July, 2009

God is great
Seek the truth

Listen to the Lord

God has created all things

Turn to the Lord

Be blessed

(July 31, 2009 Fri 6:36 AM CDT)

Yesterday I was studying
JSP (Java Server Pages) examples .
It looks a lot like Ruby on Rails and PHP stuff.

At the networking session for LHH yesterday
I found out that two more people landed jobs.
They both start on Monday August 3.
God bless them and their families.
Off they go.

Last night at the .NET User group
Jeff talked about the
Visual Studio Team System 2010 .
There is a lot to learn.
Here is the Beta
if you want to try it out.
It looked very useful.
They talked about branches in software development
and then merging the branches.
I've never done that before.
Different people work on different branches
and they you put it back together in a central place.
There are automated tests to see that
things still are working.

Jesus taught,
"I am the true vine
and my Father is the vinegrower.
He prunes away every barren branch,
but the fruitful ones he trims clean
to increase their yield."
John 15:1-2

Be connected.
Stay connected.
Jesus is the source of your energy.
Jesus, you are all that we need.
Help us to stay near to you always.

(July 30, 2009 Thu 6:07 AM and 8:04 AM CDT)

I'm jumping around in books lately.

Yesterday I loaded Tomcat 6 on my Ubuntu PC.
I needed it to do Java servlets
for chapter 21 in the book
Java 2 in 21 Days .
I got it working.
Servlets are like PHP, Ruby on Rails and ASP.NET.
They all create dynamic HTML pages.

I also looked at FlowLayouts, BorderLayouts and GridLayouts
in chapter 11 (entry 11.17) of the book
Java How To Program .

Jesus said to Pilate,
"The reason I was born,
the reason why I came into the world
is to testify to the truth.
Anyone committed to the truth hears my voice."
John 18:37

Jesus is the truth.
He came to tell us the truth.
Read his words.
Hear his voice.

(July 29, 2009 Wed 6:37 AM)

I was studying the Ruby on Rails book yesterday.
I'm skipping around since I studied Ruby online last week.
In chapter 5 the examples did not work
since a newer version of Ruby and Rails was on my computer.
The book was written in 2007 and
things have already been eliminated from the computer language.
For example the start_form_tag and end_form_tag are gone.

Yesterday I made a trip to pick up a relative
at Emergency at Immanuel Hospital in Omaha.
They have about 10 signs that point your way
to the Emergency entrance on 72nd Street.
Pray for them and the doctors and nurses there.
They ran many tests.
God bless them.

"As Jesus was getting into the boat,
the man who had been possessed
was pressing to accompany him.
Jesus did not grant his request,
but told him instead:
'Go home to your family and
make it clear to them
how much the Lord in his mercy
has done for you.'
At that the man went off and
began to proclaim throughout the Ten Cities
what Jesus had done for him.
They were all amazed at what they heard."
Mark 5:18-20

Jesus is amazing.
Tell others in your city about him.
Let them know the power of God to heal.
Jesus, come and heal your people.
Touch them.

(July 28, 2009 Tue 6:13 AM)

The book Beginning Ruby on Rails arrived yesterday.
I started to read it last night.

Jesus said,
"If you want to avoid judgment,
stop passing judgment.
Your verdict on others
will be the verdict passed on you.
The measure with which you measure
will be used to measure you."
Matthew 7:1-2

Look in the mirror.
Don't look at others.
Check yourself.
Jesus, have mercy on my soul.
Forgive my sins.
Help me to be your child.
Help me to be faithful.

(July 27, 2009 Mon 6:04 AM)

There is a job opening
for a Software Developer at Applied Underwriters .
I might apply for it.
They work from 9 AM to 6 PM on weekdays.

I found out yesterday that one of my friends
got a job at the City of Omaha a few months ago.
They took many tests before finding something they liked.
God bless them and their family.

Here is a video of the Solar Eclipse on 7-22-2009 .
Day turns to night and back to day.
People are just in awe.

I keep this Bible verse on a 3 by 5 inch card
in my bathroom to read each morning.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight."
Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in Jesus.
He will lead you to heaven.
He will show you the way.

(July 26, 2009 Sun 7:55 AM)

I installed Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1
on my Windows 7 RC laptop yesterday.
I could not get it to install on my Windows XP PC.
The Omaha .NET Users Group
has a presentation on it this week.

"Six days later, Jesus took Peter, James, and John
off by themselves with him and
led them up a high mountain.
He was transfigured before their eyes and
his clothes became dazzling white ---
whiter than the work of any bleacher could make them.
Elijah appeared to them along with Moses;
the two were in conversation with Jesus."
Mark 9:2-4

Jesus was talking to Elijah and Moses.
Peter, James and John saw this miraculous event.
The window of heaven opened for a few minutes.
The glory of God was seen.

(July 25, 2009 Sat 10:34 AM)

I started chapter 26 of the ASP.NET book.
It is talking about User and Server Controls .
I'm getting a little lost with the Server Controls.

"Beloved, do not imitate what is evil
but what is good.
Whoever does what is good belongs to God;
whoever does what is evil has never seen God."
3 John 1:11

Follow Jesus.
Imitate him.
Be like him.
Do what is good.
See the Lord.

(July 24, 2009 Fri 7:26 AM)

I'm back to the ASP.NET book
in chapter 25 on File I/O and Streams.

Someone landed a job at ACI.
I applied for a job there on July 3.
God bless them and their family.

There is a job opening at Eileen's Cookies in Omaha.
I wonder if I can make cookies all day.
I would probably eat too many cookies.

"The grace of God has appeared,
offering salvation to all people.
It trains us to reject godless ways and worldly desires,
and live temperately, justly, and devoutly in this age
as we await our blessed hope, the appearing of the glory
of the great God and of our Savior Christ Jesus."
Titus 2:11-13

It is there for the taking.
God gives us grace for our journey.
He provides.
Receive these blessings from above.
Live for the Lord.

(July 23, 2009 Thu 6:11 AM)

I bought another book yesterday.
Beginning Ruby on Rails .
It only cost $9 for a used copy of it.
Maybe it will be better
than reading the tutorials on the Internet.
It will be more organized.

We got a new Archbishop in Omaha yesterday.
God bless him as he leads God's people
in northeastern Nebraska.

"We pray for you always
that our God may make you worthy of his call,
and fulfill by his power
every honest intention and work of faith.
In this way the name of our Lord Jesus
may be glorified in you and you in him,
in accord with the gracious gift
of out God and of the Lord Jesus Christ."
2 Thessalonians 1:11-12

We pray for all Christian leaders.
God bless them and be with them.
May they be led by the Holy Spirit.
They are called by God.
Jesus, bless them.
Be with them.

(July 22, 2009 Wed 6:54 AM)

"Faith, then, comes through hearing,
and what is heard is the word of Christ."
Romans 10:17

Open your ears.
Hear what Christ has to say.
Receive it into your heart.
Let it change you.

(July 21, 2009 Tue 8:33 AM)

Yesterday I was going through
the tutorial on Ruby and Ruby on Rails .
I downloaded Instant Rails 2.0 to my PC.
It works great.
It even has Apache, PhpMyAdmin and MySQL in it.
I changed the port number of Apache to 8080
since it had a conflict with port 80.
This is for the local Apache URL

"During the festival, naturally,
the Jews were looking for Jesus, asking,
'Where is that troublemaker?'
Among the crowds there was
much guarded debate about him.
Some maintained,
'He is a good man,'
while others kept saying,
'Not at all ---
he is only misleading the crowd!'"
John 7:11-12

So what do you say about Jesus?
Is he just a good man?
Is he God?
You have to answer these questions.
It takes faith to believe in Jesus.
Ask for this gift of faith.
Jesus, help me.
Show me the truth.
Increase my faith.
I want to believe in you.

(July 20, 2009 Mon 6:53 AM)

It is starting to rain outside this morning.
It is increasing in intensity now as I type.

Jesus said,
"You know the commandments:
You shall not kill;
You shall not commit adultery;
You shall not steal;
You shall not bear false witness;
You shall not defraud;
Honor your father and your mother."
Mark 10:19

They are there.
These are commandments from God.
Jesus pointed them out.
Study them.
Live by them.
It makes your life much simpler
and filled with joy.
Jesus, help me to follow your commandments.
Help me to be the person you want me to be.
Forgive my sins.
I need you.

(July 19, 2009 Sun 8:17 AM)

A friend sent me this Bible verse and many others
a few days ago.
Encourage one another.

"I shall not die, but live,
and declare the works of the Lord."
Psalms 118:17

Have life.
Jesus is life.
See his powerful works.
He will bring you new life.

(July 18, 2009 Sat 10:16 AM)

And that's the way it is .
We say good-bye to Walter Cronkite.
God bless him and his family.

Yesterday I was reading an online book
that someone wrote on Ruby .
It is bizarre.
It is strange.
It is mostly science fiction
and a little technical information on Ruby.
Whatever I learn I learn.
Ruby was created in Japan by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto.
It is a lot like Perl.
It even has a "===" triple equal sign like PHP does.
For example in Ruby "If 2001..2004 === year" says
to check for the years 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Jesus taught,
"I have come to light a fire on the earth.
How I wish the blaze were ignited!
I have a baptism to receive.
What anguish I feel till it is over!"
Luke 12:49-50

Jesus came and stirred things up.
He made waves.
He taught people to love their enemies.
He said the last will be first.
He was different.
There is much to think about.
We have much to learn from him.

(July 17, 2009 Fri 6:05 AM)

Yesterday at the networking meeting
someone announced they landed a job.
That is great.
They have bills to pay.
God bless them and their family.

Last night I was watching this
"Channel 9" (niners) video of Rico Mariana .
He works for Microsoft and developed Visual Studio.
I did not know most of what he was talking about.
For example he mentioned these terms:
MEF, Blend, STA code, WPF, TFS, MORT, WIX, XAML,
16 threads, 45 million lines of code, 64-bit conversion, etc.
I tried to bing/google some of these things as he talked.

"This point must not be overlooked, dear friends.
In God's eyes, one day is as a thousand years
and a thousand years are as a day."
2 Peter 3:8

Don't miss it.
You are here on earth for about 80 years.
Then what?
Use the few years that you have for the glory of God.
Your lifetime is over in the blink of an eye.
Live for the Lord.

(July 16, 2009 Thu 6:07 AM)

Yesterday I downloaded Ruby
and installed it on my PC.
So far it is not too bad.
It is like Perl.

I also took 3 tests at proveit.com
on AJAX, Apache and Java.
I have 3 more tests to take.
Some of the questions are tricky.
They like Roman numerals for some reason
I, II, III, IV, V, etc.
and combining them I & III, II & V, etc.
Why not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?
It drives you crazy sometimes.

"We are an aroma of Christ for God's sake,
both among those who are being saved and
those on the way to destruction;
to the latter an odor dealing death,
to the former a breath bringing life."
2 Corinthians 2:15-16

Breathe new life.
Avoid destruction.
Stay near the Lord.
Be beautiful.

(July 15, 2009 Wed 6:11 AM)

Yesterday I took a look at DotNetNuke - DNN .
I have looked at it before.
I still can't get it to work for me.
It is different whatever it is.
It is to help you create .NET (dot net) web sites quickly.

I tried to fix some cracks
in the walls of my garage yesterday.
I have never done that before.
I must really be bored.

"How deep are the riches and the wisdom
and the knowledge of God!
How inscrutable his judgments,
how unsearchable his ways!
For who has known the mind of the Lord?
Or who has been his counselor?
Who has given him anything
so as to deserve return?
For from him and through him
and for him all things are.
To him be glory forever.
Romans 11:33-35

Learn about the Lord.
There is much to consider.
He created all that you see.
He created you and me.
Acknowledge him for his greatness.
Talk to him daily.
He will counsel you.

(July 14, 2009 Tue 6:06 AM)

"Jesus was teaching in the temple area from day to day.
The chief priests and scribes meanwhile
were looking for a way to destroy him,
as were the leaders of the people,
but they had no idea how to achieve it,
for indeed the entire populace was listening to him
and hanging on his words."
Luke 19:47-48

Listen to Jesus.
Hear what he says.
He is amazing.
He is wonderful.
Cherish his words.

(July 13, 2009 Mon 6:09 AM)

I have a class today on 11:30 AM on
Communications Strategy from LHH.

There was a job in the newspaper
for a Sr. Software Engineer at InfoUSA .

"The Lord has done great things for us;
we are glad indeed."
Psalms 126:3

The Lord has done amazing things.
He is awesome.
We are glad and rejoice in his victory.
We have been blessed.

(July 12, 2009 Sun 8:26 AM)

We have a new associate pastor at my church.
He came from Atlanta, Georgia.
He asked us to pray for him.
God bless him and his ministry to God's people.

"Anyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus
can expect to be persecuted."
2 Timothy 3:12

If you follow Jesus, you will be different.
People will give you a hard time.
You will be made fun of.
Be strong.
Jesus, help me to do your will.
I want to do what is right and pleasing to you.
Help me to stand up for the truth.

(July 11, 2009 Sat 9:42 AM)

"My God in turn will supply your needs fully,
in a way worthy of his magnificent riches in Christ Jesus.
All glory to our God and Father for unending ages!
Philippians 4:19-20

Give glory to God.
Praise him.
He supplies all that we need.
Trust in him.

(July 10, 2009 Fri 6:00 AM)

Yesterday I was studying the
AutoComplete AJAX Control.
I had it working for a little sample database
looking up company names from a table.
I was also reading about this back on June 14,
so it is in both ASP.NET books that I have.
A friend sent me an ASP.NET web site named
Thrive For Developers .
It might be of interest to you if you are using ASP.NET.
There is also something called Microsoft Surface .
There is always something new to learn about.
It is a touch screen that is a table.
It is just for businesses not at home.

"You must put on that new person
created in God's image,
whose justice and holiness are born of truth."
Ephesians 4:24

Reinvent yourself in Christ.
He is the creator.
All things are new with him.
Each day is an adventure.
Be born again.

(July 9, 2009 Thu 6:05 AM)

Yesterday I was in chapter 19 of the ASP.NET book
and it was talking about AJAX .
You know I like AJAX.
It is cool.

Yesterday I discovered something.
I put peanut butter on some FlipSides Crackers .
They are good.
They are dangerous.

"About noontime the next day,
as the men were traveling along
and approaching the city,
Peter went up to the roof terrace to pray."
Acts 10:9

Do you take the time to pray?
Do you have contact with the Lord?
He is there for you.
Talk to him daily.
You need him.

(July 8, 2009 Wed 6:13 AM)

We are getting rain this morning in Omaha.
Thank the Lord.
We are about 5 inches behind in rainfall.

I watched the Michael Jackson memorial yesterday.
It was very sad.
It was heartbreaking to listen to his daughter Paris at the end.
God bless the Jackson family and friends.
May God give them comfort and peace.
Lionel Richie sang "Jesus is Love."
One of Michael's brothers said that
there is life after death.

"Jesus told Thomas:
'I am the way, and the truth, and the life;
no one comes to the Father but through me.'"
John 14:6

Learn about Jesus.
Learn about life.
Learn about eternal life.
There is more to come after this life.
Jesus, I want to know more about you.
Show me who you are.
Teach me the truth.
I give my life to you.

(July 7, 2009 Tue 6:09 AM)

Pray for someone in Germany that is sick.
God bless them and heal them.

Yesterday I was studying Chapter 17 of the ASP.NET book.
It was about Web Parts .
You can drag and drop things around on a web page
and they stay there the next time you come back.

"It is I, Paul, who send you this greeting
in my own hand."
1 Corinthians 16:21

The Lord personally writes to you.
These are the words in the Bible.
He wants to communicate with you.
He wants to share his life with you.
Will you respond to this letter?

(July 6, 2009 Mon 6:09 AM)

I went to a birthday party yesterday
by the Stone Creek Golf Course .
It was a very nice setting.
God bless the birthday person and
all their family and friends.

I am still studying chapter 16 of the ASP.NET book.
I learned about resetting passwords
and redirecting users to the login page
if they have not logged in yet.

"'Sir,' the royal official pleaded with Jesus,
'come down before my child dies.'
Jesus told him,
'Return home. Your son will live.'
The man put his trust in the word Jesus spoke to him,
and started for home."
John 4:49-50

Trust in Jesus.
He will do what he says.
You will live.
Go home to him.

(July 5, 2009 Sun 8:13 AM)

"There lived in Jerusalem at the time
a certain man named Simeon.
He was just and pious,
and awaited the consolation of Israel,
and the Holy Spirit was upon him.
It was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit
that he would not experience death
until he had seen the Anointed of the Lord."
Luke 2:25-26

The Holy Spirit will reveal things to you.
Are you open to this?
God will lead you to the truth.
Seek and you will find.

(July 4, 2009 Sat 9:47 AM)

Here is a video of the fireworks at Mount Rushmore 2008 .
Very cool setting.

I applied for jobs at ACI and TD Ameritrade yesterday.

I started chapter 16 of the ASP.NET book.
The topic is Membership and Role Management.

"Therefore submit to God;
resist the devil
and he will take flight.
Draw close to God,
and he will draw close to you."
James 4:7-8

Fight for what is right.
Do good.
Do the right thing.
Your membership is with the Lord.
Stay close to him.

(July 3, 2009 Fri 6:25 AM)

Yesterday at the Westroads Mall in Omaha
I saw someone get out of a convertible
with the top down and then lock the doors.
Like why?

Last night I was applying for a job at ACI .
I hit the backspace key by mistake
and lost 15 minutes of typing.
Not too user-friendly.
I will type it all again today.

"But now Christ has appeared
at the end of the ages
to take away sins
once for all by his sacrifice."
Hebrews 9:26

Christ died for you and me.
He was God.
He came to earth.
He proved his love for us.
He sacrificed his life to save us.
Thank the Lord for all that he has done.

(July 2, 2009 Thu 8:13 AM)

I finished chapter 14 of the ASP.NET book.
The topic was TreeView controls .

"Why delay, then?
Be baptized at once and
wash away your sins
as you call upon his name."
Acts 22:16

What are you waiting for?
Jesus is calling you.
Come and be baptized in his name.
Ask him to forgive your sins.
Jesus, come into my life.
Forgive my sins.
I want to start over with you.
Come and baptize me with the Holy Spirit.

(July 1, 2009 Wed 10:30 AM)

Yesterday I took my car in to have the oil changed.
It is now past 130,000 miles.
They fixed a light bulb in the right rear panel.
God bless all the people that work there.

"Andrew brought his brother to Jesus,
who looked at him and said,
'You are Simon, son of John;
your name shall be Cephas
(which is rendered Peter).'"
John 1:42

Bring people to Jesus.
Introduce them to the person that created them.
Share what you know about Him.
He will give them a new name.

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