August 1 to 23, 1998

Receive God's love
Love God

Give praise to Jesus

He is alive

Seek the truth

Give everything

(August 23, 1998 9:11 AM MDT)

Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico!
I'm still alive.
I could write for hours about all
the people I have met and things that
have happened.
I somehow found a computer to
write to you all.
Yes, the strike has been going on for a week.
I am tired.
Pray for me.
Pray for the people that I work with.
Pray for the people on the picket line outside.
I'm doing Directory Assistance for 3 states:
New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.
If you dial "1411" in these states,
you might get to talk to me.
Pray for the people I talk to on the phone.
Some people call asking for the police number.
One woman was going into labor and I had
to find the number for the Hospital Admissions quick.
(Hospitals are very bad to lookup because of
all the departments or something like that.)
I keep asking myself......
why did God send me to ABQ?
Everything around me is so negative.
I'm trying to be a ray of sunshine and hope
with all this chaos around me.
I am meeting so many people.
This morning I was talking to Nancy
outside on the picket line.
I gave her a $2 coupon to save
on buying gas for her car which I
received last night at the summer
festival across the street from the
Hyatt downtown.

(This is where I am staying.
It is very fancy.
It is too nice.
The Lord is too good to me
in letting me have a free trip to ABQ.)
The festival was held
in the huge plaza and there were lots of
people listening to music and they
had Caribbean food. I guess they have
it every Saturday night with a different
theme each time.

Thank you for your prayers!
I feel them.
I could not work 12 hours per day
everyday without the strength from the Lord.
The guard at the front desk remarked to
me that I would be the only one to
survive the strike this morning.
That is my faith in Jesus.
I am a witness to his power.

Above the computer screen there is a little
daily calendar which reads:
"Thank God every morning when you get up that
you have something to do that day which must
be done, whether you like it or not.
---Charles Kingsley"

Well... back to work.
I might be talking to you soon.....

Daniel Boeckman
(D A Operator #3521.)

(August 15, 1998 6:28 AM CDT)

Pray that we don't have a strike
where I work tonight at midnight.

"Sing joyfully to the Lord, all you lands;
serve the Lord with gladness;
come before him with joyful song.
Know that the Lord is God;
he made us, his we are;
his people, the flock he tends.
Enter his gates with thanksgiving,
his courts with praise;
Give thanks to him; bless his name,
for he is good: the Lord,
whose kindness endures forever,
and his faithfulness, to all generations."
Psalms 100:1-5

The Lord is good!
From generation to generation
he is faithful.
Sing a song.
Have joy.
Give praise to Jesus.
Bless his holy name.
Give thanks to God.
You are his.
We bless you, Lord.
Thank you for all your gifts.
Keep us all safe until
we come home to you.
Guide us along our way.
We are glad.

(August 14, 1998 6:05 AM CDT)

"As Jesus was getting into the boat,
the man who had been possessed
was pressing to accompany him.
Jesus did not grant his request,
but told him instead:
'Go home to you family
and make it clear to them how much
the Lord in his mercy has done for you.'
At that the man went off and began
to proclaim throughout the Ten Cities
what Jesus had done for him. They were
all amazed at what they heard."
Mark 5:18-20

Have you told anyone about Jesus?
Have you shared what he has done for you?
He has blessed you in many ways.
He has changed your life.
You have been healed.
He loves you.
Spread the news.
Jesus is alive.
He still changes lives today.
He has given you peace.
Share what you know.
Say something.

(August 13, 1998 6:05 AM CDT)

"Jesus looked around at
them (the Pharisees) with anger,
for he was deeply grieved that they
had closed their minds against him.
Then he said to the man (with the
shriveled up hand),
'Stretch out your hand.'
The man did so and his hand
was perfectly restored. When the
Pharisees went outside, they immediately
began to plot with the Herodians
how they might destroy him."
Mark 3:5-6

Have you closed your mind to Jesus?
He wants to help you.
You are hurt and
he wants to heal you.
He says to hold out your hand.
He wants to give you something.
Will you accept this gift?
He wants to restore you.
He wants you to be well.
He wants to bless you.
He wants you to be perfect.
Turn away from sin.
This will destroy you.
You will lose the gift.
Stretch out your hands.

(August 12, 1998 6:02 AM CDT)

"As Jesus made his way along the Sea
of Galilee, he observed Simon and
his brother Andrew casting their
nets into the sea; they were
fishermen. Jesus said to them,
'Come after me;
I will make you fishers of men.'
They immediately abandoned their nets
and became his followers."
Mark 1:16-18

Could you drop everything and follow Jesus?
Would you accept his invitation?
He invites you.
Or do you turn away?
Is it time to go fishing?
It is time to go sailing.
Get out on the water.
Yes, their could be a storm or two,
but get out there.
Set sail.
This is a matter of life and death.
Sink or swim.
Many are drowning.
Will you do anything?
Can you swim?

(August 11, 1998 5:59 AM CDT)

"Let me say this much:
He who sows sparingly
will reap sparingly,
and he who sows bountifully
will reap bountifully.
Everyone must give according to
what he has inwardly decided;
not sadly, not grudgingly,
for God loves a cheerful giver.
God can multiply his favors among
you so that you may always have enough
of everything and even a surplus
for good works..."
2 Corinthians 9:6-8

The Lord asks you to give.
Yes, give to the poor.
Help the needy.
The Lord will give you
a heart for others.
The Lord will bless you.
Receive grace.
Receive peace.
Money can't buy these things.
Listen to the Lord Jesus.
Receive joy.

(August 10, 1998 6:01 AM CDT)

"If you do good know for whom
you are doing it, and your
kindness will have its effect.
Do good to the just man and
reward will be yours, if not
from him, from the Lord."
Sirach 12:1-2

Yes, reach out to others.
Think of someone besides yourself.
Sometimes you will get a "Thank You"
and sometimes not.
The Lord will repay you.
Invest in other's lives.
Be kind.
Set a good example.
A few times a week I go for a walk
to get some exercise. I'll pick up
a piece of paper or pop can
as I walk along.
No one says thanks.
I pray for the person that last
touched the discarded item.
It is a point of contact.
I ask God to bless them.
I ask God to touch their life.
Bless their family.
They need prayers.

(August 9, 1998 6:32 AM CDT)

Billy Graham will have a TV program
this week.
You can search these TV Listings .
In Omaha it is on channel 15 KXVO
Saturday, August 15th at 7 PM.
In Albuquerque, NM it is on Channel 13 KRQE
Wednesday, August 12th at 7 PM.
(I might get to go to Albuquerque
next week, if there is a strike.)
The program is titled "The Ride."

"The people answered Joshua,
'We will still serve the Lord.'
Joshua therefore said to the people,
'You are your own witnesses that you
have chosen to serve the Lord.'
They replied, 'We are, indeed!'
'Now, therefore, put away the strange
gods that are among you and turn your
hearts to the Lord, the God of Israel.'
Then the people promised Joshua,
'We will serve the Lord, our God,
and obey his voice.'"
Joshua 24:21-24

Yes, Lord, may we all serve you.
May we be of service to you.
May we serve others.
May we be like you.
Lord Jesus, we call on your holy name.
Be our witness today.
We commit our lives to you.
We give you all our hearts.
We are nothing without you.
Help us to push aside the strange
gods of money, power and sex.
Change us, Lord.
We can do nothing without you.
Lord Jesus, come.

(August 8, 1998 6:28 AM CDT)

Promise Keepers is in Omaha today.
It is being carried on radio
station 100.7 FM KGBI .
It might be carried on your local
Christian radio station also.
They said it was a national broadcast.
Pray for all the people that are
there today and those listening
on the radio.
May their lives be changed.
May they serve God.

"It is my wish, then,
that in every place the men shall
offer prayers with blameless hands
held aloft, and be free from anger
and dissension."
1 Timothy 2:8

Let us come together and pray.
Let us be blameless.
Let us raise our hands in praise.
Let us bow before the King of Kings.
Worship Jesus Christ.
He is the Lord.
He has saved you.
Praise the Lord!

(August 7, 1998 6:17 AM CDT)

Jesus told a parable about investments.
There were 3 people.
They were given different amounts
to invest.
"The third came in and said:
'Here is your money, my lord,
which I hid for safekeeping.
You see, I was afraid of you because
you are a hard man. You withdraw what
you never deposited. You reap what
you never sowed. To him the king said:
'You worthless lout! I intend to judge
you on your own evidence. You knew I
was a hard man, withdrawing what I never
deposited, reaping what I never sowed!
Why, then, did you not put my money out
on loan, so that on my return I could
get it back with interest?' He said
to those standing around,
'Take from him what he has, and give
it to the man with ten.'
'Yes, but he already has ten,' they said.
He responded with,
'The moral is whoever has will be given
more, but the one who has not will lose
the little he has.'"
Luke 19:20-26

The Lord has given you many talents.
What are you doing with them?
He expects a return on his investment.
Is it fair?
Does God love you?
Do you love God?
You must respond.
To ignore God is disaster.
Use your talents.
Help other people.
Comfort those in pain.
Reach out.
Bring joy to the world.
Give money to the poor.
Remember the forgotten.

(August 6, 1998 5:58 AM CDT)

Yesterday I went to have a physical.
A nurse (Laurie) took some blood out
of me from my right arm.
I was a little scared.
I told her this.
I've never had that done before.
There's a little bruise mark today
where the needle was inserted.
(I hate that word 'needle.')
In about three weeks I will get
the results back.

"First of all, I urge that petitions,
prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving
be offered for all men, especially
for kings and those in authority,
that we may be able to lead undisturbed
and tranquil lives in perfect piety
and dignity. Prayer of this kind is good
and God our savior is pleased with it,
for he wants all men to be saved and
come to know the truth."
1 Timothy 2:1-4

Pray for the leaders of the world.
Pray for peace.
May we all be free to worship
the living God.
May the wars cease.
May there be tranquility.
Pray for these things.
May love abound.
Be a person of instant forgiveness.
No one is perfect.
Have understanding.
Be patient.
Jesus shed his blood for you.
He died for you.
Ask for his forgiveness.
Be at peace with God.
Perfect peace is yours
for the asking.

(August 5, 1998 6:03 AM CDT)

Yesterday I got a call at work from
my Dad. He said that his brother,
Richard, had died. He lived in
Mississippi. So pray for his
family. Thanks.

"Give thanks to the Lord, invoke his name;
make known among the nations his deeds.
Sing to him, sing his praise,
proclaim all his wondrous deeds.
Glory in his holy name;
rejoice, O hearts that seek the Lord!
Look to the Lord in his strength;
seek to serve him constantly.
Recall the wondrous deeds that he has
wrought, his portents, and the
judgments he has uttered."
Psalms 105:1-5

Give praise to Jesus!
He is deserving of all our praise.
He has done amazing things.
Give glory to him today.
Are you searching for something
but don't know what it is?
Is something missing in your life?
You are made by God and will
never be happy until you come home.
Seek the Lord.
He is the answer.
He will fill your empty heart.
There is no place like home.

(August 4, 1998 6:03 AM CDT)

Pray for Renie.
Her baby is due October 9.
She sits next to me at work .

"I have a solemn charge to give you,
Timothy, my child. This charge is
in accordance with the prophecies
made in your regard, and I give it to you
so that under the inspiration of these
prophecies you may fight the good fight,
and hold fast to faith and a good conscience.
Some men, by rejecting the guidance of
conscience, have made shipwreck of their
faith, among them Hymenaeus and Alexander;
these I have turned over to Satan so that
they may learn not to blaspheme."
1 Timothy 1:18-20

With Jesus you can fight
for the faith.
You can stand up for the truth.
You can be a witness.
You can hold on.
Follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
You are called to great things.
You are here for a purpose.
Sail a straight course to heaven.
Don't think you can take detours
and still make it.
Do not use the name of Jesus or
Christ as a swear word.
This does not please the Lord.
The name of Jesus Christ should
be held high and praised with
all the angels and saints.

(August 3, 1998 6:01 AM CDT)

"The Lord is king,
in splendor robed;
robed is the Lord
and girt about with strength;
And he as made the world firm,
not to be moved.
Your throne stands firm from of old;
from everlasting you are, O Lord."
Psalms 93:1-2

All glory and praise to God.
He is all strength.
He is eternal.
He created the world.
His kingdom will never end.
He is the King.
We honor him.
We praise his creation.
We sing with all the angels.
He is the Lord of the universe.
He is your foundation.
Build your life and hopes
and dreams on him.
He is the everlasting one.

Promise Keepers will be in Omaha
August 7 and 8.
Pray for all that will attend it.
Lord Jesus, bless them.

(August 2, 1998 6:38 AM CDT)

Jesus said:
"You are badly misled
because you fail to understand the
Scriptures and the power of God.
When people rise from the dead,
they neither marry nor are given
in marriage but live like angels
in heaven. As to the fact that
the dead are raised,
have you not read what God said to you,
'I am the God of Abraham,
the God of Isaac,
the God of Jacob'?
He is the God of the living,
not of the dead."
The crowds who listened
were spellbound by his teaching.
Matthew 22:29-33

Jesus, open your Scriptures to us.
Help us to understand.
We are spellbound by your power.
We see the stars you have made
and are in awe.
We see a baby born and
are amazed.
Every breath we take
is a gift from you.
You are wonderful.
We see your power.
We hear your glory in the wind
and crashing waves by the ocean.
You are alive.
You give life to us.
We can live forever with you.
You are all goodness.
We give praise to you.

(August 1, 1998 6:20 AM CDT)

"You can depend on this as worthy of
full acceptance:
that Christ Jesus came into the world
to save sinners. Of these I myself
am the worst. But on that very account
I was dealt with mercifully,
so that in me, as an extreme case,
Jesus Christ might display all his
patience, and that I might become an
example to those who would later have
faith in him and gain everlasting life.
To the King of ages, the immortal,
the invisible, the only God,
be honor and glory forever and ever!

Jesus came to save us.
We are not worthy of this.
We are sinners.
We are lost.
But he loves us.
He cares about us.
We are made by him.
We are his.
Have mercy on us, Lord.
You are the King.
We give our lives to you.
You are everlasting life.
We give you honor and praise.

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