September 30, 1996:
Every Time I Think Of You

"I give thanks to my God
every time I think of you ---
which is constantly,
in every prayer I utter..."

Philippians 1:3
(Read the whole chapter and get blessed!)

Thank you, Jesus, for my family and all the friends you have given me.
They are a blessing to me.
Thanks for Cousin Lauri and Ron
that went to church with me yesterday.
(Add the names of those you love here.)
That was very nice.
Thanks for the tears of joy.
May we all be together in Heaven one day with you.
Jesus we love you.
Bring us all home safe.
The journey is so difficult sometimes.
I ask you to bless my Mom and heal this problem with dizziness.
I ask you to bless Kim in Denver and heal the problem with her arms.
(Add the people you want to ask help for here.)
We call out to you for help.
We praise your Holy Name.
We give you thanks this day.

"I have full confidence that now as always
Christ will be exalted through me,
whether I live or die.
For, to me, 'life' means Christ;
hence dying is so much gain."

Philippians 1:20-21

Help us Lord to understand these words of St. Paul.
Help us to know your will.
Help us to 'die' this day to what WE want to do
and help us to do what YOU want us to do.


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