September 1, 1996: Sunday "The Lord's Day"

On Sunday, September 1, 1996, I went to church with my brother John's family in Bellevue, Nebraska USA . They sang some songs that I really liked. One was called "Jerusalem, My Destiny" . The pastor gave a very good sermon on suffering. We don't like suffering, but it does help us to grow in the Lord. Good can come from our struggles to survive.

After church we went to their house and had lunch. I played them the song ("Jacob's Song") that I am working on with Martin Willett. It sounds a lot like a song from the play "You're a good man, Charlie Brown". The song is titled "Happiness" (I think). So I guess I will have to check into that. I don't want to steal someone else's tune.

I told them about TEAM 845 and John and Bridget signed up to be members #16 and #17. Today I have no idea if we will achieve this goal of 845 or not. It will take a miracle, because I do not know 845 people. But if it does happen, it will be an amazing thing.

Speaking of miracles...
In the afternoon I viewed a video tape about the making of "A Course in Miracles" (ACIM) . With the little that I know at the moment I would say that most if not all that is in the Course is in the Bible somewhere or available directly from God through the Holy Spirit. "The Holy Spirit will lead you to all Truth." Once you have the Spirit of the Living God dwelling within you, you have access to all knowledge in the universe. Time and space are not a problem any more. Eternity starts whenever you let Jesus into your heart.

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