February, 2011

God is great
Turn to the Lord

Have a blessed year

The Lord is your strength

Call on Jesus to save you

Pray for a miracle

(February 28, 2011 Mon 6:23 AM CST)

Please, pray for a relative in Ohio that needs surgery.
God be with them and heal them.

"Paul to Titus,
my own true child in our common faith:
May grace and peace from God our Father,
and Jesus Christ our Savior, be with you."
Titus 1:4

Share the faith.
We share a common faith.
Give the gift away freely.
God will bless us with grace and peace.

(February 27, 2011 Sun 7:42 AM CST)

"...I saw a light more brilliant than the sun
shining in the sky at midday.
It surrounded me and those
who were traveling with me.
All of us fell to the ground and
I heard a voice saying to me in Hebrew,
'Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?'"
Acts 26:13-14

Sometimes you fall to the ground.
The Lord stops you in your path.
The power of God is overwhelming.
The voice of the Lord moves you.
He is brilliant.
He calls you by name.
Listen to what he says to you.

(February 26, 2011 Sat 9:00 AM CST)

Today is the day that you have to dial
10 digits to call other people in Omaha.
We are running out of phone number in area code 402.

They finally launched the space shuttle Discovery on Thursday.
I went to Florida in November to see the launch
but there were many delays.
That is the last launch for Discovery.
There are two more shuttle launches and
then it will end.

Jesus prayed,
"The Father loves me for this:
that I lay down my life
to take it up again.
No one takes it from me;
I lay it down freely.
I have power to lay it down,
and I have power to take it up again.
This command I received from my Father."
John 10:17-18

The Trinity is a mystery.
There are three persons in one God ---
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
It is something we will never understand.
The love of God is amazing.
He gives and gives and gives.
Jesus, thank you, for giving your life freely.

(February 23, 2011 Wed 6:39 AM CST)

Jesus answered him,
"Scripture has it,
'Not on bread alone shall man live.'"
Luke 4:4

"...man does not live by bread alone,
but man lives by everything that proceeds
out of the mouth of the LORD."
Deuteronomy 8:3

You need more than food to survive.
You need nourishment for your soul.
You need blessings from above.
Go to Jesus for all your needs.
Jesus, feed me with the bread of life.

(February 21, 2011 Mon 6:25 AM CST)

"O Lord, you have probed me and you know me;
you know when I sit and when I stand;
you understand my thoughts from afar."
Psalms 139:1-2

The Lord created you.
He knows everything about you.
He watches over you.
You are his child.
Go to him with all your concerns.
He will understand.

(February 20, 2011 Sun 8:29 AM CST)

It has been raining this morning in Omaha.
I see a little green grass in the yard.

"I am coming soon.
Hold fast to what you have
lest someone rob you of your crown."
Revelation 3:11

Hold on.
Don't let go of what you believe.
Keep the faith.
Stay close to Jesus always.

(February 18, 2011 Fri 6:25 AM CST)

We have had some warm days lately
and the piles of snow are almost all gone.

"We pray for you always that our God
may make you worthy of his call,
and fulfill by his power
every honest intention and work of faith."
2 Thessalonians 1:11

You are called by Christ.
Fulfill your mission.
Be honest.
Be a person of great faith.
The Lord is by your side.

(February 16, 2011 Wed 6:43 AM CST)

We are having some very mild weather lately in Omaha.
Thank the Lord.

"Our preaching of the gospel
proved not a mere matter of words for you
but one of power;
it was carried on in the Holy Spirit
and out of complete conviction."
1 Thessalonians 1:5

The words in the Bible are more than words.
It is alive.
It is the Spirit of God.
Study the Bible.
Dwell on the power of God.

(February 15, 2011 Tue 10:46 AM CST)

I was trying to put on my new Nebraska license plates
and I broke one of the bolts on the back of the car.
At the moment only one bolt is holding it on.
I will have to take it somewhere to have it fixed.
The plates were on the car for 6 years.

"Peter had not finished these words
when the Holy Spirit descended
upon all who were listening to Peter's message."
Acts 10:44

Pray for inspired preachers.
We need to hear the word of God.
It will move us.
It will change us.
Come, Holy Spirit, and renew our lives.

(February 14, 2011 Mon 6:26 AM CST)

It was very warm yesterday in Omaha.
They had the windows open at church at 5:15 PM.

Happy Valentine's Day.
God loves you very much.

"Yes, God so loved the world
that he gave his only Son,
that whoever believes in him may not die
but may have eternal life."
John 3:16

God created you.
You are his child.
He cares for you.
He wants the best for you.
He loves you.

(February 13, 2011 Sun 9:16 AM CST)

"To the one who wins the victory,
who keeps to my ways till the end,
I will give authority over the nations ---
the same authority I received from my Father.
He shall rule them with a rod of iron
and shatter them like pottery;
and I will give him the morning star."
Revelation 2:26-28

You look at Egypt and see the changes there.
Who is in control?
Where does power come from?
True power comes from our heavenly Father.
He controls the universe.
Follow in his ways.
He is your leader.
He is the morning star.

(February 11, 2011 Fri 6:32 AM CST)

I got an email that a friend found a job
after a very long search.
God bless him and his family.

"And may the Lord increase you and
make you overflow with love
for one another and for all,
even as our love does for you.
May he strengthen your hearts,
making them blameless and holy
before our God and Father
at the coming of our Lord Jesus
with all his holy ones."
1 Thessalonians 3:12-13

God bless you today and always.
God be with you.
He is your strength.
Be holy.
He will return one day.

(February 9, 2011 Wed 6:31 AM CST)

"Then, when the commander arrived on the scene,
he arrested Paul and had him bound with double irons."
Acts 21:33

The word is getting out.
You can't stop the good news.
The truth will be known.
Jesus is your hope for the future.

(February 8, 2011 Tue 9:48 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"I solemnly assure you,
if a man is true to my word
he shall never see death."
John 8:51

Believe in Jesus.
Read his words.
He is the truth.
You will find eternal life.

(February 7, 2011 Mon 6:33 AM CST)

The angel said,
"Do not fear, Mary.
You have found favor with God.
You shall conceive and bear a son
and give him the name of Jesus.
Great will be his dignity and
he will be called Son of the Most High.
The Lord God will give him
the throne of David his father.
He will rule over the house of Jacob forever
and his reign will be without end."
Luke 1:30-33

Mary was special.
She was chosen.
We are all special.
We are all chosen.
Do the will of God.
Bring Jesus to life in this dark world.

(February 6, 2011 Sun 8:43 AM CST)

The mother of a friend of mine died recently.
Pray for them and their family.
God be with them at this sad time.

"When they met again in Galilee, Jesus said to them,
'The Son of Man is going to be delivered
into the hands of men who will put him to death,
and he will be raised up on the third day.'
At these words they were overwhelmed with grief."
Matthew 17:22-23

Jesus knew that he would die.
He continued on the journey to the cross.
He did not stop.
He died for you and me.
Jesus, thank you for dying for us on the cross.
You are most kind and thoughtful.
We don't know what to say.

(February 4, 2011 Fri 6:34 AM CST)

I took my chocolate/chocolate cake to work yesterday.
It was a tailgate party to celebrate the Super Bowl
that is this Sunday.

"After this I heard what sounded like
the loud song of a great assembly in heaven.
They were singing:
Salvation, glory and might belong to our God,
for his judgments are true and just!'"
Revelation 19:1-2

There is singing in heaven and on earth.
Join in the chorus.
Salvation comes from Jesus.
Join the celebration.

(February 2, 2011 Wed 6:35 AM CST)

"He called you through our preaching
of the good news
so that you might achieve
the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ."
2 Thessalonians 2:14

You are called.
You are called to service.
Do the will of God.
Give glory to God with your work.

(February 1, 2011 Tue 9:45 AM CST)

"A man will reap only what he sows.
If he sows in the field of the flesh,
he will reap a harvest of corruption;
but if his seed-ground is the spirit,
he will reap everlasting life.
Let us not grow weary of doing good;
if we do not relax our efforts,
in due time we shall reap our harvest."
Galatians 6:7-9

Plan for the future.
Plant the seeds of faith.
God will provide the growth.
The harvest will be great.

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