Friday, December 31, 1999

The following was printed in the Omaha World-Herald newspaper of Omaha, Nebraska USA on Sunday, October 6, 1996, in the Entertainment Section on Page 12.

(I bought a copy of the newspaper from Cub Foods at 114 and Dodge from Ann (5:58 AM, 10-6-1996). I had to see what it looked like in print. I was like a little kid on Christmas Day. I also bought 3 blueberry cake donuts from their bakery. (I like the number 3 (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).))

by Dan Boeckman
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Omaha, Nebraska USA

(Omaha World-Herald, Sunday, October 6, 1996, Entertainment Magazine, Version 6)

(2 columns wide by 8.5 inches = 17, times $52.75 per column inch = $896.75)

Friday, December 31, 1999

by Dan Boeckman

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"Sing a new song..." Psalms 33:3

Many people are already planning parties for New Years Eve 1999. The famous restaurants around the world are booked with reservations for that evening. Computer programmers are dreading the day because of predictions of mass problems caused by the 2-digit years of '99' rolling over to '00'. (The '00' will be interpreted as the year 1900 instead of 2000.). The year 2000 is 1,182 days away from today. You can read all about this issue on the Internet at "" . Some people predict it will cost $60 billion to fix and test the computer software. Some airlines will ground their planes as a precaution on that day. Massive power failures around the world could be caused by computer software problems. I'm not so sure it will be a "Happy New Year."

There is a debate about when the millennium starts. Some say it starts January 1, 2000, and others say it is January 1, 2001. The problem is that the millennium could have already happened. Some experts say that Jesus Christ was born in 4 BC or 7 BC. If that is true, January 1, 1997/1994, is/was the correct date. We might have missed it! What a crazy thought! I say to you this day, Sunday, October 6, 1996, from Omaha, Nebraska in the good old USA:

The millennium starts when you want it to start.

Some people today predict that the end of the world is coming soon. They proclaim a message of "doom and gloom." (The same thing happened in the year 999.) Today I predict a day of new beginnings. I give you words of hope! Many people will change their lives. Let us live today to the fullest! It is not THE END; it is the beginning. Seize the moment!

To start the awesome, cool (or kewl), far-out, gnarly, sweet, groovy, unbelievable, spectacular (whatever you want to call it) millennium all you have to do is give your heart to Jesus. (It is that simple!) He is Alpha/Omega, Beginning/End, Author/Finisher of life. You don't have to wait for a new century to begin in your life. You have not missed anything yet (or possibly/probably you have). Get that Bible out and dust it off or go buy one. There are eternal words in that book. These are words that are inspired by the God who made the universe. Some evening take a look at all those billions and billions of stars in the sky above. Just scan through Sky and Telescope Magazine . Look at the wonders that God has made! Our God is an awesome God! Open your eyes and see! That is a very powerful star that is only a mere 93 million miles away. Astronomers stand in awe as they study this massive object in God's heavens! I tell people to get up early and watch that star come up over the horizon. Sunrise tomorrow is about 7:30 AM. God puts on an inspiring show most mornings! Begin a new day in your life. Begin every day with Jesus in your life. Read one chapter a day of the Gospels. Start with the Gospel of Luke. Read the Psalms also. My favorite is Psalms 33 , which I read recently at a wedding on August 17. Check it out. These words have been around for thousands of years. Many many generations have come before us and were kind enough to pass these words of life onto us. We should be grateful to all who have come before us.

If you missed "To Be A Success In 1996" , it will be reprinted next Sunday, October 13. If you missed "The Answer Is Love" or "The Bridge Is Out" , write for a copy. Currently we are writing the screenplay for a movie. Hopefully the ending song in the movie will be "Show Me Heaven" by Tina Arena from Australia. Ask the Lord if you should help with this screenplay and if the answer is 'Yes', write to us. Today I will be holding a sign somewhere along Dodge Street at 2 PM and saying some prayers. I ask sincerely: Please, let babies live. (I think this is obvious, isn't it? Am I missing something? To me this is a 'no brainer'. I do not understand abortion at all. Please, see page 1 of the Yellow Pages for alternatives to abortion. If you've had an abortion, God will forgive you. Just ask Him. God loves you!) Thanks! Happy Birthday this month to: Katie(1), Ron(4), Tina(10), my Dad(12), Bridget(24), Tom(26), Arnie(27) and Roger(31). (Did I miss anyone?!) Everyone deserves a birthday! Hi Sally/3518: Surprise!

Mary Kay Mueller has written a new book titled 'Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness.' Today she will be signing her book at Cover To Cover in the Center Mall 42 & Center 1-3 PM. On October 15 7:30-9:30 PM she will be at Borders Bookstore 131st & Maple. If you need a motivation speaker, she is the one! I heard her speak on September 24. She is wonderful! For more information call (402) 393-0444 or (800) 419-0444.

God bless you today my friend. May we meet one day in this life or the next.

Spring To Life, P.O. Box 991, Omaha, NE 68101-0991 USA

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