June, 2013

God is good
Thank the Lord

Give praise to God

Bless the Lord

Seek the Lord

Pray for peace

(June 29, 2013 Sat 9:06 AM CDT)

"Hence, all depends on faith,
everything is grace."
Romans 4:16

It is important to trust in God.
Look to him for all your needs.
He is your source.
Everything is a gift.

(June 28, 2013 Fri 6:56 AM CDT)

"As for you,
be steady and self-possessed;
put up with hardship,
perform your work as an evangelist,
fulfill your ministry."
2 Timothy 4:5

You are here for a reason.
Be a friend.
Bring a friend to Jesus.
Fulfill your destiny.

(June 25, 2013 Tue 6:39 AM CDT)

Yesterday I went to a new dentist .
My old dentist that I had for many years
went to a new position.
God bless them both and all in the office.

"Jesus has obtained a more excellent ministry now,
just as he is mediator or a better covenant,
founded on better promises."
Hebrews 8:6

Jesus has gone before us.
He is our Savior.
He is our foundation.
Believe in him.
Trust him.

(June 24, 2013 Mon 6:45 AM CDT)

I heard this Bible reading yesterday
at two different services.

"O God, you are my God whom I seek;
for you my flesh pines and my soul thirsts
like the earth, parched, lifeless and without water."
Psalms 63:1 or 63:2

There is a dryness in our throats.
We need moisture.
We are in great need to survive.
Without life-giving water we will die.
Your soul is thirsting for the living God.

(June 22, 2013 Sat 9:19 AM CDT)

My day lilies finally bloomed.
Hopefully you can see these pictures
on my Facebook page.

"I still live my human life,
but it is a life of faith
in the Son of God,
who loved me and
gave himself for me.
I will not treat
God's gracious gift as pointless."
Galatians 2:20-21

Christ lives in you.
You have been changed.
The life of faith adds a new dimension.
Treasure your life of faith.

(June 21, 2013 Fri 7:01 AM CDT)

"Therefore, since we for our part
are surrounded by this cloud of witnesses,
let us lay aside every encumbrance of sin
which clings to us and persevere
in running the race which lies ahead;
let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus,
who inspires and perfects our faith."
Hebrews 12:1-2

Many have gone before us.
They are saints in heaven above.
Be inspired by them and their courage.
Keep your focus on Jesus.
He is number one.

(June 19, 2013 Wed 6:45 AM CDT)

"Then Jesus reentered the boat,
made the crossing, and
came back to his own town.
There the people at once
brought to him a paralyzed man
lying on a mat.
When Jesus saw their faith
he said to the paralytic,
'Have courage, son,
your sins are forgiven.'"
Matthew 9:1-2

You can pray for others and
have a great impact on their lives.
Their faith will increase.
Bring them to Jesus to forgive their sins.
Cross on over.

(June 18, 2013 Tue 6:43 AM CDT)

"Jesus now called the Twelve together and
gave them power and authority to overcome
all demons and to cure diseases.
He sent them forth to proclaim
the reign of God and heal the afflicted."
Luke 9:1-2

You are loved and sent.
God loves you.
He sends you forth to heal the sick
and proclaim the good news of Jesus.
Off you go.

(June 17, 2013 Mon 6:47 AM CDT)

"One of the two who had followed him after hearing
John was Simon Peter's brother Andrew.
The first thing he did was seek out
his brother Simon and tell him,
'We have found the Messiah!'
(This term means the Anointed.)
He brought him to Jesus,
who looked at him and said,
'You are Simon, son of John;
your name shall be Cephas
(which is rendered Peter).'"
John 1:40-42

Bring people to Jesus.
Introduce them.
Tell them about all the things
the Lord has done for you.

(June 15, 2013 Sat 10:02 AM CDT)

"They claim to 'know God,'
but by their actions
they deny that he exists."
Titus 1:16

You might be the only 'book'
that people read about Jesus.
What do they see?
Do you set a good Christian example?
Let your light shine.

(June 13, 2013 Thu 6:45 AM CDT)

"Come to me, a living stone,
rejected by men but approved, nonetheless,
and precious in God's eyes.
You too are living stones,
built as an edifice of spirit,
into a holy priesthood,
offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable
to God through Jesus Christ."
1 Peter 2:4-5

You are precious.
You are living.
Offer all that you are to Jesus.
Be alive with the Spirit.

(June 12, 2013 Wed 6:52 AM CDT)

"Then the Lamb appeared in my vision.
He was standing on Mount Zion,
and with him were the hundred and forty-four thousand
who had his name and the name of his Father
written on their foreheads."
Revelation 14:1

What will heaven be like?
What will we see there?
All those that have gone before us will be there.
Let us join the saints in celebration.

(June 11, 2013 Tue 6:52 AM CDT)

"Be assured, then,
that faith without works is dead
as a body without breath."
James 2:26

If you believe in Jesus,
it should result in action.
Serve others.
Think of them.
Help your neighbor.
Breathe new life.

(June 10, 2013 Mon 6:42 AM CDT)

"From noon onward, there was darkness
over the whole land until midafternoon.
Then toward midafternoon Jesus
cried out in a loud tone,
'Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?', that is,
'My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?'"
Matthew 27:45-46

It was a dark day.
It was a sad day.
Jesus gave his life on the cross.
Give thanks today for all that he has done for you.
Jesus, thank you for dying for me.

(June 8, 2013 Sat 6:49 PM CDT)

"No sooner had Judas eaten the morsel
than he went out.
It was night."
John 13:30

Light and darkness ---
which one do you prefer?
Seek the light of Christ.
Be bright for the Lord.

(June 7, 2013 Fri 6:52 AM CDT)

One of the people I know from church
passed away a few days ago.
God bless her and their family and friends.

"Hence, all depends on faith,
everything is grace."
Romans 4:16

Have faith in the Lord.
My friend Nadine loved Jesus and trusted him completely.
We ask for God's grace.
We are most blessed.

(June 6, 2013 Thu 6:36 AM CDT)

I went to Werner Park on Tuesday afternoon.
It is a nice place.
It is a few miles southwest of Omaha.

"It is more than right that we thank God
unceasingly for you, brothers,
because your faith grows apace and
your mutual love increases;
so much so that in God's communities
we can boast of your constancy and
your faith in persecution and trial."
2 Thessalonians 1:3-4

Be constant.
Be consistent.
Endure in times of trial.
The Lord is with you.

(June 4, 2013 Tue 6:35 AM CDT)

"Then Jesus went out to the mountain to pray,
spending the night in communion with God.
At daybreak he called his disciples and
selected twelve of them to be his apostles..."
Luke 6:12-13

Pray before you make big decisions.
Seek the Lord's wisdom and guidance.
The Holy Spirit is there for you.
Be led by the Spirit.

(June 3, 2013 Mon 6:47 AM CDT)

"With power the apostles bore witness
to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus,
and great respect was paid to them all;
nor was there anyone needy among them,
for all who owned property or houses
sold them and donated the proceeds."
Acts 4:33-34

Witness and work together.
We are one in the Spirit.
Help those in need.
Give to the poor.

(June 1, 2013 Sat 10:32 AM CDT)

"What I now have to say is not said in praise,
because your meetings are not profitable but harmful.
First of all,
I hear that when you gather for a meeting
there are divisions among you,
and I am inclined to believe it."
1 Corinthians 11:17-18

There will be problems.
You will not get along with everyone.
Ask the Lord for his peace.
Seek unity in Christ.
Pray all together as one.

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