July, 2012

God is great
Praise the Lord

Sing for joy


Praise God

Give thanks to the Lord

(July 31, 2012 Tue 6:19 AM CDT)

Jesus taught,
"A good man produces goodness
from the good in his heart;
an evil man produces evil
out of his store of evil.
Each man speaks from his heart's abundance."
Luke 6:45

What is in your heart?
Is it goodness and kindness?
Fill your heart with the love of God.
Do what is right.
Feel the joy of the Lord.

(July 30, 2012 Mon 6:19 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"You know the commandments:
'You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not kill.
You shall not steal.
You shall not bear dishonest witness.
Honor your father and your mother.'"
Luke 18:20

There are commandments.
They give order to your community.
They will simplify your life.
Ask the Lord to forgive you.
Jesus, forgive me.
I have sinned.
Show me the way to live a holy life.
Teach me, Lord.
I want to do what is right.

(July 29, 2012 Sun 6:51 AM CDT)

"Paul stayed on in Corinth for quite a while;
but eventually he took leave
of the brothers and sailed for Syria ,
in the company of Priscilla and Aquila."
Acts 18:18

Paul was sent.
He served the Lord.
He kept on moving as the Holy Spirit led him.
You are sent to bring good news.

(July 28, 2012 Sat 8:57 AM CDT)

I was just talking to Steve in Idaho.
My ISP connection was down.
He got it working again.
God bless him and all the people that work there.

The mother of someone I work with died recently.
Pray for all the family.
She was only 54.

"Keep careful watch over your conduct.
Do not act like fools,
but like thoughtful men.
Make the most of the present opportunity,
for these are evil days.
Do not continue in ignorance,
but try to discern the will of the Lord."
Ephesians 5:15-17

What does the Lord want you to do?
Seek the wisdom of the Lord.
The Holy Spirit will lead you.
Make the most of each day you are alive.

(July 27, 2012 Fri 6:33 AM CDT)

"If anyone suffers for being a Christian,
however, he ought not to be ashamed.
He should rather glorify God
in virtue of that name."
1 Peter 4:16

People will say things about you.
They will give you a hard time.
Stand up for your faith.
Jesus will be with you.

(July 26, 2012 Thu 6:22 AM CDT)

I went to see Dr. Townley yesterday.
I need surgery on my right eye for a cataract.
God bless him and all those in his office.

"Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and brother of James,
to those who have been called by God;
who have found love in God the Father and
have been guarded safely in Jesus Christ.
May mercy, peace, and love
be yours in ever greater measure."
Jude 1:1-2

Serve the Lord.
Find your safety in him.
Receive mercy and love.
Be at peace.

(July 25, 2012 Wed 6:23 AM CDT)

"They cried out to the mountains and rocks,
'Fall on us!
Hide us from the face of the One
who sits on the throne and
from the wrath of the Lamb!
The great day of their vengeance has come.
Who can withstand it?'"
Revelation 6:16-17

Call on the name of Jesus.
He will save you.
He is your salvation.
Jesus, forgive my sins.
I need you in my life.
Come and save me.

(July 24, 2012 Tue 6:31 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"Again I tell you,
if two of you join your voices
on earth to pray for anything whatever,
it shall be granted you by my Father in heaven.
Where two or three are gathered in my name,
there am I in their midst."
Matthew 18:19-20

Get together to pray.
Attend church each week.
You need your brothers and sisters in Christ.
Pray with your family.
Jesus will be with you in your gathering.

(July 23, 2012 Mon 6:35 AM CDT)

We have gone from the great flood of 2011
to the great drought of 2012.
Lord, please send us rain.
We depend on you.

Jesus answered,
"The light is among you only a little longer.
Walk while you still have it
or darkness will come over you.
The man who walks in the dark
does not know where he is going.
While you have the light,
keep faith in the light,
thus you will become sons of light."
John 12:35-36

Jesus is the light of the world.
Follow him to safety.
He will show you the path to happiness.
Stay near the light always.

(July 22, 2012 Sun 7:03 AM CDT)

"Thomas said in response,
'My Lord and my God!'
Jesus then said to him:
'You became a believer because you saw me.
Blest are they who have not seen and have believed.'"
John 20:28-29

When you read the Gospel of John
you get the feeling John was right there.
He saw this happen right in front of his eyes.
It was a very moving moment.
Blest are you if you believe in Jesus.
Believe it.

(July 21, 2012 Sat 7:48 AM CDT)

We pray for the people in Aurora, Colorado.
It is very sad.
It makes no sense.

"From morning to evening
he laid the case before them,
bearing witness to the
reign of God among men.
He sought to convince them about Jesus..."
Acts 28:23

Paul was under arrest.
He spoke the truth with love.
He was a witness for the faith.
Let us do the same.

(July 20, 2012 Fri 6:33 AM CDT)

Last night I was at a .NET meeting
at BuilderTrend in Omaha.
They have a way to develop apps
for the iPhone and Android at the same time.
It uses PhoneGap .
It would save a lot of time.

"And my prayer is that your sharing
of the faith with others
may enable you to know all the good
which is ours in Christ."
Philemon 1:6

Share your faith.
You have a great gift.
Tell others about it.
Bridge the gap.
Know that you are loved.

(July 19, 2012 Thu 6:28 AM CDT)

"Happy is the man
who reads this prophetic message
and happy are those who hear it
and heed what is written in it,
for the appointed time is near!"
Revelation 1:3

Read the Bible daily.
Think about the message from the Lord.
It will give you joy.
Now is the time.

(July 18, 2012 Wed 6:42 AM CDT)

The ants have found my kitchen counter again.
They are little tiny ants.
It is very dry outside and
they are looking for food.

Jesus said,
"Come to me, all you who are weary
and find life burdensome,
and I will refresh you.
Take my yoke upon your shoulders
and learn from me, for I am
gentle and humble of heart.
Your souls will find rest,
for my yoke is easy
and my burden light."
Matthew 11:28-30

Go to Jesus.
Give your burdens to him.
He will lighten your load.
He will refresh your soul.
Find rest in him.

(July 17, 2012 Tue 6:26 AM CDT)

"With that Jesus spat on the ground,
made mud with his saliva,
and smeared the man's eyes with the mud.
Then he told him,
'Go wash in the pool of Siloam.'
(This name means 'One who has been sent.')
So the man went off and washed,
and came back able to see."
John 9:6-7

The man was blind and Jesus healed him.
It was a miracle.
The Lord can do amazing things
if we believe and trust in him.
Jesus, open our eyes to see your power.
Heal us, Lord.
We need your vision.

(July 16, 2012 Mon 6:26 AM CDT)

"Many who had become believers came forward
and openly confessed their former practices.
A number who had been dealing in magic
even collected their books
and burned them in public."
Acts 19:18-19

When you believe in Jesus you see the truth.
You look to him alone for your source of life.
You give up your sinful ways and start a new chapter.
Make a fresh start today.

(July 15, 2012 Sun 6:23 AM CDT)

"Owe no debt to anyone
except the debt that binds us
to love one another.
He who loves his neighbor
has fulfilled the law."
Romans 13:8

Do not take out loans if you can avoid it.
Have a budget.
Live within your means.
Give up things that you really don't need.
Then you will have the resources to help your neighbors.
Live the simple life of God's grace and dependence.

(July 14, 2012 Sat 8:31 AM CDT)

Happy Birthday to my niece, Monica!

"In view of this,
we must attend all the more
to what we have heard,
lest we drift away.
For if the word spoken
through angels stood unchanged,
and all transgression and disobedience
received its due punishment,
how shall we escape if we ignore
a salvation as great as ours?"
Hebrews 2:1-3

You have the knowledge.
You know the truth.
Live the life of grace.
Live for the Lord.

(July 13, 2012 Fri 6:20 AM CDT)

I went on a job interview last night.
I saw the computer operations
command center for the company.
They were watching for any problems.
They have computers in many countries.
Very cool.
God bless all the people that work there.

Jesus said,
"What I say to you,
I say to all:
Be on guard!"
Mark 13:37

Be alert.
Stay awake.
Be watching.
Learn from Jesus.
Prepare for his coming.
Welcome him into your heart.

(July 11, 2012 Wed 7:11 AM CDT)

It is 7:11 on 7-11.
It is your lucky day.
It is a blessed day.

"During the festival, naturally,
the Jews were looking for Jesus, asking,
'Where is that troublemaker?'"
John 7:11

Jesus was different.
He caused people to be uncomfortable.
He stirred things up by just being present.
What do you have to say about him?
Are you looking for him?

(July 9, 2012 Mon 6:34 AM CDT)

"We know that Christ,
once raised from the dead,
will never die again;
death has no more power over him."
Romans 6:9

Christ conquered death.
Death has been overcome.
He is all-powerful.
By his Resurrection
we have access to eternal life.

(July 8, 2012 Sun 6:45 AM CDT)

"I tell you brothers,
the time is short
for the world as we know it
is passing away."
1 Corinthians 7:29,31

God has given you the gift of life.
What are you doing with it?
Do you have goals?
Are you accomplishing anything?
Use your time well
for the work of the Lord.

(July 7, 2012 Sat 9:19 AM CDT)

"Children, obey your parents in the Lord,
for that is what is expected of you."
Ephesians 6:1

We pray for all the children.
May they grow in grace and knowledge.
Lord, keep them safe from harm.
God bless them.

(July 5, 2012 Thu 6:24 AM CDT)

"Luke, our dear physician,
sends you greetings."
Colossians 4:14

Luke was a doctor.
He also wrote the Gospel of Luke
and the Acts of the Apostles.
God bless all the doctors today.
Lord, help them with helping the sick.

(July 4, 2012 Wed 6:51 AM CDT)

"Rising early the next morning,
Jesus went off to a lonely place in the desert;
there he was absorbed in prayer."
Mark 1:35

Start each day with prayer.
If Jesus needed to pray,
you need to pray.
Find a quiet place to talk to God.
Be absorbed.

(July 3, 2012 Tue 6:26 AM CDT)

Jesus said
"I do not pray for them alone.
I pray also for those who will
believe in me through their word,
that all may be one as you, Father,
are in me, and I in you.
I pray that they may be one in us,
that the world may believe
that you sent me."
John 17:20-21

Jesus is praying for you.
He is on your side.
Be like him.
Be one with him and the Father in heaven.
Pray daily.

(July 2, 2012 Mon 6:33 AM CDT)

Someone sent me this video on an experiment
to get people to take the stairs .
I always take the stairs at work.
Some people ride the elevator
up or down one floor in our 2-story building.

"When I came to Troas
to preach the gospel of Christ,
the door of opportunity
was opened wide for me by the Lord."
2 Corinthians 2:12

People are hungry for something new.
They seek new life.
They seek joy and happiness.
The door is wide open.
Christ is the answer.

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