September 5, 1996: A Carman Concert

On Thursday, September 5, 1996, I found out about a concert at 6 PM and the concert started at 7 PM. The singer was named Carman . I had planed to mow the lawn, but I asked myself "how often do I get to talk to this good friend of mine?", so I sat down to rest for 5 minutes (I was tired) and then headed out on an adventure. My friend said she had seen Carman before and she was going to go by herself if I didn't want to.

I found my tape of Handel's "Water Music"
and a nice letter I received in the mail the same day from a student in Des Moines, Iowa USA (she liked the line "If you're in school, study" from "To Be A Success In 1996" I like letters like that because not many people write and say what's happening to them. I get very little feedback (hint, hint)).
I also brought along a postcard that I got from Venice, Italy (the gondola town with lots of water) from my cousin Cile. Cool!
And I brought a copy of the Omaha World-Herald "Happy Ads", since I had put 3 lines in there:
"For your spiritual enrichment
visit this site: "

If only the newspaper was On-line and had hyperlinks!
(I'm dreaming again.)

This concert only cost $4 per ticket to get in. What? Then I saw the stage and the lighting system and the TV cameras and the 4 overhead screens. Wow! It was a surprise. I was impressed! I felt really old because I'd estimate the average age of the crowd at 15 years old or younger. This Carman and his 7 dancers and 5 musicians (I think) and 3 backup singers were very good. At the same time the East Coast of the USA is getting blasted with hurricane Fran , we're having a big party in Omaha. How ironic (as Alanis would sing), don't you think? And this Carman just sang song after song about Jesus. I liked it. He rewrote some songs like the Beatles "She Loves You" to "He Loves You". He called it the "Born Again" version of the song. (I have all the Beatles albums!) A Good Time was had by all that I saw. Lots of people were dancing right along to the music. It's been a long time since I've prayed with that many thousand people.

Later we found out that the concert cost $70 grand! Then a collection was taken up to cover the expenses. What faith?! Here I worry about $845 for an advertisement and he's faced with $70K. Yup, I've got a lot to learn!

In conclusion: Do Not Miss The Next Carman Concert!

There is so much happening with Spring 2 Life that I can't document it all, so I just give you a "snapshot" of this or that. God bless ya!

And wear a name tag, so we can get to know each other in this town, city, church, school, neighborhood, building, business, etc.. The people I work with at U S WEST laugh at me for wearing my name tag all the time, but they don't understand what's happening......

I love the parking lot exit sign at CCC (Christ Community Center) that says:
"You are now entering your mission field." Cool!

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