March, 2004

Shout to the Lord
He is most powerful

Love the Lord your God with all your strength

He is mighty

Praise the Lord

Sing a new song

(March 31, 2004 6:21 AM CST)

"How weighty are your designs, O God;
how vast the sum of them!
Were I to recount them,
they would outnumber the sands;
did I reach the end of them,
I should still be with you."
Psalms 139:17-18

God is big.
He is super supersized.
We can't even comprehend him.
And yet he cares about us.
He cares about you.
He is concerned with you moment by moment.
He is with you.
Know that he is God.
You are his child.

(March 30, 2004 6:18 AM CST)

Last evening I went to Siena / Francis House .
I dropped off some things and
talked to my friend Marge who works there.
She gave me a tour of the place.
I have not seen it since they rebuilt it.
Years ago I helped at the Francis House,
but it was torn down.
I met Dave that was running the show
from years ago.
He remembered me, but I don't remember him.
I stayed and helped serve dinner.
It was about 200 people we served.
We had about 10 volunteers to help with dinner.
I was dishing out the salmon at the end
and my clothes still smell like fish.
Pray for everyone there.
God bless them all.

One of the criminals hanging in crucifixion with Jesus said,
"Jesus, remember me
when you enter upon your reign."
And Jesus replied,
"I assure you:
this day you will be with me in paradise."
Luke 23:42-43

We may forget,
but Jesus will never forget.
Ask him to forgive your sins.
Be made whole again.
Let him start something new for you.
Don't ever forget.

(March 29, 2004 6:15 AM CST)

"Once you were no people,
but now you are God's people;
once there was no mercy for you,
but now you have found mercy."
1 Peter 2:10

You are someone.
You are someone very special.
Jesus has come into your life.
Your life has been transformed.
You are a different person.
The mercy of God has come in your life.
You have been blessed over and over.
Thank the Lord.
Praise God.

(March 28, 2004 7:39 AM CST)

It was raining most of the day yesterday and
pill bugs have invaded my garage on one wall.
They are harmless, but they sure look scary.
They like moisture and the garage
has been damp the last few days.

"Test yourselves to see whether
you are living in faith;
examine yourselves."
2 Corinthians 13:5

Are you living in faith?
Do you trust the Lord with all your heart?
Do you live in fear?
Is there peace in your life?
Ask the Holy Spirit to point out
areas of your life that need correction.

(March 27, 2004 9:12 AM CST)

Yesterday I downloaded some Christian music
from .
It only costs 88 cents per song.
Just like the number of keys on a standard piano.
I got Chris Rice's song
Untitled Hymn (Come To Jesus) .
Take a listen.
It is a nice song.
It is the number 1 song on
KGBI 100.7 FM this week.
I did vote for it.
You can listen to KGBI online
on the above link.
A few people list to KGBI from out of town
and call in for the contests.

"Jesus told Martha:
'I am the resurrection and the life;
whoever believes in me,
though he should die,
will come to life,
and whoever is alive and
believes in me will never die.
Do you believe this?'"
John 11:25-26

Chapter 11 of John is one of
my favorite chapters in the Bible.
I hope you read or listen to the whole thing.
There is so much there.
And when you get done ask yourself:
do you believe this?
I hope and pray that you do.

(March 26, 2004 6:25 AM CST)

"Jesus then began to tell the people
the following parable:
'A man planted a vineyard,
leased it to tenant farmers,
and went away for a long time.'"
Luke 20:9

Jesus told stories.
We remember stories easily.
His stories had a moral to them.
They had a meaning beyond the words.
Read the parables of Jesus.
Let them sink in.
You are in these stories.
It is important for you to read them
and understand them.
I hope it is a happy ending for you.

(March 25, 2004 6:16 AM CST)

Good morning!
It's a rainy day here in Omaha.
It should be around 70 F ° for the high.
(Note: I used the HTML degrees escape sequence of °
to create the ° symbol.
Here is a table of HTML escape sequences .
° is a decimal-176 or hex-b0.
See, you learned some HTML today.)

"Rising early the next morning,
Jesus went off to a lonely place in the desert;
where he was absorbed in prayer."
Mark 1:35

Get away.
Find a quiet place.
Talk to God.
Converse with him.
Tell him your hopes and dreams.
Ask him for help.
Listen to his gentle reply.
Feel his peace and love.
Be absorbed in his presence.
They talk about the 6 degrees of separation .
There is only 1 degree of separation
between you and God.

(March 24, 2004 6:18 AM CST)

"In view of this,
we must attend all the more
to what we have heard,
lest we drift away."
Hebrews 2:1

You know all about Jesus.
You have given your life to him.
Now you are drifting.
You need some course correction.
Steer back to safe waters.
Return to the Lord.
Be attentive to this.

(March 23, 2004 6:12 AM CST)

"How could you be so stupid?
After beginning in the spirit,
are you now to end in the flesh?"
Galatians 3:3

You have been given
all these blessings over the years.
You studied the Bible day and night.
You prayed often.
You attended church weekly.
You went on retreats.
You helped many people.
Where are you today?
What has happened to you?

(March 22, 2004 6:21 AM CST)

Spring is here.
I saw the first little black ants
on the kitchen counter yesterday.
I'm sneezing a lot lately.
I have to run the air purifier in the house.
There is something in the air.

Gamaliel said,
"Let them alone.
If their purpose or activity is human in its origins,
it will destroy itself.
If on the other hand, it comes from God,
you will not be able to destroy them
without fighting God himself."
Acts 5:38-39

They were talking about Jesus.
The others wanted them to be quiet.
If this activity was from God,
there was no way to stop it.
The truth is in the Bible.
There is no way to keep it quiet.
Let the truth be known.
It will invade your house
whether you want it to or not.
You can't fight God.
He will win.
Here he comes.

(March 21, 2004 7:20 AM CST)

"Jesus took her by the hand
and spoke these words:
'Get up, child.'
The breath of life returned to her
and she got up immediately;
whereupon Jesus told them
to give her something to eat."
Luke 8:54-55

The girl of 12 was near death.
She was the daughter of Jairus.
Jairus came to Jesus and begged for help.
Jesus headed for his house.
The girl did die.
A messenger came with the sad news.
There was nothing more to do.
There was no need to bother Jesus anymore.
Jesus kept going.
He still went to the house.
It did not make sense.
Jesus was laughed at by the people there.
He went to the dead child.
He took the parents and
Peter, John and James with him.
Why just them?
Then a miracle happened.
Jesus gave life back to the girl.
You had to see it with your eyes.
If you need help,
beg Jesus to come to your house.
Be amazed at what will happen.
Breathe again.
That's right, take a deep breath.
Live again.

(March 20, 2004 8:20 AM CST)

Hey, Happy Spring!
72 yesterday in Omaha.
Very nice.
Enjoy the day that the Lord has made.

"Rescue the lowly and the poor;
from the hand of the wicked deliver them."
Psalms 82:4

The poor are very close to the Lord.
Get to know them.
Ask them to pray for you.
Learn from them.
We live too complicated of lives.
Know the Lord is with you.
That is all you need.

(March 19, 2004 6:17 AM CST)

Yesterday I went to see Dr. Barnard .
He took a look at my bottom teeth.
One is on the move,
so he will help me get it back into place.
I had braces when I was young.
I asked him if Dr. Mueller was still alive.
His office was at 41st and Dodge.
I went to see him for a long time
and had many headaches from the braces.
Yes, he is still around but not practicing.
God bless him and all that work in his office.
It is a nice place.

"May the Lord rule your hearts
in the love of God
and the constancy of Christ."
2 Thessalonians 3:5

I pray that the Lord is with you.
May he keep you in place.
Maybe you are shifting around.
I ask the Lord to gently bring you back.
God be with you.

(March 18, 2004 6:12 AM CST)

"God's gifts and his call are irrevocable."
Romans 11:29

God calls all people.
The gift of salvation is offered to everyone.
It is there for you.
Will you respond?
Don't ignore this great gift.

(March 17, 2004 6:10 AM CST)

"God is love,
and he who abides in love
abides in God,
and God in him."
1 John 4:16

God is all about love.
He made you.
He is a loving Father.
He watches over you and your family.
He wants to dwell in your heart.
You must invite him in.
God is love.

(March 16, 2004 6:11 AM CST)

"Jesus was teaching in the temple area
from day to day."
Luke 19:47

Jesus said many things.
Have you read any of them?
Most of what he said is in the gospels
(Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).
These books were written about 40 years
after Jesus died and rose.
When you see "Luke 19:47" above
it means the Gospel of Luke
Chapter 19 and Verse 47.
I would suggest reading one chapter
of these gospels per day.
Just go through them
one gospel at a time.
You can have the words read to you
by clicking on this "Luke" link above
and then "New International Version"
and then "Listen to this"
and you can follow along with the words.
He is a very good speaker.
Pray before you read:
Holy Spirit, come and help me to understand.
Guide me to the truth.
Open my mind to hear Jesus.
Help me to be open to his words.

(March 15, 2004 6:15 AM CST)

"Jesus summoned the crowd and said to them:
'Give ear and try to understand.
It is not what goes into a man's mouth
that makes him impure;
it is what comes out of his mouth.'"
Matthew 15:10-11

Watch what you say.
Be careful.
Say things that will honor God.
Praise the Lord with your mouth.
Be positive.
Give people sincere compliments.
Use your words to do good.

(March 14, 2004 6:23 AM CST)

"The fervent petition of a holy man
is powerful indeed.
Elijah was only a man like us,
yet he prayed earnestly
that it would not rain
and no rain fell on the land
for three years and six months.
When he prayed again,
the sky burst forth with rain
and the land produced its crops."
James 5:16-18

Have confidence when you pray.
Expect great things.
The Lord hears and will respond.
Pray with the leading of the Holy Spirit.
The grace of the Lord will burst forth.

(March 13, 2004 7:32 AM CST)

I found out yesterday that someone
I worked with from a few years ago has died.
There were many emails at work
going back and forth with the sad news.
Pray for Dave and his family.
He lived in the Seattle area.
God be with them today.

"For I am certain that
neither death nor life,
neither angels nor principalities,
neither the present nor the future,
nor powers,
neither height nor depth
nor any other creature,
will be able to separate us
from the love of God
that comes to us
in Christ Jesus, our Lord."
Romans 8:38-39

There is nothing standing in your way.
The road is clear.
Come to Jesus.
Get to know him.
He loves you very much.
Respond to this great love.
He is there for you.

(March 12, 2004 6:21 AM CST)

Jesus said to Pilate,
"The reason I was born,
the reason why I came into the world
is to testify to the truth.
Anyone committed to the truth hears my voice."
John 18:37

Go to Jesus for the truth.
He has told you the way it is.
He came to this world to inform us.
We are no longer in the dark.
His life is a testimony.
Listen to Jesus.

(March 11, 2004 6:22 AM CST)

Yes, there was a funeral yesterday.
I have not cried that much in a long time.
I could not believe all the tears.
Maybe it was the music they played in the church.
She knew me my whole life ---
right from the early years.
We said good-bye to her
until we meet again in heaven.

The newspaper article last night said
there are about 10,000 galaxies in
this picture from the Hubble Space Telescope .
(Note: Click on the picture on this link to supersize it.)
See if you can count them all.
Take a look at what God has made.
Are you impressed?

"Moved with compassion,
Jesus touched their eyes,
and immediately they could see;
and they became his followers."
Matthew 20:34

That is the way Jesus is ---
he cares about you.
He cares about you very much
right down to the last tiny detail.
He has been there every single day.
Go to him.
Follow him.
He will open your eyes.
See new sights.

(March 10, 2004 6:20 AM CST)

I was driving away from the mortuary last night
near 78th and West Center.
The mileage on my car read 75,002.
She had celebrated her 75th birthday recently.
I have been there four times in the last 6 years.
The wakes for my sister, uncle,
and two friends were held there.
Many memories of many people...
I saw some people
that I have not seen in a long time.
Keep praying for the family.

"In my distress I called to the Lord,
and he answered me."
Psalms 120:1

Lord, we call out to you today.
We don't understand what is going on.
We live and someday die.
We see our relatives and friends leave us.
We don't realize what is going on.
Come and be with us today.
Give us your comfort and peace.

(March 9, 2004 6:15 AM CST)

"Just as it is appointed that men die once,
and after death be judged,
so Christ was offered up once
to take away the sins of many;
he will appear a second time
not to take away sin
but to bring salvation to those
who eagerly await him."
Hebrews 9:27-28

Look up.
Expect Jesus to come anytime.
Be ready.
Look forward to the coming of the Lord.
It will be a glorious day.
Come, Lord Jesus.

(March 8, 2004 6:17 AM CST)

A friend of mine has passed away.
I know her from the neighborhood
where I grew up.
Pray for Eileen and her family.
God be with them all today and comfort them.

"Never act out of rivalry or conceit;
rather, let all parties think humbly of others
as superior to themselves,
each of you looking to others' interests
rather than to his own.
Your attitude must be that of Christ..."
Philippians 2:3-5

Look to Christ.
Have his attitude.
He cared about others.
He was humble.
He did the will of the Father.

(March 7, 2004 8:29 AM CST)

"Many have undertaken
to compile a narrative of the events
which have been fulfilled in our midst,
precisely as those events were transmitted to us
by the original eyewitnesses and ministers of the word."
Luke 1:1-2

They saw the things that Jesus did.
They heard his words.
They witnessed his miracles.
They saw him die.
They touched him after the resurrection.
They wrote it down.
They wanted to save it and pass it along.
Read the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).
They were written for you.
They wanted you to know.

(March 6, 2004 7:09 AM CST)

"Be exalted above the heavens, O God;
above all the earth be your glory!"
Psalms 57:6

We see the heavens and are amazed.
The astronomers can't figure it all out.
You are so amazing, Lord!
We exalt you in your creation.
Help those astronomers to find you.
Bless them and their families.

(March 5, 2004 6:22 AM CST)

"They dressed Jesus in royal purple,
then wove a crown of thorns
and put it on him,
and began to salute him,
'All hail!
King of the Jews!'"
Mark 15:17-18

They hurt Jesus.
They mocked him.
Picture yourself there.
What would you do?
Would you try to stop it?
Would you insult him, also?
Would you run away?

(March 4, 2004 6:26 AM CST)

"If anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation."
2 Corinthians 5:17

When you give your life to Jesus
you become a new creation.
You are a new person.
The old "you" is dead.
Christ now lives in you.
You have a new excitement about life.
Each day is a joy.

(March 3, 2004 6:21 AM CST)

"When the kindness and
love of God our Savior appeared,
he saved us;
not because of any righteous deeds we had done,
but because of his mercy.
You can depend on this to be true."
Titus 3:4,8

Base your life on the truth.
God sent his son to save us.
He did it because of love.
He did it because of mercy.
Depend on Jesus.
This is true.

(March 2, 2004 6:22 AM CST)

Billy Graham has TV programs
this week and next week.
Check the TV listings on this link above for times.

"I tell you truly:
you will weep and mourn
while the world rejoices;
you will grieve for a time,
but your grief will be turned into joy."
John 16:20

Maybe you are sad today.
Maybe you are in grief.
You have lost someone close to you.
Jesus is right there in your sadness.
He will comfort you.
He will hold you in his arms.
He is with you.

(March 1, 2004 6:17 AM CST)

This morning I woke up wondering
if that movie about Jesus
would have an impact on our culture.
Would it do some good?
Would people be nice to each other?
Would it bring more people to Jesus?
Will it change people's lives?
I wonder.
Maybe Mel will take all this money he has made
and tell more about Jesus.
He could make a pre-sequel
and give Jesus' teachings.
He was a great teacher.
There is more to the story.

"Hosanna to the Son of David!
Blessed is he
who comes in the name of the Lord!
Hosanna in the highest!"
Matthew 21:9

The people welcomed Jesus to Jerusalem.
They cheered for him.
They praised him.
He was blessed.
He was the blessed one.
He blesses you.

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