September 23, 1996: Seek The Lord

"Seek the Lord while he may be found,
call him while he is near."

Isaiah 55:6

Jesus be close to me this day.
Come into my heart.
Be right by my side to guide me.
I love you, Jesus.
How wonderful you are!
You draw all people to you.
You are the source of life and our only hope!
Thank you Jesus!
I call out to you this day:
help me
I am so confused.
Thanks for hearing my prayer.

I ask you to bless all my friends this day.
Yes Lord, bless all those that I love.
Give them joy and peace in their lives.
Give them strength for their journey.
Save them from the evil that surrounds us.
Help them to "Trust Jesus".


(NOTE: I saw the message "Trust Jesus" along I-80 in Nebraska on 2 bridges and on a light pole in downtown Denver by the courthouse where the Oklahoma Bomber trial is taking place. This is by the 1801 California building. I love the message, but please don't paint other's property to get a message across. Thanks!)

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