March, 2008

Seek the Lord
Answer the Lord

Pray to God

Hear the Lord

God is love

Do good

(March 31, 2008 Mon 7:30 AM CDT)

Hey, we are getting thunderstorms this morning.
It is springtime in Omaha.

Speaking of Greek.
Here is the song Kyrie by Mr. Mister .
"Kyrie eleison" in Greek means "Lord, have mercy."
It is a prayer in song.
I like that song.

"As they approached the crowd,
a man came up to Jesus and knelt before him.
'Lord,' he said, 'have mercy on my son,
who is demented and in a serious condition.
For example, he often falls into the fire
and frequently into the water.
I have brought him to your disciples,
but they could not cure him.'
In reply Jesus said to him:
'What an unbelieving and perverse lot you are!
How long must I remain with you?
How can I endure you?
Bring him to me!'
Then Jesus reprimanded him,
and the demon came out of him.
That very moment the boy was cured."
Matthew 17:14-18

There is evil in the world.
There are demons.
Call on the name of Jesus.
Lord, have mercy on us.
We need your help.

(March 30, 2008 Sun 8:24 AM CDT)

Yesterday I was studying more about the Greek alphabet.
The word "alphabet" comes from the first two
letters of the Greek alphabet: Alpha (Α,α) and Beta (Β,β).
Delta Airlines is named after the letter Delta (Δ, δ).
They use the letter Δ as their company logo.
Greek is read from left to right.
You can't read too much about Greek before you
run into web sites about the New Testament
which was written in Greek.
Here are two spellings for "Jesus" in Greek that I found:
1) Ιησουσ (Iota-Eta-Sigma-Omicron-Upsilon-Sigma)
2) ΙΣ (Iota-Sigma, with a line drawn over both letters.
This is an abbreviation seen in the Codex Vaticanus .
Iota and Sigma are the first and last letters of how to spell Jesus in Greek. )
The word "Amen" stood right out with its spelling
in the Codex Vaticanus:
ΑΜΗΝ (Alpha-Mu-Eta-Nu)
"Amen" is a Hebrew word.
Some people study the original Greek to learn more about Jesus.

"Jesus replied to the devil,
'Scripture has it:
Not on bread alone is man to live
but on every utterance that comes
from the mouth of God.'"
Matthew 4:4

The words of the Bible are very powerful.
They are the words of God.
Study them.
Treasure them.
Learn all that you can.
They bring you closer to Jesus.

(March 29, 2008 Sat 9:25 AM CDT)

It's as simple at Alpha, Beta, Gamma.
Can you tell I'm trying to memorize the Greek Alphabet ?
About a third of crossword puzzles have
a question about the Greek Alphabet.
I figure I better learn it.

You have no excuse not to see the Universe .
It is on for 6 hours today
starting at 10 AM CDT on the History Channel.
I will videotape it.

"When I came to Troas to preach the gospel of Christ,
the door of opportunity was opened wide
for me by the Lord."
2 Corinthians 2:12

Take the opportunity.
Doors will be opened.
Share the gospel with others.
The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say.
Watch for an opening.

(March 28, 2008 Fri 7:52 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"As the Father has loved me,
so I have loved you.
Live on in my love.
You will live in my love
if you keep my commandments,
even as I have kept my Father's commandments,
and live in his love.
All this I tell you
that my joy may be yours
and your joy may be complete."
John 15:9-11

Have you ever felt real joy?
I mean, you were happy to the max.
Joy comes from knowing Jesus.
He can touch your heart and soul.
You will never be the same.

(March 27, 2008 Thu 6:21 AM CDT)

"The Jewish feast of Passover was near;
when Jesus looked up and caught sight
of a vast crowd coming toward him,
he said to Philip,
'Where shall we buy bread
for these people to eat?'"
John 6:4-5

Jesus asks questions of you.
Do you hear him?
Do you respond to him?
Listen to him.
Talk to him.
He is near.

(March 26, 2008 Wed 10:36 AM CDT)

(Continued from yesterday.)

"With this reminder,
the words of Jesus came back to them."
Luke 24:8

It is a continuing story.
We learn more and more about Jesus each day.
You can read the Bible over and over
and get more and more insight into the Lord.
There is great depth to be found.
Year after year.

(March 25, 2008 Tue 6:20 AM CDT)

Instead of a cold it could just be allergies.
That is why I'm sneezing lately.
I am allergic to spring.

(Continued from yesterday.)

"He is not here;
he has been raised up.
Remember what he said to you
while he was still in Galilee ---
that the Son of Man
must be delivered into the hands of sinful men,
and be crucified, and on the third day rise again."
Luke 24:6-7

Why did Jesus have to suffer and die?
Wasn't there some other way?
Did he have to go through all that?
He was the lamb.
He sacrificed his life for ours.
He died for our sins.
He gave up everything for us.
It is an amazing love.

(March 24, 2008 Mon 7:53 AM CDT)

I am on day 3 of a cold.

"While they were still at a loss over
what to think of this,
two men in dazzling garments stood before them.
Terrified, the women bowed to the ground.
The men said to them:
'Why do you search for the Living One among the dead?'
He is not here; he has been raised up.'"
Luke 24:4-6

You are alive.
Seek life.
Seek life that never ends.
Jesus is life.

(March 23, 2008 Sun 8:04 AM CDT)

Happy Easter to you and your family!
I saw the full moon low in the western sky this morning.

"On the first day of the week,
at dawn, the women come to the tomb
bringing the spices they had prepared.
They found the stone rolled back from the tomb;
but when they entered the tomb,
they did not see the body of the Lord Jesus."
Luke 24:1-3

Jesus died on the cross.
Three days later he came back to life.
The tomb was empty.
It is amazing.
He has power over life and death.
He is risen!

(March 22, 2008 Sat 9:18 AM CDT)

I bought a wireless router the other day
at Best Buy on 76th and Dodge.
I just need to configure it.
I think I will name my network JesusLovesYou.
It will broadcast that in my neighborhood.
I wonder what the FCC says about that.
The network name defaults to linksys.
The password defaults to admin.
I wonder how many people don't change this information.
I plugged it in and it started to work right away.
That right there is scary.
I don't trust wireless networks.
I will only run it when I need it.
I am reading through the owner's manual.
It is 34 pages long.

The crossword puzzle for Mar 13, 2008 had this clue:
42-Down: Cross inscription, 4 letters
I wonder what the inscription means.
It is probably Latin.
Here is a web site that tries to explain
the 4 letters on the cross of Jesus.

"Joseph of Arimathea took down
the body of Jesus from the cross,
wrapped it in fine linen,
and laid it in a tomb hewn out of the rock,
in which no one had yet been buried."
Luke 23:53

That took guts.
Joseph was risking everything.
He did a wonderful thing by burying Jesus.
Would you risk it all for the Lord?

(March 21, 2008 Fri 7:50 AM CDT)

One of the criminals hanging in crucifixion said,
"Jesus, remember me when you enter upon your reign."
And Jesus replied,
"I assure you:
this day you will be with me in paradise."
Luke 23:42-43

Jesus, remember each of us today.
Lift us up.
We want to be with you forever.
Forgive our sins.

(March 20, 2008 Thu 6:21 AM CDT)

"May our Lord Jesus Christ himself,
may God our Father who loved us
and in his mercy gave us eternal consolation and hope,
console your hearts and strengthen them
for every good work and word."
2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

We need peace.
We need consolation from the Lord.
God be with you today.
May he give you strength for the journey.

(March 19, 2008 Wed 7:55 AM CDT)

Yesterday I took my car in to have
a slow leak in a tire fixed.
They said I had nails in two tires.
The tires are old and they replaced all 4.

"There they crucified Jesus and two others with him:
one on either side, Jesus in the middle.
Pilate had an inscription
placed on the cross which read,
Jesus the Nazorean
The King of the Jews"
John 19:18-19

Nails were used to crucify Jesus.
He suffered and died for us.
Thank him for all that he has done.
He is most thoughtful and kind.
He loves you very much.
Jesus, thank you for all that you have done for us.
You are wonderful.

(March 18, 2008 Tue 6:17 AM CDT)

"Mend your ways.
Encourage one another.
Live in harmony and peace,
and the God of love and peace
will be with you."
2 Corinthians 13:11

This week I am praying for all of you.
I want you to get closer to the Lord.
I want you to have peace in your life.
God be with you and bless you.

(March 17, 2008 Mon 7:27 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"Blest are they who hear
the word of God and keep it."
Luke 11:28

Listen to Jesus this week.
He has many things to share with you.
Open your heart.
Be still and listen.

(March 16, 2008 Sun 7:46 AM CDT)

Yesterday I was studying about the iPod Touch.
This is funny.
I was learning how to change the home screen .
(If it does not start to play this video,
click on the "Home Screen" link on the left side of this link.)
It had me LOL (laughing out loud).
I rearrange my home screen just for fun to see this effect.
The guided tour video is very well done.
It taught me a lot.

Today we start Holy Week.
A week from today is Easter.
This is a holy time.
It is a week with many blessings.
Come and learn all about Jesus.

"As they drew near Jerusalem,
entering Bethphage on the Mount of Olives,
Jesus sent off two disciples with the instructions:
'Go into the village straight ahead of you
and you will immediately find a donkey tethered
and her colt with her.
Untie them and lead them back to me.
If anyone says a word to you, say,
The Master needs them.
Then he will let them go at once.'"
Matthew 21:1-3

Jerusalem is the holy city.
It still is.
It is a very special place.
Jesus enters the city in triumph on a colt.
Welcome him to your own town.
The Master needs you.

(March 15, 2008 Sat 9:05 AM CDT)

The iPod knows what time it is this morning.
I hooked up some Sony MDR-V600 headphones to it.
It sounds great.
I need to take the class iPod 101
to learn how to use the thing.
Right now I'm listening to
David Crowder Band - O Praise Him .
I'm also listening to
David Crowder Band - Here is Our King .
You hear a lot more details with headphones.

Praise the Lord, O my soul;
I will praise the Lord all my life;
I will sing praise to my God while I live."
Psalms 146:1-2

Give praise to God.
The Lord is holy.
He is worthy of all our praise.
Lift up your hands and sing for joy.

(March 14, 2008 Fri 6:38 AM CDT)

Yesterday I bought an iPod Touch .
I'm trying to figure out how to use it.
It says that it is "iPod 4:45 AM" and "Sync in Progress".
It must be on California time.
I wanted to see how it worked up close.
There is no keyboard or keys to press.
Update at 7:07 AM: now it has the right time and date:
"7:07 AM Friday, March 14"
It gives the weather for Cupertino, California.
Then again, in places it still has California time.
There are 4 Wi-Fi networks close to my house.
I've never used Wi-Fi before.
It synced all the music from my PC.
I have 1,169 songs at the moment.
That is more than enough to listen to.
It takes a long time to listen to all
the song titles that start with "A".

This week Dilbert has had a guest character named Jesus.
I hope he is not trying to make fun of Jesus.
Lord, have mercy on his soul.
Pray for him.

"One day Jesus was praying in a certain place.
When he had finished,
one of his disciples asked him,
'Lord, teach us to pray,
as John taught his disciples.'
He said to them,
'When you pray, say:
Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come.
Give us each day our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins for we forgive all who do us wrong;
and subject us not to the trial.'"
Luke 11:1-4

Pray to the Father.
Pray daily for those who don't understand Jesus.
Jesus, help those who don't know you.
Be with them today.
Bless them, Lord.

(March 13, 2008 Thu 6:21 AM CDT)

"Seek eagerly after love.
Set your hearts on spiritual gifts ---
above all, the gift of prophecy."
1 Corinthians 14:1

Seek gifts from the Lord.
He will give you what you need.
It is for all the community.
Prophecy is giving messages to God's people.
Do you have anything to share with your whole church?

(March 12, 2008 Wed 7:56 AM CDT)

Jesus taught,
"Ask, and you will receive.
Seek, and you will find.
Knock, and it will be opened to you.
For the one who asks, receives.
The one who seeks, finds.
The one who knocks, enters."
Matthew 7:7-8

Prayer is very powerful.
Ask the Lord.
Talk to him.
Converse with him.
You will find many blessings.
Enter in.

(March 11, 2008 Tue 6:17 AM CDT)

My cousin in Dayton, Ohio says that she
survived the blizzard of 2008 over the weekend.
A foot of snow is a lot of snow.

"Be steadfast and persevering,
my beloved brothers and sisters,
fully engaged in the work of the Lord.
You know that your toil is not in vain
when it is done in the Lord."
1 Corinthians 15:58

Hang in there.
The work is hard.
Be steadfast.
Be faithful to the Lord.

(March 10, 2008 Mon 8:25 AM CDT)

"Then Jesus rose from prayer
and came to his disciples,
only to find them asleep,
exhausted with grief.
He said to them,
'Why are you sleeping?
Wake up, and pray that you may not be
subjected to the trial.'"
Luke 22:45-46

It was hard for me to get up this morning
with the Daylight Savings Time change.
We need to be alert.
We need to guard our faith.
Jesus, help us to pray.
Give us strength for today.
Help us, Lord.

(March 9, 2008 Sun 7:46 AM CDT)

The astronomy page today
says that we are going through space
at 600 kilometers per second (373 miles per second,
1,342,162 miles per hour).
We are like moving out.
That is hard to believe.

Yesterday evening at my mom's church they read this.

"Jesus told Martha:
'I am the resurrection and the life:
whoever believes in me,
though he should die, will come to life;
and whoever is alive and believes in me
will never die.
Do you believe this?'
'Yes, Lord,' she replied,
'I have come to believe that you are the Messiah,
the Son of God:
he who is to come into the world.'"
John 11:25-27

Do you believe it?
Do you believe Jesus is the Messiah?
He was sent to save us.
It is true.
He is the one.
Believe in him and never die.

(March 8, 2008 Sat 9:37 AM CST)

They let some people go at work on Thursday.
Pray for them to find another job.
God bless them and their families.
I guess we are in a recession .

"My God in turn will supply your needs fully,
in a way worthy of
his magnificent riches in Christ Jesus.
All glory to our God and Father
for unending ages!"
Philippians 4:19-20

The riches of this world will come and go.
They will not get you to heaven.
In fact it is very difficult for a rich person to enter heaven.
The newspaper and TV make a big deal about Warren Buffet of Omaha
being the richest person in the world.
So what.
It is not that important.
Your riches are found in Christ.
It is riches that last forever.
They are free to you.
All you have to do is ask.
I liked this editorial on
March 7, 2008 from the newspaper.

(March 7, 2008 Fri 7:53 AM CST)

The dad of someone I used to work with died yesterday.
Pray for them and their family.
God be with them today.

"When the angels had returned to heaven,
the shepherds said to one another:
'Let us go over to Bethlehem
and see this event
which the Lord has made known to us.'"
Luke 2:15

The Lord reveals the truth to us.
It is there for all to see.
See and believe.
Believe in Jesus.

(March 6, 2008 Thu 6:19 AM CST)

"What we await are
new heavens and a new earth
where, according to his promise,
the justice of God will reside."
2 Peter 3:13

We want justice.
We want what is fair.
Seek the Lord.
Seek new life.
Justice is found in Christ.
Reside with him.

(March 5, 2008 Wed 7:41 AM CST)

"After this the Lord appointed 72 others
and sent them two by two ahead of him
to every town and place
where he was about to go."
Luke 10:1

The Lord has placed you in various towns.
He intends to visit these places.
He has given you brothers and sisters for this task.
You have been sent on a mission.
This is 2 By 2.

(March 4, 2008 Tue 6:14 AM CST)

I found out at the funeral yesterday
that my friend died of cancer a week before that.
She loved Jesus very much.
I am very proud of her.
She talked of having a relationship with Jesus
for all her family.
She prayed for all her family
to be together again in heaven.

Jesus said,
"A man was giving a large dinner
and he invited many."
Luke 14:16

All are invited.
You are invited to be in heaven with Jesus.
The invitation is there.
It is free.
Please, accept the invitation.
Believe in Jesus.

(March 3, 2008 Mon 6:25 AM CST)

Yesterday at Boys Town Dowd Chapel at the 11 AM service
they read this Psalm.

"The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want.
In verdant pastures he gives me repose;
Beside restful waters he leads me;
he refreshes my soul.
He guides me in right paths
for his name's sake.
Even though I walk in the dark valley
I fear no evil;
for you are at my side
with your rod and your staff
that give me courage."
Psalms 23:1-4

The Lord is there.
He is there always.
Call on Jesus in times of need.
Jesus, be with me today.
I need you.

(March 2, 2008 Sun 8:10 AM CST)

Yesterday I saw a name in the obituaries from long ago.
This person was on our "Holy Wow" softball team
at St. Margaret Mary church prayer group in Omaha in the 1980's.
We were in "2 By 2" together in the same group.
This was started by Charlie Osburn of Good News Ministries.
I still have many videotapes of his teachings.
The funeral is tomorrow.
Please pray for her and her family.
I have not seen them in many years.

Jesus taught,
"I solemnly assure you,
history has not known
a man born of woman
greater than John the Baptizer.
Yet the least born
into the kingdom of God
is greater than he."
Matthew 11:11

You need to be born again.
You need to be born of the Spirit.
Ask to be baptized in the name of Jesus.
Be great in the kingdom of God.

(March 1, 2008 Sat 8:39 AM CST)

"They must be an apt teacher,
patiently and gently correcting
those who contradict them,
in the hope always
that God will enable them
to repent and know the truth."
2 Timothy 2:24-25

Don't give up on anyone.
There is always hope.
God did not give up on you.
He calls all people to himself.
One day they will know the truth.

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