October 16, 1996: Ups And Downs

Lately I just go from flying to crashing and back and forth. What a rollercoaster! Up and down and up.

On Monday (October 14) I woke up feeling great and then I got to work. I have learned that the persons closest to you can just destroy you. All that it took was one sentence from someone and I just crashed! Boom! You would think that after putting these articles in the newspaper for 14 years I would be used to personal attacks. I guess I'm too sensitive of a person. I was just grounded --- crash! I had to go and take a walk outside the building for a few minutes to recover. I knew instantly that I had to forgive that person. It is so tough to forgive. Lord, help me! I know that "Love is patient; love is kind." It is so hard to live those words! Pray for me that I can forgive and move on.

Yesterday (October 15) I received a phone message from a friend in Denver. She had just received a card and a plant. It was just so neat that I can't describe. She was very happy with the surprise. It was an Omaha(3)/Fed-Ex(1)/Denver(1) team effort. Mission accomplished! (It is a very long story.) I was very happy also. I called her back to hear about her "surprise". It's one of those events that I will never forget.

Two people sent me an e-mail of encouragement. Hey, I needed it! Thanks! God bless you. They are on www.webco.net .

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