September 2, 1996: A Garden

On Monday, September 2, 1996, I got up at 2:45 AM to work on the HTML for the Internet site . I just don't get that much sleep any more (maybe 5 hours). I change the colors every day on the site to make it look like Springtime.

I was very busy with HTML (which takes forever to change) and ended up late for church at 7 AM at Boys Town . I missed the readings and the sermon. I screwed up. I did. I guess I'm not perfect (Ha Ha!). After church I was talking to a friend and he said to check out a daily readings book titled "One Bread, One Body" which is available on the World Wide Web at . We also had a discussion about if I should have "By" lines in my advertisements in the newspapers. I could be "Anonymous" but I don't know. I will give it to the Lord. Whatever ("WADEVER") I asked for prayers yesterday. Pray that I know the will of God. It is very hard to hear the Lord sometimes. He suggested that I have a Spiritual Director, so I will look into that also. I also asked him to be part of TEAM 845 . He said I should take this to the Lord also. Does God want this to be in the newspaper a second time? From my point of view I think the answer is 'Yes', but I will seek the Lord on that too. (Being the pres of "Spring To Life" is not easy at all.) He said I have to watch out for the ego. Don't let my ego get in the way of the Lord's work. If people look at me, I hopefully quickly instantly point them to Jesus (who is awesome!). Don't look at me. I'm just some clay, instead look to the Creator of the universe. I usually wear a name tag for people to stop me and share spiritual things with them one on one, which is very powerful. It is one thing to write in the newspaper or here on the Internet, but completely different in person. In the evenings I sometimes take walks at the Westroads Mall. Feel free to stop me and say 'Hello' and share what is happening in your life.

Later in the day I came back to Boys Town and heard the readings and a different sermon. There were lots of people there since it was Labor Day (a holiday here in the USA). Afterwards I read Psalms 33 . After that I went for a walk in their prayer garden ("The Garden of the Bible"). There was a plant that I had seen for weeks and weeks and it was in bloom. Awesome! I tell people that if you miss a day going to the garden you MISS something. Gone. You just miss it. I see God in the flowers that He has made. They are cool! Take a look. After that I went for a walk through their rose garden. The fragrance of roses is one of life's joys. I think by favorite rose is the "Cayanne". Go and see and decide (if you can) which is your favorite. Memorial Park also has a rose garden at about 56th and Dodge Streets (my favorite street). Check out what God has made.

"One is nearer God's Heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth."

Dorothy Frances Gurney

(I need to check out Carol's Home Page when I get a chance. She has this same quote from Dorothy also.)

And it is time (4:50 AM) to begin another exciting day in the Lord.
God be with you as you go about your day my friend.

Expect great things!

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