June, 2009

God is awesome
Call on the name of the Lord

Ask for forgiveness

Seek and you will find

Praise the Lord

Give and you shall receive

(June 30, 2009 Tue 6:07 AM)

Yesterday I got a new/old PC in the mail.
It is a Dell OptiPlex GX240 .
I bought it because it had Office 2007 on it.
It only cost $129.
It runs fine.

I worked on the vacation days application for SFH yesterday.
I learn some new things each week.
I put a menu on every page that is displayed,
so you can find your way around.
I am making progress.

In reply, Jesus said to him,
"Scripture has it,
'You shall do homage to the Lord your God;
him alone shall you adore.'"
Luke 4:8

Give praise to God.
Worship Him alone.
He is food for your soul.
Talk to Him.
Make Him part of your daily life.

(June 29, 2009 Mon 8:12 AM)

One of my relatives found a job last week.
Thank the Lord.

I skipped chapters 13 and 14 of the ASP.NET book yesterday.
It talked about the Provider Model .
I just could not get it to work.

"Be patient, therefore, my brothers and sisters,
until the coming of the Lord.
See how the farmer awaits
the precious yield of the soil."
James 5:7

It takes time.
You look at the cornfields outside of Omaha
at this time of the year.
The corn is getting tall.
You have to be patient.
Move closer to the Lord one day at a time.
He provides the growth.

(June 28, 2009 Sun 12:53 PM)

We had the Walk/Run Race for Siena/Francis House
this morning at Lake Zorinski in Omaha.
It was in the 60F degrees range.
Very nice.
There were a few hundred people there.

I loaded IIS 7 on my laptop computer
that has Windows 7 RC, so it is working now.
Then I could finish chapter 11 of the ASP.NET book.
Next I loaded SQL Server 2008 on the laptop.
There are many security settings with it.
I could not even connect to the Internet.
I don't know much about it.

"Our preaching of the gospel
proved not a mere matter of words for you
but one of power..."
1 Thessalonians 1:5

The words in the Bible are more than just words.
They are the word of God.
It is a letter written to you.
They are words that will last forever.
Read them often.

(June 27, 2009 Sat 10:20 AM)

I got to chapter 11 in the ASP.NET book.
It is on IIS 7 .
I could not get it to work,
so I skipped the chapter.

"The rest were to follow, on planks,
or on other debris from the ship.
In this way all came safely ashore."
Acts 27:44

The ship is falling apart.
The waves are tall.
What are you going to do?
Pray to the Lord.
Turn to Him.
He will save you.
He will bring you to land safely.

(June 26, 2009 Fri 6:19 AM)

I went to the .NET Users Group meeting last night.
They had free pizza from Godfather's.
You can't argue with that.
I did not know anyone there.
The speaker (Jeff Brand) talked about Silverlight 3 .
He asked a question about how many people use Silverlight 2
and very few people use it.
Maybe it is not that useful in real life business situations.

The AIM Institute in Omaha
has a meeting next week on July 1 called TasteIT.
I might go to that.
This week they had a 5-day conference that I missed
at Iowa Western Community College.

Jesus said,
"My sheep hear my voice.
I know them, and they follow me.
I give them eternal life,
and they shall never perish."
John 10:27-28

Jesus is the Good Shepherd.
Listen to His voice.
Follow where He leads.
He is the source and author of life.
Ask Him for eternal life.
Jesus, I want to live with you forever.
Teach me and lead me.

(June 25, 2009 Thu 6:00 AM)

Yesterday I was studying chapter 10 of the ASP.NET book.
It was about LINQ to XML .
It is mostly over my head.

It has been 5 years since my dad died.

Jesus said to Pilate:
"The reason I was born,
the reason why I came into the world,
is to testify to the truth.
Anyone committed to the truth hears my voice."
John 18:37

What is the truth?
What is reality?
Jesus has the answer.
Listen to what He has to say.
Be committed to Him.

(June 24, 2009 Wed 5:56 AM)

The father of someone I used to work with has passed away
just a few days after Father's Day.
Pray for them and their family.
Jesus, be with them and comfort them.

Yesterday I was working on a web application for SFH .
It will keep track of the vacation days.
It is just to practice what I have learned with ASP.NET.

Jesus said,
"After that, men will see the Son of Man coming
on a cloud with great power and glory.
When these things begin to happen,
stand erect and hold your head high,
for your deliverance is near at hand."
Luke 21:27-28

The world will end one day.
The Lord will come.
Be ready to receive Him.
Welcome Him with open arms.

(June 23, 2009 Tue 6:03 AM)

I started chapter 9 of the ASP.NET book yesterday.
It is easy.
It is about LINQ .

I attended a class yesterday for LHH
on Search Methods and Correspondence.
You need to write Thank You letters to people
after a job interview and even if you don't land the job.
Thank the people for their time.

It is 80F degrees to start the day.
It is going to be hot.

"You need patience to do God's will and
receive what he has promised."
Hebrews 10:36

It is not easy to be a Christian.
You will make mistakes.
Ask the Lord to forgive your sins.
Have patience with yourself.
It takes time.
Grow in holiness and grace each day.

(June 22, 2009 Mon 6:10 AM)

Last night I was reading about the
.NET Users Group in Omaha.
They have a meeting on Thursday, June 25th.
I might go to it to network with other .NET users.

This morning I'm looking at discount ASP.NET .
I wonder if they could host
my .NET web site for tealsoftware.com.

I'm also looking at the
World Wide Telescope .
It is fun to look around the sky with this.
You can zoom in and out.

"With God there is no favoritism."
Romans 2:11

God loves everyone.
We are all His children.
We are all special to Him.
He wants all of us to be with Him forever.

(June 21, 2009 Sun 8:07 AM)

I bought new smoke detectors on Friday.
The lithium batteries are supposed to last 10 years.
10 years is a long time.
You are to replace your smoke detectors every 10 years.

I finished chapter 7 of the ASP.NET book yesterday.
It was not well written.
There were places where they lost me.

Anymore I pray for everyone in the world.
I pray that they learn more about Jesus each day.
I pray for peace in the world.
I pray for the hungry, the sick and the dying.
Whatever they need I pray that they receive it
in the name of Jesus.

"We are witnesses to all that Jesus did..."
Acts 10:39

You have seen what Jesus can do over the last 10 years.
Are you amazed?
He has changed you and me.
It is a different world because of Him.
Jesus, we thank you for all your power
at work in our world.
Change the hearts of people.
Bring them closer to you.
Continue to change us.
We need you.

(June 20, 2009 Sat 9:46 AM)

Now people are calling me about jobs.
I got two phone calls in the last two days
after I posted my resume on some web site somewhere.
It is about .NET job openings.
This web site uses the accordion I learned the other day.

I am still in chapter 7 of the ASP.NET book.
It is a long one on data binding .

This is the same reading I had picked on June 5th below.
I am in a loop.

"The feast was half over by the time
Jesus went into the temple area
and began to teach.
The Jews were filled with amazement and said,
'How did this man get his education
when he had no teacher?'"
John 7:14-15

We have a lot to learn.
We need help.
Listen to Jesus.
He is the teacher.
Be amazed.

(June 19, 2009 Fri 6:43 AM)

I was just watching this video of Tyler Bradt
kayaking over Palouse Falls.
This happened on April 21, 2009.
It is a 198-foot drop.
It is in the middle of nowhere .
He is crazy.

"Rising early the next morning,
Jesus went off to a lonely place
in the desert;
there he was absorbed in prayer."
Mark 1:35

You need that contact with the infinite.
You need to talk to the one who made you.
Get away.
Take the time to pray.

(June 18, 2009 Thu 6:02 AM)

I started chapter 7 of the ASP.NET book.
The topic is data binding .
I know the topic
from the previous book on ASP.NET.

Jesus taught,
"Look at the birds in the sky.
They do not sow or reap,
they gather nothing into barns;
yet your heavenly Father feeds them.
Are you not more important than they?"
Matthew 6:26

The Lord will take care of you.
Have faith.
Trust in Him to do what He says.
You are very important to Him.

(June 17, 2009 Wed 6:11 AM)

I took a class yesterday offered by LHH over the phone.
The topic was networking with others.
70 percent of people find jobs by networking.
The teacher Diane was in Houston.
There were people from San Francisco, Orlando, Ohio,
New York, Wisconsin, Alabama, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
You feel uncomfortable talking to people about
not having a job.

I made it to chapter 4 of the ASP.NET book.
It talks about validation of the input data.
You can do it on the client side
or server side or both.
They suggest both.

"Come to him, a living stone,
rejected by men but approved, nonetheless,
and precious in God's eyes.
You too are living stones,
built as an edifice of spirit,
into a holy priesthood,
offering spiritual sacrifices
acceptable to God through Jesus Christ."
1 Peter 2:4-5

Offer your life to Christ.
Give back to the one who gave you life.
You are very precious.
Jesus, I give my life to you today.

(June 16, 2009 Tue 6:07 AM)

I am still on chapter 3 of the second ASP.NET book.
It is a very long chapter.

I built an accordion yesterday.
That is cool how it works.

I did mow the lawn yesterday.
It is raining again this morning.

"Faith, then, comes through hearing,
and what is heard is the word of Christ."
Romans 10:17

Read the Bible aloud.
Let it sink in.
It will build your faith.

(June 15, 2009 Mon 6:17 AM)

It is raining this morning.
I should have mowed the lawn last night.

I am on chapter 3 of the second ASP.NET book.
I need to set up a real ASP.NET web site
so you can see what I am doing.
From what I read I need to host it myself.
There are many nightmares from having another company
host your web site.
You cannot trust them.

"The crowd that was present when Jesus called Lazarus
out of the tomb and raised him from the dead
kept testifying to it.
The crowd came out to meet him
because they heard he had performed this sign.
The Pharisees remarked to one another,
'See, there is nothing you can do!
The whole world has run after him.'"
John 12:17-19

That would be an amazing thing to see and hear about.
Today you go to a funeral and that is it.
The person is dead.
It must have shocked the people
to see Lazarus walking around.
They had to see him for themselves.

(June 14, 2009 Sun 8:19 AM)

Yesterday I was watching this video on AJAX applications .
It talks about the AutoCompleteExtender .
This reads a database as you type and
helps you fill in the information in a TextBox

"Jesus came to Nazareth where he had been reared,
and entering the synagogue on the sabbath
as he was in the habit of doing,
he stood up to do the reading."
Luke 4:16

Jesus read from the Bible.
He studied what it said.
He used it for teaching others.
He quoted from it often.
We should do the same.

(June 13, 2009 Sat 10:37 AM)

Yesterday I was trying to create
some PHP web pages for the Zip Code web site
that I am creating just for practice.
It takes a lot of Javascript to drive it.
You have to know some SQL also.
It takes some planning to design the web pages.
I was just trying to get it to do anything.
I have it so that you can enter the two character states
and the names of the states.
The 50 states are in the MySQL table
and DC - Washington, D.C..
It is not as easy as ASP.NET development.
There is nothing "automatic" that happens with PHP.
You have to tell PHP specifically what you want to happen.

"You can depend on this
as worthy of full acceptance:
that Christ Jesus came into the world
to save sinners."
1 Timothy 1:15

Depend on Christ.
Lean on Him.
He came to save you and me.
Without Him we are lost.

(June 12, 2009 Fri 6:46 AM)

They fixed the misspelled word on this web site .
They had "Industry" spelled as "Inudstry."
I told them to fix it and they did.
I accomplished one of my goals.

"The first requirement of an administrator
is that he prove trustworthy."
1 Corinthians 4:2

Can people trust you?
If you promise to do something,
do you complete the task?
Are you an honest person?
Do you set goals and accomplish them?
Ask Jesus to help you accomplish great things.

(June 11, 2009 Thu 6:21 AM CDT and 8:40 AM CDT)

I finished chapter 1 of this book on ASP.NET yesterday.

"'Lord,' said Thomas, 'we do not know
where you are going.
How can we know the way?'
Jesus told him:
'I am the way, and the truth, and the life;
no one comes to the Father but through me.'"
John 14:5-6

Are you lost?
Do you know where you are going?
Follow Jesus.
He knows the way.

(June 10, 2009 Wed 6:21 AM CDT)

I'm thinking of making two real web sites
for zip codes or something like that.
One would be in ASP.NET and one in PHP.
These would just be to practice using the two environments.
Here is what is looks like so far in ASP.NET:
Update the Names of the States
It won't work if you click on things on the page
because the .NET environment is not at my web site for spring2life.com.
You can search for states.
You can add, change and delete states
It uses a Microsoft SQL database to hold the table values.
If you try to insert the state (like AL/Alabama) twice,
it will tell you that it is already there.
You can sort on the two character state abbreviation
or the state name.

I got a phone message yesterday
from someone that saw my resume.
I will call them back today.
Their company is near 79 and L Streets in Omaha.

"They went to a place named Gethsemani.
'Sit down here while I pray,'
Jesus said to his disciples;
at the same time he took along with him
Peter, James, and John."
Mark 14:32-33

Jesus asks you to come along with him away from the crowd.
He wants to spend some time with you.
He wants to talk to you.
It is a time to get to know him better.

(June 9, 2009 Tue 6:22 AM CDT and 8:43 AM CDT)

Yesterday I got another book in the mail.
Professional ASP.NET 3.5 in C# and VB
It is 1,600 pages long.
I also started to write an application for Zip Codes.
This is just to practice what I have learned with ASP.NET.

The day lilies in the front yard are blooming.
They look very nice.

I'm making 80 brownies this morning.
These are the ultimate brownies again.
You can smell them brownies.

"Sing to the Lord a new song,
for he has done wondrous deeds;
His right hand has won victory for him,
his holy arm.
The Lord has made his salvation known
in the sight of the nations he has revealed his justice.
He has remembered his kindness and his faithfulness
toward the house of Israel.
All the ends of the earth have seen
the salvation by our God."
Psalms 98:1-3

God has saved us.
He has come to earth.
He has changed history.
You no longer have to die.
You can live forever with him.

(June 8, 2009 Mon 6:47 AM CDT)

I applied for this C# job this morning.
They use Visual Studio 2008 which I have been studying about.
I also applied for this job .
It says you get to wear jeans to work.
I think they are for the same job.

"The angel then said to me:
'Write this down:
Happy are they who have been invited
to the wedding feast of the Lamb.'"
Revelation 19:9

The invitation has been sent to you.
It is there in your hand.
Will you open it?
Will you read what it says?
The Lord invites you to the celebration.

(June 7, 2009 Sun 8:27 AM CDT)

I started chapter 14 of the PHP book.
I watched some videos on Visual Web Developer Express yesterday.
Every time you look at this stuff,
you learn something new.
I learned about double-clicking on
different areas of the screen to detach it
and then double-click it again to reattach it.
The Shift-Alt-Enter makes the area go to full screen.
Then the same thing to bring it back again.
I just tried it and they work.

"What we are aiming at in this warning
is the love that springs from a pure heart,
a good conscience, and sincere faith."
1 Timothy 1:5

Be sincere.
Have faith in Jesus.
Give your heart to Him.
Aim high as the heavens.

(June 6, 2009 Sat 9:47 AM CDT)

I'm back to the PHP book in chapter 13.
I'm finding some bugs in the examples.
There was an extra comma in an SQL statement
that caused the query to fail.
The Visual Studio 2008 IDE
is much nicer than the PHP environment world.
It spoiled me.

Yesterday someone was showing me a
SanDisk Sansa m240 .
They only cost $24 for an MP3 player.
It even has an FM radio tuner.
Not too bad.
I just bought one from amazon.com.

"He will strengthen you to the end,
so that you will be blameless
on the day of the Lord Jesus Christ."
1 Corinthians 1:8

The Lord is your strength.
Go to Him when you are tired.
He will help you through the day.
Ask and you shall receive.
He wants you to be perfect.

(June 5, 2009 Fri 6:52 AM CDT)

I finished the ASP.NET book .
I'm not sure what to study next.
Maybe I should write an application using ASP.NET for SFH
or I should go back to the PHP book
that I have not finished yet.
There is a demand for PHP knowledge.

"The feast was half over by the time
Jesus went into the Temple area
and began to teach.
The Jews were filled with amazement and said,
'How did this man get his education
when he had no teacher?'"
John 7:14-15

Jesus is God.
He knows all things.
He knows all about you.
Ask Him any question.
He is there for you.

(June 4, 2009 Thu 6:11 AM CDT and 7:57 AM CDT)

The crossword puzzle for 6-1-2009
had a cute clever clue:
64 ACROSS: Lead-in for sees or seas (4 letters).

Yesterday I was reading about Santa Catarina in Brazil.
The capital is Florianopolis.
I looked at it on Google Earth.
It is a very beautiful place.

I updated my two old Windows XP PCs yesterday
and backed them up.
It takes many hours to do that.

I'm on the last chapter of the ASP.NET book.
It is chapter 18 on releasing your project to production.
I used IIS on my PC to host the http://localhost release.
It automatically starts the main file Default.aspx.

"Taking a seat opposite the treasury,
Jesus observed the crowd putting money
into the collection box.
Many of the wealthy put in sizable amounts;
but one poor widow came and
put in two small copper coins worth a few cents.
He called his disciples over and told them:
'I want you to observe that this poor widow
contributed more than all the others
who donated to the treasury.
They gave from their surplus wealth,
but she gave from her want,
all that she had to live on.'"
Mark 12:41-44

What can you say?
Jesus made a good point.
How do you look at giving?
Is it the amount that counts?
It is something to check yourself on.
Ask the Lord to teach you about giving.

(June 3, 2009 Wed 6:30 AM CDT)

I'm looking at new jobs in 3 different companies this morning.

Yesterday I started chapter 17 of the ASP.NET book.
The topic is debugging .
Why didn't they have that earlier in the book?
Debugging is very important.
I learned that the F9 key toggles breakpoints.
I did not know that.

I put some grass seed out yesterday
to try to cover some bare spots in the yard.
The seeds are grey/white and look like snow.
My hands were covered with white dust
after I was done.
I had white dust on my black jeans.
There was a cloud of dust in the wind
as I emptied the bag.
I've never seen that before from a bag of grass seeds.

Jesus taught,
"One day a farmer went out sowing.
Part of what he sowed landed on a footpath,
where birds came and ate it up.
Part of it fell on rocky ground,
where it had little soil.
It sprouted at once since the soil had no depth,
but when the sun rose and scorched it,
it began to wither for lack of roots.
Again, part of the seed fell among thorns,
which grew up and choked it.
Part of it, finally, landed on good soil
and yielded grain a hundred- or sixty- or thirtyfold.
Let everyone heed what he hears!"
Matthew 13:4-9

Plant the seeds of faith.
Watch them grow.
The Lord provides the energy for abundant life.
Jesus is the sun/Son that makes things bright.
Grow in faith and love.

(June 2, 2009 Tue 6:12 AM CDT)

"The treasure we possess in earthen vessels,
to make it clear that its surpassing power
comes from God and not from us."
2 Corinthians 4:7

You are a treasure.
You are very valuable.
The Lord has created you.
Tie in to the power of God.
Surpass the ordinary.

(June 1, 2009 Mon 6:08 AM CDT)

Here is something that I have wondered about:
What does pref. stand for in a crossword puzzle?
The answer is: it stands for prefix.
You just have to know that.

I just tried this search with the new search engine
Bing .
It did not find the answer, but Google did,
so they still have a ways to go to catch up with Google.
I sent feedback to them to tell them about this search.

This morning I'm looking at
the 3D sidewalk paintings of
Julian Beever .

I need to study the programming language
Ruby and Ruby on Rails (whatever that is).
I will have to buy some more books.

There was a huge 2-page story starting
on the front page of the newspaper yesterday
about a miracle that happened 20 years ago in Omaha.
Dr. Edward Gatz was cured of cancer.
They said he had 6 months to live and ---
he is still alive today.
Praise the Lord.

This was one of the readings yesterday at two different
churches that I attended.

"In contrast, the fruit of the spirit is
love, joy, peace, patient endurance, kindness,
generosity, faith, mildness and chastity."
Galatians 5:22-23

Be in tune with the Holy Spirit.
Call on the Spirit to teach you.
See the miracles.
Be amazed at what the Lord can do.

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