November 1 to 30, 1997

Love as Jesus taught us
Give all that you have

Forgive everyone

Trust in the Lord

Be glad and rejoice

Love God

(November 30, 1997 10:54 AM CST)

"May the Lord increase you and make you
overflow with love for one another
and for all, even as our love does for you.
May he strengthen your hearts,
making them blameless and holy before
our God and Father at the coming of our
Lord Jesus with all his holy ones."
1 Thessalonians 3:12-13

Yes, may God bless you today!
May you be holy and loving.
May you reflect the love of the Father.
Be strong.
Stand up for what is right.
Be a witness to the truth.
Be watchful.
The Lord Jesus will return one day.
Be ready to share your faith
with anyone you meet.
Be an example.
(You might want to read about
17 year old Charlie Ranallo .)

(November 29, 1997 6:36 AM CST)

"In the beginning,
when God created the heavens
and the earth, the earth was a
formless wasteland, and darkness
covered the abyss, while a
mighty wind swept over the waters."
Genesis 1:1-2

God was there in the beginning.
He is the Alpha and Omega.
He is the beginning and the end.
He is from eternity to eternity ---
forever and ever.
God is here today.
Right where you are.
He is very close to you.
All you have to do is call out
to him.
Jesus, come into my life.
Make me a new creation.
He will hear your prayer
and change you.

The week of November 30 Billy Graham
will be on TV in the USA and Canada.
So check your local listings for the day and the time.
(Pick your city and do a
Search for "Billy Graham" and
it will give you the times.
In Omaha, Nebraska it will be
broadcast at
7PM on Thursday, December 4th and
7PM on Friday, December 5th
on KXVO channel 15.)

(November 28, 1997 8:01 AM CST)

"In the beginning was the Word;
the Word was in God's presence,
and the Word was God.
He was present to God in the beginning.
Through him all things came into being,
and apart from him nothing came to be.
Whatever came to be in him, found life,
life for the light of men.
The light shines on in darkness,
a darkness that did not overcome it."
John 1:1-5

God has always existed.
He created all things.
You are made by God.
He made the earth and stars.
Can you see his beauty?
Can you see his light?
Yes, there is darkness (evil) in the
world, but God is light (goodness).
Ask Jesus today for this light
to shine on you.
Make your life shine bright.
Call on the name of the Lord.
Be a witness.

(November 27, 1997 6:25 AM CST)

Happy Thanksgiving to you!
I'm praying for you.

"I will give thanks to you, O Lord,
with all my heart,
in the presence of the angels
I will sing your praise;
I will worship at your holy temple
and give thanks to your name,
Because of your kindness and your truth;
for you have made great above all things
your name and your promise.
When I called, you answered me;
you built up strength within me."
Psalms 138:1-3

Yes, give thanks to God.
He has done many things for us.
He continues to bless us.
We praise you, Lord, and thank you.
We thank you for this day.
We thank you for your love.

(November 26, 1997 6:32 AM CST)

Yesterday they cleaned the street in
front of my house. I can see my
sidewalk again. The branches and
leaves were about 10 feet tall,
but now they are all gone.
God bless these workers who are
cleaning up our city.
They are doing a great job.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.
If you live outside the USA,
you can thank the Lord also
in your own special way.

"At the appointed time,
when we were still powerless,
Christ died for us godless men.
It is rare that anyone should lay
down his life for a just man,
though it is barely possible that
for a good man someone may
have the courage to die.
It is precisely in this that God
proves his love for us:
that while we were still sinners,
Christ died for us."
Romans 5:6-8

Thank you, Jesus, for dying for us.
Thank you for saving us.
Thank you for eternal life.
How wonderful you are.
How grateful we are.
How much you love us.

(November 25, 1997 6:29 AM CST)

"We know that affliction makes for endurance,
and endurance for tested virtue,
and tested virtue for hope.
And this hope will not leave us disappointed,
because the love of God has been poured out
in our hearts through the Holy Spirit
who has been given to us."
Romans 5:3-5

We all suffer.
We all have a burden to carry.
Will you let Jesus help you?
He will help.
He makes all things new.
He will turn your sorrow to joy.
If you are low, he will raise you up.
Call on the power of the Holy Spirit.
Receive this gift of love.
Be a new creation.
God loves you.

(November 24, 1997 6:35 AM CST)

God bless you today!
This is a day like no other.
It is full of surprises.
Go in the name of the Lord Jesus.
Seek the lost.
Comfort the hurting.
Pray for wisdom.
Ask for forgiveness.
Be a light to the world.
God be with you!

(November 23, 1997 10:37 AM CST)

"Therefore we continue to be confident.
We know that while we dwell in the body
we are away from the Lord.
We walk by faith, not by sight.
I repeat, we are full of confidence and
would much rather be away from the body
and at home with the Lord. This being so,
we make it our aim to please him whether
we are with him or away from him.
The lives of all of us are to be revealed
before the tribunal of Christ so that
each one may receive his recompense,
good or bad, according to
his life in the body."
2 Corinthians 5:6-10

Have confidence.
Jesus has gone before us.
We are destined for glory.
You are meant to live forever.
Live a life worthy of this calling.
WWJD (What would Jesus do?)
You will be judged one day.
You may not like that, but it will happen.
What are you doing with your time
on this earth?
Give thanks.
One day we get to go home.
Have faith.

(November 22, 1997 6:49 AM CST)

Happy Birthday, Nicholas!
Have fun today.

"We wish you the favor and
peace of God our Father
and of the Lord Jesus Christ,
who gave himself for our sins,
to rescue us from the present evil age,
as our God and Father willed ---
to him be glory for endless ages.
Galatians 1:3-5

Father, we thank you.
You are perfect.
You give us all that we need.
Protect us from this evil age.
Surround us with your angels.
Guard us.
All the glory is yours.
We give you praise and thanks.
Thank you, Jesus, for dying for our sins.
Thanks for eternal life.

34 years ago today I was in 6th grade.
There was an announcement that the
president had been shot in Texas.
It was overcast and cold day.
A bell of the Cathedral was
sounding slowly, as if for a funeral.
It was a sad day for me.
After school I took bus number 4 from
39 and Cuming to 24 and Burt to pickup
my brother from kindergarden near
Creighton University . It was very,
very quiet on the bus that afternoon.

(November 21, 1997 6:32 AM CST)

"I will extol you, O my God and King,
and I will bless your name forever and ever.
Every day will I bless you,
and I will praise your name forever and ever.
Great is the Lord and highly to be praised;
his greatness is unsearchable.
Generation after generation praises your works
and proclaims your might.
They speak of the splendor of your glorious majesty
and tell of your wondrous works."
Psalms 145:1-5

How wonderful you are, Lord.
We give praise to you today.
You are almighty.
You are the king.
We praise your name, Jesus.
You are our Lord.
Come and visit us.

(November 20, 1997 6:25 AM CST)

The people at work did not believe me
when I said I was giving the TV away
until it went out the door.
There was a group of 6 or 7 of us that
went to the Veterans Home. We gave them
games, books, magazines, soap, fruit,
shaving supplies. There are couples that
live in the home. I helped one woman with
all these items back to her room and her
husband was snoring in bed. Alan was the
volunteer director of the place. It was
an interesting experience. I will have to
go back to visit them again.

Jesus said,
"For I was hungry and you gave me food,
I was thirsty and you gave me drink,
I was a stranger and you welcomed me,
naked and you clothed me,
I was ill and you comforted me,
in prison and you came to visit me."
Matthew 25:35-36

Let us not forget the forgotten in our towns.
Go and visit them.
Be a friend to them.
Talk with them.
Get to know them.
God will bless you.

If meteors interest you, you might want to
take a tour of the
Barringer Crater in Arizona .

(November 19, 1997 6:22 AM CST)

Yesterday I won a 19-inch TV in a
raffle at work (U S WEST) .
I could not believe it.
There was my name on a large poster
on the first floor of 1314 DOTM.
After an hour of being a "celebrity"
I thought about giving the TV away.
The raffle was to benefit the veterans
at Thomas Fitzgerald Veterans
Home on 156 and Maple,
so today I will give them the TV.

"You need to recall the words of the
Lord Jesus himself, who said,
'There is more happiness in giving
than receiving'".
Acts 20:35

Jesus gave and gave and gave.
Today we still receive from
all that he did and does for us.
Be grateful.
Be generous.
Give to those in need.
All good gifts come from Heaven above.

(November 18, 1997 6:28 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"You know the commandments:
'You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not kill.
You shall not steal.
You shall not bear dishonest witness.
Honor your father and your mother.'"
Luke 18:20

Be faithful in your marriage.
Respect other people.
Be thoughtful.
Think of others and their needs.
Be helpful.
Speak the truth.
Help the helpless.
Take care of your parents.
Be nice.
Be a witness.
Care for the poor.
Be positive.

(November 17, 1997 6:32 AM CST)

Yesterday I saw the snow geese at
DeSoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge .
There were about 100,000 of them
by the visitor center.

"The grace of God has appeared,
offering salvation to all men.
It trains us to reject godless ways
and worldly desires, and live
temperately, justly, and devoutly
in this age as we await our blessed hope,
the appearing of the glory of the great
God and of our Savior Christ Jesus.
It was he who sacrificed himself for us,
to redeem us from all unrighteousness and
to cleanse for himself a people of his own,
eager to do what is right."
Titus 2:11-14

God's grace is overwhelming.
Receive it and live.
Reject the godless ways of the world.
Be holy.
Do what is right.
Thank you, Jesus, for redeeming us.
Thank you for your sacrifice.
Come into my life, Jesus.
Free me.
Thank you for this blessed hope.
Come in glory, Lord Jesus.

(November 16, 1997 7:06 AM CST)

John's 30th birthday party yesterday was
fun. There were lots of people.
It was near 84th and West Center Road.
We saw John's high school graduation picture.
Ha, Ha!

The branches from the trees are still
piled on the curb on many streets.
The city has hired this company from
Auburn, Alabama to clean up the branches
over the next 2 months.

"Rejoice in the Lord always!
I say it again.
Everyone should see how unselfish you are.
The Lord is near.
Dismiss all anxiety from your minds.
Present your needs to God in every
form of prayer and in petitions full
of gratitude. Then God's own peace,
which is beyond all understanding,
will stand guard over your hearts
and minds, in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:4-7

Let there be joy in your heart.
Sing to the Lord.
Give praise to his name.
Have no fear.
Be confident.
Lord will give you all that you need.
Let there be peace in your life.
Be calm.
The Lord is in control of the whole universe.

(November 15, 1997 6:33 AM CST)

Happy Birthday, John!
30 years old/young!

"In him who is the source of my strength
I have strength for everything."
"I can do all things through Jesus Christ
who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13

Jesus is the source of our strength.
Call on him all the time.
He will give you what you need.
He brings us to life.
We are hopeless without him.
When things seem impossible I say
the above words over and over
until it sinks into my mind.
I CAN do all things through
Jesus Christ who gives me strength.

(November 14, 1997 6:23 AM CST)

Happy Birthday, Lori!
God bless you.

"You, however, are 'a chosen race,
a royal priesthood, a holy nation,
a people he claims for his own
to proclaim the glorious works'
of the One who called you
from darkness into his marvelous light.
Once you were no people,
but now you are God's people;
once there was no mercy for you,
but now you have found mercy."
1 Peter 2:9-10

You are called.
You are special.
Jesus invites you to the dinner table.
Will you accept?
Will you ignore him?
You are called by the Lord.
He calls you by name.
Receive God's mercy.
Jesus, have mercy on me
for I am a sinner.
Forgive my sins.

(November 13, 1997 6:30 AM CST)

"For the Lord of all
shows no partiality,
nor does he fear greatness,
because he himself made the great
as well as the small,
and he provides for all alike;
but for those in power
a rigorous scrutiny impends."
Wisdom 6:7-8

The Lord loves you.
You can be a saint or a sinner.
You may be rich or poor.
He loves you unconditionally.
God has no "favorites".
The rain falls on the just and unjust.
He does not promise you comfort in this life.
He does not promise you wealth and riches.
He loves us all the same.
Jesus died on the cross for all of us --
not just a few.
He died for you.
Open your heart today.
Let Jesus in.

(November 12, 1997 6:23 AM CST)

Jesus began his discourse:
"Be on your guard.
Let no one mislead you.
Any number will come attempting to
impersonate me. 'I am he,'
they will claim,
and will lead many astray."
Mark 13:5-6

Jesus is the one.
There is no other.
No one else can save you.
Call on the name of Jesus
and you will be saved.
Jesus will forgive you.
He will heal you.
He will bring you peace.
He will lead you home.

(November 10, 1997 6:21 AM CST)

Jesus said,
"I assure you,
unless you change and
become like little children,
you will not enter the kingdom of God.
Whoever makes himself lowly,
becoming like this child
is of greatest importance
in that heavenly reign."
Matthew 18:3-4

Do you think you are the greatest?
Are you very important?
Humble yourself.
Yes, God has blessed you with many talents,
but the glory should go to God.
He made you.
You are his.
Serve the Lord.
Give praise and thanks to Jesus.
Build the kingdom of God.

(November 9, 1997 7:08 AM CST)

"The Lord is just in all his ways
and holy in all his works.
The Lord is near to all who call upon him,
to all who call upon him in truth.
He fulfills the desire of those who fear him,
he hears their cry and saves them.
The Lord keeps all who love him,
but all the wicked he will destroy.
May my mouth speak the praise of the Lord,
and may all flesh bless his holy name
forever and ever."
Psalms 145:17-21

Let us praise the Lord today.
It is the Lord's Day.
Let us keep it holy.
Attend church today.
Pray with your brothers and sisters
in the Lord Jesus.
Cry out to the Lord for the lost.
Cry out to the Lord to save us.
We need you, Lord.
Save us, Lord.

Pray for Lori who is having surgery
this week.
God bless all the doctors,
nurses and other medical people
around the world today.
Bless their work, Lord.

(November 8, 1997 6:40 AM CST)

"The community of believers were
of one heart and one mind.
None of them ever claimed anything
as his own; rather, everything
was held in common."
Acts 4:32

Do you share what you have with others?
Is your community of one heart?
Be at peace with those around you.
Share your material things.
Ask for the mind of Christ.
Share your faith.

(November 7, 1997 6:24 AM CST)

"I am not ashamed of the gospel.
It is the power of God leading everyone
who believes in it to salvation..."
Romans 1:16

The words of God are very powerful.
They can change your life.
You will be different if you read them
and take them into your heart.
Hear and believe.
Faith comes by hearing.

(November 6, 1997 6:15 AM CST)

"Then Peter came up and asked Jesus,
'Lord, when my brother wrongs me,
how often must I forgive him?
Seven times?'
'No,' Jesus replied,
'not seven times; I say,
seventy times seven times.'"
Matthew 18:21-22

Do you forgive?
Forgive everyone.
Forgive them over and over.
Jesus said to do it.
It makes life so much simpler.
Ask God to help you forgive.
Forgive from your heart.

(November 5, 1997 6:25 AM CST)

Thank you for your prayers for our city.
Things are getting back to "normal".

KGBI is raising money to support
their radio station.
Share in the blessings!
Call them 449-2900 or 1-888-273-KGBI.

"Jesus told them:
'Go into the whole world and
proclaim the good news to all creation.
The man who believes in it and
accepts baptism will be saved;
the man who refuses to believe
in it will be condemned.'"
Mark 16:15-16

Open your heart to Jesus.
He will save you from your sin.
All will be lost,
if you turn down this free gift.
If you have any questions on this,
write to me ( .
I will try to explain it better.

(November 4, 1997 6:25 AM CST)

"This is the covenant which I will make with
the house of Israel after those days,
says the Lord. I will place my law
within them, and write it upon their hearts;
I will be their God, and they shall be
my people. No longer will they have need
to teach their friends and kinsmen how to
know the Lord. All, from least to greatest,
shall know me, says the Lord, for I will
forgive their evildoing and remember
their sin no more."
Jeremiah 31:33-34

Lord, we thank you for forgiving our sins.
We are lost and confused.
Write on our hearts the words of life.
Teach us how to live and love
as you do.
Be our guide.
Be our strength.
Be our hope.
Jesus, you are our best friend.

(November 3, 1997 6:31 AM CST)

Happy Birthday, Jacob!
God bless you today.

Some people are still without power.
Pray for them.
Thanks for your prayers for us.
We need them!

"We know that affliction makes for endurance,
and endurance for tested virtue,
and tested virtue for hope.
And this hope will not leave us disappointed,
because the love of God has been poured out
in our hearts through the Holy Spirit
who has been given to us."
Romans 5:3-5

Help us, Lord, through the hard times.
Give us the strength that we need.
Build our endurance.
Renew our hearts.
Change our minds.
Send us the Holy Spirit.
Thank you for your many gifts.
Send us hope.

(November 2, 1997 7:07 AM CST)

The back yard looks like a back yard again
thanks to Roger with the chain saw
and Jakey his faithful assistant.
OPPD was by and rolled up the downed
power line, so it is not in the way.
I guess they will fix it some other day.
This is the line to the light pole.

"Never again shall they know hunger or thirst,
nor shall the sun or its heat beat down on them.
for the Lamb on the throne will shepherd them.
He will lead them to springs of life-giving water,
and God will wipe every tear from their eyes."
Revelation 7:16-17

Thank you, Lord, for the life-giving water!
Thank you for the waters of life.
Thanks for the words of life.
Lead us, Lord, to the promised land.
Wipe our tears away.
Comfort us.
We love you, Lord Jesus.
You are the Lamb.
Thanks for giving your life for us.

(November 1, 1997 6:50 AM CST)

Last night there were very few
"Trick or Tweet"ers. It was dark
and there were branches everywhere
and power lines on the ground.
It was raining off and on.
It was not safe. You had to
walk in the streets and driveways.
I was at the Westroads Mall with lots
of people. It was crowded and noisy.
The stores were giving away candy.
Today I will be out in the back yard
moving the branches to the front yard.
There are still people without power.
They are getting upset and frustrated.
Pray for people to be understanding
and kind in this difficult situation.
I saw a few large trucks in some
neighborhoods hauling the branches away.
There is hope!

"Hearken to my words, O Lord,
attend to my sighing.
Heed my call for help,
my king and my God!
To you I pray, O Lord;
at dawn you hear my voice;
at dawn I bring my plea
expectantly before you."
Psalms 5:2-4

Be my strength, O Lord.
Help me.
Save us.
We are caught in the storm.
Reach out your hand to us.
Hear our prayers, O Lord.
We trust in you.

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