a church may have hurt you years ago. Forgive them. They did not know what they were doing. I hear people say they believe in God and never go to church. You have said the same thing for years. The time has come for you to move on. God is calling all believers together. We are called to pray together. You need others. You need other believers to survive. You need the living waters of the Lord to grow. You need the wisdom of God to know the truth. We need each other. Let us pray together. I need you and you need me.

If you missed '7 Days of Life' or 'Now is the Time', write for a copy.

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Spring To Life, P.O. Box 991, Omaha, NE 68101-0991 USA

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