June, 2010

Celebrate Eternal Life
Find life in Jesus

Hope is eternal

Depend on Jesus

Believe and live

Find life that never ends

(June 30, 2010 Wed 6:36 AM CDT)

One of my friends from school is in Murfreesboro, TN today.
He is riding a motorcycle back to Atlanta from Omaha.
I've only been on a motorcycle once
with someone that I worked with at Mutual of Omaha.
They gave me a ride one day from work
to H&H Chevrolet on 84 and L Streets.
Mutual of Omaha was my first job after college.
I remember going through Elmwood Park very quickly.

The person next to me at work has another grandchild.
The baby was born on Tuesday.
God bless all her family.

"See to it, then,
that you put an end to lying;
let everyone speak the truth to his neighbor,
for we are members one of another."
Ephesians 4:25

Speak the truth.
It makes life much simpler.
Don't say anything if you can't be honest about it.
No comment.

(June 28, 2010 Mon 8:09 PM CDT)

Yesterday I was at the Siena/Francis House
Walk/Run at Lake Zorinsky in Omaha.
Even the mayor was there.
I took some pictures and put them out on my Facebook page.
I walked 5 km (3.107 miles or 16,404 feet, says Wolfram Alpha).

On Saturday I went to my high school class reunion.
I posted those pictures also on Facebook.
We had about 40 people attend.
I played 18 holes of golf first.
It was 94 F degrees and I was extremely tired afterwards.
I was beat.
You had to dodge the water sprinklers.
That was a challenge.

Today at work they asked the question.
What word has 3 consecutive sets
of double letters in it?
The answer is ...
(Click on the answer link.)

I'm spending too much time on FB (Facebook) lately
and going to work.
I'm linking to people I went to school with
and have not seen in many years.

"I do not run like a man
who loses sight of the finish line."
1 Corinthians 9:26

What is your goal in life?
Where are you going?
Point to heaven.
Spend eternity with Jesus
and *super* joy that never ends.

(June 26, 2010 Sat 9:53 AM CDT)

Today is my class reunion
at the Field Club in Omaha.
God bless all the people there
and their families.

I found a blue piece of paper
outside the Westroads Mall yesterday.
It asked this question:

"After a brief interval
the jailer led Paul and Silas out and said:
'Men, what must I do to be saved?'
Their answer was,
'Believe in the Lord Jesus
and you will be saved,
and all your household.'
They proceeded to announce the word of God
to him and to everyone in his house."
Acts 16:30-32

You can't save yourself.
You need help.
You need Jesus.
He died to save you.

(June 25, 2010 Fri 7:24 AM CDT)

Someone sent me this web site with
information that it can provide for you.
Wolfram Alpha
You can give it math and scientific questions
like "2+2" or "diameter of the earth"
or "temperature of the sun"
or "length of a day on mars"
or "gold" or "apple" or "qwest"
or "population of omaha" or "longest river".
or "weather omaha".
It is fun to play with it.
The weather for Omaha says that the record low
was 46 F degrees in 2004 for this date today.
That is the day my Dad died.
I remember the day very well.

(June 23, 2010 Wed 6:23 AM CDT)

My biology teacher from high school
died a few days ago.
Pray for him and his family,
friends and many students.
God bless all of them.

I saw "MT 11 28" on a car's license plate
on Sunday afternoon.
I was curious what it was.

"Come to me,
all you who are weary
and find life burdensome,
and I will refresh you."
Matthew 11:28

It is a message from Jesus
just for you today.

(June 22, 2010 Tue 8:00 AM CDT)

Jesus taught,
"Any man who gives you a drink of water
because you belong to Christ will not,
I assure you, go without his reward."
Mark 9:41

Help others.
Be thoughtful.
It can be something very simple.
God bless you.

(June 21, 2010 Mon 7:39 AM CDT)

They were playing this song in the hallway
at work last week.
I said - I recognize that song.
It is just on second floor in our building.
The other buildings I have been in
do not have it in their hallways.
We must be special.
It is probably something psychological.

"In you, O Lord, I take refuge..."
Psalms 31:1 or 2

Go to the Lord.
He will heal your mind and soul.
He is the safety and security you seek.
He is peace beyond all understanding.
You are very special to him.

(June 20, 2010 Sun 8:39 AM CDT)

Happy Father's Day!
My Dad died back in 2004.
I miss him.

"You children, obey your parents
in everything as the acceptable
way in the Lord.
And fathers, do not nag your children
lest they lose heart."
Colossians 3:20-21

God bless all the fathers today.
Jesus, help them to be an example of faith.
Give them wisdom to raise their children.
Bless their hearts.

(June 19, 2010 Sat 10:21 AM CDT)

I took *the* brownies to work yesterday.
They were a hit.
Maybe I should sell the brownies as a business.

"All of you who have been baptized into Christ
have clothed yourselves with him.
There does not exist among you Jew or Greek,
slave or freeman, male or female.
All are one in Christ Jesus.
Furthermore, if you belong to Christ
you are the descendants of Abraham,
which means you inherit all that was promised."
Galatians 3:27-29

You belong to Christ.
You inherit the many promises.
Be baptized in faith.
Jesus, help us to understand
that we are one in you.

(June 18, 2010 Fri 7:06 AM CDT)

Someone brought 2 packages of Oreo
double stuff cookies to work yesterday.
That is too much.
I like the original Oreo cookie.

This morning I'm reading about the
USS Enterprise CVN-65 .
I'm trying to figure out where it is at today.
It might be "at sea."

There is a thunderstorm approaching Omaha this morning.
Here it comes.
The wind is really blowing and it is dark outside.
I better get to work before it hits.

(June 16, 2010 Wed 6:59 AM CDT)

I met someone yesterday at work
that has over 40 siblings.
God bless his huge family.

"Upon our entry into Rome
Paul was allowed
to take a lodging of his own,
although a soldier was assigned
to keep guard over him."
Acts 28:16

Paul was a prisoner.
He suffered for what he believed.
Take up lodging with the Lord.
Stay with him.
He will guard your faith.

(June 15, 2010 Tue 8:09 AM CDT)

I passed all the tests finally.
I started another job yesterday.
God bless all the people that work at that company.

Jesus said,
"After that, men will see
the Son of Man coming on a cloud
with great power and glory.
When these things begin to happen,
stand erect and hold your heads high,
for your deliverance is near at hand."
Luke 21:27-28

Look up.
Look for the coming of the Lord.
He will come in glory and power.
He will deliver you.
Call on his name to save you.

(June 14, 2010 Mon 6:22 AM CDT)

It's raining, of course, this morning in Omaha.
I saw the Missouri River up close at Lake Manawa yesterday.
It is higher than usual.

The preacher at church yesterday had a good point.
You don't have to be "good enough" to come to church.
Church is for sinners.
Come on in.
We are all sinners saved by the grace of God.

Jesus taught,
"For at the preaching of Jonah they reformed,
but you have a greater than Jonah here."
Luke 11:32

Reform your life.
Come and hear the Gospel proclaimed.
The Lord is great.
Jesus, you welcomed sinners.
I want to come home to you.
Forgive my sins.

(June 13, 2010 Sun 7:30 AM CDT)

Omaha is surrounded by rain this morning.

"The treasures and wealth of the nations
shall be brought there,
but nothing profane shall enter it,
nor anyone who is a liar or
has done a detestable act.
Only those shall enter
whose names are inscribed in the book
of the living by the Lamb."
Revelation 21:26-27

It is called the Book of Life.
There are names written in it.
Is your name there?
Be a follower of the Lamb of God.
Surround yourself with his love.

(June 12, 2010 Sat 9:23 AM CDT)

Lately I've been practicing the numeric keypad.
I need to learn how to use it for my next job.
I go through all four lessons.
I'm getting better each day.

"My brothers, count it pure joy
when you are involved
in every sort of trial.
Realize that when your faith is tested
this makes for endurance.
Let endurance come to its perfection
so that you may be fully mature
and lacking in nothing."
James 1:2-4

Yes, practice your faith.
Act on your beliefs.
Endure to the end.
Be a mature Christian.

(June 11, 2010 Fri 9:21 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"I assure you,
wherever the good news is proclaimed
throughout the world,
what she has done
will be told in her memory."
Mark 14:9

The Lord is with you.
The Lord will be with you.
Do amazing things that people will remember.
Do wonderful acts of kindness.
God bless you.

(June 10, 2010 Thu 7:55 AM CDT)

"Listen, dear brothers.
Did not God choose those
who are poor in the eyes of the world
to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom
he promised to those who love him?"
James 2:5

We can learn from the poor.
They have few attachments to this world.
We have way too many things (distractions).
Jesus, teach us what is important.
Show us the path to true riches in heaven.

(June 9, 2010 Wed 8:43 AM CDT)

Yesterday I noticed a tattoo on someone's arm
and I could not see all of it.
I asked him what it was and he showed me
that it was a Celtic cross .
I asked him if he got that in Ireland
and he said, "No, Connecticut."

"The message of the cross is complete absurdity
to those who are headed for ruin,
but to us who are experiencing salvation
it is the power of God."
1 Corinthians 1:18

Look to the cross.
It is more than wood.
It is more than a symbol.
It is the power of God.
God wants to save you from your sins.
Jesus, forgive my sins.
You died for me.
Thank you for your grace and power.

(June 8, 2010 Tue 8:35 AM CDT)

"At once the man stood erect before them.
He picked up the mat he had been lying on
and went home praising God.
At this they were all seized with astonishment.
Full of awe, they gave praise to God, saying,
'We have seen incredible things today!'"
Luke 5:25-26

God can do all things.
Miracles happen every day.
Have faith.
Open your eyes.
See the incredible things of God.

(June 7, 2010 Mon 8:16 AM CDT)

Yesterday I was reading about a fan that has no blades.
It only costs $299.99 at Best Buy.

"Some men's sins are flagrant and
cry out for judgment now,
while other men's sins will appear only later.
Similarly, some good deeds stand out clearly as such;
even inconspicuous ones cannot be hidden forever."
1 Timothy 5:24-25

Do good deeds.
Do what is right and pleasing to God.
Be an example of goodness.
The Lord will bless your efforts.
Jesus, help us to do what is right.
We need you today.

(June 6, 2010 Sun 9:02 AM CDT)

The day lilies in my front yard are blooming.
Very beautiful.
Thank the Lord for his creation.

"In him everything in heaven and
on earth was created,
things visible and invisible,
whether thrones or dominations,
principalities or powers;
all were created through him, and for him.
He is before all else that is.
In him everything continues in being."
Colossians 1:16-17

God holds the universe together.
He created it from nothing
and sustains you and me and all things.
Give praise to your creator.
Thank him for the beauty you see.

(June 5, 2010 Sat 2:10 PM CDT)

I had a test yesterday afternoon.
I hope I passed so I can get a new job.

We had lots of rain overnight
and the creek near 93rd and
West Center Road in Omaha is very high.
At one point the bike trail goes underwater.

"First of all, I urge that petitions, prayers,
intercessions, and thanksgiving be offered for all men,
especially for kings and those in authority,
that we may be able to lead undisturbed and tranquil lives
in perfect piety and dignity.
Prayer of this kind is good,
and God our savior is pleased with it,
for he wants all men to be saved
and come to know the truth."
1 Timothy 2:1-4

Pray for your leaders in your city and country.
God be with them and guide them.
Help them to be led by the Lord.
May there be peace and harmony where we live.
May we all know the truth.

(June 4, 2010 Fri 9:18 AM CDT)

Another person in our group found a job.
God bless them and their family.
Thank the Lord for his goodness.

"As for other matters,
I shall give instructions when I come."
1 Corinthians 11:34

There is much to learn.
The Lord has a lot to show you.
Listen to him and his instructions.
Learn from other Christians that visit you.
Be open to learning more about the ways of the Lord.

(June 3, 2010 Thu 10:17 AM CDT)

I went to a .NET SQL meeting last night
and I did not win anything.
Something is wrong.
The speaker talked about
SQL Server Performance Tuning .
Upper and lowercase SQL text can impact caching of queries.
Options like Simple or Forced Parameterization have an impact.
He said that he can usually go into a company and
in an hour or so make a significant savings in query times.
Indexes are one of the first things to try.
He kept talking about DMVs (data management views).

Paul said,
"And this recompense of mine?
It is simply this, that when preaching
I offer the gospel free of charge and
do not make full use of the authority
the gospel gives me."
1 Corinthians 9:18

It is free for the taking.
It is there in plain view.
The gospel of Christ is offered to you.
Will you let it impact your life?
That is your option.
It will significantly save your soul.

(June 2, 2010 Wed 8:45 AM CDT)

I watched the thunderstorm last night from
the Westroads Mall around 6 PM in Omaha.
It turned very dark with lots of wind and rain.
Very awesome.

Jesus said,
"The judgment of condemnation is this:
the light came into the world,
but men loved darkness rather than light
because their deeds were wicked.
Everyone who practices evil hates the light;
he does not come near it
for fear his deeds will be exposed.
But he who acts in truth
comes into the light, to make clear
that his deeds are done in God."
John 3:19-21

Is there darkness in your life?
Do you have something to hide?
Come to the light.
Let the light of Christ shine on you.
Don't hide.
Live in the light.

(June 1, 2010 Tue 10:48 AM CDT)

"About midnight, while Paul and Silas were praying
and singing hymns to God as their fellow prisoners listened,
a severe earthquake suddenly shook the place,
rocking the prison to its foundations.
Immediately all the doors flew open
and everyone's chains were pulled loose."
Acts 16:25-26

Pray with expectant faith.
Sing for joy.
God will set you free.
He will open the doors for you.

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