Pictures of California July, 2003

Friday, July 11th, 2003
Topanga Beach 1 I went for an hour walk here, $6 to park there all day
Topanga Beach 2 surfer back on solid ground, still trying to surf
Topanga Beach 3 he got a wave finally
Topanga Beach 4 some rich people live along here near Malibu
Topanga Beach 5 same rich people houses, why did I take the same picture twice?
Topanga Beach 6 them footprints in the sand
Topanga Beach 7 watch out for the rocks
Topanga Beach 8 there's a nice cool breeze along the ocean
Topanga Beach 9 three rock sculptures that someone made
Topanga Beach 10 seagulls looking for lunch
Topanga Beach 11 nice place to go fishing
Topanga Beach 12 I've seen bigger waves than that

Saturday, July 12th, 2003
Torrey Pines State Reserve 1 "postcard effect" looking back down the road to the Pacific Ocean
Torrey Pines State Reserve 2 beautiful view from the top
Torrey Pines State Reserve 3 sandstone walls
Torrey Pines State Reserve 4 they had flowers that I've never seen before
Torrey Pines State Reserve 5 the ocean is in the distance
Torrey Pines State Reserve 6 it is a fragile environment, so you have to stay on the trails
Torrey Pines State Reserve 7 there are many trails and some people were jogging on them
Torrey Pines State Reserve 8 very beautiful rock formations
Torrey Pines State Reserve 9 sorry, picture did not turn out well
Torrey Pines State Reserve 10 much better, very interesting terrain
Torrey Pines State Reserve 11 we made it down to the beach, the person in the center of the picture is talking on a cellphone
Torrey Pines State Reserve 12 you have to watch out for the falling rocks
Torrey Pines State Reserve 13 swim <--- or ---> surf sign

Saturday, July 12th, 2003
Huntington Beach 1 costs $1.50 per hour to park there, one sign said "No Parking on Friday", what? go figure
Huntington Beach 2 the beach closes at 10 PM and is strictly enforced, in the evening there are fires on the beach called "rings of fire" like a bonfire, people cook food with them
Huntington Beach 3 you see surfers everywhere along the beaches, time to call it a day
Huntington Beach 4 concrete pier which was rebuilt recently after a storm last year
Huntington Beach 5 catch a wave, dude, can you count how many are in the water? how do they keep from hitting each other in the surf?

Sunday, July 13th, 2003
Newport Beach 1 Santa Ana River leading to Pacific Ocean with jumping fish if you watch closely
Newport Beach 2 low tide with kids playing in the surf
Newport Beach 3 the water is only 6 inches deep
Newport Beach 4 I've never walked this far out into the ocean
Newport Beach 5 you could walk right out to where the surfers were

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