January, 2013

Love the Lord
Give praise to God

God is good

Praise the Lord

Trust in Jesus

You are his child

(January 26, 2013 Sat 9:36 AM CST)

"Immediately after that,
the three men who had been sent
to me from Caesarea
came to the house where we were staying.
The Spirit instructed me
to accompany them without hesitation."
Acts 11:11-12

Go with the Spirit.
Be led by the Holy Spirit.
Be open to the Spirit.
Do the will of God.
Come, Holy Spirit.

(January 25, 2013 Fri 6:42 AM CST)

I saw one of my new eye doctors yesterday.
God bless him and all in his office.

"To all in Rome, beloved of God
and called to holiness,
grace and peace from God our Father
and the Lord Jesus Christ."
Romans 1:7

God be with you.
God bless you today.
You are loved.
Be holy.

(January 23, 2013 Wed 6:47 AM CST)

"Every time, then, you eat this bread
and drink this cup,
you proclaim the death of the Lord
until he comes!"
1 Corinthians 11:26

Celebrate Communion with your brothers and sisters in Christ.
Remember all that the Lord has done for you.
Look forward to his coming again.
Come, Lord Jesus!

(January 21, 2013 Mon 6:50 AM CST)

We pray for our president today and all our leaders.
God bless them and help them make good decisions.

"Grace and peace be yours
from God our Father and
from the Lord Jesus Christ!"
Philippians 1:2

God bless you today.
God be with you and guide you.
He is your comfort and peace.
You are his child.

(January 20, 2013 Sun 6:38 AM CST)

"Jesus has obtained a more excellent ministry now,
just as he is mediator of a better covenant,
founded on better promises."
Hebrews 8:6

Jesus took your place.
He became man and died for you.
He gave up his life so that you could live.
Jesus, thank you for your promise of eternal life.
We believe in you.

(January 19, 2013 Sat 8:59 AM CST)

"In truth I love each of you ---
and not only I but also all those
who have come to know the truth.
This love is based on the truth
that abides in us and
will be with us forever."
2 John 1:1-2

It is true.
God loves us.
He loves us very much.
Find joy in knowing this truth.

(January 18, 2013 Fri 6:50 AM CST)

"Jesus offered them still another image:
'The reign of God is like yeast
which a woman took and kneaded
into three measures of flour.
Eventually the whole mass of dough
began to rise.'"
Matthew 13:33

It takes time.
You plant the seeds of faith
and watch them grow.
You pray and wait.
Be patient.

(January 16, 2013 Wed 6:36 AM CST)

"One of the officials of the synagogue,
a man named Jairus, came near.
Seeing Jesus, he fell at his feet
and made this earnest appeal:
'My little daughter is critically ill.
Please come and lay your hands on her
so that she may get well and live.'
The two went off together and
a large crowd followed, pushing against Jesus."
Mark 5:22-24

Walk with Jesus.
Stay near him.
Feel his healing touch.
Jesus, walk with us today.
Heal us, Lord.

(January 14, 2013 Mon 6:59 AM CST)

"In that place,
many came to believe in him."
John 10:42

Jesus meets you right where you are.
He sees your needs.
He knows your hopes and dreams.
He is there for you.

(January 12, 2013 Sat 8:54 AM CST)

"From the heavens he sends down rain and rich harvests;
your spirits he fills with food and delight."
Acts 14:17

The Lord is good.
He sends the rain and snow to provide moisture.
We have more that enough food to eat.
An article in the newspaper says that
half the food we have is wasted.

(January 11, 2013 Fri 6:51 AM CST)

I had to power off/on my PC and modem
a few times this morning to get it working.
I'm trying to use only Windows 8 now.
It does have network problems often.

"Thus did the word of the Lord
continue to spread with influence and power."
Acts 19:20

There is a reaction to the Word of God.
It is a positive force.
It changes the situation.
It is the power of God making all things new.
Read the Bible daily.

(January 9, 2013 Wed 6:46 AM CST)

I asked you to pray for a relative of mine
back on March 24 of last year.
They are much better now.
God bless them today.

"Make the most of the present opportunity,
for these are evil days."
Ephesians 5:16

There is much to do.
There are many opportunities to share the faith.
An article in the newspaper yesterday
suggested that people should pray.
Good idea.

(January 7, 2013 Mon 6:42 AM CST)

"Indeed, when we were with you
we used to lay down the rule
that anyone who would not work
should not eat."
2 Thessalonians 3:10

Be fair.
Do your fair share.
Be part of the team.
Work for the Lord.
Be of service.

(January 5, 2013 Sat 10:04 AM CST)

"Do not be carried away
by all kinds of strange teaching."
Hebrews 13:9

The good news is not that complicated.
Jesus loves you very much.
He gave his life for you.
You are his child.
He wants you to be with him forever.
You are safe in his arms.

(January 4, 2013 Fri 6:43 AM CST)

Jesus taught,
"No servant can serve two masters.
Either he will hate the one and
love the other or be attentive to the one
and despise the other.
You cannot give yourself to God and money."
Luke 16:13

It is a choice.
You will make it.
Money cannot buy you happiness.
Choose the Lord.
Serve him alone.

(January 2, 2013 Wed 6:36 AM CST)

Happy New Year!
God bless you and your family in 2013!

It's a new year and there is a new person
on the radio this morning.
God bless Dave and his family and
all the people at KGBI FM 100.7 Omaha.

And we did not go off the cliff .
Thank the Lord!

"These heard the sound,
and assembled a large crowd.
They were much confused
because each one heard these men
speaking his own language.
The whole occurrence astonished them."
Acts 2:6-7

God is amazing.
All these people heard them speaking
in their own language.
How did he do that?
It will be an amazing year.
Come and be amazed.

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