October 3, 1996: Do Not Lose Hope

Last evening I was watching this soccer game. (I'm part of the "Soccer Monster" now as Mary Kay would say.) Anyway the Kiwis were behind 2 to 0 (zip, nothing, zero).

They did not give up.

In the second half the coach said to go for it with everyone but the goalie. It was a risk, but he said to go for it. It took an all out effort. They scored 2 goals and were jumping up and down for each goal and screaming. It was exciting! I love that winning feeling! We need that in life. The game ended in a tie. It was a victory from my point of view. Maybe I'll write an article titled "Life is like a soccer game". (Ha, ha!)

Never give up!

The game ended at 7 PM with a beautiful sunset. 104 and Blondo is a great place to watch the sunset from. Check it out.

Right now at 5:29 AM I'm listening to "Come Into This House" by Carman on the "Carman - Addicted to Jesus" CD. I can listen to this song over and over and over. I don't think you can listen to it without dancing!

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