September 12, 1996: An Awesome Sunrise

Yesterday, there was the most awesome sunrise that I've seen in a long time. Other people (John and Mikey) that I talked to also witnessed it. There were clouds and lightning and blue sky and orange sky and blinding white clouds. I watched it from Boys Town. It was 7:05 AM and I saw a sliver of orange from the sun appear on the east horizon. For about 3 minutes this huge orange ball rose over the Jewish Community Center. There was no way you could have captured that on film. You had to see it in person and feel the cool north wind and hear the crickets chirping and see that jet from Eppley disappear into the clouds. Then it began to rain and a little quarter inch hail fell, but not too much. I was hiding in the dugout of the baseball field and trying not to get too wet as the wind was blowing the rain into the dugout. Then the big orange ball in the east was like swept away in the clouds by the downpour of rain in the distance. You had to see it. If you missed it, you missed it. I tell people to get up early to see the sunrise. I told you so!

Have a wonderful day with Jesus at your side. Take care!

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