Spring To Life In 1986

Scanned image of advertisement in New York Times

Here is a picture of the two people that helped me that worked for the NY TIMES at that time.
Does anyone out there know their names?
Write to me.
You can see Sunday, May 25th, 1986 on the calendar in the background.

This was printed in the New York Times newspaper of New York City, New York USA on Sunday, May 25, 1986.
It was on page 45.
I was in NYC that day for "Hands Across America". They tried to have people hold hands across the entire USA. I'm not sure if they succeeded or not. I think there were places in Arizona that had gaps, if I remember right. There were 6 lines of people where I was on Manhattan Island.
The advertisement cost $2,951.46, I think.
We received 3 letters in the mail from the advertisement.
One letter was from Hugh Dussek in Charlottesville, VA.
There was a typo in the text of "Without Jesus in you life and will be lost." Hugh underlined it in red for me to see. It should have read "Without Jesus in your life all will be lost." There was a sentence completely missing I think too, so they gave me a refund on October 1, 1986 of $983.82. Wasn't that nice of them! They did not have to do that. Another problem was that I thought the advertisement would be in all the editions of the newspaper across the country even in Omaha. It was NOT in the version of their newspaper that made it to Omaha that day. It was only in the editions of the newspaper along the east coast which was still a lot of people that saw it. It did make it to Virginia. It still cost a fortune even with the refund. This was the only advertisement that Spring To Life ever had in the New York Times.
It is interesting to note that the U.S.S.R. mentioned in the article is already gone, since this was written.

by Dan Boeckman
E-mail address: dan@spring2life.com
Omaha, Nebraska USA

Word 6 Document of nytimes.doc .

Spring To Life in 1986

by Dan Boeckman (Mary Davis, Editor)

(New York Times, Sunday, May 25,1986)

Where will you be 5 years from today? It will be Spring 1991 and maybe you will live in a different city. Maybe you will have a different job. Many things can happen in a period of 5 years. You could go through college and earn a degree by then. Possibly you will get married or divorced by 1991. Maybe you will get that promotion that you've always wanted, or maybe you'll be unemployed. Who knows what the future my bring? You may even die and not be around 5 years from today.

Where will you be 1,000 years from today? It will be the year 2986 and maybe New York City won't even be around, much less you. There probably won't be a U.S.S.R. Where will you be? These words that you read today could affect where you will be 1,000 years from now. You see, we are only on this earth for a very short time. Maybe you'll be here 70 or 80 years, but then what? Someday you will depart from planet earth whether you want to or not. Well, I can tell you that you will be either with God or separated from God.

It is amazing how much preparation people make for the day they will retire. How much more should you prepare for the thousands of years that lay ahead of you!

You can say, 'I only live one day at a time,' but you still have a direction to your life. Your life is headed either toward God or away from Him. It's amazing how many people think they will end up in Heaven when they don't even know God. But God knows you. He knows you even though you don't care about Him. He loves you very much and wants you to be with Him for all eternity. And why shouldn't He love you? He made you. He sent His son Jesus to show His love for you. But you can reject God and His love for you. You can say, 'forget it.' You are free to choose. Where will you be? You decide. Jesus said He was 'the way, the truth and the life.' Ask Jesus to come into your life today. You may thank me 1,000 years from now that you did.

Today is the day to Spring To Life. Don't wait! You have no guarantee there will be a tomorrow. Today is the day to change the direction you are heading. Without Jesus in your life all will be lost.

Start reading the Bible and get to know God. Begin reading a chapter a day of the Gospel of Matthew. Read about what Jesus said and did. God has much to say to you. Start attending church every Sunday. God gave you many brothers and sisters to help you on your way. Many people in Omaha are praying for you to make this decision to follow Jesus and to be with Him forever.

You decide. It's your choice. Where will you be?

Spring To Life, P.O. Box 211, Omaha, NE 68101-0211
(Note: P.O. Box does not exist anymore.)

P.S. I am visiting your city today and will be participating in Hands Across America at 23rd and 12th Ave.

Spring To Life, P.O. Box 991, Omaha, NE 68101-0991 USA
(Note: P.O. Box does not exist anymore.)

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