February, 2000

God is love
Love is the answer

No greater love is shown than to give one's life for a friend

Love one another as I have loved you

Perfect love casts out all fear

Love never fails

"The Mind of God" (Version 9, January 10, 2000)

(February 29, 2000 5:57 AM CST)

My watch says it is "3-1" today.
It is obviously not Y2K compliant.

Yesterday Chris asked me to have my "prayer chain"
pray for his wife Theresa who is in the hospital
for depression.
I asked him to pray for my niece.
Josey (Trudi's baby) was born yesterday.
Were you born yesterday?
Veronica's baby was born last Tuesday or Wednesday.
Welcome to the world!
At church on Sunday they announced that Frances had died,
so I should go to the wake tonight.
I don't know if I will make it.
I saw one of her sons at church,
but did not get a chance to talk to him.
All the violins in the choir loft distracted me.
One of the people that I work with (Bryan with a "Y")
found out that his Dad died in the last few days.
He told me about Veronica's baby girl.
On Saturday at St. Joseph Hospital I saw
the "spectrum" of life.
I saw those little babies 2 or 3 days old
and the old people labeled NPO waiting for surgery.
(NPO means no solid food I think.)
So pray for all these people...
for God to bless them wherever they are in life
from day 1 to day 29,000+.

From Brian Littrell of The Backstreet Boys
he prays:

"Hear, O God, my cry;
listen to my prayer!
From the earth's end I call to you
as my heart grows faint.
You will set me high upon a rock;
you will give me rest,
for you are my refuge,
a tower of strength against the enemy."
Psalms 61:1-3

God bless Brian for his witness to Jesus.
Yes, God will hear his prayer.
He will hear your prayer also.
I wonder what the teenagers of the year 2000 think
when they see this in the Millennium CD...
words from the Bible.
It is right there for all these young people to see.

(February 28, 2000 5:51 AM CST)

I filed my taxes electronically yesterday for the first time
using Turbo Tax.
We'll see how fast I get my refund.
Spring is in the air...achoo!
This morning I'm running an air-purifier
to pull the pollen out of the air.
It cleans the air, so you don't have to take medicine
or get shots for your allergies.
It is one of the best investments I have made.

Here are a few more pictures from Dana Point, California
on February 19th.
This is the pelicans in the harbor on the jetty.
This is Captain Dog (pronounced with a pirate's accent)
keeping a look out for any cats in the harbor.
This is the race to catch the whales .
At least 10 boats were after the 2 whales.

"Many are the plans in a man's (or woman's) heart,
but it is the decision
of the Lord that endures."
Proverbs 19:21

Get in the race.
Set a clear goal.
Is your heart in it?
Keep a look out for the enemy (el diablo, the devil).
The enemy can destroy you.
The threat is real.
Don't ignore it.
Keep your guard at full alert.
The Lord is with you.
Make Jesus part of your plan.
He is your safe harbor,
but you are meant to achieve much more.
Get out there on the open ocean.
Go! (shouted at you by the captain.)

(February 27, 2000 5:50 AM CST)

Yesterday I met Judy and her family.
Her name was on my Caller ID box February 5th.
They live about 20 miles away from me.
Pray for them.

My niece said she liked this picture,
so I scanned it in.
It is a sailboat at Dana Point, California
on February 19th at about 2 PM.
We were heading for "home" at this point.
We had just seen some bottle-nose dolphins
popping out of the water here and there.
They are very intelligent creatures.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store at 3010 South 84th Street.
As always I don't know where anything is.
And my time allocation was short.
I had to find what I wanted and split.
It was a little stressful.
My week has been stressful.
It is very hard for me after a vacation
to get back into the swing of things...
reentry is tough for me.
Like when I was leaving the parking lot on 84th Street
to head south I pulled out in front of someone
at the wrong time and they honked at me.
I was in the wrong.
I admit it.
It is something that I have noticed over the years
of going on vacations.
It almost makes you want to skip vacations,
because reentry is so bad.
I'm just not myself.
A vacation does things to my mind.
So pray for me to make a safe reentry...hopefully soon.
Maybe it was the 4 time-zone difference
of me in California vs. when I get up in Omaha.
Maybe it is cultural shock.
Maybe I miss the ocean effect.
Or it could be all of the above.

"Come and see the works of God,
his tremendous deeds among men.
He has changed the sea into dry land;
through the river they passed on foot;
therefore let us rejoice in him."
Psalms 66:5-6

Can you rejoice?
Can you see the deeds of the Lord?
What has he done lately?
Look close.
He is changing you day by day.
You are becoming more and more like him.
It is a gradual thing.
Is it easy? Of course not.
Change is tough.
The Lord has promised you a path.
You will make mistakes,
but get back on that path (reentry).
Get back where you belong.
Then you can rejoice.

(February 26, 2000 6:00 AM CST)

Elaine wrote back yesterday.
She and Boyd both made it to Oakland.
Boyd was 3 hours later than her and
the luggage was a day later.
I did get my luggage in Santa Ana that day,
but coming back I had no luggage in Denver
since I stayed there overnight.

Let me scan in some more pictures
I want to show you...

Here is the church at San Juan Capistrano, California
on February 19th at 5:20 PM.
That is an orange tree to the right of the sign.
Mary and I attended the service there at 5:30 PM.
When these bells chime the chandeliers shake a little
inside the church.
Mary pointed that out to me.
This next picture is to show you
how calm it was that day (2-19-00)

on the Pacific Ocean at Dana Point, California.
This was about 12 Noon.
Catalina Island is visible on the right horizon.
That is 32 miles away said Captain Dave.
It is unusual to be able to see it from Dana Point.
And next is a sighting of those two whales
that everyone was chasing that day.
There were about 10 boats following them along the coast
as they headed south.
You can see the spray from one whale
in the center of the picture.
The people in that boat must have had a perfect view.

Jesus said,
"Go into the whole world
and proclaim the good news to all creation."
Mark 16:15

Can you see clearly?
Is it a calm day?
Share what you know today.
The next day will be stormy (it was).
Proclaim the Lord's greatness while there is time.
Follow the Lord.
Show the crowd Jesus.
He will show you many unusual things.
Prepare yourself for greatness.
Do what the Lord has called you to do.
Can you pray for me today?
I'm going down to St. Joseph Hospital
to visit some people with my Mom.
Have an "unusual" day.

We have had so much rain and mild weather
that the green grass is starting to show,
the tulips are popping out of the ground and
the trees are starting to bud.
They are signs here in the year 2000.
Are you growing too?
Are you alive?
Veronica was due to have a baby February 20th.
Did she? I don't know. I will send an email to her husband.
Veronica helped me when Spring To Life first started in 1982.
Trudi that I work with
might have her baby this weekend.
She is due on March 15th.
It is springtime here in Omaha.
Pray for a safe delivery of these children
into the world.
That would be a birth certificate to see...
born in the year 2000.
That is something.

(February 25, 2000 6:07 AM CST)

It's raining with thunder and lightning this morning.
Here is what it looked like one week ago
at the Omaha Airport.
These are cars in the parking garage .
This is at about 9 AM as the north wind
makes snow drifts and works of art out of the cars.
The next picture is a snow covered jet .
It was not going anywhere soon
until the storm passed.
And this is at about 1 PM after the storm ended.
It is the plane to Denver .
It took me, Elaine, the couple from Fremont going to SNA,
Tom and his wife, the coach watching all the luggage
going to Dallas, etc. out to Denver
to hopefully catch our connecting flights.
We took off the ground at 1:38 PM I think.
In contrast...
here is where I stayed in Santa Ana, California
at the Radisson .
I took this picture the next morning (2-19-00).
All the people at the Radisson were wonderful
(Marco, Lupe, Teresa, and others).
It was very nice and warm there and no snow
except in the mountains far to the north.
On Sunday (2-20-00) Lupe and Gabriella
gave me a ride to church
about 2 miles away in Tustin, California.

"We believe and so we speak,
knowing that he who raised up the Lord Jesus
will raise us up along with Jesus
and place both us and you in his presence."
2 Corinthians 4:13-14

Say something.
Speak up.
Let the truth be known.
Share what you think.
You have Jesus.
Don't keep him a secret.
Share what you feel
when you are in the presence of Almighty God.
Be raised up on high.
He is the Lord.

(February 24, 2000 5:28 AM CST)

First of all we have to thank God for the rain yesterday.
We did pray for rain a few weeks ago and
God has blessed us with some H2O.

Are you ready for some pictures?
Here let me scan in a few...

This is a picture of me at Newport Beach, California
on February 20th.
My question is: How fast is 8 mph?
Do the lifeguards have radar guns?
It was a windy and stormy day.
This is a picture of Newport Beach from the pier
that same day.
There were 2 surfer boys in the water
at this time and they quickly gave up
trying to catch a wave.
There were too many waves.
Here is an "only in California" picture.
It is a boy rollerblading his dog .
Most people walk their dog, right?
but not in California.
And the dog was exceeding the speed limit.
Next is a picture of the pier at Newport Beach .
To me it looked like a tornado coming,
but you have to remember I'm from Nebraska.
This is Mary in front of her "future" house
after she wins the lottery.
The house probably costs over $1M and it's not for sale.
A few years ago she lived 2 blocks from the ocean
and would have nightmares about
a tidal wave attacking the neighborhood.
As windy as it was, it did not stop
these people from going out sailing.
Who cares if your boat is 60 degrees from the vertical
and you just about capsize?
It makes for an exciting day.
For all you people looking for a summer job
check this out.
They pay you $11.83 per hour to be a lifeguard.
Tryouts are March 5th.

"The Lord's are the earth and its fullness;
the world and those who dwell in it.
For he founded it upon the seas
and established it upon the rivers."
Psalms 24:1-2

The oceans have been around a long time.
The rivers have flowed for thousands of years.
The wind and storms come and go.
But the Lord is established.
He is here.
He is with us.
He is our lifeguard.
He keeps us safe from harm.
He is on our side.
Keep your eyes vertical (on Jesus).
If you capsize, only God can rescue you.
Expect your prayers to be answered.
Let the rain fall.
Let the wind blow.
The Lord is with us.
Catch a wave, if you can.
The Lord is that powerful!

(February 23, 2000 5:20 AM CST)

On Friday, February 18th many flights were cancelled
out of Omaha.
Some planes were flying and some were not.
The flight for my high school friends Frank and Betty
was cancelled.
They spent 2 hours taxiing around the airport in this plane.
The plane was de-iced twice, but the pilot did not feel
it was safe to take-off.
The snow was falling that fast.
Visibility was about 2 city blocks.
Frank and Betty got a refund of their tickets
and will fly to Florida some other day.
Their son Tony came to pick them up and take them home.
I might see them later this year at our 30-year class reunion.
Yes, my flight at 10:19 AM was cancelled.
So what do you do when your flight is cancelled?
You stand around and meet all kinds of new people
who are "trapped" just like you.
It's like a dream come true for me.
One of those people I met that day was Dr. Tom.
He went to Creighton Prep 4 years behind me.
He is a heart surgeon.
His web site is otcvs.com .
We talked for a very long time in the United Airlines line
on the first level.
I had to get my luggage re-tagged to a later flight.
He of course knows Dr. Charles that checked out my heart
on January 17th.
Dr. Charles had his picture in our newspaper on page 32
on February 21st for a benefit dinner called "Hearts on Deck."
Anyway if I ever need heart surgery, I know who to talk to.
After boarding the 1:20 PM flight to Denver
there was one empty seat across the aisle from me.
I was sitting in the very last row with a couple
also going to Santa Ana airport that day.
Who was going to get this last seat I wondered?
It was Elaine .
She is famous.
She is a senator in our Nebraska state legislature.
Her husband who she was traveling with was left there in Omaha.
There was only one seat available...take it or leave it.
The two of them were going to Oakland, California.
I'm sending her an email this morning to see
if they both got back together again in Oakland.
He did not know where they were going to stay,
since she had made the travel arrangements.
I told her that ever once in awhile
I get my name in the paper also.
She wanted to see what I wrote, so I've sent her
the URL http://spring2life.com in my email message today.
In Denver the 3 of us going to Santa Ana
had to catch our plane at gate A53
the last gate on one side of the concourse.
We arrived in concourse B and had to take the train
and walk a very long distance to get to gate A53.
We did not run...we walked.
If it was meant to be that we would catch our flight,
we would catch our connecting flight.
They waited for us.
We got on the plane and they closed the door.
See, that is the power of prayer.
Thanks again for praying for me and
all these people that I met!
On the flight to SNA (Santa Ana) the couple next to me
was returning from a trip to Antarctica.
Oh wow...just Antarctica.
I would have never met them if there had not been
a snowstorm in Omaha.
They had been traveling for 40 hours
when they met up with me.
I asked them if they were starting to "see things",
since they had been without sleep for so long.
We talked almost the entire 2 hour flight.
They traveled with 37 people from around the world
and are members of The Planetary Society .
They will send me the URL for pictures of their trip
when it is set up by others in their group.
They told me about one day being in a Zodiac boat
and the driver took a wrong turn.
They were lost!
The GPS did not help them.
They talked on the radio to people in the main ship
and were told they can't be where the GPS said they were.
Finally they had to blow the horn on the main ship
to locate the direction to go in order to return to safety.
What an adventure!
That's a little too much excitement/adventure for me.

Jesus said,
"He (or she) was lost and is found."
Luke 15:24

Life is an adventure.
Are you ready?
Are you searching?
This is life and death.
If you don't find safety, you will perish.
Jesus sounds the horn.
It is a call.
He is calling you.
Are you listening?
He knows the direction to go.
GPS is "kid's stuff" to him.
Call on him.
Seek him before the door is closed...
and you miss your flight...
the flight of your lifetime.

I'm praying that when I get to heaven
you are there.
Maybe today you don't even believe there is a heaven.
I met you for only a few minutes on this earth.
It was no coincidence.
We are separated now and probably
will never meet in person ever again in this life.
I will be looking for you.
I expect to see you there!
Of course, you can always
send me an email while I'm alive,
if you have any questions.

(February 22, 2000 5:46 AM CST)

Did you miss me?
Yes, I'm home.
It was after 3 AM and I woke up for a few seconds
and I looked around:
I was home!
Nice feeling.
I definitely gained some weight in the last 4 days.
It was all that chocolate I was eating.
The snow?
Well it's just about all gone from around town.
It's like night and day...
I left Omaha in a blizzard on February 18th and
return February 21st to springtime USA.
One sign I read as I drove home last night
around 9:30 PM proclaimed:
Spring Is Here.
It was along Dodge Street somewhere,
but my mind is "gone" this morning.
Yesterday at lunch Kami said,
"I was lost but now I'm found" or maybe
"I've seen the light" or something like that.
See, I can't recall clearly what she said.
I think I'm suffering from altitude sickness.
(Denver is at 5,280 feet elevation.)
What do you mean: Who is Kami?
Don't you know Kami Alice?
You know I meet new people all the time.
She works with Cousin Ron.
She just started this job a few weeks ago
by some "coincidence."
She is getting married on Saturday, September 9th, 2000.
She is beautiful.
She looks like someone on TV or
someone that is famous (a tennis player).
She has that appearance or presence.
Nice to meet you!
We had lunch at the Food Court at 16th and California
in downtown Denver yesterday.
We were sitting on the 3rd level in the sun.
It was hot with the sun shining on us.
Maybe that is what/why Kami said:
"I've seen the light"
because we were sitting in the sunshine.
I guess...I don't remember clearly.
Later at Cousin Ron's cube I wrote
"Jer 29:11" on the upper right corner
of his writing board on his desk.
I told him it was important.

This song I was listening to in Santa Ana
keeps playing over and over in my mind:
"My love is your love.
Your love is my love."
It is a pop song.
It is sung by Whitney Houston .
I think station 98.7 FM in L.A. was playing it.

"The man (or woman) who continues in the light
is the one who loves his brother (or sister);
there is nothing in him (or her) to cause a fall."
1 John 2:10

See the light.
It is springtime USA/(or your country)!
Love your brother and sister.
Help them up, if they fall.

I'd love to write more, but it's time to go to work.
Bye for now.

(February 21, 2000 9:56 AM MST)

So where am I today? (you ask)
I'm in downtown Denver, Colorado .
Last night when I was flying back to Omaha
they asked for volunteers to skip the flight
and they'd give you $400 credit to fly in the future.
So I stayed here overnight.
Later today I will take another flight to Omaha.
My luggage is in Omaha, so that is interesting.
The day here started out at 31F (0C) degrees,
it should get up to around 60F (15C) degrees this afternoon.
The sun is shinning bright and
the Rocky Mountains look beautiful.
I have 3 rolls of film to get developed of California,
if I ever get back to Nebraska.
Today I'll go to lunch with the infamous Cousin Ron.

(February 19, 2000 7:22 PM PST)

Hello from Santa Ana, California!
Yes, I made it...somehow.
I have met many people and lots has happened.
For example...
today Mary and I went out on the Pacific Ocean to search for whales.
We took a boat ride from
Dana Point with Captain Dave .
We found 2 grey whales after quite a search.
I took at least 20 pictures to share with you
when I get back to town.
We were on the water for 3 hours.
It was wonderful.
Only 6 passengers were on the boat along with Dave.
We took turns steering the boat around the ocean.
I drove the boat for about a half an hour.
It was not that easy to keep on course.
The ocean was very calm.
Temperature was around 70F (21C) degrees.

(February 18, 2000 5:47 AM CST)

The snow is here.
It's 2 or 3 inches (7 cm) deep.
I should be able to get to the airport
and go flying.
I just love to fly.
When you are up there above the clouds
and see the world from God's point of view...
that is cool.
If you want to watch it snow , take a look here in Omaha.
A few schools are closed, but not all.
I will try to write from California,
but you never know.

"Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,
for wisdom and power are his."
Daniel 2:20

I'm sorry I can't concentrate this morning.
I have lots on my mind.
I have "butterflies."
I am a little nervous, but not too much.
I just ask for the wisdom of the Lord,
so that I can speak of the goodness of the Lord
and share Jesus with all I meet.
It is scary to leave home and
to go hundreds of miles away.
Yesterday people would ask me if this trip
is for business or vacation and
I would tell them I have to work.
It is the work of the Lord.
We are never on vacation.
So pray for me as I meet
whoever God sends my way.
And I received the California weather report
at 12:50 AM today from a friend.
It has been raining most of the week,
but it should clear up for the next few days.

(February 17, 2000 6:02 AM CST)

Last night on the way home from work
the car in front of me had California plates.
Why are they here?
Well, I guess they get snow in parts of California too.
They are predicting a huge snowstorm today.
This means that we might not get any snow
or we might get a foot of snow.
Eastern Nebraska weather is very hard to predict.
This morning is the "calm before the storm."
I wonder if I can get out of town tomorrow on the plane.
I wonder if I can drive to the airport tomorrow.
What am I worrying about!
It is all in God's hands.

I received a "Thank You" note from Samantha yesterday.
She sold me two boxes of Girl Scout cookies .
I bought a box of Thin Mints (the #1 seller)
and a box of Peanut Butter Sandwich.
Why is it I'm always talking about food?
The best bagel?
Go to Panera Bread or Saint Louis Bread Co.
and order a Cinnamon Crunch bagel .
They are my favorite (another #1 seller).
I'll have to buy a few to take to California,
since they don't have a store there...yet.

"Cast your bread upon the waters;
after a long time you may find it again."
Ecclesiastes 11:1

Life is an adventure!
Are you excited to be alive?
I am glad to be alive.
There is so much to do.
There are many people to meet.
There is not enough hours in a day
to do all I want to do.
There are so many possibilities!
If you are lead by God,
he will show you endless opportunities.
If you are linked to the mind of God,
a whole new universe opens to you.
The Penera Bread people donate food to the poor.
God can use your business to help others in need.
But you need to be lead by the Holy Spirit.
You need the wisdom of God.
Cast your bread...
and see what happens.

(February 16, 2000 5:36 AM CST)

(Update at 8:06 AM:
I just saw license plate "WAY COOL" driving down
Douglas Street at 28th Street.
I was a beautiful black Camero.

At 5:07 PM yesterday at 14th and Jackson Streets
someone ran a red traffic light right in front of me.
I was southbound on 14th street, which is one-way.
Jackson is a two-way street.
This is right behind the downtown police station.
It was maybe a silver Pontiac SSE and they did not slow down
or make any attempt to look around.
I'd say they were going 25 mph.
It was amazing they did not hit the car in front of me.
I saw them coming from my right
and they were not going to stop.
I honked my horn at them.
3 more seconds and they would have hit me.
There was no reaction from the driver.
I wonder if they were drunk or on drugs or what?
So pray for them.

The results are in from the taste test:
Devils Food Chocolate beat the Milk Chocolate cake mix.
What can I say?
It was an experiment and it failed.
Anyone want a slightly used/eaten cake?

I knew the $64,000 question answer last night:
The question was to name the boat in a Jaws movie.
I would have guessed "Denmark" for $500,000,
but it was just a guess.
The question was about astronauts from different countries.
That TV program is addicting.

Ron and I went for a walk yesterday
down to the river at lunchtime.
To refresh your memory here are some pictures
of the Heartland of America Mall on December 31, 1999.
This is the beautiful lake that evening.
The river is behind the trees in the distance.
The evil Harvey's Casino is the green building you see.
There are 3 casinos across the river from Omaha.
I hope and pray you stay away from them.
They are evil.
Ron pointed out the Canada geese yesterday.
There were about 30 of them on the lake.
Ron said to watch where you step because of them.
This is the 3 flags of the WWII memorial.
Ron and I walked along this path left to right.
This is the security guy guarding the fireworks that night.
He is Mr. Cool with his dark shades and black clothes
and gloves.
The only problem is that Mr. Cool
is standing right in the middle of the railroad tracks.
Definitely not cool!
I took this picture and then I was asked to promptly leave!
They had all the electrical wires set up
to put on that show you hopefully saw that evening.
If you lived in Omaha, you saw it.
The levee is on the left in the picture with the river behind it.
The park/lake is to the right.
In spring of 1952 there was a great flood in Omaha and
this levee was constructed shortly after that.
You did not even need a jacket or coat yesterday.
The level of the river is way down.
You can see the banks of the river
that are usually hidden underwater.
Yes, we are in a drought still.

"Jesus got into the boat
and his disciples followed him.
Without warning a violent storm came up on the lake,
and the boat began to be swamped by the waves."
Matthew 8:23-24

So how does your "lake" look?
Is it calm and peaceful?
Or is it stormy and scary?
Is Jesus in your boat with you?
If he is, then there is no need to worry.
He will protect you.
He will give you the strength you need.
Don't worry.
He is there.
He is Security with a capital "S".
He is cool.

(February 15, 2000 5:41 AM CST)

Well, that was fun!
Valentine's Day was lots of fun.
"All good things must come to an end."
All great days must come to an end.
(That's how I would say it.)
Here's a picture from a Valentine
I received yesterday.
It's so sweet.
I heard a rumor that someone got married yesterday
in Tekamah, Nebraska, which is north of Omaha on Hwy 75.
God bless them!
That makes it easy to remember your wedding anniversary.
After work I watched Jake play basketball
in this tiny gym on about 65th and Military Avenue.
He scored 10 points in the game, which they won, of course.
That's my nephew!
As you can imagine, lots of things happened
and I met some new people.
God bless them all...everyone of them.
One of them I talked to is going to California this morning,
so pray they have a safe trip.
Two different people I know are going to Phoenix this week.
I'm flying to California Friday.
When I got back from lunch yesterday
the guard at work said I had some flowers on the table.
The first floor lobby was like a flower shop yesterday.
He (Harland) knew my first name was Dan,
but when we matched up the last names it did not match.
But I knew this other Dan up on 14th floor
and I took his flowers up to his desk.
He was not there.
The flowers were dripping water on the floor,
as I carried them around.
Later Dan stopped down to 5th floor to inform us
he won a trip to Maui in May.
This was for Y2K work.
I think 40 people won a trip to Maui.
That is not fair.
I wanted to win the trip (like everyone else).
It's Jim's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Jim!
I made him a cake (Milk Chocolate cake mix with
Sour Cream frosting) over the weekend,
so there will be a party this evening somewhere.
My family is not that organized.
Who knows what will happen?

"Remember, I am coming soon!"
Revelation 22:7

The Lord Jesus is here.
He comes to visit you.
He has traveled huge distances to see you.
His life experiences have spanned thousands of generations.
He has literally "seen it all."
He has seen all the failures of ours.
He has seen our successes.
Yes, he is here.
Welcome him with open child-like arms.
He makes all things new.
He is joy unspeakable.
He is Jesus Christ.
Remember him.
His day...will never end!

(February 14, 2000 5:24 AM CST)

Happy Valentine's Day!
Know what I'm going to do this morning?
I'll put 3 Hersheys candy kisses on people's desks at work.
These are people I work with.
What are you doing to do?
Share your gift of love from the Father with others.

On February 12th we said bye-bye to Charles M. Schulz .
I'm looking at Snoopy over my computer monitor now.
He's sleeping and resting.
So remember Charles and his family in your prayers.
May his soul rest in peace.
He gave us such joy over the years.
He was 77 years old/young.
On February 12th around 6:30 PM
I met a little guy named Kevin Charles
handing out church bulletins at the Cathedral north doors.
At most he was 3 years old.
I asked him his name.
His Mom had to translate what he was saying to me.
I said to him, "Bye, Kevin Charles."
Almost prophetic.

Jesus said,
"Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
to you I offer praise;
for what you have hidden
from the learned and the clever
you have revealed to the merest children."
Matthew 11:25

Did you notice that all the characters
in Charles' comic strip were children?
We have so much to learn from children.
Be a little child today.
Share little things.
It is the thought that counts!
Share a hug.
You don't have to spend lots of money.
Get out the crayons, drawing paper, scissors, paste, etc.
and make your own "original work of art" valentine
for that special someone.
The key?
Can you find it?
It's love.

(February 13, 2000 6:02 AM CST)

Two days ago I was writing about "true love".
Here look at this.
This is the first Valentine Card
I looked at yesterday at the Westroads.
Here is the front of the card .
This is copyrighted by Peter Max .
If you don't receive any Valentine Card this year,
consider this yours from the Lord to you.
He loves you very much!
For me?
I doubt I will get any V-day card,
but you never know.
I did get a gift from a person from Des Moines, Iowa yesterday,
that is visiting Omaha.
I bought the person a "Thank You" card.
That is why I was in the card store.
Earlier at the Crossroads Mall I was buying
a fragrance called "Vanilla Fields" at Sears
for my niece as a surprise.
I have a little sample card right here.
It smells great.
That points out one major problem with the Internet:
no sense of smell.
(Guys pay attention:
if you need a last minute idea,
go buy this for your wife.)
At least two people that worked there asked the question:
"Where is the key?"
Shelly was the "beauty consultant" helping me
find the perfect fragrance.
I told her that I would post this question on the Internet,
so here it is.
I don't know what it means at the moment but,
it might have a double Christian meaning.
Shelly is a Christian (Catholic) going to school at UNO.
God bless her for helping me.
I met 2 Steves yesterday.
One Steve was sitting across table #5 at breakfast.
I've never met him before.
He has this accent from Massachusetts where he grew up.
He sounded like one of the Kennedys.
It was cool.
He has a wife and two kids.
God bless them.
Steve was telling me that his friend Mark
needs lots of prayers, so pray for Mark.
He needs a job and other things.
Our server?
Rachele who's probably going to move to Ecuador someday.
The pace of life is so much slower.
She says that people go to Ecuador a few times
and then just stay there.
Maybe I should go there, but they probably don't have computers,
so I couldn't write spring2life.com anymore.
Then again...
if the Lord sends you to Ecuador, go.
What can I say?
Me? I'm "stuck" in Nebraska that has no oceans!
I tell people that Nebraska needs an ocean.
We do have snow falling this morning.
That is pretty! We do have that.
It is a nightmare to drive on,
but it is so beautiful and makes it quiet.
The snow deadens the sounds outside.
I tried to explain to Steve the 3 peach roses
for Josephine on January 15th.
Rachele remembers them! Yes, she does.
In the end I just told him to go read spring2life.com.
This week Gary was upset that I was not running for the Senate.
He wanted to be my campaign manager.
Steve could be my spokesperson with his Boston accent,
but I don't want to run for office.
I know it would be fun, but you know
I'd fall asleep in the meetings,
just ask the people I work with.
The other Steve was at the grocery store
(Albertsons on Saddle Creek and Cuming Street).
I was there twice yesterday.
I kept wanting to get out my Bakers card...
nope...wrong place!
Also at the Westroads I found Damon's ID card on the floor.
Hundreds of people must have stepped on it,
but not me...I picked it up.
It looked just like a Nebraska Driver's license.
I turned it in to Customer Services
and they made an announcement over the PA system
and Damon claimed his card.
I wrote down his name, address and birthday (8-18-75),
so this August I'll send him a birthday card
and explain why I know it is his birthday.
I also found an orange card on the floor,
that is why I got the free gift(s) from that
Des Moines person.
The orange card had "Lindsay K"
and a 6-digit number on the back.
I will have to ask Jeremiah (he lives in Omaha)
to explain that one day.
Before all that, I was talking to nurse Mary.
Just like me, she thought that Barb was going to die
back on January 23rd.
I never put these thoughts it into words.
After giving her those 3 pink roses and
then she would die...
that would have blown me away.
I would have ended up at Richard Young Center.
She was that sick and to see her eating dinner sitting up
and talking just like anyone
a few days a ago...it is hard to believe.
She even had a 3rd pacemaker operation.
I'm sure that she and her family would thank you
over and over for praying for her.
See...God hears your prayers.
I wonder...is this one of those Millennium miracles?

Are you following all this?
Is this too complicated?
Whatever happened to my
simple, dull, quiet, boring life?

"They departed in tears,
but I will console them and guide them;
I will lead them to brooks of water,
on a level road, so that none shall stumble."
Jeremiah 31:9

The Lord is here.
He comes to say:
I love you.
I've always loved you.
He is the key to your heart.
Be healed.
Find new life.

(February 12, 2000 6:04 AM CST)

What do I think about tithing?
And this is just me and what I think.
I don't give 5% or 10% or whatever the number is
and say that is it---that is what I give to the Lord.
If anything, I see the 10% as a minimum guide---
that is all---just a guide.
Do I give at least 10% to charity?
The singer Jewel
give 40% of her income to a charity
called "Higher Ground for Humanity".
I don't know if she is Christian or not,
but she has the right idea:
to help others.
I tell people that every paycheck they receive
they should put 10% in savings and
give 10% to charity or your church.
If I see a need, I help them.
If it is a flood or disaster or whatever charity,
I help if I can.
For some people your gifts to others may be 50% or more.
I think it is wrong to give 10% and
then say that is it---I won't give anymore.
That is not right.
Like I say---that is how I look at tithing.
I'm just sharing my thoughts with you this morning.

Jesus said,
"Do not lay up for yourselves an earthly treasure.
Moths and rust corrode;
thieves break in and steal.
Make it your practice instead to
store up heavenly treasure,
which neither moths nor rust corrode
nor thieves break in and steal.
where your treasure is,
there your heart is also."
Matthew 6:19-21

True riches.
Giving to others.
Where is your treasure?
Is it in this world?
Can you touch it?
Can you see it?
Or is it out of this world?
Do you seek higher ground (heaven)?
What is your treasure?
What do you seek after?
What do you hold on to?
What do you let go of?
Where is your heart?
Who do you love?
Who do you help?
Who do you think about?
Your thoughts give you away.
Who are you concerned about?

(February 11, 2000 5:16 AM CST)

Yesterday when I arrived at work I met George,
as he got off the elevator.
He retired last year and wrote a book.
He gave me his card .
He is a Christian author.
His web site is www.nomoretithing.org .
Here's a story for you.
Chris that sits a few feet away from my cube
at work has a brother.
Her brother met his wife at a Holiday Gas Station
in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
She was the cashier.
He was buying beer
(Chris says it was probably Pabst Blue Ribbon).
(You notice I did not provide the link to PBR in Milwaukee.)
In two weeks they were married.
Just like that.
They went to Las Vegas and got married.
They have been married for 10 years.
It is hard to believe.
True love.
That is something.

"Bow humbly under God's mighty hand,
so that in due time he may lift you high.
Cast all your cares on him
because he cares for you."
1 Peter 5:6-7

What is true love?
It is love from above.
It is love from God and
God is love.
It is a circle of love.
It is God who cares for you.
He lifts you up when you are down.
He celebrates with you in times of joy.
His timing is perfect.
If God wants you to meet someone special,
you will meet that special person.
God is a God of surprises.
He wants to share his love with you.
He knows what is best for you.
You are his child.
He is your Father.
Find love.
Find Jesus.
Find true love.

(February 10, 2000 5:33 AM CST)

Please pray for my nephew Jacob.
He's been sick lately and missing school.

Yep, I got my car back last evening.
Norm came by to pick me up at my house.
As I was waiting I met the newspaper boy.
His Mom drives him from house to house
with her yellow flashers going.
Now when I had a paper route...
I had 150 customers just north of Tech High School
at 32nd and Cuming.
The newspaper truck dropped off the papers in the middle at
31st Avenue and Nicholas
(How do you like that map?
Click on "Street" on the right to get a closer look.)
I had Myrtle Avenue, Nicholas Street, Lincoln Blvd,
Cuming Street (Hwy 64), 32nd Street, 31st Avenue, and Oregon Trail.
The guy at 3002 Myrtle Avenue said I could not quit
when it came time for me to move to 4915 Cass Street in 1968.
I guess I had them "spoiled" for 4 years.
That's what happens when you have a perfectionist
for a newspaper boy.
Yes, that was the good old days.
It only cost $997 to rescue my car.
Then I drove to see how Barb and Josephine were doing.
Barb is 100% better.
Thank the Lord.
She quit smoking she says.
Great...see your prayers are very powerful!
Josephine has a Bible now which is copyrighted in 1951
(a very good year).
It is her Bible from many years ago.
There is a newspaper clipping of her mother
(Agouta) when she died in July, 1969
in Sioux City, Iowa in the Bible.
Josephine wanted her Mom to change her name to
an "American" name like Agnes ,
but she did not want to.
(Agnes was a martyr at age 12 in the early church.
She was a legend in her own time...one of them...
she was a saint.)
Someone brought the Bible to her or she found it in storage.
We were going over our favorite Bible verses.
I could not find this one.
I looked and looked.
(This is one of Annette's favorites.
She has it memorized.)

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
on your own intelligence rely not;
In all your ways be mindful of him,
and he will make straight your paths."
Proverbs 3:5-6

I can't add anything to it.
Whoever wrote Proverbs must have been a perfectionist!
Write it down.
Memorize it.
Would you pray for Josephine?
I told her you would.
She has a skin problem that the doctors
can't figure out.

(February 9, 2000 6:16 AM CST)

I'm stranded.
My car is in the Toyota repair shop
to try to stop multiple leaks under the hood.
Anti-freeze and oil are leaking now.
That's what happens when you have a 9-year-old car.
I go down to the garage last night
to grab that Beach Boys tape and there is no car.
That is a strange feeling!
Lori from the Bible study called last night.
Would you pray for the 50 people on their prayer list?

"At every opportunity pray in the Spirit,
using prayers and petitions of every sort.
Pray constantly and attentively
for all in the holy company."
Ephesians 6:18

Call on the Holy Spirit.
The Spirit helps us to pray.
May everything that you do today be a prayer
to God our Father in heaven.
Pay attention for those opportunities today
to spread the faith,
to give an encouraging word,
to love someone,
to be a friend.
Send your petitions to the heavens.
The Lord hears our prayers.
Do you have a prayer list?

(February 8, 2000 6:04 AM CST)

(Update at 6:17 PM:
It's 61F (16C) degrees right now.
Here are some new pictures for year 2000.
This is the Rock and Roll church
on February 6th at about 10 AM.
This is at 22nd and Binney.
You can use www.mapquest.com to see the exact location.
Enter "Binney at 22" for the Address.
Enter Omaha/NE for the city/state.
This is their Rock and Roll choir
as they sang the last song that day.
It's about 40 people involved as I count them.
To take this picture I just held the camera up in the air
at arms length, pointed and hoped for the best.
Next is a picture of 87th and Dodge
as I drove east on February 6th.
I just put the camera on the steering wheel
and clicked.
I did not work out.
I was trying to show you the 3 arrows
over the 3 lanes of traffic,
but I'm too far away.
The 3 arrows point straight up (to heaven of course),
but according to the traffic book they should point down.
See page 22 of the Nebraska Driver's Manual.
A very interesting "mistake."
Then I drove over to that church at 74th and Hascal .
It was February 14th, 1982, when I was in this church
and I thought about starting Spring To Life.
You know...where it all began.
And the rest is history.
Here is a picture of the poster of Jim Carrey
and me on January 27th.
I was wearing a suit that day to work
and Carol wanted to take a picture of me.
I usually wear jeans to work.
This is just outside of my cube at work.
Today I gave her this picture that she requested.
She also was presented an award today
and gets to go to some fancy
hotel in Palm Desert, California

I think in March to celebrate.
They call it President's Club.
I got to go to it in 1994.
I stayed at the Biltmore in Phoenix .
It is a very, very nice place...too nice...
like heaven on earth, kind of.
And here is Snoopy and his friends in my
computer room .
You can see my 19-inch monitor (a gift from God one day).
I used to have a 17-inch monitor that "broke."
On the right is the HP scanner.
Two of my Bibles are on the left of Tigger.
The Bible closest to Tigger has tabs to help me find things.
The other Bible has a concordance to locate key words.

This morning I'm doing research on
ALCOA in Davenport, Iowa.
Last night at the Westroads I met someone named Mike.
He said that he was visiting Omaha with his wife and daughter.
His car was not starting due to the alternator.
He was stranded.
His wife and daughter were shopping in Lincoln about 50 miles away.
Mike said that he worked for ALCOA in Davenport, Iowa.
He has a son that attends Creighton University .
He was trying to get a hold of him without success.
He claimed that he had no money.
He wanted to take the bus downtown,
so I gave him 2 dollars.
He said he felt very awkward begging for money.
He had forget his wallet and had no driver's license,
so he should not be driving anyway.
On top of all that he had been drinking alcohol
and did not want to get picked up again for DWI.
I gave him the number for AAA (800-AAA-NEBR)
and left him to finish my walk around the mall.
As I was getting in my car about 10 minutes later,
there he was again on the other side of the complex.
Was he following me around?
It scared me a little.
AAA would not help him since he was from Iowa.
What? I don't believe that.
When I was in Florida AAA helped me a few years ago
when the keys were accidentally locked in my rental car.
There is obviously more to the story.
He said something about the bus schedule
and he needed a ride to the Crossroads Mall about 3 miles east.
It probably was not too smart,
but I gave him a ride to the Crossroad
and pointed out the place to catch the bus.
He promised to help someone in return...
whoever that next person might be.
He said his wife was always stopping to help people.
She is from Columbia .
Columbia, Missouri? No, Columbia the country.
It is a very poor country he said and
people stop to help each other.
Good idea.
It just scares me a little.
Would you pray for Mike?
Maybe he needs AA instead of AAA because of his drinking.
He needs some help.

"She reaches out her hands to the poor,
and extends her arms to the needy."
Proverbs 31:20

God bless Mike's wife for helping those in need.
God bless their family.

(February 7, 2000 5:35 AM CST)

Yesterday morning I was at Cub Food Store 114th and Dodge
buying some calling cards for my trip to California.
You can get 324 minutes for $10.
I was talking to Lindsey behind the counter.
I told her that I was going down to the "rock and roll" church
in about an hour.
Yes, she's heard of it.
A friend of hers goes there and asks her to go also,
but she's never been there.
And at the "rock and roll" church this week they sang
"Shout To The Lord" .
It sounded great!
We had one of our senators in attendance.
(If you read his statement from January 20th, 2000,
you will see that he has a daughter named Lindsey.
I like his line about "leave this place a little better."
Good idea.
Somedays I wonder if I could be a senator...
but then I think I would fall asleep in all the meetings.)
That was different.
He is in the national news every so often.
Then I just drove around town collecting signatures
for that "Get Well" card from my family.
I will put it in the mailbox at work this morning.
In the afternoon I went for a walk at the Westroads Mall
and ran into the "world's coolest server!" again.
I know you.
She was trying to sell pagers (I think)
in the center of the complex.

Jesus said,
"Whoever would save his life
will lose it,
and whoever loses his life for my sake
will save it.
What profit does he show
who gains the whole world
and destroys himself in the process?"
Luke 9:24-25

Will you win or lose?
You decide.
Today I'm telling you to pick Jesus to be on your team.
You do want to win, don't you?
You could be very famous and rich
and still lose it all.
Choose Jesus.
He is life.
Choose life.

(February 6, 2000 5:38 AM CST)

If you lived at my house, you would hear
the Beach Boys music playing this morning.
I'm trying to get "into" that California state of mind
(or out of my mind).
I once heard/read that the song "Good Vibrations"
was the most expensive song ever recorded.
It cost $50,000 this link says and took 6 months to record.
Brian Wilson wanted it to be perfect,
as perfect as perfect can be.
Did I tell you that Dola told me
to stop giving flowers to people?
And I listened to her.
For sure she said to not give her any flowers.
I think I am going through withdrawal.
I love to give people flowers!
So now I have to be creative and see what else I can do
besides sending flowers.
And Valentine's Days is next week.
What will I do?
Did I tell you I keep running into people
that have the same 5 letter last name?
I have talked to 4 people within the last month
that have this last name.
Is it that popular?
There are 5 columns of people (about 500 names)
with this last name
and a slight 1 letter variation
in the phone book for Omaha.
That is less than 0.1% of the population.
Well, I do meet a lot of people every day,
so maybe it's not that unusual.
One day at work on 1st floor about 2 weeks ago
I picked up a piece of paper (a yellow Post It note)
with "Barbara" and this same last name
and her phone number written on it also.
"Judy" with this last name is on my Caller ID unit
from yesterday at 2:58 PM.
I don't know her.
I "ran into" "Debbie" with this last name at that
Bakers store (136th and "Q") yesterday.
She works on 8th floor of my building downtown.
She remembers me from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
on Friday, August 28, 1998, during the strike.
She remembers I flew in from ABQ (Albuquerque).
She either reads spring2life.com or has a very good memory.
My name was in the newspaper for the first 7 days of the year.
She could be reading this right now.
(Hi, Debbie!)
I only found out her name yesterday.
I've seen her around the building and been in meetings
with her, but never knew her name.
On January 23rd on 1st floor at work around lunchtime
I invited her to come up to 5th floor for birthday cake,
since she knows Dola.
So that is 5 people within the last month.
That is weird...what can you say?
It is almost scary...not really.
Now you explain that!
Oh, it's a coincidence...of course.

"With all my heart (WAMH) I seek you;
let me not stray from your commands.
Within my heart I treasure your promise,
that I may not sin against you."
Psalms 119:10-11

Have a heart.
Give it to the Lord.
Follow his commands, if you love him.
Receive the treasure promised to you...
from his heart to your heart.
Fall in love.
It is that simple.
Find love...
true love...
from the one who created you...
from the one who created love!

(February 5, 2000 6:21 AM CST)

(Update at 4:13 PM:
This morning I met the "world's coolest server!"
at the new Garden Cafe NE of 132nd and Dodge.
We sat at tables 20 and 21 .
Mark who was sitting on my left
circled the tables and wrote the date "2/5"
and autographed it.
Later everyone autographed it.
I don't know why.
Jack wrote a "Best of Luck" message
as if he was signing a year book for school.
Jack and I did not go to the same school, as far as I know.
Gary's signature right above Erin's is very interesting.
On my signature it is very hard to read the "man"
of my last name "Boeckman".
I'm getting lazy as the years go by.
Erin's dream is to one day go to Ireland .
In this link see if you can find the cow
in the cow-eating hedge at Doolin.
Her relatives are from County Cork .
Tom who was sitting on my right
has been to Ireland and
his relatives are also from Cork.
More info is at www.ireland.com .
Next I went to the Bakers grocery store on 136th and "Q" Street.
They call it Deerfield Place.
I heard these people talking in the cereal aisle
about a year 2000 penny in a cereal box.
And they showed me.
It only cost $4.15 to get that penny you see.
I will eat the cereal someday.
I won't throw it away.

I'm late.
Sorry about that.
This morning I'm looking for
the address of my aunt in Dayton, Ohio.
I have notes and papers all over my house.
I need to get more organized.
I have a "Get Well" card to send her
with all my family's signatures.
Oh, you want to see it?
Let me scan it in...
Here is the card .
Have you ever received a card
signed by many, many people?
I have.
It is a neat feeling.
Dola's B-day card had at least 50 names on it.

"We your people
and the sheep of your pasture,
will give thanks to you forever;
through all generations
we will declare your praise."
Psalms 79:13

Year after year.
Century after century.
The Lord is here.
Give praise to God.
Give him thanks.
Declare your devotion to Jesus Christ.
Share Jesus with your generation.
Follow him.
Hear his call.
Stay near to him.
He is your shelter.
He sends you an invitation today
and it is "signed" by him.
(A reference to the "sign" of the cross.)
There is only one signature that can save you.

(February 4, 2000 5:51 AM CST)

Last night around 8 PM I met Lisa who works
at a shelter for young people.
We only talked for about 30 seconds.
Would you pray for her and all the people
that work there and all the children staying there?
God be with all of them.
I'm on vacation today.
I'm going to work on doing my taxes.
Usually by this time I am done and have mailed it in.
I must be busy.

"When the people saw the sign Jesus had performed
they began to say, 'This is undoubtedly the Prophet
who is to come into the world.'
At that, Jesus realized that they would come and
carry him off to make him king,
so he fled back to the mountain alone."
John 6:14-15

Timing is everything.
God's timing is perfect.
Someday your time will come.
The Lord is preparing you for great things.
He is strengthening you.
He is preparing you.
You may be in a shelter far from home
away from your family and friends.
God is showing you the needs of people.
There are so many hurting people and confused people.
They are seeking a sign.
What they need is Jesus the Prophet.
They need the life of Christ in their life.
I don't know for sure, but I imagine that Lisa is a Christian.
I could be wrong.
Why work with these troubled kids?
Why reach out to help them?
It is love.
God loves you and hopefully
you reach out to love others.
And when it comes time to give you an award and honor you,
do you flee to the "mountain" to be alone?
Do your acts of love...for love's sake.

(February 3, 2000 6:11 AM CST)

(Update at 9:23 PM:
Since I'm going to California soon,
I thought I'd dig out some more pictures of the place.
These pictures were all taken Saturday, January 18th, 1992.
This is a work of art
somewhere north of Santa Monica .
This is me under the
famous Santa Monica sign .
This is the
Santa Monica tide info for that day.
Notice the date.
Here is my friend Mary
looking for sand dollars on Newport Beach.
Here are some birds for sale
on Newport Beach .
This is for my cousin that likes birds.
You always see construction of new houses
along Newport Beach .
People will buy a property and knock it down
and build a new house.

Could you pray for my Aunt that broke her leg
and my Cousin that needs to find a new job
and Beth that found out January 31st she has cancer?
These are people in need.
Reach out to them.

"The fervent petition of a holy man (or woman)
is powerful indeed.
Elijah was only a man like us,
yet he prayed earnestly that
it would not rain and no rain fell on the land
for 3 years and 6 months.
When he prayed again,
the sky burst forth with rain and
the land produced its crop."
James 5:16-18

Yes, Lord we lift up our prayers to you.
You are holy.
You are a loving God.
Hear our prayers for the farmers here in
Nebraska and Iowa for much needed rain.
Hear our prayers for those in pain this morning.
We lift them up to you.
We need you, Lord Jesus.
Be with the families and friends of all those
who died in that plane crash off the coast of California.
For sure we don't understand.
Comfort them in this hour of sorrow.
Someone next to me at work was talking to someone yesterday afternoon
in Minneapolis that also works for our company.
A cousin of theirs was on that flight.
The whole family (both parents and children) is gone.
How sad.
Lord Jesus, we don't know what to say.
Help us, Lord.

(February 2, 2000 5:36 AM CST)

It took me a while but here is that
lunch order for Louis back on January 26th.
They stapled it on the bag and
I tore it up a bit getting it off the bag.
I taped it back together just now and
can't explain where the "1-2" of "1-26-00" went.
It's gone.
I think the big orange checkmark means it is a "to go" order.
I saw him again on January 29th at lunchtime.
He stays with someone named Larry,
so he is not out in the cold overnight.
Louis likes to go to the convenience store
at 24th and Leavenworth on the southwest corner for lunch.
He gets two packages of double cheeseburgers
and heats them up in the microwave oven there.
He does not like chips or brownies or candy bars,
which I offered to buy for him.
He got a large cup of coffee.
(I never drink coffee.)
Yes...it's the simple life.
And what am I doing?
I'm thinking about buying a bigger house.
I saw it on January 29th from the outside.
It is a nice place with 4 bedrooms.
Maybe Louis could come live with me.
Who knows?

And since it's February 2nd,
just a reminder about one of my favorite movies:
"Groundhog Day" .
If I was going to make a movie,
it would be this movie.
It should be required viewing for everyone
here on earth.

The blind man just healed by Jesus said,
"I know this much:
I was blind before;
now I can see."
John 9:25

We are so blind to our own faults,
like in the movie Phil is a "pain in the neck."
He is.
And yet over time he changes.
He starts to think of others and do things for others.
He tries over and over to save the life
of that homeless man.
That is really "deep" stuff.
I'm not sure I could even explain that in words.
Are you ready to change?
I keep a Post It note
on the mirror in my bathroom.
I wrote about this back on October 28, 1996
and in the newspaper on June 11, 1995 in
"The Answer is Love" .
Dola was mentioned in the newspaper advertisement
at the end that day.
(It's 6:47 AM and KGBI 100.7 FM is playing that
Ray Boltz song "The Anchor Holds".
I wonder if they read spring2life.com.)

(February 1, 2000 5:41 AM CST)

Yesterday we had the birthday party for Dola.
My niece baked 3 cakes on Saturday and
I put the frosting on them.
Then Sunday we added some decorations
and writing on 2 of the cakes:
"Happy Birthday" and "Dola".
It is not that easy to write on a cake.
I also bought a half of a German Chocolate cake from
Colleen at Garden Cafe at the last second.
(I told her to say hello to Kevin for me.)
They did not have a whole cake.
Dola loves German Chocolate.
And I presented Dola with an award
for her service to others, like with organizing
the Adopt-A-Family project for Christmas.
She does this all the time...helping others.
I gave her a gold butterfly to wear on a necklace.
(Notice the butterfly on the top of this page.)
She even wrote a thank you note to my niece.
That's how nice she is.
Yesterday we celebrated a life well lived.
Congratulations Dola!

"Love never fails."
1 Corinthians 13:8

The love of God will never fail you!
It is there from eternity to eternity.
It will last far longer than 14K gold or diamonds.
Call on the Lord when you are sad and crying.
He is there to comfort you.
He is love.
No person in this life can give you the love you need.
Only Jesus gives you perfect unconditional love.
Give your heart to him.

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