July, 2007

Call on the Lord and his strength
Be in the light

Show love to one another

Let the Lord guide you

Look to heaven above

Seek the Lord with all your heart

(July 31, 2007 Tue 6:06 AM CDT)

"At about that time
another large crowd assembled,
and they were without anything to eat.
Jesus called his disciples
over to him and said:
'My heart is moved with pity for the crowd.
By now they have been with me 3 days
and have nothing to eat.
If I send them home hungry,
they will collapse on the way.
Some of them have come a great distance.'"
Mark 8:1-3

They followed Jesus.
They listened to his every word.
They wanted to be near to him.
They were hungry.
They went the distance.

(July 30, 2007 Mon 6:18 AM CDT)

"All this happened to fulfill what the Lord
had said through the prophet:
'The virgin shall be with child
and give birth to a son,
and they shall name him Emmanuel,'
a name which means
'God is with us.'"
Matthew 1:22-23

Jesus came to earth.
He wanted to be near us.
He wanted to help us.
He wanted to save us.
The Lord is with you.

(July 29, 2007 Sun 8:16 AM CDT)

I keep getting outbid for items on Ebay.
I'm trying to get another old Pentium 4 computer.
You have to be online as the bidding ends.
They go for around $100 including shipping.
I paid too much for that refurbished computer I bought.
That is why no one else bid on it.

"Nothing is concealed from him;
all lies bare and exposed
to the eyes of him
whom we must render an account."
Hebrews 4:13

You are given 24 hours each day.
How do you spend your time?
Do you accomplish anything?
Is the world a better place?
Ask the Lord for direction.

(July 28, 2007 Sat 8:14 AM CDT)

Overnight I received about 100 spam email messages.
They have found me.
It takes a little time to delete 100 email messages.

From page 1,333 of my Bible.

"Faith, then, comes through hearing,
and what is heard is the word of Christ."
Romans 10:17

Listen to Christ.
Read his words in the Bible.
It will build your faith.
He lived for 33 years.
Read what he did for you.

(July 27, 2007 Fri 7:35 AM CDT)

We got rain overnight,
so thank the Lord.

Jesus said,
"If you can trust a man in little things,
you can trust him in greater..."
Luke 16:10

Use what you have.
You will be given more.
Work for the kingdom of God.
Walk with the Lord.
Be blessed.

(July 26, 2007 Thu 6:14 AM CDT)

"Here begins the gospel of Jesus Christ
the Son of God."
Mark 1:1

The gospel is good news.
We hear enough bad news all the time.
Jesus is good news.
He is the hope of the world.
He can make you smile.
Have a blessed day.

(July 25, 2007 Wed 6:08 AM CDT)

This morning I'm trying to get the 56 GB
hard drive from my old computer that crashed last October
to work in a refurbished computer I got on Monday.
I bought it on ebay.com for around $180 with shipping.
It is not the fastest computer but it is fast enough.

"They will stop listening to the truth
and will wander off to fables."
2 Timothy 4:4

Stay near the Lord.
There are many ideas out there.
Jesus is the truth.
Read what he has to say in the Bible.

(July 24, 2007 Tue 6:14 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"Are there not 12 hours of daylight?
If a man goes walking by day
he does not stumble
because he sees the world bathed in light.
But if he goes walking at night
he will stumble
since there is no light in him."
John 11:9-10

Walk in the light.
You don't want to trip and fall.
Jesus is the light.
Stay near him and see where you are going.
It is much easier.
Why make life so hard?

(July 23, 2007 Mon 6:16 AM CDT)

Last night I was looking at the
Nazca lines in Peru.
I think my favorite is the hummingbird.
They have been there for a long time.
It hardly ever rains there.

"Zebedee's sons, James and John, approached Jesus.
'Teacher,' they said,
'we want you to grant our request.'
'What is it?' he asked.
They replied, 'See to it that we sit,
one at your right and the other at your left,
when you come into your glory.'
Jesus told them,
'You do not know what you are asking.
Can you drink the cup I shall drink or
be baptized in the same bath of pain as I?'"
Mark 10:35-38

We all seek it.
We all want it.
Glory is for the Lord.
Give him the glory.

(July 22, 2007 Sun 7:38 AM CDT)

Yesterday my sister-in-law was mentioned
on the front page of the newspaper.
God bless her and her family.

I just love this song by 33 Miles.
It is titled
What Could Be Better .
You can listen to the whole song on this link above.
They sound just like Rascal Flatts or Avalon.

"Whatever you do,
work at it with your whole being.
Do it for the Lord
rather than for men,
since you know full well
you will receive an inheritance
from him as your reward."
Colossians 3:23-24

Work for the Lord.
What more could you ask for?
He is wonderful.
He is your hope for tomorrow.
What could be better?

(July 21, 2007 Sat 8:19 AM CDT)

Last night I was reading about the
Panama Canal .
Instead of going east and west
it mostly goes north and south.
They have webcams to watch the ships
go through the locks.
There is a ship with container boxes
going through the Miraflores locks now.
It is something to watch these huge ships.
Then the locks fill with water to raise them up.
They must move the water from one lock to the next.
One water level is going up and the other one down.
The water level is even, so they are opening the gate now.
There it goes out the lock.
It takes awhile to do it.
The Norwegian ship Clipper Sky
is going through the locks now.
It is going north (aka east).

"Have you no fear of God,
seeing you are under the same sentence?
We deserve it, after all.
We are only paying the price for what we've done,
but this man has done nothing wrong."
Then he said,
"Jesus, remember me when you enter upon your reign."
And Jesus replied,
"I assure you:
this day you will be with me in paradise."
Luke 23:40-43

Have great respect for the Lord.
He died for you.
Ask him to save you.
He will raise you up.
He has broken the locks.
You are set free.
He is safe passage.
Look up to the sky.

(July 20, 2007 Fri 9:04 AM CDT)

Lately I have been watching
The Universe on the History Channel.
It is amazing what God has made.

"If you regard me as a partner,
welcome him as you would me."
Philemon 1:17

Be a partner for Christ.
All are your brother and sister.
Treat them as you would treat Christ.
Welcome them in.

(July 19, 2007 Thu 6:07 AM CDT)

Gamaliel said,
"My advice is that you
have nothing to do with these men.
Let them alone.
If their purpose or activity
is human in its origins,
it will destroy itself.
If on the other hand,
it comes from God,
you will not be able to destroy them
without fighting God himself."
Acts 5:38-39

Be on the Lord's side.
Go with him.
He will win.
The odds are 100%.
Be part of God's plan.

(July 18, 2007 Wed 6:14 AM CDT)

"His parents used to go every year to Jerusalem
for the feast of the Passover,
and when Jesus was 12
they went up for the celebration
as was their custom.
As they were returning at the end of the feast,
the child Jesus remained behind
unknown to his parents."
Luke 2:41-43

This is an interesting story of Jesus
when he was only 12.
His parents were searching for him.
Where could he be?
They found him after 3 days
and asked him why he had done this.
We too should search for Jesus.
Ask him questions.
Search and you will find the answers.

(July 17, 2007 Tue 6:19 AM CDT)

"In contrast,
the fruit of the spirit is
love, joy, peace, patient endurance,
kindness, generosity, faith,
mildness and chastity."
Galatians 5:22-23

Live the life of the Spirit.
Produce much fruit.
Be generous.
God be with you.

(July 16, 2007 Mon 6:08 AM CDT)

"Jesus Christ is the same
yesterday, today and forever."
Hebrews 13:8

Jesus has been here forever.
He was here before time began.
He will be here into eternity.
Build your life on him.

(July 15, 2007 Sun 7:25 AM CDT)

Luis Palau's picture is on the front page
of the newspaper this morning.
He is in Omaha yesterday and today.
God bless him and his efforts
to spread the good news.

"Be on guard, therefore,
the Son of Man will come
when you least expect him."
Luke 12:40

Be ready to welcome Jesus.
He will come when you don't expect him.
Pray for his return.
Come, Lord Jesus.
We need you.

(July 14, 2007 Sat 9:03 AM CDT)

Yesterday my Internet access quit working.
A guy came and gave me a new modem.
His allergies were really bad.
Pray for him and his family.
The modem is an Arris CM550A .
You can run a speed test with
speedtest.net .
I get 5600 kb/s download and 1200 kb/s upload.
See what you get.

"You can depend on this:
If we have died with him
we shall also live with him;
If we hold out to the end
we shall also reign with him."
2 Timothy 2:11-12

Count on the Lord.
He has promised it.
His promises are true.
Trust in him.

(July 13, 2007 Fri 8:28 AM CDT)

Have a blessed day today.
It is Friday the 13th.
God is with you.

Jesus prayed to the Father,
"Consecrate them by means of truth ---
'Your word is truth.'"
John 17:17

Jesus is the truth.
Believe in him.
Trust in him.
Read his words in the Bible.

(July 12, 2007 Thu 6:12 AM CDT)

You better pray for me
I thought yesterday was Thursday.
I fixed it below for July 11th.

"Once again the high priest interrogated Jesus:
'Are you the Messiah,
The Son of the Blessed One?'
Then Jesus answered:
'I am; and you will see the Son of Man
seated at the right hand of the Power
and coming with the clouds of heaven.'"
Mark 14:61-62

Jesus was the one.
He was the promised one.
He is the Power of God.
He has come to the earth.
Welcome him in.

(July 11, 2007 Wed 6:08 AM CDT)

One of the people at my Mom's church died on July 8th.
He was 93 years old.
Pray for Charlie and his family.
God be with them.

"God is our refuge and our strength,
an ever-present help in distress.
Therefore we fear not, though the earth be shaken
and the mountains plunge into the depths of the sea;
Though its waters rage and foam
and mountains quake at its surging.
The Lord of hosts is with us;
our stronghold is the God of Jacob."
Psalms 46:1-4

The Lord is our strength.
Go to him.
Call to him when you are in need.
He is a mountain of help.

(July 10, 2007 Tue 6:03 AM CDT)

"Anyone who is so 'progressive'
that he does not remain rooted
in the teaching of Christ
does not possess God,
while anyone who remains rooted
in the teaching
possesses both the
Father and the Son."
2 John 1:9

Stay near the Lord.
Don't wander away.
The gospel is clear.
Remain rooted in Christ.

(July 9, 2007 Mon 6:08 AM CDT)

"Jesus said to him,
'Ephphatha!' (that is, 'Be opened!')
At once the man's ears were opened;
he was freed from the impediment,
and began to speak freely."
Mark 7:34-35

Jesus, open our ears to hear you.
We want to learn all about you.
Touch our mouths to bless your name.
Help us to open up.

(July 8, 2007 Sun 7:32 AM CDT)

It was interesting to watch
Live Earth last evening.
Did you see the penguins in Antarctica ?
What is your carbon footprint?
Buy those CFLs for your house.
Turn off lights when you don't use them.
Unplug chargers around your house when not in use.

"What we are aiming at in this warning
is the love that springs
from a pure heart,
a good conscience,
and sincere faith."
1 Timothy 1:5

Have a heart for the Lord.
Be sincere in your faith in Jesus.
Live a holy life.
Aim high as the heavens.

(July 7, 2007 Sat 8:33 AM CDT)

It's 7-7-07 today.
I overheard someone on July 5th at Mall of the Bluffs
saying they were going to get married today.
It would be easy to remember your anniversary.
God bless them and their family.

"He then went down to Capernaum,
a town of Galilee,
where he began instructing them
on the sabbath day.
They were spellbound by his teaching
for his words had authority."
Luke 4:31-32

We don't have any You Tube videos of Jesus talking.
It must have been something to see in person.
They knew he was very special.
You can meet him also.
Just say a prayer.
Jesus, I want to get to know you.
Speak to me.
Tell me who you are.
I need you in my life.

(July 6, 2007 Fri 6:21 AM CDT)

This is from our Bible Study last night.

"For I, the Lord, your God,
am a jealous God..."
Exodus 20:5

God wants us for himself.
We belong to him.
He wants us to be near to him.
Be faithful to him.

(July 5, 2007 Thu 6:05 AM CDT)

"For I received from the Lord
what I also delivered to you,
that the Lord Jesus on the night
when he was betrayed took bread,
and when he had given thanks,
he broke it, and said,
'This is my body which is for you.
Do this in remembrance of me.'"
1 Corinthians 11:23-24

Remember the Lord.
Celebrate Holy Communion.
Give thanks for this great gift.
He was broken for you.

(July 4, 2007 Wed 9:05 AM CDT)

"We see, moreover,
that it was their unbelief
that kept them from entering."
Hebrews 3:19

See and believe.
Look closely at Jesus.
Learn all about him.
Believe in him.
Enter in.

(July 3, 2007 Tue 6:11 AM CDT)

Jesus said to them,
"The harvest is rich
but the workers are few;
therefore ask the harvest-master
to send workers to his harvest."
Luke 10:2

Work for the Lord.
Labor in the fields.
Plant seeds of faith.
Listen to questions that others have.
Pray for a great harvest.
Pray for the Heartland Festival
July 14 and 15 in Omaha.

(July 2, 2007 Mon 6:26 AM CDT)

The rumor is that the
Space Shuttle Atlantis
is sitting at Offutt Air Force Base
just south of Omaha this morning.
It is on the way back to Florida.
God bless all those involved in NASA
as they learn more and more about God's creation.

"They claim to know God,
but by their actions
they deny that he exists."
Titus 1:16

What do your actions say?
Can people tell that you love God?
Actions speak louder than words.
Live your life well
with the help of the Lord.

(July 1, 2007 Sun 7:14 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"When you fast,
you are not to look glum,
as the hypocrites do."
Matthew 6:16

Give up food from time to time.
Offer it up to the Lord.
Give up watching TV or surfing the Internet.
Use the time to read the Bible.
Feel the hunger for the Lord.

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