September 29, 1996: Nebraska City

Yesterday I went to see the movie The Spitfire Grill in Nebraska City, Nebraska USA . A friend and I went on "an adventure" on a beautiful 71 degrees sunshine afternoon. We went to the "Pioneer 3" theater and saw the 4:10 PM movie. We were late. We talked to Cathy who sold us the tickets and popcorn and drinks. There was less than 10 people in the whole theater. We all sat in the same row. I would say that the movie had flaws to it, but there were what I call "magic moments" in it. It is something to see. Check it out.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a movie is worth a million. Some day maybe my movie "Jacob" will be reality. I do not know today. I will discuss this will Mary Kay on October 23rd. She has connections to all kinds of people all over the USA. She knows writers, music people, radio and TV people, and on and on. Who knows what the future will be!?

I think I will be taking a one day trip to Denver very soon. Maybe Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. I don't know. A friend of mine needs a hug. She is having problems with the nerves in her arms, so pray for her. Thanks! She needs healing, so I will go and pray with her. She is a very special person.

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