December 15 to 31, 1996

On that day... there will be peace

On that day... death will be no more

On that day... we will rejoice

On that day... we will be glad

(December 31, 1996
6:27 AM CST)

It's almost 1997.
Start the new year with
many blessings in the Lord.
Give your heart to Jesus.

Send greetings to the people on the Mir Space station.

(December 30, 1996
8:06 AM CST)

The weather will be warmer today in Omaha .

(December 29, 1996
10:43 AM CST)

We give thanks to God this day.
We praise you, O Lord.
Come Lord Jesus and give us your peace.

Some of my friends run Mission Possible of Deerfield Beach, Florida. They help the poor in Peru .

(December 28, 1996
9:45 AM CST)

This morning I was driving around BoysTown and it was 8:14 AM and the sun was low on the south-eastern horizon just peaking through the clouds. The clouds were mostly gray. Within a minute the sun was gone. The clouds captured it. We sometimes only see a glimpse of God. The window opens for a moment and then closes. Seek the Lord while you can. Today is the day to come home to the Lord.

Some of the people I talked to this morning suggested reading One Bread One Body each day.

(December 27, 1996
6:17 AM CST)

If my calculations are correct,
there are just 1,100 days
until the year 2000 . I pray that many people will come to know the love of Jesus as we approach the new millennium.

The radio just played a song by Cheri Keaggy . It said, "You alone are our refuge."
Jesus is our only refuge.
Call on his name.

(December 26, 1996
6:20 AM CST)

Keep that spirit of Christmas every day of the year.

God has blessed us this year.
Let us be grateful.
Let us thank the Lord.

(December 25, 1996
6:54 AM CST)

Merry Christmas!
Jesus is born today.
Receive him into your heart.
God bless you this holy day!
Receive the blessings from God just for you.

I just heard a song on KGBI 100.7 radio. The song was "Celebrate the gift of Jesus" by Twila Paris .
Yes, let us celebrate!

Jesus was born in Bethlehem about 2,000 years ago.

(December 24, 1996
6:16 AM CST)

It is 2 degrees F below zero, so stay warm.

I ask Jesus to bless you this Christmas and all days in all ways.

(December 23, 1996
6:14 AM CST)

Prepare your heart.
The king will soon arrive.
Are you ready?

(December 22, 1996
6:51 AM CST)

Good Morning.

I heard on the radio the other day that Billy Graham had a new Internet site. He has information on
"Beginning Your Christian Life" and
"Steps To Peace With God" .

(December 21, 1996
6:33 AM CST)

Today I ask you to pray for all the sick at St. Joseph Hospital in Omaha. Thanks.

I'm listening to Joe Stowell on KCRO 660 AM radio in Omaha. It starts at 6:30 AM. He always has a good message to proclaim.

Please, pray for Mary to find a job. Thanks.

(December 20, 1996
6:10 AM CST)

It is zero, zip, 0 degrees F this morning.

A few days ago I received a letter from Network Solutions of Herndon, VA. It said that they were going to disconnect the Domain Name in 15 days from December 11, 1996. To check the account status enter:


and see what it says. I just checked and it says the "Due Date" is November 14, 1996. I talked to Novia Internetworking a few days ago and they say the bill is paid.
Please, pray that this gets resolved. Thanks!

(December 19, 1996
6:18 AM CST)

Yesterday we had a big holiday lunch at Lo Sole Mio's with about 20 people. It is a nice Italian food place.

Christmas just gets closer and closer. I wish people "Merry Christmas" and pray that Jesus (the reason for the season) is part of their celebration.

Pam brought in fudge yesterday at work (U S WEST) . She sits right next to me. It was great!

It is 3 degrees F this morning.

(December 18, 1996
6:23 AM CST)

Yesterday I went to lunch downtown with 3 other people. We are still celebrating my birthday. Will it ever end? Usually my birthday just gets lost in the mad Christmas rush.

It's got even colder here, so the weather people keep telling us the wind chill is way below zero degrees F. This makes us feel even colder. Stay warm wherever you are.

(December 17, 1996
6:13 AM CST)

Yesterday was my birthday #45.
It was nice to be "the center of attention" for a day. I received birthday greetings from as far away as Santa Ana, California and Milwaukee, Wisconsin (sorry I was wrong about Wisconsin) . That was nice.

Yesterday was Erin's B-day too.
She is the editor of The Bridge in Boston, MA .

(December 16, 1996
6:24 AM CST)

Good Morning from Omaha, Nebraska in the good-old US of A.

Yesterday I helped someone move to an apartment. We are always moving around. Hopefully we will find our home one day and "we will arrive".

Yesterday at BoysTown the story of "The Station" was read at the 8 AM Mass.

(December 15, 1996
12:04 PM CST)

I made it to see "The Gift" at CCC yesterday at 3 PM. It was great! It will be presented again today at 3 PM and 7 PM.

The sun is shining in Omaha and San Francisco . Take a look at the picture.

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