October 7, 1996: What A Weekend!

Yes, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: What a weekend! I met lots of people each day. God bless them all.

On Friday and Saturday I attended a class by Tom Bird .

On Sunday I went to church at Boystown and "Faith Evangelical Free Church" (at about 116 and south of "L" Street). I heard a talk by Dr. Jim Eckman of Grace University on Genesis 32:25 . Jacob was fighting all night with the Lord. I have to get a cassette tape of that talk. (The main character in the movie I'm writing the screenplay for is named Jacob.)

On Sunday afternoon I participated in the Pro-Life Chain at 86 and Dodge Streets on the northeast corner. From 2:15 to 3:01 PM my friend, Margaret, and I prayed there for everyone driving by. I could not believe how many people she said Hello to and waved to. She knows a lot a people in this town. I probably do too, but I was concentrating on the prayers. God bless these people, Lord! There is a stop light now at this intersection to let the cars from Cass Street get onto westbound Dodge street. We said Hello to two police officers as they were stopped for the light. "Thanks for all you do. Thanks for protecting us. We are praying for you and the firemen." The officer was grateful for our thoughts. Yes, and we are grateful for what they do for our city. One man yelled out the window "Pro-Choice". I just waved to him. What can you say? We do not agree at all. The little kids would wave back to Margaret but the adults just ignored her for the most part. Some people honked their horns for some reason. (I don't know why!) They should have been standing next to us and praying along with us. I just don't understand I guess. "To each his or her own" as Dola would say.

(I'm listening to the CD "GOD" by Rebecca St. James as I write this.)

Now where was I?

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