February, 2009

Jesus is coming soon
Prepare the way of the Lord

Jesus is the light of the world

Open your heart

God is love

Thank the Lord

(February 28, 2009 Sat 10:57 AM CST)

We got 3 or 4 inches of snow overnight.
I got out the snow blower and had some fun.
Now the sun is out, so it is blinding.
I came inside and the world was tinted green
from the super bright light.

Yesterday I went to Dr. Dunning to have my annual checkup.
He heard something unusual in my right lungs
so he ordered a chest X-ray .
Nothing unusual was on the X-ray.
Not sure what that was.
God bless Dr. Dunning and all those at his office.

"When I came to Troas to preach the gospel of Christ,
the door of opportunity was opened wide for me by the Lord."
2 Corinthians 2:12

Look for those opportunities.
Look for an opening.
Share the Christian point of view.
Share your love for the Lord.
He is wonderful.
Tint your world.

(February 27, 2009 Fri 6:05 AM CST)

"On one occasion when Jesus met with them,
he told them not to leave Jerusalem:
'Wait, rather, for the fulfillment
of my Father's promise,
of which you have heard me speak.
John baptized with water,
but within a few days
you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.'"
Acts 1:4-5

You have to be patient.
The Lord has his timing.
He has made a promise to you and me.
Trust him.
Go with the Spirit.

(February 26, 2009 Thu 6:15 AM CST)

"The angel said to him:
'Do not be frightened, Zachariah;
your prayer has been heard.
Your wife Elizabeth shall bear a son
whom you shall name John.'"
Luke 1:13

Interesting that the Lord named John.
He was not even born yet.
God has plans for you.
Even before you were born he knew all about you.
He has great plans for you.
You are his child.
Trust in the Lord.

(February 25, 2009 Wed 6:07 AM CST)

Today is Ash Wednesday.
We begin the season of Lent.
Give up that TV show that you should not be watching anyway
and take time to pray and read the Bible.

Jesus asked,
"When I broke the seven loaves for the four thousand,
how many full hampers of fragments did you collect?"
They answered, "Seven."
He said to them again, "Do you still not understand?"
Mark 8:20-21

Jesus, help us to understand.
We want to learn more about you.
Help us to make time in our busy days for you.
We want to spend time with you.
Teach us, Lord.

(February 24, 2009 Tue 6:14 AM CST)

Yesterday when I got to work downtown at 7:40 AM the lights were out .
Later the fire trucks arrived because an alarm was sounding.
The lights were going off and on for about 30 minutes.
I walked up the steps to 11th floor
because I did not want to get trapped in an elevator.
There are generators in my building to keep the equipment going.
Someone must have seen the smoke from the generators and
called the fire department.

"Beloved, let us love one another
because love is of God;
everyone who loves is begotten of God
and has knowledge of God."
1 John 4:7

Be kind today.
Help someone.
Think of others.
Be thoughtful.
Pray for them.

(February 23, 2009 Mon 6:20 AM CST)

"The proof that you are sons and daughters
is the fact that God has sent forth
into our hearts the spirit of his Son
which cries out 'Abba!' ('Father!')"
Galatians 4:6

You are a child of God.
You have a Father in heaven.
Worship him.
Give praise to him.
Lift up your hearts to the Lord.

(February 22, 2009 Sun 8:22 AM CST)

"Jesus, aware of all that would happen to him,
stepped forward and said to them,
'Who is it you want?'
'Jesus the Nazorean,' they replied.
'I am he,' he answered."
John 18:4-5

Will you speak up?
Will you stand up for what is right?
Take a stand.
You are you.

(February 21, 2009 Sat 9:37 AM CST)

"Herod added to his guilt
by shutting John up in prison."
Luke 3:20

Don't make things worse.
Admit you are wrong.
Ask God to forgive your sins.
Move on.
Jesus, forgive me.
I have done wrong.
Help me live a new life with you.

(February 20, 2009 Fri 6:20 AM CST)

"Strive for peace with all men,
and for that holiness
without which no one can see the Lord."
Hebrews 12:14

Try to live in peace with everyone.
Strive for that.
Ask the Lord to help you with difficult people.
They just don't understand.
Pray for them.

(February 19, 2009 Thu 6:16 AM CST)

"Your plenty at the present time
should supply their need
so that their surplus
may one day supply your need,
with equality as a result."
2 Corinthians 8:14

Help each other.
Work together.
If someone has lost their job, comfort them.
Pray for them.

(February 18, 2009 Wed 6:19 AM CST)

"They listened to Barnabas and Paul
as the two described
all the signs and wonders
God had worked among the Gentiles through them."
Acts 15:12

Miracles do happen.
Do you have faith?
Believe in the power of Jesus.
Jesus, we call on your power today.
We need your healing power.
Come and make us well.
Come and change our world.

(February 17, 2009 Tue 6:17 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"I give you a new commandment:
love one another.
Such as my love has been for you;
so must your love be for each other.
This is how all will know you for my disciples:
your love for one another."
John 13:34-35

Love others.
Show respect for them.
Help them.
Be thoughtful.
Be kind to them.
Jesus, help us to love each other.

(February 16, 2009 Mon 6:27 AM CST)

"On one occasion in a certain town,
a man full of leprosy came to him.
Seeing Jesus, he bowed down to the ground
and said to him,
'Lord, if you will to do so,
you can cure me.'
Jesus stretched out his hand to touch him and said,
'I do will it. Be cured.'
Immediately the leprosy left him."
Luke 5:12-13

Jesus, come and touch us.
Heal us, Lord.
We bow down before you.
We need you.

(February 15, 2009 Sun 8:40 AM CST)

"Suddenly, without warning,
Jesus stood before them and said,
The women came up and embraced his feet
and did him homage.
At this Jesus said to them,
'Do not be afraid!
Go and carry the news to my brothers
that they are to go to Galilee,
where they will see me.'"
Matthew 28:9-10

They had seen Jesus die on the cross.
All hope was gone.
They were most sad.
Jesus comes to them.
He is alive.
It is him.
He brings them peace.
He brings them joy.
He brings them good news.

(February 14, 2009 Sat 10:51 AM CST)

Happy Valentine's Day!
God loves you very much.

Yesterday I started up my snow blower and had some fun
for a little while.
For some reason I still like to shovel the snow manually.
It does a much cleaner job.

"Jesus Christ is the same
yesterday, today, and forever."
Hebrews 13:8

This earth will come and go.
The sun will burn out.
One day you will pass away.
Lean on Jesus.
He has been here a long time.
He will be here forever.
Believe in him.
Give all your love to him.

(February 13, 2009 Fri 6:15 AM CST)

The snow is coming.
It is on the way to Omaha.
They say 5 to 7 inches of snow.

"What happens is that I do,
not the good I will to do,
but the evil I do not intend."
Romans 7:19

It is a struggle ---
good against evil.
Which will win?
You need the Lord to help you in this battle.
If you do what the Lord calls you to do,
you do not have time for the bad.
Jesus, help me.
I want to do what is right and pleasing to you.
Keep me focused on you.

(February 12, 2009 Thu 6:15 AM CST)

Jesus answered:
"You would have no power over me whatever
unless it were given you from above."
John 19:11

I hear people comment about
the corruption in WDC (Washington, D.C.).
Do you pray for your leaders?
Lift them up to the Lord.
Ask God to bless their efforts.
They have great power over many people's lives.
Jesus, bless the people in WDC.
Help them with the decisions that need to be made.
Give them insight to do the right thing.

(February 11, 2009 Wed 6:26 AM CST)

"All this is the work of the kindness of our God;
he, the Dayspring, shall visit us in his mercy
to shine on those who sit in darkness and
in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the way of peace."
Luke 1:78-79

It is simple.
Look where you are going.
Take a peek.
Can you see?
Is it too dark?
You need the light of Christ.
Jesus, guide our feet.

(February 10, 2009 Tue 6:16 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"Come to me,
all you who are weary
and find life burdensome,
and I will refresh you."
Matthew 11:28

Are you having a hard time?
Did you lose your job?
Jesus is there.
Go to him.
Ask him for help.
Jesus, help me.
I need you.

(February 9, 2009 Mon 6:27 AM CST)

"Correct those who are confused;
the others you must rescue,
snatching them from the fire."
Jude 1:22

You know the truth.
Jesus is the way to eternal life.
Gently point others in the right direction.
You can help save their soul.

(February 8, 2009 Sun 8:36 AM CST)

Yesterday I was listening to the tapes of the pilot
that landed the plane in the Hudson River.
He kept saying "Hudson" and the responder
did not acknowledge that he said it.
Like, say what?
They did not ask: you want to land in the river?
The pilot said, "we're unable we may end up in the hudson".
"We're gonna be in the hudson."
"I'm sorry say again cactus."
It was too formal or technical or strict of communications.
No detectable sign of panic that I heard.
The tower kept giving directions to runways at the airports
that were near there.
The transcript says "AWE1549".
They kept calling them "Cactus fifteen forty nine".
I guess "AWE" means "Cactus".
I don't understand that.

"Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus
by command of God our Savior and
Christ Jesus our hope, to Timothy,
my true child in faith.
May grace, mercy, and peace be yours
from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord."
1 Timothy 1:1-2

God has written a letter to you.
Are you reading it?
He is trying to communicate with you.
Are you responding to what he is saying?
Keep the lines of communication with the Lord open.
Talk to him informally.
You are his child.

(February 7, 2009 Sat 10:38 AM CST)

"The members of the Sanhedrin who sat there
stared at him intently.
Throughout, Stephen's face seemed
like that of an angel."
Acts 6:15

Stephen was near the Lord.
His face was radiant.
People noticed it.
He was walking with the Lord.
It was obvious.

(February 6, 2009 Fri 6:38 AM CST)

It is going to be a warm day today in Omaha
around 58 F degrees.
Very nice for wintertime.

"On the last and greatest day of the festival,
Jesus stood up and cried out:
'If anyone thirsts, let him come to me;
let him drink who believes in me.
Scripture has it:
From within him rivers of living water shall flow.'"
John 7:37-38

Are you thirsty?
Are you hungry?
Are you restless?
Check out Jesus.
He is the one to learn all about.
He is the one to believe in.
Come and see.
Come and find living water for your soul.

(February 5, 2009 Thu 6:19 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"Teach them to carry out
everything I have commanded you.
And know that I am with you always,
until the end of the world!"
Matthew 28:20

You have been given a task.
Teach others about your faith in Jesus.
Show them what is truly important in this life.
Tell them how wonderful a relationship with Jesus is.

(February 4, 2009 Wed 6:20 AM CST)

"This he has now manifested
in his own good time as his word,
in the preaching entrusted to me
by the command of God our Savior."
Titus 1:3

The time has come.
God has sent his Son into the world.
Read what Jesus has to say in the Bible.
He has come to save you from your sins.
Jesus is the word.

(February 3, 2009 Tue 6:17 AM CST)

"Even Simon Magus believed.
He was baptized like the rest
and became a devoted follower of Philip.
He watched the signs and
the great miracles as they occurred,
and was quite carried away."
Acts 8:13

Philip was a great preacher.
He performed miracles in the name of Jesus.
He was something to see.
He led many people to the truth.
Pray for God to raise up great preachers in our time.

(February 2, 2009 Mon 6:20 AM CST)

"Pilate reported to the chief priests and the crowds,
'I do not find a case against this man.'"
Luke 23:4

Jesus was innocent.
Pilate saw that.
It is the truth.
Jesus is the way, truth and life.
If you know the truth, don't deny it.
Tell it like it is.

(February 1, 2009 Sun 8:35 AM CST)

I baked two Mrs. Smith apple crumb pies this morning
for Super Bowl Sunday.
I don't even know who is playing in the game later today.

Jesus taught,
"My heavenly Father will treat you
in exactly the same way
unless each of you forgives
his brother from his heart."
Matthew 18:35

Forgive and forget.
Sounds easy but it is not.
Ask Jesus to help you to forgive.
He does not keep score the way we do.
Jesus, many people have hurt me.
I don't want to forgive them.
You said to forgive them, but it is so hard.
Teach me how to forgive as you forgive.
Teach me how to love as you love.

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