December, 2008

Jesus is coming soon
Prepare the way of the Lord

Jesus is the light of the world

Open your heart

God is love

Thank the Lord

(December 31, 2008 Wed 7:49 AM CST)

"Many have undertaken to compile
a narrative of the events
which have been fulfilled in our midst,
precisely as those events were transmitted to us
by the original eyewitnesses and ministers of the word."
Luke 1:1-2

Jesus was amazing.
They wanted to capture all his thoughts and actions.
He touched many lives.
He changed their world.
They wanted to share what they saw and heard with you.
Read the Bible.

(December 30, 2008 Tue 6:17 AM CST)

"Praise be the God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
he who in his mercy
gave us new birth;
a birth unto hope which draws its life
from the resurrection of Jesus Christ..."
1 Peter 1:3

Have new life.
Jesus is life.
Find hope.
Learn about the new birth in Christ.

(December 29, 2008 Mon 7:46 AM CST)

"Do not be conquered by evil
but conquer evil with good."
Romans 12:21

Happiness is contagious .
Spread some joy around.
Do good.
Be thoughtful.
Do something positive today.
Ask the Lord to drive evil away.

(December 28, 2008 Sun 8:13 AM CST)

Do you need a friend?
Here is a nice song.
You've Got a Friend - James Taylor .

Jesus said,
"I no longer speak of you as servants,
for a servant does not know what his master is about.
Instead, I call you friends,
since I have made known to you
all that I heard from my Father."
John 15:15

Jesus is your friend.
He is on your side.
Call to him.
Get to know him.
Jesus, I want to be close to you.
Walk with me.
Teach me.

(December 27, 2008 Sat 9:01 AM CST)

Here is a funny clue
from the crossword puzzle for December 22, 2008.
44 Across: Ink or oink site, 3 letters.
I like the flying red dot when you go to this web site.

"Let our people devote themselves to honest work
in order to take care of their needs,
so that they may be in a position
to live fruitful lives."
Titus 3:14

Work is important.
Offer your work up to the Lord.
Ask him to bless your efforts.
Pray for your coworkers.
Be fruitful.

(December 26, 2008 Fri 7:41 AM CST)

Yesterday after church around 11 AM I met someone
and gave them a ride to 80th and Dodge Streets in Omaha.
Nearly everything was closed because of Christmas day.
They said that their son Nathan was sick.
Pray for Nathan and his family.

"Day after day,
both in the temple and at home,
they never stopped teaching and proclaiming
the good news of Jesus the Messiah."
Acts 5:42

Jesus has come.
Let someone know.
He has come to bring joy to their life.
It is good news.

(December 25, 2008 Thu 8:06 AM CST)

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

"This day in David's city a Savior
has been born to you,
the Messiah and Lord.
Let this be a sign to you:
in a manger you will find
an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes."
Luke 2:11-12

It is Christmas day.
Happy Birthday, Jesus.
We love you.
Thank you for coming to save us.
You are wonderful.

(December 24, 2008 Wed 7:51 AM CST)

"But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared,
he saved us;
not because of any righteous deeds we had done,
but because of his mercy."
Titus 3:4-5

God loves us very much.
He sent Jesus to earth to save us.
Ask the Lord for mercy.
Jesus, forgive my sins today.
Thank you for coming to earth to save me from my sins.
Have mercy on my soul.

(December 23, 2008 Tue 6:18 AM CST)

"Jesus said to them,
'Come by yourselves to an out-of-the-way place
and rest a little.'"
Mark 6:31

You need your rest.
You need time to pray.
Find time each day to chat with the Lord.
Tell him all your hopes and dreams and problems.
He is a good listener.

(December 22, 2008 Mon 6:21 AM CST)

"Jesus turned around and saw her and said,
'Courage, daughter!
Your faith has restored you to health.'
That very moment the woman got well."
Matthew 9:22

It takes courage to be a Christian.
It is not easy.
It takes faith.
Ask Jesus to restore your life and make you well.
Jesus, turn to me.
Restore my faith.
Make me well again.

(December 21, 2008 Sun 8:27 AM CST)

Here is my favorite Christmas song:
Avalon - Jesus Born on This Day

"In Damascus the governor under King Aretas
was keeping close watch on the city
in order to arrest me,
but I was lowered in a basket
through a window in a wall
and escaped his hands."
2 Corinthians 11:32-33

I watched the sunrise this morning on the shortest day of the year.
Jesus will come to rescue you from the darkness of sin.
He is the light of the world.
You will escape.
He will set you free this Christmas.
Watch closely and see your salvation unfold.

(December 19, 2008 Fri 12:57 PM CST)

We got a sleet storm overnight here in Omaha.
It is going to take a long time to clean it up.

"In contrast, the fruit of the spirit is
love, joy, peace, patient endurance,
kindness, generosity, faith, mildness and chastity."
Galatians 5:22-23

Be different.
Be a contrast.
Live the life of the Spirit.
Have joy and peace.

(December 18, 2008 Thu 6:18 AM CST)

I have a cold.
Also I have an eye infection in my right eye.
Pray for me.

"'Come and eat your meal,' Jesus told them.
Not one of the disciples presumed to inquire,
'Who are you?'
for they knew it was the Lord."
John 21:12

Do your recognize Jesus?
He is right here.
He is your best friend.
He invites you to have dinner with him.
Come and get to know him.

(December 17, 2008 Wed 6:16 AM CST)

Please pray for someone that I work with.
Her mother died on Monday.
God bless her and her family at this difficult time.

Mary said,
"God who is mighty has done great things for me;
holy is his name."
Luke 1:49

God is almighty.
He has all power.
Go to him in difficult times.
Stay near to him.
Give praise to his name.

(December 16, 2008 Tue 6:10 AM CST)

"Therefore, since we for our part
are surrounded by this cloud of witnesses,
let us lay aside every encumbrance of sin
which clings to us and
persevere in running the race which lies ahead;
let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus,
who inspires and perfects our faith."
Hebrews 12:1

Be a witness.
Be a holy person.
Be a whole person.
Run to win.
Keep focused on Jesus.
He is your inspiration.

(December 15, 2008 Mon 6:22 AM CST)

"When all the people were baptized,
and Jesus was at prayer
after likewise being baptized,
the skies opened and
the Holy Spirit descended on him
in visible form like a dove.
A voice from heaven was heard to say:
'You are my beloved Son.
On you my favor rests.'"
Luke 3:21-22

There are 3 persons in one God.
The Trinity is hard to understand.
It is a mystery.
We will never understand it in this life.
Give praise to God:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Be baptized.
Be at prayer.
Be a child of God.

(December 14, 2008 Sun 8:05 AM CST)

There I was yesterday morning.
I had picked something out to write to you,
but then my pager for work went off.
Sorry about that.
I was distracted.

"My brothers and sisters,
what good is it to profess faith
without practicing it?
Such faith has no power
to save one, has it?"
James 2:14

Put your faith to work.
Act on what you believe.
Ask the Lord for the strength to love.
It is very hard.
You need the power of God.
Jesus, help me to do your will in my life.

(December 12, 2008 Fri 7:27 AM CST)

"There is no condemnation now
for those who are in Christ Jesus."
Romans 8:1

Have new life in Christ.
He is the hope for the world.
Learn all about him.
Grow in holiness.

(December 11, 2008 Thu 6:20 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"I have much more to tell you,
but you cannot bear it now.
When he comes, however,
being the Spirit of truth
he will guide you to all truth."
John 16:12-13

Come, Holy Spirit.
We need you.
We want to learn more.
Teach us the truth.

(December 10, 2008 Wed 6:20 AM CST)

"There was one man who had been sick for 38 years.
Jesus, who knew he had been sick a long time,
said when he saw him lying there,
'Do you want to be healed?'"
John 5:5-6

A strange question.
Do you want to be healed?
Who does not want to be well?
Maybe that is you.
You are in sin and need the healing power of God.
Ask Jesus to forgive your sins.
Be made well.
Jesus, heal me.
Forgive my sins.

(December 9, 2008 Tue 6:12 AM CST)

"...Jesus exclaimed:
'Let everyone who has ears
attend to what they have heard.'"
Luke 8:8

Listen to the Lord.
Read the Bible.
See what Jesus has to say.
There is much to learn.
Jesus, help us to learn all about you.
We want to know more and more.

(December 8, 2008 Mon 6:33 AM CST)

I did not even touch my PC yesterday.
That is very unusual.

"As obedient sons and daughters,
do not yield to the desires
that once shaped you in your ignorance.
Rather, become holy yourselves
in every aspect of your conduct,
after the likeness of the holy One who called you;
remember Scripture says,
'Be holy, for I am holy.'"
1 Peter 1:14-16

Stay near to Jesus.
Walk close to him.
Follow him.
Listen to him.
Be like him.
Jesus, help us to be holy.

(December 6, 2008 Sat 11:23 AM CST)

"Everything written before our time
was written for our instruction,
that we might derive hope
from the lessons of patience
and the words of encouragement
in the Scriptures."
Romans 15:4

Read the Bible.
These are words to live by.
They will encourage you.
You will be lifted up.
They are written for you.

(December 5, 2008 Fri 6:23 AM CST)

"After the reading of the law and of the prophets,
the leading men of the synagogue sent this message to them:
'Brothers, if you have any exhortation
to address to the people, please speak up.'"
Acts 13:15

Yes, speak up.
You know the truth.
You know all about Jesus.
Let people know he is the Savior of the world.
That is what Christmas is all about .

(December 4, 2008 Thu 6:21 AM CST)

"After Jesus had washed their feet,
he put his cloak back on and
reclined at table once more.
He said to them:
'Do you understand what I just did for you?'"
John 13:12

We don't always understand the Lord.
He does not think like us.
He sees the big picture.
He knows what is best for us.
We need to trust in him.

(December 3, 2008 Wed 6:28 AM CST)

"Now, my brothers and sisters,
we beg and exhort you in the Lord Jesus
that even as you learned from us
how to conduct yourselves
in a way pleasing to God ---
which you are indeed doing ---
so you must learn to make still greater progress."
1 Thessalonians 4:1

Continue on the road.
Make progress each day.
Ask the Lord to lead you.

(December 2, 2008 Tue 6:19 AM CST)

"... Jesus called loudly,
'Lazarus, come out!'
The dead man came out,
bound hand and foot with linen strips,
his face wrapped in a cloth.
'Untie him,' Jesus told them,
'and let him go free.'"
John 11:43-44

Jesus will set you free.
He will free you from your sins.
He calls out to you.
Listen to him.
He wants to give you new life.

(December 1, 2008 Mon 6:19 AM CST)

There was no Advent wreath yesterday at church.
I kept wondering where it was.
Maybe it was hiding somewhere I did not see.

"The next day, when John caught sight
of Jesus coming toward him, he exclaimed:
'Look! There is the Lamb of God
who takes away the sin of the world!'"
John 1:29

You have to look around.
Search for the truth.
Try to figure out what is God is doing.
He will amaze you.

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