July 1 to 31, 1997

Seek and you shall find
Trust in the Lord

Jesus is your friend

Build your house on solid ground

Jesus will set you free

Let everything within me praise the Lord

(July 31, 1997 6:28 AM CDT)

"When is was decided that we were
to sail for Italy,
Paul and some other prisoners
were handed over to a centurion
named Julius from the cohort
known as Augusta."
Acts 27:1

You just never know where the Lord
will send you.
Paul was sent to Italy.
There are many people that need
to hear the Good News.
They are all over the world.
Some are right in your neighborhood.
When the Lord Jesus says "Go"
do you hear him?

(July 30, 1997 6:23 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
to you I offer praise;
for what you have hidden from
the learned and the clever
you have revealed
to the merest children."
Matthew 11:25

A child can grasp the infinite
sometimes better than an adult.
It takes trust.
Do you trust anyone?
Trust in the Lord.
He will give you all that you need.

(July 29, 1997 6:26 AM CDT)

"Faith is confident assurance concerning
what we hope for,
and conviction about
things we do not see."
Hebrews 11:1

Jesus asks you to believe in him.
You can't see him.
He asks you to trust in him.
He has promised you eternal life.
It takes faith.
It takes trust.
Our hope is in the Lord.
Can you take a step of faith?

(July 28, 1997 6:23 AM CDT)

"Blessed are you, and praiseworthy,
O Lord, the God of our fathers,
and glorious forever is your name.
For you are just in all you have done;
all your deeds are faultless,
all your ways right,
and all your judgments proper."
Daniel 3:26-27

Leave the judging to God.
Do not judge others.
We only see the outside,
but God sees the heart.

Thank you, Lord, for a beautiful
sunrise today.
It is another day filled with
your glory.
Thanks for a cooler day.
Thanks for the rain yesterday.
You are so good to us.
I love you.

(July 27, 1997 7:22 AM CDT)

"There is an appointed time for everything,
and a time for every affair
under the heavens.
A time to be born,
and a time to die;
a time to plant,
and a time to uproot the plant.
A time to tear down,
and a time to build.
A time to weep,
and a time to laugh."
Ecclesiastes 3:1-4

Your time has come.
Now is the time.
Do not wait.
Time passes so quickly.
Give your heart to Jesus today.
Commit your life to him.
Seek the truth.
Today is the time.
This is the season.

The Byrds music group made the song
"Turn, Turn, Turn"
based on these words from the Bible.

(July 26, 1997 7:32 AM CDT)

Today you can listen to
"Promise Keepers in Pittsburgh, PA"
live as it happens.

"This treasure we possess in earthen vessels,
to make it clear that its surpassing
power comes from God
and not from us.
We are afflicted in every way possible,
but we are not crushed;
full of doubts, we never despair.
we are persecuted but never abandoned;
we are struck down but never destroyed.
Continually we carry about
in our bodies the dying of Jesus,
so that in our bodies the life of Jesus
may also be revealed."
2 Corinthians 4:7-10

We are so fragile.
We are so weak.
We could break at any moment,
but we have the strength
of the Lord within us.
We are strong, if we lean on him.
We can achieve unbelievable things,
if we call on the name of Jesus.
Live by faith and not your sight.
Sin will depart, if you call for help.
You can do all things through
Jesus Christ who gives you strength.
Know where your strength comes from.

(July 25, 1997 6:22 AM CDT)

"God so loved the world
that he gave his only son,
that whoever believes in him
may not die
but may have eternal life."
John 3:16

Yes, God loves you very much.
He loved you so much he died for you.
How do you respond?
Do you turn away?
Do you say "Thanks"?
Do you say "No thanks"?
Do you wonder about this?
It is hard to believe.
It is a mystery.
Ask for the gift of faith to believe.
Jesus is the way, the truth
and the life.

(July 24, 1997 6:20 AM CDT)

"Praise the Lord, O my soul;
I will praise the Lord
all my life;
I will sing praise to
my God while I live."
Psalms 146:1-2

Just think about all the wonderful
things that Jesus has done for us.
We would be lost without him.
The full moon this morning gives
praise to God.
The gift of life is so awesome.
You are alive.
You are very special.
No one is like you.
Give praise to God who created you.

(July 23, 1997 6:32 AM CDT)

Let us pray today for all
who are sick and need healing.
Let us pray for sufficient rain
for the farmers.
Let us pray for a return to
the Lord for those far away.
Let us pray that the love of God
will be in our hearts.
Let us pray that the Internet
will be used for the glory of God
and not evil.
Let us thank the Lord
for another day.

(July 22, 1997 6:21 AM CDT)

Moses said to the people,
"Fear not!
Stand your ground,
and you will see the victory
the Lord will win for you today."
Exodus 14:13

It looked hopeless for Moses and
the Israelites.
The Egyptians were closing in.
They did not know what would happen.
Would they be killed?
The Lord says to you today,
"Fear not!"
Trust in the Lord.
He will deliver you.
Jesus is there to protect you.
Call on his name.
Jesus, come and save me.
He will hear your prayer and
rescue you.

(July 21, 1997 6:20 AM CDT)

"My brothers, count it pure joy
when you are involved in
every sort of trial.
Realize that when your faith
is tested this makes for endurance.
Let endurance come to its perfection
so that you may be fully mature
and lacking in nothing."
James 1:2-4

Yes, we all have difficulties.
None of us "have it made".
It is a struggle.
Hang in there.
Call on the name of the Lord.
Seek the Lord.
Seek to do the will of God.
Be perfect, as your heavenly
Father is perfect.

(July 20, 1997 11:02 AM CDT)

"The Lord is my shepherd;
I shall not want."
Psalms 23:1

This is an image
that the Lord presents to us.
Are you a follower?
Can you be lead?
Can you follow instructions.
Do you listen?

(July 19, 1997 7:46 AM CDT)

For the last few days my phone
was not working, so it was
kind of hard to update this site.
But now it is fixed and
life continues on.
Life is ever changing and
it is so fragile.
The Stock Market could drop
at any time.

The centurion said to Jesus,
"Sir, I am not worthy
to have you under my roof.
Just give an order and
my boy will get better."
Matthew 8:8

We need faith.
Jesus hears your prayers.
Jesus knows what is best for you.
He will give you
what is just right for you.
Ask for your heart's desire.

(July 14, 1997 6:18 AM CDT)

Happy Birthday, Monica!

"Trust in the Lord
and do good,
that you may dwell in the land
and enjoy security.
Take delight in the Lord,
and he will grant you
your heart's requests."
Psalms 37:3-4

Please, pray for Rachel and Debbie
who are sick.

(July 12, 1997 8:25 AM CDT)

"Even though you meant harm to me,
God meant it for good,
to achieve his present end,
the survival of many people.
Therefore have no fear.
I will provide for you
and for your children."
Genesis 50:20-21

The story of Joseph here in the Bible
is very special to me.
It starts in Genesis 37
and continues to the end of Genesis.
Read through it sometime.
God can take a bad situation and
turn it around for good.
God can turn your life around
and give you joy and peace.

(July 11, 1997 6:27 AM CDT)

"Come to him,
a living stone,
rejected by men but approved,
and precious in God's eyes.
You too are living stones,
built as an edifice of spirit,
into a holy priesthood,
offering spiritual sacrifices
acceptable to God through Jesus Christ."
1 Peter 2:4-5

Let us build for the kingdom of God.
Each of us makes up part of the structure.
Let us create something beautiful
with the Lord helping us
and guiding us.

(July 10, 1997 6:27 AM CDT)

At 5:55 AM this morning the sky
was very bright yellow here
in Omaha .
My whole neighborhood was
all tinted yellow.
It reminded me of the city of God.
God will provide the light
to light up heaven.

"I saw new heavens and a new earth."
Revelation 21:1

(July 9, 1997 6:28 AM CDT)

"Mend your ways.
Encourage one another.
Live in harmony and peace,
and the God of love and peace
will be with you.
Greet one another with a holy kiss.
All the holy ones send greetings to you.
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,
and the love of God, and the
fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with you all."
2 Corinthians 13:11-13

Let us live in peace and harmony.
Let us love one another.

(July 8, 1997 6:20 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"The harvest is good
but the laborers are scarce.
Beg the harvest master to send out
laborers to gather his harvest."
Matthew 9:37-38

There are many people that need God.
Tell them today about Jesus.
Bring them home.

(July 7, 1997 6:21 AM CDT)

"God is rich in mercy;
because of his great love for us
he brought us to life with Christ
when we were dead in sin.
By this favor you were saved.
Both with and in Christ Jesus
he raised us up and
gave us a place in the heavens,
that in the ages to come
he might display the
great wealth of his favor,
manifested by his kindness
to us in Christ Jesus.
I repeat,
it is owing to his favor
that salvation is yours through faith.
This is not your own doing,
it is God's gift."
Ephesians 2:4-8

Thank God today for this great gift.

(July 6, 1997 7:25 AM CDT)

"Where can I go from your spirit?
From your presence where can I flee?
If I go up to the heavens,
you are there;
if I sink to the nether world,
you are present there.
If I take the wings of the dawn,
if I settle at the farthest
limits of the sea,
Even there your hand shall guide me,
and your right hand hold me fast."
Psalms 139:7-10

God is everywhere.
He is Lord of the universe.
Give praise to the Lord today.
Thank him for sending the Holy Spirit
that dwells within us.

(July 5, 1997 6:47 AM CDT)

"Do not go to mediums or
consult fortune-tellers,
for you will be defiled by them.
I, the Lord, am your God."
Leviticus 19:31

Some people read the horoscope
every day and think nothing of it.
God asks you to trust in him
and not in these fortune-tellers.
Do you place your trust
completely in Jesus?
He will supply all your needs.

The Pathfinder has landed
on the planet Mars.
Mars is very different from earth.
It is dry and without life.
You should thank the Lord
for our blue sky and green grass.
Just look out the window and
give praise to God.

(July 4, 1997 6:26 AM CDT)

Happy 4th of July!
Celebrate our freedom.
I pray that no one will get hurt today
from the fireworks.

"There is cause for rejoicing here.
You may for a time have to suffer
the distress of many trials;
but this is so that your faith,
which is more precious than the
passing splendor of fire-tried gold,
may by its genuineness lead to praise,
glory and honor when Jesus Christ appears.
Although you have never seen him,
you love him, and without seeing
you now believe in him, and rejoice
with inexpressible joy touched with glory
because you are achieving faith's goal,
your salvation."
1 Peter 1:6-9

Yes, I pray you are achieving your goal.
Live for Jesus.
Believe in him.
Pray to him.
One day you will see his glory.
Come Lord Jesus.
Save us.
Come, O Lord, visit us.

(July 3, 1997 6:28 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"Go into the whole world
and proclaim the good news
to all creation.
The man who believes in it and
accepts baptism will be saved;
the man who refuses to believe
in it will be condemned."
Mark 16:15-16

Jesus, asks you to believe in him.
Do you?
You can reject Jesus.
You have a free will.
He will not force you to believe.
You decide.
Trust in him.
Have faith in him.
He loves you.
He died for you.
What more could you ask for?
He is your best friend.

(This message of hope is now
available to the
whole world by the Internet
here in 1997.)

(July 2, 1997 6:27 AM CDT)

"As the hind longs
for the running waters,
so my soul longs for you, O God.
Athrist is my soul for God,
the living God.
When shall I go
and behold the face of God?"
Psalms 42:2-3

We are in a desert.
We are thirsty.
We call out to God.
Jesus send us your
life giving waters.
We long for you, O Lord.
Come and visit us this day.
Make your presence know.
Give us your peace.

(July 1, 1997 6:31 AM CDT)

Last night I was in a Bible Study.
One of the things we were discussing
was judgment day.
One day we will stand before God
and be judged.
Maybe the Lord will play back all the
events of your life.
Based on your life will the Lord
reward you with heaven?
Do your good deeds get you into heaven?
Can you earn heaven?
I told them that I do not fear death.
I know I sin and fall short of what
God wants me to do.
I ask God for mercy on my soul.
I ask him to forgive me.
What do you think?

Heaven is a gift.
It is a free gift.
We do not deserve it.
We cannot earn it.
Jesus died for you.
Jesus took your place.
We deserve death.
He saved us.
He rescued us from death.
He suffered and died,
so that you could live.
Call on the name of the Lord
and you will be saved.
Jesus, save me.

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