January, 2008

Now is the time
Start over again

God loves you

He is wonderful

Listen to Jesus

He cares all about you

(January 31, 2008 Thu 6:22 AM CST)

Paul said to the governor,
"I admit to you
that it is according to the new way ---
which they call a sect ---
that I worship the God of our fathers."
Acts 24:14

It is new.
It is a new way.
Follow Jesus each day.
It is an adventure.

(January 30, 2008 Wed 7:27 AM CST)

Jesus responded to Nathanael:
"Do you believe just because I told you
I saw you under the fig tree?
You will see
much greater things than that."
John 1:50

See and believe.
Or is it --- believe and see?
First look to Jesus.
See who he is.
Check him out.
You will meet someone that is amazing.
Then believe in him.
Jesus, teach me all about you.
I want to believe.

(January 29, 2008 Tue 6:15 AM CST)

The dad of one of my friends died on Sunday.
Pray for all of their family.
May God comfort them and be with them.

Jesus said,
"For everyone who exalts himself
shall be humbled and
he who humbles himself
shall be exalted."
Luke 14:11

Give praise to God.
Exalt him.
Humble yourself.
He will bless you for your efforts.
He will lift you up.

(January 28, 2008 Mon 7:03 AM CST)

"Jesus asked them,
'What are you discussing among yourselves?'"
Mark 9:16

Can Jesus be part of your discussion?
Do you invite him in?
Would he be pleased with the topic?
Jesus, come and be with us.
Be part of our lives.

(January 27, 2008 Sun 6:26 AM CST)

"We give you thanks, O God, we give thanks,
and we invoke your name;
we declare your wondrous deeds."
Psalms 75:1 or 2

Thank the Lord.
Bless the Lord.
O God, we give you praise.
You are most wonderful.
We thank you.
You are awesome.

(January 26, 2008 Sat 9:18 AM CST)

Yesterday as an experiment I hooked up
both 320GB SATA hard drives to my PC.
I don't know that much about SATA.
Hey, it worked.
I was surprised.
I could see the files on both of them.
It makes it a lot easier to copy
the old files to the new.
I am up to 45GB usage on my new hard drive.
I keep way too much stuff that I never use.
It is there just "in case" I need it.

"Then I saw a new heavens and a new earth.
The former heavens and the former earth
had passed away,
and the sea was no longer."
Revelation 21:1

God is new life every morning.
Receive this daily gift.
Grow in the knowledge of God.
Look forward to heaven.

(January 25, 2008 Fri 7:02 AM CST)

"Because you are God's chosen ones,
holy and beloved,
clothe yourselves with heartfelt mercy,
with kindness, humility, meekness, and patience."
Colossians 3:12

You are chosen.
You are special.
God loves you very much.
Treat others with kindness.
They are special also.

(January 24, 2008 Thu 6:18 AM CST)

"About 8 days after saying this
Jesus took Peter, John and James,
and went up onto a mountain to pray.
While he was praying,
his face changed in appearance
and his clothes became dazzlingly white."
Luke 9:28-29

Jesus is God.
He has revealed his glory.
Believe in him.
Worship him.

(January 23, 2008 Wed 6:27 AM CST)

I saw in the newspaper last night that
someone who worked on my floor a few years ago
in another building has died.
Pray for them and their family.

Yesterday at 3:18 PM they evacuated the
building where I work at 19th and Douglas.
A steam valve was broke in the basement.
You could hear the hissing as we walked
down the steps.
When I was walking down the steps
with all these people I thought about 9/11
and all those people trying to escape.
Some people were walking slowly.
I walk the steps all the time.
It was easy for me.
There were two fire trucks and a rescue
squad outside the building on the east side.
I didn't want to stand around in the cold,
so I went down to Siena/Francis House to help them.
Later, when I went by the building on my way home
everything was back to normal.

"I commend to you our sister Phoebe,
who is a deaconess of the church of Cenchreae.
Please, welcome her in the Lord, as saints should.
If she needs help in anything,
give it to her, for she herself
has been of help to many, including myself."
Romans 16:1-2

Welcome your sisters and brothers.
Serve the church.
Be of service to the Lord and his people.
The Lord be with you.

(January 22, 2008 Tue 6:10 AM CST)

"We brought nothing into this world,
nor have we the power
to take anything out.
If we have food and clothing
we have all that we need.
Those who want to be rich
are falling into temptation
and a trap."
1 Timothy 6:7-9

The newspaper last night said the
stock markets around the world are falling.
Don't trust in these things.
They will fail you.
You can't take it with you.
Seek spiritual wisdom that will last forever.
No one can steal that from you.
Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom.
Give to the poor.
Be thankful for what you have.

(January 21, 2008 Mon 7:23 AM CST)

It is interesting the little things that are working again
since I got the new hard drive.
I can save the file "stats.html" again.
I could not update it before correctly.
The computer does not ask for a userid
when it first starts.
It goes right to the desktop now.
But when I turn on the power switch of the surge protector
I have to hit the start button on the PC now.
It started by itself before.
Computers are something else.

Yesterday at Sam's Club in Council Bluffs
I bought some pizza from a guy named Saul.
I gave him $10 and he entered $20,
so he gave me too much money back.
I quickly gave him the extra $10 back,
but he really did not want it.
He would have come up short
at the end of the day.
There was no way I could keep the extra money.
In the past when this has happened
I just give the money to charity.

"The onlookers were shouting aloud,
holding their hands over their ears
as they did so.
Then they rushed at Steven as one man,
dragged him out of the city,
and began to stone him.
The witnesses meanwhile
were piling their cloaks at the feet
of a young man named Saul."
Acts 7:57-58

Are you right or wrong?
You better double-check yourself.
Open your ears and listen closely.
Jesus is the truth.
Hear what he has to say.

(January 20, 2008 Sun 7:35 AM CST)

Please, pray for someone that goes to my church.
They sent me an email at 1 AM.
They have walking pneumonia.
God be with them and heal them today.

I did go to DIT Computers at 90th and Blondo in Omaha
yesterday and bought a 320GB hard drive.
I reloaded the operating system and
it is working now as you can see.
I just need to reload all the applications
and delete the games that HP puts on the computer.
That is a pain.
I think they have stopped doing that over the last few months.
I am using 18GB so far.
You would not believe how many times my PC
rebooted to get all the current Microsoft updates.
It was about 20 times.
I just tried to run my Sudoku program code9.exe
and it gets an error message.
I need Framework 2.0.
I just downloaded it.
I wonder if I will have to reboot the computer.
That's better.
I did not have to reboot and the program is working now.

"They shall beat their swords into plowshares,
and their spears into pruning hooks;
one nation shall not raise the sword against the other,
nor shall they train for war again."
Micah 4:3

Let us pray for peace.
Jesus, teach us how to love each other.
Send us your peace.
We need you in our lives.
Come, Prince of Peace.

(January 19, 2008 Sat 9:45 AM CST)

My number one PC at home crashed yesterday.
I hooked up an extra hard drive to it
to back it up.
This caused it to get an error message about
the "ntldr status 0xc000000e."
Yeah, right.
I tried to restore it twice yesterday.
It is still not working.
I am not sure what to do.
I guess I need to take it to DIT computer.
I am writing this on a backup computer.

Here is a Bible question.
Are you ready?
40-Down: Jacob's first wife, 4 letters.
It is from the Jan 15, 2008 crossword puzzle.

"In the morning Jacob was amazed:
it was ????!"
Genesis 29:25

Jacob was surprised.
It was not Rachel.
It was someone else.
Rachel was ????'s sister.
Life is full of surprises.
You just never know what will happen.
God be with you every twist and turn.

(January 17, 2008 Thu 6:33 AM CST)

We got about an inch (2.54 centimeters) of snow overnight.
I just shoveled it.
It is cold out there (12F/-11C degrees).

Pray for a cousin of mine in Ohio that is sick.
God bless them and their family.

"My God in turn will supply your needs fully,
in a way worthy of his magnificent riches
in Christ Jesus.
All glory to our God and Father
for unending ages!
Philippians 4:19-20

The Lord gives us all that we need.
He is there for us.
He comforts us.
Trust in him.
Give glory to God.
Jesus, we praise you today.
You are so good to us.
We thank you for all your gifts.

(January 16, 2008 Wed 7:48 AM CST)

"The Lord is the one to judge me,
so stop passing judgment
before the time of his return.
He will bring to light
what is hidden in darkness
and manifest the intentions of hearts.
At that time,
everyone will receive their praise from God."
1 Corinthians 4:4-5

Don't look at others.
Check yourself.
Ask the Lord for ways to improve your life.
Jesus, help me to be like you.

(January 15, 2008 Tue 6:14 AM CST)

"Finally, when they had rowed 3 or 4 miles,
they sighted Jesus approaching the boat,
walking on the water.
They were frightened,
but he told them,
'It is I; do not be afraid.'
They wanted to take him into the boat,
but suddenly it came aground on the shore
they had been approaching."
John 6:19-21

Let Jesus approach you.
Let him move you.
He can do amazing things.
Welcome him into your boat.

(January 14, 2008 Mon 7:33 AM CST)

I put together a web browser using
Visual Studio 2008 last night.
Very interesting.

"When Jesus saw her,
he called her to him and said,
'Woman, you are free of your infirmity.'
He laid his hand on her,
and immediately she stood up straight
and began thanking God."
Luke 13:12-13

Stand up straight.
The Lord is with you.
He will heal you.
Give thanks to God.
He is joy for your heart.

(January 13, 2008 Sun 7:50 AM CST)

On Friday I downloaded the new Visual Studio 2008 .
It is a 3.3GB DVD.
Yesterday I recompiled my
Sudoku program code9.exe .
It runs just the same as always.

The Christmas decorations are gone from Von Maur.
I walked through there yesterday.

"We enjoin all such,
and we urge them strongly
in the Lord Jesus Christ,
to earn the food they eat
by working quietly."
2 Thessalonians 3:12

Work for the Lord.
Offer up your work.
Be a hard and dependable worker.
God bless your work.

(January 12, 2008 Sat 8:46 AM CST)

I need to show you this Johann Sebastian Bach music video.
Here let me find it for you.
It shows you the notes as it plays the organ music.
It is called Toccata and Fugue in D minor .
It is like a player piano.
I like it at 1:19 where it plays the same note over and over.
Here is more information on BWV 565 written around 1703.
You can watch Karl Richter play the music on this video.
It takes hands and feet and two people.
I love organ music.
We have a beautiful organ at the Cathedral here in Omaha.

"Jesus did not grant his request,
but told him instead:
'Go home to your family and
make it clear to them
how much the Lord in his mercy
has done for you.'"
Mark 5:19

Your family is important.
Be there for them.
Help them.
Pray for them.

(January 11, 2008 Fri 7:50 AM CST)

This is from Tuesday's crossword puzzle Jan 8, 2008 .
28-Down: Bk. after Galatians, 3 letters.
When you see "Bk." an abbreviation for book
the answer is an abbreviation also.
See if you can find this book
in the New Testament of the Bible.

"...and the life I live now
is not my own;
Christ is living in me.
I still live my human life,
but it is a life of faith
in the Son of God,
who loved me and
gave himself for me.
I will not treat
God's gracious gift as pointless."
Galatians 2:20-21

Use the gift.
Treasure this life of grace.
Point in the right direction.
Trust in Christ.

(January 10, 2008 Thu 6:17 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"When the Counselor comes,
the Spirit of truth
who comes from the Father ---
and whom I myself will send
from the Father ---
he will bear witness on my behalf.
You must bear witness as well
for you have been with me
from the beginning."
John 15:26-27

You have known Jesus all your life.
Share what you know.
He is wonderful.
Let others know of his great love for them.

(January 9, 2008 Wed 7:36 AM CST)

Pray for someone else that is having surgery.
God bless them and heal them.

I found a piece of paper on the sidewalk
near 20th and Douglas yesterday outside of work.
Here are a few things that the handwritten note said:
"feed the hungry, visit prisoners, shelter the homeless,
visit the sick, forgive all injuries, bear wrongs patiently,
counsel the doubtful..."
A message from God right on the sidewalk in downtown Omaha.

Jesus told a story,
"The king will say to those on his right:
'Come. You have my Father's blessing!
Inherit the kingdom prepared for you
from the creation of the world.
For I was hungry and you gave me food.
I was thirsty and you gave me drink.
I was a stranger and you welcomed me,
naked and you clothed me.
I was ill and you comforted me,
in prison and you came to visit me.'"
Matthew 25:34-36

Be thoughtful.
Ask Jesus to help you help others.
He will lead you to those in need.
Give your time to them.
Be present to them.
Give them a hug.

(January 8, 2008 Tue 6:16 AM CST)

Pray for someone having surgery today.
God bless them and their family.
God bless the doctors and nurses.

"My prayer is that your love
may more and more abound,
both in understanding
and wealth of experience,
so that with a clear conscience
and blameless conduct
you may learn to value
the things that really matter,
up to the very day of Christ."
Philippians 1:9-10

What is important?
What really matters?
Put Christ first.
Live for him.
The other things will fall into place.

(January 7, 2008 Mon 7:35 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"I have come to the world as its light,
to keep anyone who believes in me
from remaining in the dark."
John 12:46

It is simple.
Light or dark --- which do you choose?
Choose the light.
It is obvious.
Jesus is the light of the world.

(January 6, 2008 Sun 8:40 AM CST)

Yesterday I was studying about text-to-speech.
You have the computer read text to you.
I looked at IE Speaker 4.0 .
It did pretty good for a computer reading words.
Also, I looked at Natural Reader 6.5 .
It has Paul or Kate read to you.
It did very well.

"Some people brought Jesus a deaf man
who had a speech impediment and
begged him to lay his hand on him.
Jesus took him off by himself
away from the crowd.
He put his fingers into the man's ears and,
spitting, touched his tongue;
then he looked up to heaven and emitted a groan.
He said to him, 'Ephphatha!'
(that is, 'Be opened!')
At once the man's ears were opened;
he was freed from the impediment,
and began to speak plainly."
Mark 7:32-35

Come away with Jesus.
Let him touch you.
Let him heal you.
Then ---
with your ears listen to him and
with your mouth speak praise to God.
Be open.
God has many surprises for you in 2008.

(Note: I had IE Speaker read this back to me to check it.)

(January 5, 2008 Sat 9:15 AM CST)

See if you can get the answer to this in the
Jan 2, 2008 LA Times crossword puzzle.
3-Down: Biblical physician, 4 letters.
I even got it right, so it can't be too hard.
I still have a lot to learn about crossword puzzles.

"????, our dear physician, sends you greetings."
Colossians 4:14

Pray for doctors.
They need God's help.
There are many sick people that I know.
God bless the doctors and their families.

(January 4, 2008 Fri 7:47 AM CST)

I saw 49th and Dodge last night.
The 2 north lanes are blocked out of the 5 lanes.
Hopefully they will get the street fixed soon.

"When Jesus heard this he said to the man:
'There is one thing further you must do.
Sell all you have and give to the poor.
You will have treasure in heaven.
Then come and follow me.'
On hearing this he grew melancholy,
for he was a very rich man."
Luke 18:22-23

You wonder what would have happened
if this man did give up his money
and followed Jesus.
Maybe he would have been a great leader
in the early church.
Maybe he would have written a gospel
that we would be reading today.
Have the right attitude about money.
Don't let money block you
from what God has called you to do.
Use it for the work of the Lord.
Give some to the poor.

(January 3, 2008 Thu 6:16 AM CST)

The guys on the radio ( 100.7 FM KGBI )
said there was a water main
break at 49th and Dodge.
It is only one lane in each direction (east and west).
This is the main street in Omaha.

Someone sent me an email requesting prayer.
God be with them and their ministry in India.
Jesus, bless their efforts today.

Jesus said,
"As for the exact day or hour,
no one knows it,
neither the angels in heaven
nor the Son, but the Father only."
Matthew 24:36

We don't know when Jesus will return.
We need to be prepared.
We need to be ready to greet him.
We look forward to that day.
Come, Lord Jesus.

(January 2, 2008 Wed 7:38 AM CST)

It is a cold one this morning in Omaha.
It is 0F degrees, but warmer days are coming soon.

Here is a song that was played on the radio
on the morning of December 6th.
I remember it as I was driving past UNO at 62nd and Dodge.
Praise You in the Storm
by Casting Crowns.
They interrupted the Christmas music to play it.

"Sing to the Lord a new song of praise
in the assembly of the faithful."
Psalms 149:1

Sing to the Lord.
Praise him with song.
He is deserving of all our praise.
Worship him.

(January 1, 2008 Tue 8:02 AM CST)

Happy New Year!
May it be a year of many blessings for you!
Expect great things!

The poinsettias at the Westroads are all gone.
I did not see them last night.

"The One who sat on the throne said to me,
'See, I make all things new!'
Then he said,
'Write these matters down,
for the words are trustworthy and true!'"
Revelation 21:5

Listen to Jesus.
He has much to tell you.
Write down what you hear and see.
He will make you a new person.
It is true.

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