August 1 to 31, 1999

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Sing for Joy

Glacier National Park - pictures - very beautiful

(August 31, 1999 6:03 AM CDT)

"The season of judgment has begun,
and begun with God's own household.
If it begins this way with us,
what must be the end for those who refuse
obedience to the gospel of God?
And if the just man is saved only with difficulty,
what is to become of the godless and sinner?"
1 Peter 4:17-18

The answer is: they are lost.
If you are godless, you are lost.
If you live as if there is no God, you are lost.
Judgment falls on all people.
You cannot escape.
You will be judged.
Will you be found worthy?
Will you pass the test?
It is impossible for you.
You need God's help.
You cannot survive without Jesus to help you.
Call on the name of Jesus today.
Don't be lost.
Be found.

(August 30, 1999 6:06 AM CDT)

"Do not be surprised, beloved,
that a trial by fire
is occurring in your midst.
It is a test for you,
but it should not catch you off guard.
Rejoice instead, in the measure
that you share Christ's sufferings.
When his glory is revealed,
you will rejoice exultantly."
1 Peter 4:12-13

Be prepared.
Trials will come your way.
You cannot avoid them.
People will challenge your belief in Christ.
They will make fun of you.
They will insult you.
They will hurt you.
Are you ready?
Be on guard.
Be strong.
You will suffer, if you follow Jesus.
Hold on.
In the end you will rejoice in heaven.
Your reward is great.
It is worth more that all the wealth in the world.
Hang in there.
You will make it.
You suffer with Christ.
You have good company.

I want you to pray for all the people
on your street
or in your apartment complex
or in your dorm
or in your office building.
Ask God to touch their hearts.
Ask God to bless them today.
Lift them up in prayer every day.
It is called "prayer saturation" all over our towns.
Intercede for those around you.
It makes a difference.

(August 29, 1999 7:10 AM CDT)

I'm writing this with Wordpad on my local PC.
No one can see it except me.
My connection to the Internet is not there
at the moment.
When comes back up
I will FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
it (index.html) to the main
directory named "".
Maybe that is you.
You are disconnected.
You are just talking to yourself (like me).
Get connected.
You need to communicate.
Jesus Christ is that connection.
Do you want to be all alone?

Jesus said,
"I am the bread of life.
No one who comes to me shall ever be hungry.
no one who believes in me shall ever thirst.
But as I told you ---
though you have seen me,
you still do not believe."
John 6:35-36

We have seen Jesus.
He is Lord.
We have touched him.
We have met him.
We are satisfied.
We are content.
We have found a resting place.
Our security is in him.
Our future is in his hands.
Our hunger and thirst have gone away.
We experience true peace and joy.
We are loved.
We love Jesus.
We smile.
He embraces us.
We know he is there.
We have no fear.
We believe.

(August 28, 1999 6:15 AM CDT)

"The one who speaks is to deliver God's message.
The one who serves is to do it
with the strength provided by God.
Thus, in all of you
God is to be glorified through Jesus Christ:
to him be glory and dominion throughout the ages.
1 Peter 4:11

Pray for your pastor.
Pray that they share the message.
Pray that they are protected from evil.
Lord send your angels to them.
God bless all the pastors.
Pray for the strength of God.
Pray that the glory of God will shine forth.
Pray that Jesus Christ may be known everywhere.
The word of God goes forth.
It changes things.
It moves people.
You can't stand still.
Glory to God.

(August 27, 1999 6:03 AM CDT)

"When the hour arrived,
Jesus took his place at table,
and the apostles with him.
He said to them:
'I have greatly desired to eat this
Passover with you before I suffer.
I tell you,
I will not eat again until it is fulfilled
in the kingdom of God.'"
Luke 22:14-16

The hour has arrived.
Jesus comes to you.
Will you sit down and eat dinner with him?
Will you talk to him?
Will you give your life to him?
If you suffer, he suffers with you.
It will soon pass.
Be fulfilled.
He is with you.
Be at peace.
Now is the time.
The hour has come.

(August 26, 1999 6:06 AM CDT)

"The Lord is near to all
who call upon him,
to all who call upon him in truth."
Psalms 145:18

Call on the name of the Lord.
Jesus, come and save me.
I am suffering, Lord.
I need your saving grace.
Be with me.
Walk with me in the dark times.
Rescue me.
Save my soul.
Redeem me, Lord.
I have fallen.
I am lost.
Find me.
Turn me around.
Point me toward heaven.
Give me new hope.
Make my life beautiful.
I call upon you today, Lord Jesus.
Hear my prayer.

(August 25, 1999 6:01 AM CDT)

" must lay aside
your former way of life
and the old self
which deteriorates through illusion and desire,
and acquire a fresh, spiritual way of thinking.
You must put on that new man
created in God's image,
whose justice and holiness are born of truth."
Ephesians 4:22-24

You must change.
You can't stay the same.
If you give your life to Jesus,
you have to change.
Your values have to change.
What is important changes.
If nothing is new,
something is wrong.
For example you could stop drinking completely
and take up reading the Bible.
Read a chapter every day starting with the Gospels
( Matthew , Mark , Luke , John ).
Give up all gossip ---
don't listen to it and don't spread it.
(Now there's a challenge for you and me!
One time I saw two people kissing
and they were not married to each other.
I surprised them.
I've never told anyone ever about it.
I don't even know why I'm telling you ---
except to illustrate a point.
I pray for them to remain faithful to their spouses.
You can pray for them too.
Lord have mercy on their souls.)
Something must be different in your life.
Let the Holy Spirit lead you to the truth.

(August 24, 1999 6:05 AM CDT)

"Each one of you is a son of God
because of your faith in Christ Jesus.
All of you who have been baptized into Christ
have clothed yourselves with him.
There does not exist among you Jew or Greek,
slave or free man, male or female.
All are one in Christ Jesus."
Galatians 3:26-28

Are you together?
Are you separate?
Do you stick with believers?
Are you off on your own?
You are a child of God.
You have new clothes.
You are baptized into new life.
You are born again of water and the Spirit.
You are together.
You are brother and sister.
You have one Father in heaven.
Get together.
Be together.
You are one.

(August 23, 1999 6:07 AM CDT)

"If possible,
live peaceably with everyone.
Beloved, do not avenge yourselves;
leave that to God's wrath,
for it is written:
'Vengeance is mine; I will repay,'
says the Lord."
Romans 12:18-19

No one gets away with anything in this life.
God sees all.
He knows all.
Leave the punishment to God.
Never try to get even.
God is a God of justice.
Pray for those who harm you.
They need help.
They need God's healing touch.
God knows who they are.
I still pray for the person that
punched me in the ear many years ago.
I was on my paper route
near 32nd and Lincoln Blvd in Omaha .
I immediately turned around and
asked him why he did that.
He just ran away.
He must have been a very angry person.
Pray for him.
Pray for your enemies.
They don't know what they are doing.

(August 22, 1999 6:57 AM CDT)

"Great is the Lord and
wholly to be praised
in the city of our God.
His holy mountain,
fairest of heights,
is the joy of all the earth."
Psalms 48:1-3

Go up to the Lord.
Be in his presence.
Visit his holy mountain.
Praise him on high.
He is above all things.
He is holy.
He gives joy to all the earth.
Live in his city.
He is great.
Pray to him.
Honor him.
Glory to God in the highest.

(August 21, 1999 6:25 AM CDT)

"Because Jesus had cured many,
all who had afflictions
kept pushing toward him
to touch him."
Mark 3:10

Yes, to touch Jesus.
To be in his presence.
To see him.
That would be awesome.
We are all sick.
We all are in need of healing.
We need the touch of Jesus.
Come, Lord Jesus.
Be with us today.
Touch us with your love.
Heal us, Lord.
We need a miracle .
Restore us to health.
Renew our soul.
Give us your joy.
Lift our spirits.
Bring us to you.

(August 20, 1999 6:05 AM CDT)

Peter said,
"Reform your lives!
Turn to God,
that your sins may be wiped away!
Thus may a season of refreshment be granted you
by the Lord when he sends you Jesus,
already designated as your Messiah."
Acts 3:19-20

Life keeps changing.
You grow older and learn more each day.
You need to be forgiven.
Ask Jesus to forgive your sins.
He is full of mercy and love.
If you are going away from God,
you need to turn around.
Then will come a season of refreshment.
You will be renewed like the dawn .
You will find new life and hope.
You will experience joy and peace.
Have you learned that?
God grant you the wisdom to change.

(August 19, 1999 5:59 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"I am the light of the world."
John 9:5

It was interesting yesterday to try
to get around the house with no electricity.
The power was off for 6 and a half hours.
I had a flashlight, but it just was not the same.
You miss things.
I stubbed my toe on a book on the floor in one bedroom.
I worried about the food in the refrigerator.
Would it survive or not?
The clocks were worthless.
The electric garage door opener would not work.
I was trapped for a moment until I figured out how to get
the garage door open manually.
This computer that I'm typing on right now was dead.
Today I really appreciate all the light.
I can write to you.
The food survived (I think).
It is so much easier to find things and do things.
Maybe life is like that.
We wander around with our flashlights
trying to find our way.
We stumble and get hurt.
We can't see things that we are searching for.
We feel trapped.
We worry about everything.
We lose track of time.
Jesus is that light in our lives.
He is very bright.
He lights up your life.
He shows you the way that is safe.
He tells you time is short.
(The devil says you have all the time in the world.)
He tells you to be prepared.
Don't settle for the counterfeit and inferior
flashlights of this world.
We try to do things on our own without his light.
We short-circuit God's plans for our life.
Life with Jesus is so much easier.
Find Jesus.
Find light.

(August 18, 1999 7:33 AM CDT)

I have no electricity at my house this morning.
At 10 minutes before 1 AM there was a big boom
and that was it.
It was quite a thunderstorm ... again.
We get hit at least once a week it seems.
Pray for the people that repair the power lines.
I saw them working as I drove in to work.

(August 17, 1999 6:04 AM CDT)

"Brothers, let me give you an everyday example.
You cannot add anything to a man's will
or set it aside once it is legally validated."
Galatians 3:15

It is interesting that an "everyday example"
of 2,000 years ago still applies today.
You need a will or the state decides
what to do with your assets after you die.
Who wants the state to decide?
We want to decide.
We plan so much with making a will ---
we buy life insurance ---
we should plan all the more for heaven.
Every day you should be aware of where you are going.
Are you getting closer to home (heaven)
or moving off course.
What is your direction today?
Where are you?
Don't set aside this planning for eternity.
Surrender your life to the living God.
Sign your life away.
Do the "will" of God.
He is your security.

(August 16, 1999 6:07 AM CDT)

"Thus, in virtue of the favor given to me,
I warn each of you not to think
more highly of himself than he ought.
Let him estimate himself soberly,
keeping with the measure of faith
that God has apportioned him."
Romans 12:3

This is saying that not everyone
has the same amount of faith.
Faith is a gift from God.
Lord presents himself to all
and when you respond your faith grows.
You should be different than when you
first met Jesus.
So where are you on your spiritual journey?
Are you still on the ground floor?
Maybe you are below ground level.
Do you see them digging that big hole in the ground
at 16th and Dodge for the new 40-story building?
Hopefully you have taken off and are flying.
I watch the birds flying around my backyard
sometimes and wonder what it would be like
to fly like that.
Fly with the Spirit.
Get off the ground.
Get moving.
May your faith increase.

(August 15, 1999 6:50 AM CDT)

"During that time,
Jesus came from Nazareth in Galilee
and was baptized in the Jordan by John.
Immediately on coming up out of the water
he saw the sky rent in two and
the Spirit descending on him like a dove.
Then a voice came from the heavens:
'You are my beloved Son.
On you my favor rests.'"
Mark 1:9-11

We see here the three persons of the Trinity.
The Holy Spirit descending as a dove.
Jesus is baptized .
The Father is the voice.
It is a mystery.
Three persons in one God.
They is not three Gods.
Each person is God.
Jesus was God as he walked
the earth 2,000 years ago.
All three have always existed.
They have no beginning and no end.
It is something to think about.
We worship you today Holy Trinity:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Praise be to God in all his glory.

(August 14, 1999 6:26 AM CDT)

"The community of believers
were of one heart and one mind.
None of them ever claimed anything
as his own; rather,
everything was held in common."
Acts 4:32

All that you have is a gift from God.
The question is:
what are you doing with it?
Maybe you have the "gift of gab".
Do you talk to people about Jesus?
Maybe you have a high IQ.
Do you help others in school?
Maybe you can fix cars.
Do you stop and help stranded drivers?
Maybe you are a leader.
Do you lead people to do good or bad things?
Maybe you have lots of money.
Do you help those in disasters?
Be of one heart and mind.

(August 13, 1999 6:02 AM CDT)

Jesus said,
"If a man wishes to come after me,
he must deny his very self,
take up his cross,
and begin to follow in my footsteps.
Whoever would save his life will lose it,
but whoever loses his life
for my sake will find it.
What profit would a man show
if he were to gain the whole world
and destroy himself in the process?"
Matthew 16:24-26

Many a person has read these words
over the years
and been changed.
They became saints.
They gave up everything to follow Jesus.
Is your goal to win the lottery or
to make $1 million in the next year?
What good will it do?
You could lose your soul.
You could become rich and lose it all.
Today if you ask Jesus to forgive your sins,
that forgiveness is a blessing
that no money can buy.
That blessing is free.
It is yours for the asking.
Ask and you shall receive.
Read the words of Jesus again.
Don't lose it all.

(August 12, 1999 6:04 AM CDT)

"He has opened a hole,
he has dug it deep,
but he falls into the pit
which he has made."
Psalms 7:16

Why do you get into trouble?
You go off on your own.
You say that you don't need God.
Then you fall and wonder why.
It's your own fault.
Don't dig any holes for yourself.
It is dangerous.
You fall and then others can fall too.
Build the kingdom.
Let's go up --- not down.
Stay with the Lord.
He will keep you from falling.
He will keep you from harm.

(August 11, 1999 6:07 AM CDT)

Today is the day for the eclipse
of the sun.
I just saw the live picture from Turkey on CNN .

"He who sows sparingly will reap sparingly,
and he who sows bountifully will reap bountifully.
Everyone must give according to what
he has inwardly decided;
not sadly, not grudgingly,
for God loves a cheerful giver."
2 Corinthians 9:6-7

How do you look at giving?
Is it a burden for you?
Are you unhappy to part with your money?
Check out your feelings.

(August 10, 1999 6:04 AM CDT)

My brother is in a hospital in California.
He has pneumonia.
So pray for him.

"You are patient and endure hardship
for my cause. Moreover,
you do not become discouraged.
I hold this against you, though:
you have turned aside
from your early love.
Keep firmly in mind the heights
from which you have fallen.
Repent, and return to your former deeds."
Revelation 2:3-5

Remember when you first found Jesus.
It was love.
It was strong.
It was alive.
What has happened?
Have you fallen away?
Are you hurt?
Are you sick?
Return home.
Return to your first love.
Turn around (repent).
Keep your courage up.
Be patient with yourself.
Keep in mind what God has called you to be.
Keep the love of Jesus burning bright.

(August 9, 1999 6:13 AM CDT)

"Remember, beloved, all of you,
the prophetic words of the apostles
of our Lord Jesus Christ;
how they kept telling you,
'In the last days there will be impostors
living by their godless passions.'
These sensualists, devoid of the Spirit,
are causing divisions among you."
Jude 1:17-19

There are impostors.
They will trick you.
They will try to divide you.
They will lead you away from Jesus.
Be rooted in prayer.
Be lead by the Holy Spirit.
Stay with other believers.
Don't go off on your own.
Seek the truth.
Seek Jesus and his holiness.
It is something to be aware of.
The weeds and wheat grow side by side.
Stay close to Jesus.

(August 8, 1999 6:49 AM CDT)

You might have heard on the news that
Omaha received 10 inches (25 cm) of rain yesterday.
The creek at 108 and Dodge was out
of its banks.
I drove over at 10 AM and took a close look at it.
The water was very high and moving fast.
It was scary to watch.
The baseball fields on the west side of the
creek were under water.
As the day went on the level dropped back down.
Many people had water in their basements.
One person was killed when their
basement wall collapsed.
Pray for Leo and his family.
In other parts of the country there is
a drought --- how ironic.
You can read more about it in our newspaper .

"As the hind longs for the running waters,
so my soul longs for you, O God.
A thirst is my soul for God, the living God.
When should I go and behold the face of God?"
Psalms 42:1-3

Lord, we thirst for you.
We are in need.
We don't know what to do or where to go.
We are trapped.
Save us, Lord.
We are in danger.
Come and rescue us.

(August 7, 1999 6:14 AM CDT)

"Beloved, do not imitate what is evil
but what is good.
Whoever does what is good belongs to God;
whoever does what is evil has never seen God."
3 John 1:11

Do what is good.
I think that is obvious,
but why do people do evil then?
It is a battle ---
good on one side and evil on the other.
In the end we know that good will win.
There is no doubt about that.
God will triumph and put down
the forces of darkness.
The fight isn't even fair.
At any time you can call out the name of Jesus
and put the forces of evil to flight.
See God today.
Call out the name above all other names (Jesus).
Be on the winning side.
Have victory.
It is yours.
You win.

(August 6, 1999 6:00 AM CDT)

"Anyone who is so progressive
that he does not remain rooted
in the teaching of Christ
does not possess God,
while anyone who remains rooted
in the teaching possesses
both the Father and the Son."
2 John 1:9

Are you very progressive?
Do you still follow Christ?
Is he that important to you?
Do you believe that Jesus is God?
Do you believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
How about the 10 commandments?
Do you call sin sin?
There is this one church in Omaha
that has a gay pastor.
Is that progressive or what?
He is a very good speaker and administrator
according to the newspaper.
The people of this church saw
no problems with this recently.
In the past there was some conflict,
but I guess those people left.
Follow Christ and his teachings.
Don't try to please the people.
Try to please God.
You know what is right.
Please God (help us).

(August 5, 1999 6:01 AM CDT)

This one guy I work with just got back
from Glacier National Park , so I added
some pictures of it up above.

"The man who claims to be in light,
hating his brother all the while,
is in darkness even now.
The man who continues in the light
is the one who loves his brother;
there is nothing in him to cause a fall.
But the man who hates his brother is in darkness.
He walks in shadows,
not knowing where he is going,
since the dark has blinded his eyes."
1 John 2:9-11

Where are you going?
Can you see the way?
Did you trip and fall recently?
Open your eyes.
See the light.
Move toward the light.
Seek the light.
Do not hate anyone.
Ask yourself:
Do you see any shadows?

(August 4, 1999 6:06 AM CDT)

"He blanketed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah
in ashes and condemned them to destruction,
thereby showing what would happen
in the future to the godless."
2 Peter 2:6

If you turn away from God,
you will face destruction.
There are consequences for
choosing a life without God.
God is a God of justice.
He is a God of mercy.
He will forgive you all your sins,
if you ask sincerely.
He offers you eternal life
through Jesus Christ.
You can accept it or reject it.
You decide.
Your Mom or Dad does not decide
for you --- you do.
You either stand alone (not recommended)
or you stand with Jesus.
I believe in Jesus.
He is my best friend.
He protects me from destruction.
He is the one.
I eternally recommend him for your soul.
You need him.

(August 3, 1999 6:04 AM CDT)

"You are
'a chosen race,
a royal priesthood,
a holy nation,
a people he claims for his own
to proclaim the glorious works'
of the One who called you from darkness
into his marvelous light.
Once you were no people,
but now you are God's people;
once there was no mercy for you,
but now you have found mercy."
1 Peter 2:9-10

God has chosen you.
You are holy.
You are special.
Be marvelous.
Live up to your calling.
Shine with the one light.
Proclaim his glory.
You belong to God.
In Jesus you have found mercy.
Mercy is yours.
You belong to God.
Be a person.
This is the way it was meant to be.

Sometimes I wonder how will
"Spring To Life" end.
Will I continue to write this
for the next 50 years?
Will I just say that I've written enough
and should quit?
Will I have a "Going out of business" sale?
(There is nothing to sell.)
Maybe it will end with no Good-byes.
I will just stop writing.
If something happened to me,
it would just not be updated.
There would be no news.
People would check back maybe for a few days
or weeks and then give up.
I don't see anyone continuing this writing
after I'm gone.
It takes about a half hour each morning.
Who has time like that?
Like I say, I was just wondering.


(August 2, 1999 6:05 AM CDT)

"My brothers, what good is it
to profess faith without practicing it?
Such faith has no power to save one, has it?
If a brother or sister has nothing to wear
and no food for the day,
and you say to them,
'Good-bye and good luck!
Keep warm and well fed,'
but do not meet their bodily needs,
what good is that?
So it is with the faith
that does nothing in practice.
It is thoroughly lifeless."
James 2:14-17

Is your faith alive?
Do you help those in need?
Do you think about the poor?
Do you talk to them?
It takes practice.
It takes effort.
Reach out in love today.
It's not a question of luck ---
it's a question of faith.

Yesterday I was driving south on highway 77
just north of Fremont, Nebraska.
It was a 2-lane highway at that point
with a double yellow line and
someone was in my lane coming at me
passing another car.
I slowed down and let them get back in their lane.
What does a double yellow line mean?
It's time for "Driving 101"...
It means no passing.

(August 1, 1999 6:58 AM CDT)

It is the Lord's Day.
Go to church and worship him
with your brothers and sisters.

"Now I know that the Lord has given
victory to his anointed,
that he has answered him from his holy heaven
with the strength of his victorious right hand.
Some are strong in chariots; some, in horses;
but we are strong in the
name of the Lord, our God."
Psalms 20:7-8

Where does your strength come from?
How do you make it through the day?
Ask the Lord for his strength.
He gives you all that you need.

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