December 1 to 14, 1996

Prepare the way of the Lord

He is coming soon

Is there any room in your heart?

Open your heart to others

(December 14, 1996
6:34 AM CST)

"Love is patient, love is kind..."
1 Corinthians 13:4
This is the season to love
and to be loved by God.

The CCC Church in Omaha has the play "The Gift" today and tomorrow at 3 PM and 7 PM.
They do wonderful productions.
Be there.

Please, pray for all the sick people at St. Joseph Hospital here in Omaha.

(December 13, 1996
6:19 AM CST)

Good Morning.
We keep moving toward the shortest day of the year in terms of sunlight . I'm not sure, but it is around December 21 for people that live north of the equator and June 21 if you live south. The darkness is getting to me. I am a sunshine person, but Jesus is the light of the world. He is the light that came into the world to overcome the darkness of our lives (sin).
Come, Lord Jesus.

(December 12, 1996
6:20 AM CST)

Happy Birthday, Christine!
Have a fun day.

In Mexico today it is the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe .

(December 11, 1996
6:23 AM CST)

We have had some mild days here in Omaha with temperatures in the 30's and 40's, which is nice for wintertime.

Yesterday I went to lunch at Grandmothers on 90 and Dodge Streets. It is one of my favorite places to eat. There was 6 of us. It's nice to have friends.

I saw the new street at 76 and Dodge Streets named "76th Drive". It goes diagonal south and east to Nebraska Furniture Mart on 72nd Street.

(December 10, 1996
6:30 AM CST)

It should be a beautiful day here in Omaha with a high of 55 degrees F. Maybe.
Enjoy the sunshine.

(December 9, 1996
6:25 AM CST)

Welcome to another wonderful day with the Lord.
Everyday is a day to rejoice and be glad.
Don't forget to visit the sick or give them a call.

(December 8, 1996
7:05 AM CST)

This morning there is an awesome display in the sky. The planet Venus is 1 degree away from the cresent Moon .
Take a look out the window!
The sky is a deep blue and the southeastern horizon is painted with orange.
I just looked again (7:15 AM) and the sky is getting bright.

Last night I played some tennis at Miracle Hills Tennis Center. I love to play tennis, but I hurt all over the next day. Heaven help me.

Yesterday I was reading a commentary on 1Corinthians for a Bible Study I will attend on December 9.
It helps, if you read the material ahead of time.

That Billy Graham did have a TV program last week. It was on KXVO Channel 15 on December 6 at 7 PM and I missed it. Page 15 of the newspaper had an advertisement on it, but the TV listings matrix did not mention it.
It was titled "A Season For Peace".
Watch for it in your city.
I tried and missed.

(December 7, 1996
10:30 AM CST)

This morning in Omaha at 10:00 AM they tested the Civil Defense Sirens for a few minutes. I usually say something like, "It's the end of the world." It's just a habit I do without thinking. I grew up with the sirens meaning doom and gloom, but I need to move on and think differently.

(December 6, 1996
6:27 AM CST)

It's Friday.

Billy Graham has some TV programs this week and the week of December 15. Pray for the people that watch these programs around the world. May God touch their hearts this Christmas and forever.

KGBI 100.7 FM in Omaha is playing lots of Christmas music now, so tune in. I like Bryan Duncan and his Christmas songs.

(December 5, 1996
5:56 AM CST)

Happy Birthday to John (i.e. Bones) today!

We got more snow overnight with a current temperature of 23 degrees F. High today of 40.

Last night I wrote out a check to pay the bill for Novia Internetworking for the month.
It was $39.95.
This gives Spring To Life a presence on the Internet.

I changed the font to Helvetica for this text.
Can you tell any difference?

(December 4, 1996
5:58 AM CST)

Yesterday I got a new washing machine for my house.
The old machine was 16 years old.
God bless the 2 guys that delivered it.

Life is a challenge.
Hang in there.
You will make it, my friend.

(December 2, 1996
5:48 AM CST)

Good Morning!
Thank God It's Monday.
God bless us this day as we go to work and school and reach out to help others.

On Saturday, December 7, 1996 at 7:30 PM in Bellevue, Nebraska at the Bellevue Christian Center there will be a concert by Michael Card .
Call (402) 449-2830 for ticket info.

(December 1, 1996
6:41 AM CST)

Yes, Christmas will be here very soon!
Are you ready?

Yesterday I typed in another article titled "The Missing Christmas Tree" .

Another month is history.
I hope and pray that you lived it well.

I moved the November events to:
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