January 1 to 31, 1997

Love is patient

Love is kind

Love is not jealous

Love is not rude
1 Corinthians 13:4-8

(January 31, 1997
6:03 AM CST)

Spring is getting closer.
The high today should get up to 55 F degrees.
Let us "Spring To Life" today.
Welcome the Lord into your life.
Jesus is your best friend.
The cold weather is just a reminder to come home
to the warmth and sunshine of the Lord.

(January 30, 1997
6:08 AM CST)

Yesterday at work I purchased a carrot cake from the Garden Cafe for Dola's birthday. It was very good --- lots of sugar.

(January 29, 1997
6:07 AM CST)

Happy Birthday, Dola!

Stand up for what is right.
Let the truth be known.
Point people in the right direction.
Find the narrow road (the one less traveled).
Seek the light.

(January 28, 1997
5:44 AM CST)

I'm praying for a safe trip for Cousin Ron to Denver today. He is moving there. The high today may be 54 F degrees there.

(January 27, 1997
6:19 AM CST)

Give praise to the Lord.
Sing a new song to him.
Bless the Lord.
Give him the glory and honor.

(January 26, 1997
6:47 AM CST)

It is the Lord's day.
Tell him how much you love him.
Take some time today to listen to the Lord.
Yes, it is Super Bowl Sunday, but put God first and worship him.

(January 25, 1997
10:09 AM CST)

Seek first the kingdom of God.
Pray every day.
Read the Bible every day.

I tried to watch the sunrise this morning, but it was too bright. Sometimes what the Lord is trying to show us is overwhelming.

(January 24, 1997
6:05 AM CST)

Happy Birthday, JJ!

Give thanks to the Lord.
Give praise to God.
We have had about a 1-inch snow overnight.
Schools are open. God bless all the students.

(January 23, 1997
6:19 AM CST)

Happy Birthday, Rachel!
God bless ya!

Let us pray for unity of all Christian churches.
May we all be one.
They will know we are Christians by our love.
We all have one Father.

(January 22, 1997
6:12 AM CST)

We pray today for a safe return of the Space Shuttle . God bless their mission.
(They made it back safely.)

(January 21, 1997
6:17 AM CST)

Yesterday was a nice "warm" day for January with a high around 54 F degrees.

I got this new computer at work and I'm trying to figure out how to telnet into a UNIX system and how to get the Function keys working. Somebody named Pete helped me yesterday and I think he fixed it. I hope.
Change is difficult sometimes. It can be confusing and frustrating, but if you work through it, progress can be made. It takes others sometimes to figure it all out. It is not easy to progress and move on and grow, so hang in there. You can do it!

(January 20, 1997
6:02 AM CST)

Today is Inauguration Day.
God bless our president.
May God touch his heart.
May he do the will of God.

(January 19, 1997
6:50 AM CST)

Today is "Respect Life" Sunday.
Let us be thankful to God for
this great gift of life that he has given to us.
We respect this gift from the womb to a
natural death.

On January 17 at about 4 AM here in Omaha twin 3-year old girls walked out of their house. The temperature was below zero. The parents woke up to find the kids gone. The police were called to help search for the kids. They were found a block and a half away in a dark alley. Today they are in the hospital recovering, so pray for Jennifer and Kourtney Woracek. Thanks.

(January 18, 1997
7:02 AM CST)

Let us pray for peace in the world.

(January 17, 1997
6:01 AM CST)

Praise the Lord!
It is Friday.
Give thanks to him.
Keep us safe today, O Lord.
Bless our work and studies.
Give us the grace to do your will.

(January 16, 1997
6:37 AM CST)

It's the freeze plan again today. Sometimes I wonder why people live in Omaha since the weather is so bad. Well, it's the people. The people are for the most part wonderful. Omaha is a blessed town with many praying people.

Yesterday I checked the Post Office Box 991 and there was a letter from someone requesting copies of some articles:
"Friday, December 31, 1999" and
"The Answer Is Love" .

(January 15, 1997
6:17 AM CST)

We are getting a little snow every day lately. It took a long time to drive home from work last night.

(January 14, 1997
5:50 AM CST)

It is warmer this morning. I can tell because the windows are not all frosted up. Thank the Lord.

(January 13, 1997
6:29 AM CST)

Good Morning. It is 6 degrees F.
It is like a heat wave.

Yesterday in the newspaper there was a few articles about the year 2000 . The more I read about it the more I think we will have a lot of computer problems.

(January 12, 1997
6:59 AM CST)

"When the perfect comes,
the imperfect will pass away."
1 Corinthians 13:10
Yes, one day perfection itself will come to visit you and me. We do not know the day or the hour but one day it will be a perfect day. Jesus will return in all his glory. All our sins will look so out of place. Seek to be perfect as Jesus was perfect. Be prepared to receive the Lord at any moment.

I wrote a prayer for today . I need to do this more often. I hope it will bless you.

(January 11, 1997
6:36 AM CST)

I'm praying for warmer weather. When it gets this cold it is hard to turn the steering wheel on my car. The brakes don't stop the car unless you push them very hard. The windows in the house are all frosted up. It is cold. The temperatures in Florida are in the 80s F. That is not fair.

(January 10, 1997
6:05 AM CST)

Thank God today (Friday) and everyday.

It is 8 degrees F below zero, so stay warm.
It is windy!
The schools are all closing.
The guy on the radio asked,
"Is there any Good News?"
Yes, Jesus died so that we could live.
We thank you, Lord.

(January 9, 1997
6:07 AM CST)

Good Morning! This morning the electricity went out for 30 seconds at about 5 AM. I went in search of the flashlight. The furnace quit working. How would I survive? The house was very dark. How much we need *light* in our lives. We also need Jesus the light of the world. It makes it so much easier with Jesus there to light the way.

(January 8, 1997
6:15 AM CST)

Have you ever tried entering about:cache on the Netscape location line? It provides detailed information on the cache.

Yesterday Sandi and I went to Jackson Towers at about 11 AM on 27th and St. Marys Avenue in Omaha to help with "Meals on Wheels". We delivered 14 lunches to people in the 14-story building. I was praying for all the people in the building for God to bless them and keep them well.

The newspaper said that Madonna does not want her new child watching the "poison" on TV. She wants her child to read the Bible .
Very interesting...

Have a wonderful day with the Lord Jesus Christ in your life today.

(January 7, 1997
6:26 AM CST)

Hang in there today.
You will make it.
Pray and have faith.

(January 6, 1997
6:15 AM CST)

I survived! I'm much better today. I do not like being sick. It is a reminder that we are not to live forever on this earth. Someday we will die and go on to be with the Lord hopefully.

"Eye has not seen,
ear has not heard,
nor has it so much as dawned on man
what God has prepared for those who love Him."
1 Corinthians 2:9

(January 5, 1997
7:19 AM CST)

Happy Birthday, Joe!

I keep getting better, but I'm not "normal" yet.
How ironic --- this is "Spring To Life" and I'm sick.

Yesterday, I listened to Promise Keepers weekly radio program. It is good stuff. Take a listen in your "neck of the woods".

(January 4, 1997
8:37 AM CST)

I think I'm better today. Keep praying for me to get over this cold. Pray for all the sick people to get better. Thanks.

I just finished reading a book on the inventor, Nikola Tesla . He was "way ahead of his time". He lived from 1856 to 1943.

(January 3, 1997
7:16 AM CST)

I'm home sick today. I caught a cold, so pray for me. Thanks.

(January 2, 1997
6:26 AM CST)

Omaha has a temperature of 40 degrees F this morning.
It is amazing how "warm" 40 degrees feels after all the cold that we have had.

I wonder what will happen this year. I pray that more and more people will give their lives to the Lord. Pray everyday for all the lost that they find their way to the truth (Jesus). Thanks! I pray everyday for Billy Graham and his organization's efforts to reach these people.

(January 1, 1997
6:52 AM CST)

Happy New Year!

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