September 7, 1996: A Soccer Game

On Saturday, September 7, 1996, I went to see a soccer game in person at about 60th and Center Streets in Omaha. It was a cloudy day with lots of humidity. I came there to see my niece, Rachel, play. She was #5. I walked around the field to get some exercise. I found out how large a soccer field is up close. (Any numbers out there on this?) At about 1:30 PM CDT the game began. It was fascinating to watch. You talk about teamwork --- you need it to play soccer. Each person has to play their part. I was praying that the Kiwis (the team Rachel was on) would at least score one goal, but they did not. The other team scored two goals. It was the third game for the Kiwis and they have a "perfect record" so far. I took pictures of the game and the kids wanted me to put the pictures in the newspaper. I said nope -- it would cost $400 at least, but I would put them out on the Internet when I get the film developed.

The game gets very exciting as the ball nears the goals and I can see why they have riots in Italy or England at soccer games. You really get into the game.

At the end of the game I took two pictures of the team and coach, so standby for the pictures coming up soon on the Kiwis Home Page .

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