January, 2011

God is great
Turn to the Lord

Have a blessed year

The Lord is your strength

Call on Jesus to save you

Pray for a miracle

(January 31, 2011 Mon 6:27 AM CST)

"There are still many other things that Jesus did,
yet if they were written about in detail,
I doubt there would be room enough
in the entire world to hold
the books to record them."
John 21:25

Jesus did many things.
He touched the lives of many people.
He continues to touch lives.
The books are still being written.
Jesus is alive and active in 2011.

(January 30, 2011 Sun 8:51 AM CST)

"Some men came along carrying
a paralytic on a mat.
They were trying to bring him in
and lay him before Jesus;
but they found no way
of getting him through
because of the crowd,
so they went up on the roof.
There they let him down with his mat
through the tiles into the middle
of the crowd before Jesus.
Seeing their faith, Jesus said,
'My friend, your sins are forgiven you.'"
Luke 5:18-20

You have to think.
You have to use your brain.
Be open to creative ideas.
The Lord will bless your efforts to be helpful.
Pray for inspiration.
Do whatever it takes to bring people to Jesus.

(January 28, 2011 Fri 6:34 AM CST)

"Jesus called a little child over and
stood him in their midst and said:
'I assure you, unless you change
and become like little children,
you will not enter the kingdom of God.
Whoever makes himself lowly,
becoming like this child
is of greatest importance
in that heavenly reign.'"
Matthew 18:2-4

Who is truly great?
Who is important?
Humble yourself.
Give the glory to your Father in heaven.
You are his child.

(January 26, 2011 Wed 6:23 AM CST)

We still have our same mayor in Omaha.
God bless him and his family
and help him to lead our city.

Jesus taught,
"Blest too the peacemakers;
they shall be called sons of God."
Matthew 5:9

Pray for peace.
Pray for your leaders.
Jesus, teach us how to live together.
Give us strong holy leaders.
You are the source of our peace.

(January 25, 2011 Tue 11:44 AM CST)

I went to the eye doctor this morning.
The intraocular pressure was
16 mm and 16 mm in the L/R eyes.
My eyes are dilated so it is blinding outside
on this sunny snow-covered day.
You have to wear heavy sunglass blinders.
God bless him and all those in his office.

On the way home I went to vote.
Today is the recall election
for the mayor of Omaha.
Will he keep his job or not?

"The testimony is this:
God gave us eternal life,
and this life is in his Son.
Whoever possesses the Son
possesses life;
whoever does not possess the Son of God
does not possess life."
1 John 5:11-12

Is Jesus part of your life?
Do you pray to him?
He testifies to the truth.
Open your eyes.
Believe in him.
Trust in him.

(January 24, 2011 Mon 6:27 AM CST)

"We keep thanking God for all of you
and we remember you in our prayers,
for we constantly are mindful
before our God and Father
of the way you are proving your faith,
and laboring in love,
and showing constancy of hope
in our Lord Jesus Christ."
1 Thessalonians 1:2-3

Thank the Lord.
Pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ.
Labor for the Lord.
The harvest will be great.
Our hope is in Jesus.

(January 23, 2011 Sun 8:14 AM CST)

We keep getting more snow.
We received about 4 more inches in Omaha yesterday.
It takes a little while to shovel it.

"As soon as it was night, the brothers
sent Paul and Silas off to Beroea.
On their arrival, they went to the Jewish synagogue.
Its members were better disposed
than those in Thessalonica,
and welcomed the message with great enthusiasm.
Each day they studied the Scriptures
to see whether these things were so."
Acts 17:10-11

Be open to the message from God.
He is trying to reach you.
Receive it with enthusiasm.
Study the Bible daily.
It is so.
Jesus, help us to receive
your living word daily.

(January 21, 2011 Fri 6:26 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"Search the Scriptures
in which you think
you have eternal life ---
they also testify on my behalf."
John 5:39

The words in the Bible point to Jesus.
He is the one.
He is the source of eternal life.
Learn more about him every day.
Pray to him.

(January 19, 2011 Wed 6:24 AM CST)

"There the people at once brought to Jesus
a paralyzed man lying on a mat.
When Jesus saw their faith
he said to he paralytic,
'Have courage, son,
your sins are forgiven.'"
Matthew 9:2

Pray for others.
Intercede for them.
The Lord will heal.
The Lord will forgive.
He gives courage for each day.

(January 18, 2011 Tue 9:45 AM CST)

Someone that I work with lost their job last week.
Three people quit at the end of the year.
Pray for them and their families.

"This is what we proclaim to you:
what was from the beginning,
what we have heard,
what we have seen with our eyes,
what we have looked upon
and our hands have touched ---
we speak of the word of life."
1 John 1:1

You have seen God is at work.
He is moving.
He is touching your life.
He is alive and active.
Give thanks to God.

(January 17, 2011 Mon 6:26 AM CST)

"May the Lord rule your hearts
in the love of God and
the constancy of Christ."
2 Thessalonians 3:5

Be consistent.
Open your hearts.
Let the Lord in.
Love the Lord.

(January 16, 2011 Sun 8:42 AM CST)

They read this at the wedding yesterday.

"There are in the end 3 things that last:
faith, hope, and love,
and the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13

God is love.
His love will last forever.
Believe in him.
Receive his love that never ends.

(January 15, 2011 Sat 9:29 AM CST)

"All through this, Simon Peter had been
standing there warming himself.
They said to him,
'Are you not a disciple of his?'
He denied it and said, 'I am not!'"
John 18:25

Don't deny it.
You are a follower of Christ.
Let others know you live for him.
Stand up for the truth.
Jesus is the Lord.

(January 14, 2011 Fri 6:33 AM CST)

I have been on my current job 7 months today.
It is really Friday for me.
I don't have to go to work tomorrow.
My niece is getting married.
God bless them and their marriage.

"Then, having bought a linen shroud,
Joseph took Jesus down,
wrapped him in the linen,
and laid him in a tomb
which had been cut out of rock.
Finally he rolled a stone
across the entrance of the tomb."
Mark 15:46

Jesus died on the cross.
He suffered and died for you and me.
He was placed in a tomb.
The story does not end there.
He rose from the dead.
The stone was rolled away.
He was set free.
Receive this Resurrection power today.
The story for you is just beginning with new life.

(January 12, 2011 Wed 6:39 AM CST)

It has been one year since the earthquake in Haiti .
I try to pray for all of them each morning.
God be with them and help them rebuild their lives.

"The fervent petition of a holy man is powerful indeed.
Elijah was only a man like us,
yet he prayed earnestly that it would not rain
and no rain fell on the land for 3 years and 6 months.
When he prayed again, the sky burst forth with rain
and the land produced its crop."
James 5:16-18

Prayer is amazing.
Prayer changes things.
Do you pray every day?
Do take time to talk to God?
Go to him daily.
Petition him.
Thank him.
Give praise to him.

(January 11, 2011 Tue 10:14 AM CST)

Yesterday they paid us double at work
because of the snowstorm emergency.
That was nice.
I got to work about an hour early
to make sure I was there on time.

"If then you regard me as a partner,
welcome him as you would me."
Philemon 1:17

You have many brothers and sisters in Christ.
Welcome them as you would welcome the Lord.
Not everyone is perfect.
Everyone is unique.
Love others as Christ would love them.

(January 9, 2011 Sun 7:47 AM CST)

They say we are going to get snow
for the next 3 days.

"Make it a point of honor
to remain at peace and
attend to your own affairs.
Work with your hands
as we directed you to do,
so that you will give good example
to outsiders and want for nothing."
1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

Live in peace with those around you.
Be a kind and thoughtful person.
Do your best work.
Give honor to the Lord in what you do.
God will give you strength for the task.

(January 7, 2011 Fri 6:22 AM CST)

"The love of Christ impels us
who have reached the conviction
that since one died for all, all died.
He died for all so that
those who live might live
no longer for themselves,
but for him who for their sakes died
and was raised up."
2 Corinthians 5:14-15

The Lord loves us.
He has blessed us abundantly.
He died for you.
What is your response?
What will you do?
Live for the Lord.
Do the will of Christ.

(January 6, 2011 Thu 7:14 PM CST)

We pray for all the people at the high school in Omaha
where there was a shooting yesterday.

"No test has been sent you
that does not come to all men.
God keeps his promise.
He will not let you be tested
beyond your strength.
Along with the test
he will give you a way out of it
so that you may be able to endure it."
1 Corinthians 10:13

Will there be trials and tribulations?
Your life will not be perfect.
It will be tough at times.
God will help you along the way.
He is your strength.
He is your endurance.

(January 5, 2011 Wed 6:27 AM CST)

"On one occasion, while they were engaged
in the liturgy of the Lord and were fasting,
the Holy Spirit spoke to them:
'Set apart Barnabas and Saul for me
to do the work for which I have called them.'
Then, after they had fasted and prayed,
they imposed hands on them and sent them off."
Acts 13:2-3

Pray and fast.
Fast and pray.
Listen to the Holy Spirit.
Pray for your leaders.
The Lord is calling you.
You will be sent on a mission.

(January 4, 2011 Tue 10:00 AM CST)

I got caught up a few days ago
with all the Sudoku puzzles from the newspaper.
It took a long time.

"The Word became flesh
and made his dwelling among us,
we have seen his glory:
The glory of an only Son
coming from the Father,
filled with enduring love."
John 1:14

Jesus came to earth.
He pitched his tent among us.
He was one of us.
He walked with us.
He lowered himself out of love.
Love takes time.

(January 3, 2011 Mon 6:24 AM CST)

"Peter was moved to say to him,
'We have put aside everything to follow you!'
Jesus answered:
'I give you my word,
there is no one who has given up home,
brothers or sisters, mother or father,
children or property, for me and for the gospel
who will not receive in this present age
a hundred times as many homes, brothers and sisters,
mothers, children and property ---
and persecution besides ---
and in the age to come, everlasting life.
Many who are first shall come last,
and the last shall come first.'"
Mark 10:28-31

It takes sacrifice.
It takes work.
You have to give up something.
You have to let go.
Open your arms to receive the blessings.
Jesus, we want to follow you alone this year.
Help us to be faithful servants.
We want to come home to you.

(January 2, 2011 Sun 6:55 AM CST)

"The fool says in his heart,
'There is no God.'"
Psalms 53:1-2

God exists.
He created all things that you see.
It did not just happen by accident and coincidence.
There is a design to the universe.
There is an author.
The author of life is Jesus.

(January 1, 2011 Sat 3:22 PM CST)

Happy New Year!
May it be a year of many blessings
for you and your family!
I got off work early at 10:30 AM.

"The Lord, indeed, knows how
to rescue devout men from trial,
and how to continue punishment of the wicked
to up the day of judgment."
2 Peter 2:9

In times of trial the Lord will rescue you.
Look to him.
Call on him for help.
He is your Savior.
He is your strength in this new year.

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