August, 2011

Believe in Jesus
Jesus is the way, truth and life

You need hope

God is good

Seek the truth

Believe and live

(August 31, 2011 Wed 6:29 AM CDT)

"Through him we have been favored with apostleship,
that we may spread his name and
bring to obedient faith all the Gentiles,
among whom are you who have been called
to belong to Jesus Christ."
Romans 1:5-6

We are blessed with God's favor.
Yes, we are.
We have been called to obedient faith.
Let us spread the word.
Let us share Christ that was raised from the dead.

(August 30, 2011 Tue 6:24 AM CDT)

"This Spirit he lavished on us
through Jesus Christ our Savior,
that we might be justified by his grace
and become heirs, in hope, of eternal life.
You can depend on this to be true."
Titus 3:6-8

Who can you depend on?
Who can you trust to be faithful?
Depend on Jesus and his grace.
He will bring you to eternal life.

(August 29, 2011 Mon 6:24 AM CDT)

"Jesus showed amazement on hearing this,
and turned to the crowd
which was following him to say,
'I tell you,
I have never found so much faith
among the Israelites.'
When the deputation returned to the house,
they found the servant in perfect health."
Luke 7:9-10

Trust in Jesus.
Have faith in him.
He will restore your health.
He will heal your soul.
Be amazed at what he can do.

(August 28, 2011 Sun 9:07 AM CDT)

"Before long the whole city was in turmoil.
People came running from all sides.
They seized Paul, dragged him outside the temple,
and immediately closed its gates."
Acts 21:30

There are many levels.
You see what is happening with your eyes
and that is one level.
Then there is the spiritual level
and that is hidden from us.
Is there turmoil that you can see?
And we do see it all around us.
But the question is...
is there turmoil in your soul?
Open the gate to your soul
to the saving power of Christ.
Find peace and joy in the midst of turmoil.

(August 27, 2011 Sat 10:00 AM CDT)

"Recalling your tears when we parted,
I yearn to see you again.
That would make my happiness complete."
2 Timothy 1:4

People come and go in our lives.
Some move far away.
We change schools or jobs.
Hopefully we will all be together again in heaven.
Pray for all that you know to seek the Lord.
Intercede for them.

(August 26, 2011 Fri 8:00 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"You have heard the commandment,
'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.'
But what I say to you is
offer no resistance to injury.
When a person strikes you on the right cheek,
turn and offer him the other.
If anyone wants to go to law over your shirt,
hand him your coat as well.
Should anyone press you into service for one mile,
go with him two miles.
Give to the man who begs from you.
Do not turn your back on the borrower."
Matthew 5:38-42

It is clear.
Do not try to get even with someone.
Do not seek revenge.
Let the Lord handle it.
Respond to those that ask for help
in any way that you can.
It will not be easy.
Ask the Lord for patience.

(August 25, 2011 Thu 6:20 AM CDT)

"Jesus said to the crowds:
'When you see a cloud rising in the west,
you say immediately that rain is coming ---
and so it does.
When the wind blows from the south,
you say it is going to be hot ---
and so it is.
You hypocrites!
If you can interpret
the portents of earth and sky,
why can you not interpret the present time?'"
Luke 12:54-56

It seems like every day there is another disaster.
Here comes hurricane Irene now.
We should always be prepared to meet the Lord.
Welcome him today into your life.

(August 24, 2011 Wed 6:27 AM CDT)

"All through this, Simon Peter had been
standing there warming himself.
They said to him,
'Are not you a disciple of his?'
He denied it and said, 'I am not!'"
John 18:25

Don't deny it.
You are a disciple of Christ.
Stand up for the truth.
Be a witness for the Lord.

(August 23, 2011 Tue 6:15 AM CDT)

"The only stipulation was that
we should be mindful of the poor ---
the one thing that
I was making every effort to do."
Galatians 2:10

Remember the poor.
Help the homeless.
They are in great need.
God will bless your efforts.

(August 22, 2011 Mon 6:34 AM CDT)

"May the Lord rule your hearts
in the love of God
and the constancy of Christ."
2 Thessalonians 3:5

Give your heart to the Lord.
Let him rule your life.
Trust in him.
Christ is your salvation.

(August 21, 2011 Sun 8:40 AM CDT)

"Keep this in mind, dear brothers.
Let every man be quick to hear,
slow to speak, slow to anger;
for a man's anger
does not fulfill God's justice."
James 1:19-20

Are you listening?
Stop and listen.
Count to 10, if you are angry.
Then speak the truth with kindness.
Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing.
Pray for persons you disagree with.

(August 20, 2011 Sat 9:39 AM CDT)

Someone I used to work with a few years ago
died about a week ago.
God bless them and their family.

"O Lord, our Lord,
how glorious is your name
over all the earth!
You have exalted your majesty
above the heavens."
Psalms 8:1 or 2

Give glory to the Lord.
Give him honor and praise.
Exalt his name.
Praise the Lord.

(August 19, 2011 Fri 6:24 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"At the judgment, the citizens of Nineveh
will rise with the present generation
and be the ones to condemn it.
At the preaching of Jonah they reformed their lives;
but you have a greater than Jonah here."
Matthew 12:41

Now is the time to react.
You hear the words of Jesus.
Will you respond to the call of salvation?
The people of Nineveh responded.
What do you have to say?
What will you do?
It is your decision.

(August 18, 2011 Thu 6:19 AM CDT)

Jesus taught,
"Remember Lot's wife.
Whoever tries to preserve his life will lose it;
whoever loses it will keep it."
Luke 17:32-33

There is heaven and there is hell.
It is in the Bible.
Don't turn back.
Call on the mercy of the Lord.
Ask him to forgive your sins.
Give your life away to the Lord.
Live forever with him.

(August 17, 2011 Wed 6:32 AM CDT)

The father of someone I went to school with
passed away recently.
Pray for all of their family.
God be with them today and comfort them.

"Later on, Jesus crossed the Sea of Galilee
to the shore of Tiberias;
a vast crowd kept following him
because they saw the signs
he was performing for the sick."
John 6:1-2

Follow Jesus wherever he goes.
See the miracles that he performs.
He is amazing.
He will change your life.
He will heal your soul.

(August 16, 2011 Tue 6:18 AM CDT)

"There was a certain Levite from Cyprus named Joseph,
to whom the apostles gave the name Barnabas
(meaning 'son of encouragement').
He sold a farm that he owned
and made a donation of the money,
laying it at the apostles' feet."
Acts 4:36-37

Barnabas was called by God.
He was encouragement to those near him.
He gave all that he had to the Lord's work.
God blessed him.

(August 15, 2011 Mon 7:04 AM CDT)

"I was very happy at the arrival of
Stephanas, Fortunatus, and Achaicus,
because they made up for your absence.
They have refreshed my spirit as they did yours.
You should recognize the worth of such men."
1 Corinthians 16:17-18

Be a refreshment to those near you.
Be a breath of fresh air.
Encourage one another.
Be sunshine for the soul.

(August 14, 2011 Sun 9:05 AM CDT)

It is Sunday.
It is the Lord's Day.
Attend church today
with your many brothers and sisters in Christ.

"It was fitting that we should have
such a high priest:
holy, innocent, undefiled,
separated from sinners,
higher than the heavens."
Hebrews 7:26

We need help.
We need Jesus Christ.
He was innocent and died in our place.
He is holiness.
Let us be like him with the help of his grace.

(August 13, 2011 Sat 9:53 AM CDT)

Jesus taught,
"Those who have will get more
until they grow rich,
while those who have not
will lose even the little they have."
Matthew 25:29

You have been blessed.
Use the gifts and talents that God has given to you.
Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.
Seek to do good.

(August 12, 2011 Fri 7:52 AM CDT)

The rain is falling this morning in Omaha.
I put the trash out on the curb using my umbrella.
They say the level of the Missouri River has been dropping.
It still has 4 or 5 feet to go
to get back under the flood stage level.

"Jesus became aware of this and said to them:
'Why do you criticize the woman?
It is a good deed she has done for me.
The poor you will always have with you
but you will not always have me.
By pouring this perfume on my body,
she has contributed toward my burial preparation.
I assure you,
wherever the good news is proclaimed throughout the world,
what she did will be spoken of as her memorial.'"
Matthew 26:10-13

Death will come one day to all of us.
What will people remember about you?
What will stand out in your life?
Be of service to those near you.
Be thoughtful.

(August 11, 2011 Thu 6:26 AM CDT)

"After this, the Lord appointed a further 72 (or 70)
and sent them in pairs before him
to every town and place he intended to visit."
Luke 10:1

You have been sent.
The Lord has given you brothers and sisters in Christ.
Share the joy of the Lord where you go today.
The Lord is with you.

(August 10, 2011 Wed 6:22 AM CDT)

"In view of this,
we must attend all the more
to what we have heard,
lest we drift away."
Hebrews 2:1

Don't drift away.
Stay on the path to heaven.
Focus on Jesus.
Be true to your faith.
Live what you have heard.

(August 9, 2011 Tue 6:28 AM CDT)

"Jesus began to address them,
once more using parables.
'The reign of God
may be likened to a king
who gave a wedding banquet for his son.
He dispatched his servants to summon
the invited guests to the wedding,
but they refused to come.'"
Matthew 22:1-3

You have an invitation.
Will you come to the banquet?
Are you too busy?
Take time to meet Jesus
and learn all about him.
It is up to you to respond.

(August 8, 2011 Mon 6:33 AM CDT)

"Jesus said to them:
'You do not understand this parable?
How then are you going
to understand other figures like it?
What the sower is sowing is the word.'"
Mark 4:13-14

Words are important.
The word of God is very important.
It gives life to your soul.
Let the word of God take root in your life.

(August 7, 2011 Sun 9:41 AM CDT)

"When Jesus saw her,
he called her to him and said,
'Woman, you are free of your infirmity.'
He laid his hand on her,
and immediately she stood up straight
and began thanking God."
Luke 13:12-13

Stand up straight.
Jesus is calling for you.
The Lord has put his hand on you.
Be healed and made well in the name of Jesus.
Thank the Lord for his greatness.

(August 6, 2011 Sat 10:28 AM CDT)

"Observing the self-assurance of Peter and John,
and realizing that the speakers were
uneducated men of no standing,
the questioners were amazed.
Then they recognized these men
as having been with Jesus."
Acts 4:13

There is a confidence that comes
from knowing Jesus and spending time with him.
There is a wisdom that comes only from God.
Have faith in the Lord.
Trust in him.
He will give you the words to defend the truth.

(August 5, 2011 Fri 6:20 AM CDT)

"Then, when our time was up,
we continued our journey.
All of them --- wives and children included ---
came out of the city to see us off,
and we knelt down on the beach and prayed."
Acts 21:5

It must have been something to witness that day in Tyre
with all these people praying on the beach.
Support those on their journey for the Lord.
Be there and encourage them.
Pray for them.

(August 4, 2011 Thu 6:26 AM CDT)

"Likewise the Lord himself ordered
that those who preach the gospel
should live by the gospel."
1 Corinthians 9:14

Do you live the gospel?
Does your life reflect the goodness of the Lord?
Pray daily for guidance.
The Lord will give you wisdom to do what is right.
Live for the Lord.

(August 3, 2011 Wed 6:28 AM CDT)

"Encourage one another daily
while it is still 'today,'
so that no one grows hardened
by the deceit of sin."
Hebrews 3:13

Stay on the right path.
Encourage others to seek the Lord.
Avoid sin.
Do the will of God.
It is your today.

(August 2, 2011 Tue 6:19 AM CDT)

The flood of 2011 continues here in Omaha.
The water level will stay high for another month.

"I will break away and return to my father,
and say to him,
'Father, I have sinned against God and against you;
I no longer deserve to be called your son.
Treat me like one of your hired hands.'"
Luke 15:18-19

You are special.
You are a child of God.
Go to your father in heaven.
He is watching and waiting.
Ask him to forgive you.
Then you can return home safe and sound.

(August 1, 2011 Mon 6:43 AM CDT)

"With that, they arranged a day with Paul
and came to his lodgings in great numbers.
From morning to evening
he laid the case before them,
bearing witness to the reign of God among men."
Acts 28:23

Be a witness for the truth.
Stand up for what is right.
Many people want to hear the good news.
God will bless your efforts.

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