August, 2009

Trust in the Lord
Give your heart to Jesus

He is all that you need

God is wonderful

Be positive

Our God reigns

(August 31, 2009 Mon 6:41 AM CDT)

The Blue Angels started at 3:36 PM yesterday.
It was a nice 66 F degrees day.

"They entered a Samaritan town
to prepare for his passing through,
but the Samaritans would not welcome him
because he was on his way to Jerusalem.
When his disciples James and John saw this, they said,
'Lord, would you not have us call down
fire from heaven to destroy them?'
He turned toward them only to reprimand them.
Then they set off for another town."
Luke 9:52-56

Welcome strangers.
It might be Jesus coming your way.
Jesus, help us to be open to receiving
new people into our lives.
We need new friends.

(August 30, 2009 Sun 8:18 AM CDT)

The Blue Angels are in town today.
I will try to see them this afternoon in Bellevue, Nebraska.

"The angel of the Lord encamps
around those who fear him, and delivers them.
Taste and see how good the Lord is;
happy the man who takes refuge in him."
Psalms 34:7-8 or 8-9

Jesus, send your angels to watch over us.
We trust in you to protect us.
We seek your safety, Lord.
We need you.

(August 29, 2009 Sat 9:50 AM CDT)

I heard yesterday that another person at LHH landed a job.
God bless them and their family.

Yesterday I was working on the "Print Preview"
in my Java Sudoku program Code9.

The funeral for Edward Kennedy is going on now.
I remember the very sad days
when his brothers died in 1963 and 1968.
God bless him and his family.

"When Jesus arrived at the house
his disciples began to ask him privately,
'Why is it that we could not expel it?'
He told them,
'This kind you can drive out only by prayer.'"
Mark 9:28-29

Prayer is very important.
Take the time to pray.
It will change the world.
It will change you.
Jesus, bless my family today.
Keep them all close to you.

(August 28, 2009 Fri 7:00 AM CDT)

It is a foggy morning in Omaha.

Last night at the .NET User's group meeting
the topic was MVC .
So yesterday I downloaded it and had it working.
It is not too bad.
I don't think many people use it
from the show of hands in the meeting.
The person giving the talk had the same initials MVC .
I told him that someone with his name
has a warrant in Omaha.
I can't believe they display this information:
age, address, gender, race, height, and weight.

Jesus said,
"I assure you,
whatever you declare bound on earth
shall be held bound in heaven,
and whatever you declare loosed on earth
shall be held loosed in heaven."
Matthew 18:18

It is interesting that the two worlds are connected.
The rules here apply there also.
Jesus, help us to understand the ways of the Lord.
Teach us to do what is right.
Help us to follow your laws.

(August 27, 2009 Thu 6:22 AM CDT and 9:53 AM CDT)

Yesterday I got my Code9 Sudoku program to print.
I learned a few things about printing with Java.

I was at Bergan Mercy Hospital yesterday for a test.
God bless all the doctors, nurses
and others that work there.

"The fervent petition of a holy person is powerful indeed.
Elijah was only a man like us,
yet he prayed earnestly that it would not rain
and no rain fell on the land for 3 years and 6 months.
When he prayed again, the sky burst forth with rain
and the land produced its crop."
James 5:16-18

Prayers are powerful.
Pray with confidence.
Expect results.
Jesus, we pray to you.
Bring peace to our troubled world.
Help the lost to find hope in you.
Feed the poor and bless them today.

(August 26, 2009 Wed 6:04 AM CDT)

Yesterday I was studying about printing in Java.
It is not easy.

"But when the kindness and love of God
our Savior appeared, he saved us;
not because of any righteous deeds we had done,
but because of his mercy.
He saved us through the baptism of new birth
and renewal by the Holy Spirit."
Titus 3:4-5

Find a new beginning in Christ.
He is the new dawn.
He is the sun for a new day.
Find new life in him.

(August 25, 2009 Tue 6:20 AM CDT and 8:51 AM CDT)

I went for a job interview in Lincoln, Nebraska yesterday.
It is 49 miles away.
I listened to KGBI 100.7 FM down and back.
For half the way between Omaha and Lincoln
on I-80 there are 3 lanes now on each side.
That is nice.
After the interview I went to the Westfield Mall in Lincoln.
It is at 66th and "O" Streets.
I used to clean it when I went to college in Lincoln.
It has changed a lot since then.

"Your attitude must be that of Christ:
Though he was in the form of God,
he did not deem equality with God
something to be grasped at.
Rather, he emptied himself
and took the form of a slave,
being born in the likeness of men."
Philippians 2:5-7

What is your attitude?
Is it a positive attitude?
Be of service.
Help others.
Think of helping those in need.

(August 24, 2009 Mon 6:13 AM CDT)

"God chose us in him before the world began,
to be holy and blameless in his sight,
to be full of love..."
Ephesians 1:4

Jesus, help us to be holy.
We want to be like you.
Teach us how to love.
You are our inspiration.

(August 23, 2009 Sun 8:34 AM CDT)

I found this nice song yesterday.
Send It On
from Disney's Friends For Change.

I made some more changes to Code9 yesterday
to read input files.
To run it you need to save these two classes:
Code9.class and Code9Event.class
Then run the command: java Code9
You need Java installed on your PC.
It runs much faster than the .NET C# version.

"I am not ashamed of the gospel.
It is the power of God leading everyone
who believes in it to salvation..."
Romans 1:16

Share what you know about Jesus.
He is awesome.
He will change others lives.
Shine a light and send it on.

(August 22, 2009 Sat 10:00 AM CDT)

I was looking at my Sudoku program code9 yesterday.
I was trying to get the menus working
in the Java version.
I have not worked on it
since April when I started LHH.

"Jesus uttered a loud cry and said,
'Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.'
After he said this, he expired.
The centurion, upon seeing what had happened,
gave glory to God by saying,
'Surely this was an innocent man.'"
Luke 23:46-47

Jesus did nothing wrong.
He was without sin.
He gave his life to save us.
Jesus, we thank you for saving us.
You are the holy one.
Thank you for giving your life for us.
Forgive our sins.

(August 21, 2009 Fri 6:25 AM CDT)

Eight years from today there will be
a total eclipse of the sun in Nebraska.

Someone sent me this video of a building
that was rolling over as they tried to destroy it.
Oops. (A popular crossword puzzle word.)

I finished chapter 17 on data structures
in the Java Deitel book.
They talked about binary trees .
They are sometimes called B-Trees.
You can play with the link above to add nodes to the tree
to see how it works.

"At sunset, all who had people
sick with a variety of diseases
took them to Jesus,
and he laid hands on each of them
and cured them."
Luke 4:40

Jesus, come and heal your people.
Put your healing touch upon us.
Make us well again.
Restore us, Lord.
Bless all those working in hospitals today.

(August 20, 2009 Thu 6:18 AM CDT and 8:07 AM CDT)

Yesterday I finished chapter 14 of the Java Deitel book.
It was on reading and writing random files .
One of the commands you use is "seek"
to point to a certain spot in the file.

On Tuesday night the fire trucks and police cars
came to SFH twice.
At 6 PM the fire alarms went off in the main building.
They are loud.
I had to cover my ears.
At 8:30 PM they were there again
for something happening in the east building.
They had 17th Street blocked for awhile.
We could not drive home.
There is only one way in and out.
God bless the firefighters and police.

I also learned on Tuesday that there is a
sacred C in Central High School in Omaha.
You are not allowed to walk on the "C" on the floor.
It is roped off now.
Years ago it was not roped off and
people just knew not to step on it.
I have never seen it.
It is the home of the eagles.

Jesus said,
"Seek first his kingship over you,
his way of holiness, and all these things
will be given you besides.
Enough, then, of worrying about tomorrow.
Let tomorrow take care of itself.
Today has troubles enough of its own."
Matthew 6:33-34

Seek the Lord.
Look for him.
He is there.
He has given you many gifts.
He is the one way in.
He will help you today and always.

(August 19, 2009 Wed 6:30 AM CDT)

Yesterday I read about CRi .
I worked on my SOAR stories:
Situation, Obstacles, Actions, and Results.
Tell your success stories.

Jesus said,
"I will not leave you orphaned;
I will come back to you."
John 14:18

You are not alone.
You can soar with the Lord.
He will take you on new adventures.
He is your Father.
You are safe with him.
He will teach you many things.
The results are fantastic.
Expect wonderful things.

(August 18, 2009 Tue 6:11 AM CDT)

I was studying chapters 19 and 14
of the Deitel Java book yesterday.

"Seeing their faith, Jesus said,
'My friend, your sins are forgiven you.'"
Luke 5:20

Have faith.
Jesus is your friend.
Jesus, forgive my sins.
Help me to do what is right.

(August 17, 2009 Mon 5:58 AM CDT)

The last few days
I am starting to sneeze because of allergies,
so I took some Zyrtec for the first time yesterday.
It seems to be working so far.
It causes a little headache
and dry throat as a side effect.

There is a job opening for a web developer
at MUD in Omaha,
but they don't say
what the technology is that they use.

"Jesus left that place and
passed along the Sea of Galilee.
He went up onto the mountainside
and sat down there.
Large crowds of people came to him
bringing with them
cripples, the deformed, the blind, the mute,
and many others besides.
They laid them at his feet and he cured them.
The result was great astonishment in the crowds
as they beheld the mute speaking,
the deformed made sound, cripples walking about,
and the blind seeing.
They glorified the God of Israel."
Matthew 15:29-31

God is the healer.
Go to him for your needs.
He will astonish you.
Jesus, come and heal your people.
We want to see you and walk with you.
Make us whole again.

(August 16, 2009 Sun 8:05 AM CDT)

This morning I am looking at .
There was a story about it
in the newspaper yesterday.

"Show us, O Lord, your kindness,
and grant us your salvation."
Psalms 85:7 or 8

Jesus, grant salvation to your people.
We are in great need.
Thank you for your kindness.
We are most grateful.

(August 15, 2009 Sat 10:07 AM CDT)

Yesterday I was studying about Java Collections
in the Deitel book chapter 19.

"Grace and peace be yours
from God our Father and
from the Lord Jesus Christ!"
Philippians 1:2

Jesus, send us your grace and peace.
We are searching for you.
Help us to find our home with you.
You are our hope for the future.

(August 14, 2009 Fri 6:33 AM CDT)

Yesterday I was talking to someone and
they told me there is a lot of competition for .NET jobs.
People are taking jobs that they are overqualified for
as they wait for the job that they really want to have.

Lately I just pray for everyone in the world.
God bless everyone and lead them closer to Jesus.

"They presented these men to the apostles,
who first prayed over them
and then imposed hands on them."
Acts 6:6

Pray over people.
Call down God's blessings on them.
Ask the Holy Spirit to guide their lives.
Expect your prayers to be answered powerfully.

(August 13, 2009 Thu 6:11 AM CDT)

Yesterday I was studying about Java multithreading .

Later I took two tests at for
.NET Programming ASP 2.0 and C# 2.0.

Jesus said:
"A man was giving a large dinner and he invited many.
At dinner time he sent his servant to say to those invited,
'Come along, everything is ready now.'
But they began to excuse themselves, one and all."
Luke 14:16-18

Jesus gives you an invitation.
Will you accept it?
Will you respond to him?
It is up to you to decide.
Choose life.

(August 12, 2009 Wed 7:17 AM CDT)

Yesterday I went to a LHH alumni networking group
at DJ's Dugout in Omaha.
We can't go to the LHH office anymore
because our contracts have expired.
Our former companies pay the bill at LHH.
Pray for all the people in our group
looking for a job.
It is hard to find a job.

Jesus taught,
"Seek first his kingship over you,
his way of holiness,
and all these things
will be given you besides.
Enough, then, of worrying about tomorrow.
Let tomorrow take care of itself.
Today has troubles enough of its own."
Matthew 6:33-34

Be focused .
The Lord has given you talents.
Apply your talents today.
Jesus, help us to see
what you are calling us to do today.
Point out the people to help as we meet them.
Show us how to be of service.

(August 11, 2009 Tue 6:08 AM CDT)

Yesterday I got the VSTS Beta
installed on my laptop.
I still can't figure out how to get SQL Server 2008
to connect to the Internet.
It is a challenge.

"The only stipulation was that
we should be mindful of the poor ---
the one thing that I was
making every effort to do."
Galatians 2:10

Think of the poor.
Help them.
Be concerned about them.
Give to organizations
that help the poor like SFH .

(August 10, 2009 Mon 6:00 AM CDT)

The link looks interesting.
Community lending.

I went to this web site
and it lets you shorten a URL to something smaller.
I created this for .
I'm not sure how long it will stay there.

Yesterday I loaded
Visual Studio Team System 2010 Beta
on my laptop that is running SQL Server 2008.
I need to load more software on it today.

"You must put on that new person
created in God's image,
whose justice and holiness
are born of truth."
Ephesians 4:24

Something new.
God is the creator.
Be reborn.
Create a new image in Christ.

(August 9, 2009 Sun 8:12 AM CDT)

Here is a beautiful picture of the
diamond effect of the solar eclipse
on July 22, 2009.
It is awesome what God has made.

Yesterday I was studying about setting up
a message server where clients can connect to it.
It would then broadcast the messages to all the clients
connected to the server.
This is in chapter 24 of the Java - Deitel book.
It was fun to play with it.

"Jesus spoke to them once again,
'I am the light of the world.
No follower of mine shall ever walk in darkness;
no, they shall possess the light of life.'"
John 8:12

It sounds simple.
Walk with the Lord.
He is holding the torch in the darkness.
Follow him.
Be connected.

(August 8, 2009 Sat 10:27 AM CDT)

Yesterday I was studying about Java DatagramPacket .
They call it the "connectionless protocol."

"Jesus was teaching his disciples in this vein:
'The Son of Man is going to be delivered
into the hands of men
who will put him to death;
three days after his death he will rise.'
Though they failed to understand his words,
they were afraid to question him."
Mark 9:31-32

It is hard to understand.
Jesus knew that he would suffer and die.
Death was coming soon.
He also knew he would rise again.
We have hard times also,
but in the end we will rise with Christ.
Jesus, help us to understand.
Comfort us in times of trouble.

(August 7, 2009 Thu 6:15 AM CDT)

I got another call yesterday.
Now I have two job interviews next week.
Pray for me to know where God wants me to work.

It is raining this morning.
Thank the Lord.

I was studying more Java yesterday.
Java can play MIDI and WAV files .

"Let the person who has ears
heed the Spirit's word to the churches!
I will see to it that the victor
eats from the tree of life
which grows in the garden
Revelation 2:7

Open your ears.
Hear what the Holy Spirit has to say.
The victory is yours in Christ.
Find life and grow in grace.

(August 6, 2009 Thu 6:15 AM CDT and 9:13 AM CDT)

I had you pray for someone in Germany on July 7.
They are better now.
Thank the Lord.

I made 2 pans of brownies and a cake yesterday.
They are in the freezer.

One of my relatives was in a car accident yesterday.
They are fine just shaken up a little.
Please be careful today and always
when making a left turn.

I got a call from a recruiter yesterday.
I have an interview with them next week.

Yesterday I was studying about Java sockets .
It is interesting stuff.

"...for we were eyewitnesses of his sovereign majesty.
He received honor and glory from God the Father
when that unique declaration came to him from the majestic glory,
'This is my Son, my beloved, with whom I am well pleased.'
We ourselves heard this voice come from heaven
while we were with him on the holy mountain.
2 Peter 1:17-18

Miracles do happen.
Keep your eyes open.
The Lord is at work.
Don't blink or you might miss the glory of God.

(August 5, 2009 Wed 6:03 AM CDT)

This morning I ran across an Omaha group
Word Made Flesh .
I've never heard of them before.
God bless their efforts to help the poor around the world.

Yesterday I finished chapter 29 of the ASP.NET book.
I did not get all the examples to work.
I need to go back and find other examples on the Internet
that do work for
WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) .

Jesus said,
"I solemnly assure you,
the person who has faith in me
will do the works I do,
and greater far than these.
Because I go to the Father,
and whatever you ask in my name
I will do,
so as to glorify the Father in the Son."
John 14:12-13

Christians can do great things.
We have Jesus on our side.
We have a loving Father in heaven.
We have the Holy Spirit to guide us.
What more could you ask for?

(August 4, 2009 Tue 6:16 AM CDT)

I am in the ASP.NET book chapters 28 and 29 now.
The topic is Web Services .

"And gazing around him at those seated
in the circle Jesus continued,
'These are my mother and my brothers.
Whoever does the will of God
is brother and sister and mother to me.'"
Mark 3:34-35

Do the will of God.
Be a brother or sister of Christ.
Continue on the road to heaven.
Be in the circle of life.

(August 3, 2009 Mon 6:41 AM CDT)

"May grace and peace from God our Father,
and Christ Jesus our Savior, be with you."
Titus 1:4

Jesus, send us your grace.
We need you today.
Give us your peace.
Be with us.

(August 2, 2009 Sun 8:19 AM CDT)

I was studying JSTL (Java Standard Tag Library) yesterday.
The book had this line:
<%@ taglib uri='' prefix='c' %>
and it should have said this:
<%@ taglib uri='' prefix='c' %>
It was close.
The book was written in 2004.
Things have changed.

"Praised be God, the Father of mercies,
and the God of all consolation!
He comforts us in all our afflictions and
thus enables us to comfort those who are in trouble,
with the same consolation we have received from him."
2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Reach out to others.
The Lord has been very good to you.
Bless others with kindness.
Be a blessing.

(August 1, 2009 Sat 10:15 AM CDT)

Yesterday I tried again to load Visual Studio on my XP PC
and it still does not work.
It just does not like my PC.
I burned two install DVDs to load it.
Still nothing.

I'm continuing to study the Java Server Pages (JSP).
It is something good to know about.
One example program counter.jsp
tried to write a file to the local disk
to keep a count of page loads
and it was blocked by the Tomcat security.
I set the permissions on the file to chmod 777
and it still was blocked.
It could read from the file but not write to the file.
It is to protect you from an attack I guess.

"Brothers and sisters,
I have applied all this to myself and Apollos
by way of example for your benefit.
May you learn from us not to go beyond
what is set down,
so that none of you will grow self-important
by reason of his association
with one person rather than another."
1 Corinthians 4:6

Learn from other Christians.
Learn from Christ.
The Lord is great.
We follow his example.

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