November, 2002

Forgive as the Lord has forgiven you
Be healed by God

Open your heart

Worship God each week

Sing with joy to the Lord

Thank the Lord Jesus

(November 30, 2002 8:45 AM CST)

"The great day will suddenly
close in on you like a trap.
The day I speak of will come upon all
who dwell on the face of the earth.
So be on the watch.
Pray constantly for the strength
to escape whatever is in prospect
and to stand secure before the Son of Man."
Luke 21:34-36

Be on the watch.
Stand guard.
The day will suddenly come upon you.

(November 29, 2002 8:05 AM CST)

"We exhort you to admonish the unruly;
cheer the fainthearted;
support the weak;
be patient toward all.
See that no one returns evil to any other;
always seek one another's good
and, for that matter, the good of all."
1 Thessalonians 5:14-15

Be of service to your neighbor.
Help them.
Point them in the right direction
when they get off course.
Seek good for them.
Ask Jesus to help you do these things.

(November 28, 2002 8:06 AM CST)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Someone wrote to me yesterday asking for prayers.
Would you pray for their request?

"I thank God, the God of my forefathers
whom I worship with a clear conscience,
whenever I remember you in my prayers ---
as indeed I do constantly, night and day."
2 Timothy 1:3

Thank the Lord.
Praise the Lord today.
He has done so much for us.
Make thanksgiving a part of your prayers.
Thank you, Lord Jesus.
Thank you for all that you have done for us.
You have been so good to us.

(November 27, 2002 7:59 AM CST)

On Sunday, November 24th at about 5:55 PM CST
I saw a meteor streak across the sky.
I was driving south on Interstate 29
north of Omaha about 10 miles.
At first I thought it was an airplane over Eppley Airfield,
but the angle was wrong to come in for a landing.
It was a long white streak from west to east and
then turned green and then was gone.
It was only visible for a second or two.

Jesus said,
"The Son of Man has come to search out
and save what was lost."
Luke 19:10

Jesus is searching for you.
He is looking for you.
He wants you to be with him forever.
How do you respond?
Are you ready to be found?

(November 26, 2002 7:28 AM CST)

We received about 2 inches of snow overnight.
Pray for everyone driving around Omaha this morning.
Lord Jesus, keep everyone safe.

"Beloved, do not imitate what is evil
but what is good.
Whoever does what is good belongs to God;
whoever does what is evil has never seen God."
3 John 1:11

Do you wear what the popular singers wear?
Are your clothes just like theirs?
Who are you imitating?
Do you imitate evil or good?
Check yourself.

(November 25, 2002 7:41 AM CST)

Yesterday afternoon I drove by
Frank Pane's place in downtown Omaha .
At 8 AM they had imploded 3 buildings
near his business and home.
Someone miscalculated.
His place was destroyed.
I could not believe it when I saw it.
I know Frankie.
I felt bad for him.
Pray for him and his family as they rebuild.

Yesterday I was at the
DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge .
They estimate there are 140,000 snow geese there.
They are something to see.
This is north of Omaha about 30 miles.

"God's word is living and effective,
sharper than any two-edged sword.
It penetrates and divides soul and spirit,
joints and marrow;
it judges the reflections and thoughts of the heart."
Hebrews 4:12

Get into the Word of God.
Let it become part of you.
It will help you to see the truth.
It will divide good from bad.
It is alive and active.
It will change you.

(November 24, 2002 7:11 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"The kingdom of God is like a merchant's search
for fine pearls.
When he found one really valuable pearl,
he went back and put up for sale
all that he had and bought it."
Matthew 13:45-46

You search for meaning in life.
You search for joy and peace.
When you find Jesus your search will end.
He is the pearl of great value.
He is pure.
He is bright.
He is unique.
Give everything you have for him.
He is worth it.

(November 23, 2002 8:04 AM CST)

(Update at 10:36 AM:
Today I've been working on restoring
1054 Paris Street .
This was the first Internet site that I had
back in 1995 and 1996.)

Jesus said,
"I tell you,
there will be more joy in heaven over one repentant sinner
than over 99 righteous people
who have no need to repent."
Luke 15:7

What is true joy?
Are you happy?
Do you ever rejoice?
Come to Jesus.
He is true joy.
He is hope for the hopeless.
He will forgive your sins, if you ask him.
Then listen to heaven rejoice.

(November 22, 2002 7:21 AM CST)

"As the hind longs for the running waters,
so my soul longs for you, O God.
Athirst is my soul for God, the living God."
Psalms 42:2-3

Do you want to know more and more about God?
Do you think about how great he is?
Do you long to be with him forever and ever?
Have a thirst for God.
Seek to learn more about him.

(November 21, 2002 5:59 AM CST)

"Did not God choose those who are poor
in the eyes of the world
to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom
he promised to those who love him?"
James 2:5

How do you treat the poor?
What do you think of them?
Do you avoid them at all cost?
Learn from them.
They are rich in faith.
God hears the cry of the poor.

(November 20, 2002 6:09 AM CST)

"Grace and peace be yours
from God our Father and
from the Lord Jesus Christ!"
Philippians 1:2

God bless you with peace today.
May God's grace fill your life.
Jesus, send us your grace and peace.
We need your help.
Come and change us, Lord.
You are all that we need.

(November 19, 2002 6:02 AM CST)

"The wages of sin is death,
but the gift of God is
eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Romans 6:23

There it is.
It is a free gift from God.
Will you accept this gift?
Will you turn away from your sin toward God?
Accept this wonderful gift.
Seek eternal life with Jesus.

(November 18, 2002 6:08 AM CST)

"The place where they were gathered shook as they prayed.
They were filled with the Holy Spirit
and continued to speak God's word with confidence."
Acts 4:31

The earth moved.
The earth was shaken.
Souls were moved.
People were changed.
Let the word of God shake you up.

(November 17, 2002 6:33 AM CST)

"Zechariah signaled for a writing table
and wrote the words,
'His name is John.'
This astonished them all.
At that moment his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed,
and he began to speak in praise of God."
Luke 1:63-64

Zechariah was asked a question, but he could not speak.
He wrote out a response for them to read.
He named his son John.
Then he could speak.
The Lord opened his mouth.
Zechariah believed.
At first he doubted what the Lord had said.
He did not think he could have a son
at his and his wife's advance age (verse 18).
Read this touching story.
Zechariah was like us.
He had a hard time at first trusting God.
Let us learn from Zechariah.
Trust in the Lord.
All things are possible, if we believe.
Speak up for the Lord.
Open our mouths, Lord.

(November 16, 2002 8:26 AM CST)

"The earth has yielded its fruits;
God, our God, has blessed us."
Psalms 67:7

The harvest is over.
The numbers are in.
Iowa had a very good year.
Nebraska did not do as well.
Still we have much to be thankful for
in this time of drought.
God has blessed us.

(November 15, 2002 6:29 AM CST)

"Paul ended by settling there for a year and a half,
teaching them the word of God."
Acts 18:11

Pray for your pastor.
Pray for leaders of Bible studies.
Pray for all Christian teachers.
May they boldly teach what God has to say.
Jesus, bless them today.
Give them your words to proclaim.

(November 14, 2002 6:15 AM CST)

"In everything you do, act without grumbling or arguing;
prove yourselves innocent and straightforward,
children of God beyond reproach
in the midst of a twisted and depraved generation ---
among whom you shine like the stars in the sky..."
Philippians 2:14-15

Are you different?
Do you shine forth like a star?
Be all that God wants you to be.
Do all that he asks of you.
Do it willingly and with joy.

(November 13, 2002 6:01 AM CST)

Did you see the story about Alan Bruner
in the Omaha newspaper yesterday?
(Also, a story in the Pensacola News Journal .)
He saved the life of Jacqueline Burke of Boston,
but he lost his own.
He is a hero.
Just read the comments of some of the people
who knew him on the first link above.
Pray for his family.

Jesus said,
"There is no greater love than this:
to lay down one's life for one's friends."
John 15:13

It is a sermon in the newspaper.

(November 12, 2002 6:01 AM CST)

"The eye cannot say to the hand,
'I do not need you,'
any more than the head can say to the feet,
'I do not need you.'"
1 Corinthians 12:21

We are in this together.
We need each other.
Don't look down at anyone.
Respect your brothers and sisters.
We all are part of God's plan.
We are the body of Christ in this world.
Do your part.

(November 11, 2002 6:05 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"I will not leave you orphaned;
I will come back to you."
John 14:18

Jesus is involved with the world.
He didn't just put the world in motion
and let it go.
He is interested in your daily life.
He is there to help and guide.
He is near you.
Call to him.
Jesus, hear my prayers.
Come be with me.
I believe in you.
Change our world.
Bring your peace.

(November 10, 2002 7:12 AM CST)

This morning I'm watching people cross the street in
downtown Tampere, Finland .
Is the light green or red?
The snow is on the ground and it looks cold.
Tampere is in southern Finland.
It is 21 F degrees there now.
Well, then again, it says 19 F degrees.
You can check the Tampere Weather .

"All Scripture is inspired of God
and is useful for teaching ---
for reproof, correction and training in holiness
so that the man of God may be fully competent
and equipped for every good work."
2 Timothy 3:16-17

You have all that you need.
Read the Bible.
The Lord tells you when to stop or go.
Pray to Jesus.
Attend church each week.
Ask for forgiveness of your sins.
Help the poor and needy.
Do good.
Pray often.
Study the Bible.

(November 9, 2002 7:50 AM CST)

"We, the living, the survivors,
will be caught up with them in the clouds
to meet the Lord in the air.
Thenceforth we shall be with the Lord unceasingly.
Console one another with this message."
1 Thessalonians 4:17-18

One day we will be with the Lord.
We will go to meet him and be with him forever.
Be consoled today.
Last night at a wake I attended at 7 PM in Omaha
many people were in sorrow.
They need the consolation of the Lord.
They need you and me to make it through this.
They need the Lord.
Continue to pray for them.
Together we will be a survivor.

(November 8, 2002 6:04 AM CST)

"We know that God makes all things work together
for the good of those who love God
and are called according to his decree."
Romans 8:28

Things will work out over time.
God has a plan for your life.
Will you listen to him?
Will you follow him?
Trust in God to know what is best.
He calls you to greater things.
Work for the Lord.
Pray to him daily.
Reflect on his words.

(November 7, 2002 5:57 AM CST)

Would you pray for someone I work with?
Their Dad died yesterday.
And someone I went to high school with, their Dad died, also.
I read it in the newspaper last night.
God be with them and their families.

Jesus told Nicodemus,
"God so loved the world
that he gave his only Son,
that whoever believes in him may not die
but may have eternal life."
John 3:16

This is a promise to you from Jesus.
There is something beyond death.
Death is not the end.
You can have eternal life, if you believe in Jesus.
He is life.
He died for you on the cross.
He loves you very much.
Give your heart to Jesus.
Ask him to forgive your sins.
You can start a new life today.

(November 6, 2002 6:02 AM CST)

"The fruit of the spirit is
love, joy, peace, patient endurance,
kindness, generosity, faith, mildness and chastity."
Galatians 5:22-23

When the Holy Spirit is in your life there is fruit.
Do you see these things?
Do you have joy?
Are you a generous person?
Do you have patience?
Ask Jesus to send the Spirit to you.
Come, Holy Spirit.
Increase my faith.
Make me holy.

(November 5, 2002 6:03 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"If anyone thirsts, let him come to me;
let him drink who believes in me.
Scripture has it:
'From within him rivers of living water shall flow.'"
John 7:37-38

Jesus is life-giving water.
He is cleansing power to take away sin.
He is new life that never ends.
He is joy every morning.
Believe in Jesus.
Get in the flow of things.

(November 4, 2002 6:01 AM CST)

"He saved us through the baptism of new birth
and renewal by the Holy Spirit."
Titus 3:5

Are you looking for something new?
Is your life boring?
God is a God of surprises.
He has many things prepared just for you.
There are many gifts for you to receive.
Take a closer look.

(November 3, 2002 7:26 AM CST)

Sara Groves is in Lincoln, Nebraska tonight.
Check the link on "concerts" and
call that church to see if the concert is still scheduled.

Last night I went to the prayer group
at St. Margaret Mary 62nd and Dodge here in Omaha.
The prayer meeting is held at 8 PM each Saturday night
in the church basement.
They are going through the Life in the Spirit Seminar.
(Here is some testimonies and information on
Life in the Spirit Seminars .)
There were about 40 people there.
Half of the people were teenagers.
That is wonderful!
Pray for all these people as they try
to learn more about the Holy Spirit.
At the end they handed out this
Commitment Prayer:
"Jesus, I know now that I am Yours and You are mine forever.
Thank you for sending Your Spirit to me that I might
have the power to live this new life with you.
Stir up Your Spirit in me. Release Your Spirit in me.
Baptize me with the fullness of Your Spirit that I may
experience Your presence and power in my life.
That I may find new meaning in your Scriptures.
That I may find new meaning in the sacraments.
That I may find delight and comfort in prayer.
That I may be able to love as you love and forgive as You forgive.
That I may discover and use the gifts you give me for
the life of the Church.
That I may experience the peace and the joy that You
have promised us.
Fill me with Your Spirit, Jesus. I wish to receive all that
You have to give me.

Jesus said,
"If you, with all your sins,
know how to give your children good things,
how much more will the heavenly Father
give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him."
Luke 11:13

Ask for the Holy Spirit.
Jesus will send the Spirit to you.
You need the Spirit in your life.
Come, Holy Spirit.
Change us, Lord.

(November 2, 2002 6:44 AM CST)

"Mary treasured all these things and
reflected on them in her heart."
Luke 2:19

Think about these things.
Hold these thoughts close to your heart.
Dwell on what God has done.
He is amazing.
He is wonderful.
Praise him.
He is the treasure that you seek.

(November 1, 2002 6:18 AM CST)

It's trash pick-up day in my neighborhood.
I just put a bag of trash out on the curb (or some say berm).
God bless all these workers today and their families.

"When I seize the appointed time..."
Psalms 75:3

It's right there in the Bible.
"Seize the moment," they say.
If you are going to do something with your life, do it.
There is no time like today.
Give your heart to Jesus.
Don't trash your life, use it.

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