September 25, 1996: Be Like A Child

"Unless you become like a little child
you can not enter the kingdom of God."

Matthew 18:3

Lord help us this day to be like a child.

Help us to trust U.
Help us to trust uthers.
Help us to B friendly to nu peeple that U send hour way.
Help us to instantly for give + for get.
Give us joy + a sense of wunder.
Teach us how to play + have fun fun fun.
Help us to B creative + C things in a nu lite.
Jesus B in my hart.
Bles my MOMMIE + DADDIE + friends.
Bles my best friend Bobbie!
Bles my goldfish + dog that dead a few weeks ago.
Watch over and under them Jesus.
Jesus where R U? Can I come to C ya someday?
Where is your house?
Why did U make me?
Jesus U R my best buddy.
Thanks for all my b-day presanse. That was cool!
C ya.



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