September, 2012

God is good
Seek wisdom from above

Love your neighbor

Love the Lord your God

God is great

Trust in Jesus

(September 30, 2012 Sun 7:29 AM CDT)

I talked to someone after church last night.
We went to high school together.
God bless her and her family in Minnesota.

"Here begins the gospel of Jesus Christ,
the Son of God."
Mark 1:1

It is Good News.
They (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)
wrote it down for you.
They had to tell someone.
Have joy in the excitement
of knowing and meeting Jesus.
He is amazing.
Smile :) .

(September 29, 2012 Sat 7:49 AM CDT)

One of the people at my church
died in a car accident this week.
Pray for her and her husband Jim and family.
Pray for the other person hurt in the accident.
God bless them and help them.
Sometimes she read the Bible readings at services.

"The next day, when John caught sight of Jesus
coming toward him, he exclaimed:
There is the Lamb of God
who takes away the sin of the world!'"
John 1:29

Point people to Jesus.
He will save them from their sins.
He is the Holy One.
He died to set us free.
Look and see.

(September 28, 2012 Fri 6:54 AM CDT)

"We work hard at manual labor.
When we are insulted
we respond with a blessing.
Persecution comes our way;
we bear it patiently."
1 Corinthians 4:12

Work hard for the Lord.
Offer up you efforts to him.
Be focused.
Jesus, help us to do our job.
We need you.

(September 26, 2012 Wed 6:31 AM CDT)

"But God is rich in mercy;
because of his great love for us
he brought us to life with Christ
when we were dead in sin.
By this favor you were saved."
Ephesians 2:4-5

Call on the mercy of God.
He will forgive your sins.
Christ will save you.
Come back to life.
Jesus, forgive my sins.
I call on your mercy and grace.
Help me to do what is right.

(September 24, 2012 Mon 6:41 AM CDT)

"It is he I am sending back to you ---
and that means I am sending my heart."
Philemon 1:12

You are sent by God.
You are called to serve the Lord.
Receive his abundant grace.
Listen to your heart.

(September 23, 2012 Sun 7:08 AM CDT)

(Sorry, I was interrupted and did not finish this.)

(September 22, 2012 Sat 8:20 AM CDT)

Yesterday I watched lecture 12 .
Professor Eric will ask questions of the students
and they avoid eye contact.
He asks them to think and
come up with a reasonable answer.
He talked about simulations.
Like to simulate the weather.
How do you do it?

Jesus taught,
"One who lights a lamp
does not put it in the cellar
or under a bushel basket,
but rather on a lampstand,
so that they who come in
may see the light."
Luke 11:33

Let your light shine.
Be bright in this dark world.
Bring joy to those near you.
Happiness is contagious.
Make eye contact.

(September 21, 2012 Fri 6:44 AM CDT)

Last night I watched this Nova program on
Making Stuff Smaller .
It talked about graphene .
It is one atom thick carbon.

"Thomas said in response,
'My Lord and my God!'
Jesus then said to him:
'You became a believer
because you saw me.
Blest are they who have not
seen me and have believed.'"
John 20:28-29

Thomas did not believe
that Jesus was raised from the dead.
He had to see him in person.
He had doubts.
We all have doubts.
Believe in Jesus.
He is alive.

(September 17, 2012 Mon 6:45 AM CDT)

"God chose us in him before the world began,
to be holy and blameless in his sight,
to be full of love..."
Ephesians 1:4

You are special.
You have been chosen.
Live a holy life.
Love those near you.
God be with you today.

(September 16, 2012 Sun 7:07 AM CDT)

Yesterday I watched lecture 11 .

"Instead, seek after integrity, piety, faith,
love, steadfastness, and a gentle spirit.
Fight for the good fight of faith.
Take firm hold on the everlasting life
to which you were called when,
in the presence of many witnesses,
you made your noble profession of faith."
1 Timothy 6:11-12

Hold on to life.
Don't let go.
Seek steadfastness.
Be consistent.
Profess your faith in Jesus.
Fight for what is right.

(September 15, 2012 Sat 7:56 AM CDT)

"And Jesus did not work many miracles there
because of their lack of faith."
Matthew 13:58

Have faith.
Trust in Jesus.
He will do miracles in your life.
Believe in him.
He is amazing.

(September 14, 2012 Fri 6:38 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"You cannot tell by careful watching
when the reign of God will come.
Neither is it a matter of reporting
that it is 'here or there.'
The reign of God is already in your midst."
Luke 17:20-21

God is full of surprises.
He is working as I type this.
He is alive and active.
The reign of God is here.

(September 13, 2012 Thu 6:37 AM CDT)

(Never finished this. Sorry.)

(September 12, 2012 Wed 6:37 AM CDT)

Yesterday I watched lecture 10 .

"Grace and peace be yours
from God our Father and
from the Lord Jesus Christ!"
Philippians 1:2

God bless you today!
May his grace touch you.
I pray for his peace to comfort you.
Give praise to Jesus.

(September 10, 2012 Mon 6:26 AM CDT)

"The consummation of all is close at hand.
Therefore do not be perturbed;
remain calm so that you will be able to pray.
Above all, let your love for one another be constant,
for love covers a multitude of sins."
1 Peter 4:7-8

It is hard to stay calm
when your world is falling apart.
Prayer is needed.
Faith is needed.
Love those near you.

(September 9, 2012 Sun 6:42 AM CDT)

"Beloved, do not imitate what is evil
but what is good.
Whoever does what is good
belongs to God;
whoever does what is evil
has never seen God."
3 John 1:11

There is much evil on TV and movies.
Avoid viewing these things.
This is for your spiritual health.
Think good thoughts.
Read the Bible instead.
Pray to God.
Talk to him.
Imitate goodness.

(September 8, 2012 Sat 8:02 AM CDT)

Yesterday I watched lecture 9 .
In the middle (at 19:13) of the video
is another video of Barack Obama
being asked a computer science question
on the best method to sort objects.
Don't use a bubble sort.

"We exhort you to admonish the unruly;
cheer the fainthearted;
support the weak;
be patient toward all.
See that no one returns evil to any other;
always seek one another's good and,
for that matter, the good of all."
1 Thessalonians 5:14-15

Do not return evil.
Be good and be kind.
Seek to do what is right in all circumstances.
Jesus, help us to make good decisions.
Give us your patience, Lord.
Help us to sort things out.

(September 7, 2012 Fri 6:22 AM CDT)

Yesterday I watched lecture 8 .

"When Jesus came to the neighborhood of Caesarea Philippi,
he asked his disciples this question:
'Who do people say that the Son of Man is?'"
Matthew 16:13

Who is Jesus?
You have to answer this question.
He is fully God and fully human.
He is the Lord of all creation.
Believe in him.
Trust in him.

(September 6, 2012 Thu 6:46 AM CDT)

I cut the grass yesterday for the first time
in a few months.
We have a drought so the grass is not growing much.

"Then Jesus led them out near Bethany,
and with hands upraised, blessed them.
As he blessed, he left them,
and was taken up to heaven.
They fell down to do him reverence,
then returned to Jerusalem filled with joy.
There they were to be found in the temple
constantly speaking the praises of God."
Luke 24:50-53

Jesus came to earth to save us.
He returned home to heaven.
Bow down to worship him.
He is highly to be praised.
He is the Lord.

(September 5, 2012 Wed 6:49 AM CDT)

"Now to him who is able
to strengthen you in the gospel
which I proclaim when I preach Jesus Christ,
the gospel which reveals the mystery
hidden for many ages
but now manifested through the writing of the prophets,
and at the command of the eternal God,
made known to all the Gentiles
that they may believe and obey ---
to him, the God who alone is wise,
may glory be given
through Jesus Christ unto endless ages.
Romans 16:25-27

Give praise to God today.

(September 3, 2012 Mon 6:40 AM CDT)

I was watching this video yesterday
on the 4:8 Principle .
I love the beginning of the video.
This is the Bible verse that it refers to.

"Finally, my brothers,
your thoughts should be wholly directed
to all that is true,
all that deserves respect,
all that is honest, pure, admirable,
decent, virtuous, or worthy of praise."

(or another translation...)

"Finally, brethren,
whatever is true,
whatever is honorable,
whatever is right,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is of good repute,
if there is any excellence and
if anything worthy of praise,
dwell on these things."
Philippians 4:8

Control your thoughts.
The battle is in your mind.
Think like God thinks.
Thought control.
Think about it.

(September 2, 2012 Sun 6:43 AM CDT)

Yesterday I was watching a football game .
One team kept changing the quarterback.
I don't think that is a good idea.
You need one leader.
You need consistency.

"Jesus said to his disciples:
'I assure you,
only with difficulty will a rich man
enter into the kingdom of God.
I repeat what I said:
it is easier for a camel
to pass through a needle's eye
than for a rich man
to enter the kingdom of God.'"
Matthew 19:23-24

Do you have a lot of things?
Do you need to buy something new often?
These things are distractions.
They will weigh you down.
They will block your access to heaven.
Focus on Jesus.
He is your one leader.
Give what you can to help those in need.
Be concerned with things that money can't buy.

(September 1, 2012 Sat 7:54 AM CDT)

Yesterday I watched lecture 6 .
They have a huge classroom for about 20 students.
Professor Grimson is a good teacher.
In Python dictionaries, tuples and lists are very powerful.
You can do a lot with them.
Recursion is a cool topic.

"I wish their hearts to be strengthened
and themselves to be closely united in love,
enriched with full assurance
by their knowledge of the mystery of God ---
namely Christ --- in whom every treasure
of wisdom and knowledge is hidden."
Colossians 2:2-3

If you seek wisdom, seek Christ.
Go to the Lord for all knowledge.
He made the universe and all that we see.
He knows all things.
He is your source for all that you need to know.

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