October 13, 1996: All Tears Will Be Wiped Away

"The Lord God will wipe away
the tears from all faces."

Isaiah 25:8

Lord, we call on you today to comfort those in sorrow.
We do not understand death.
We do not understand pain.
Comfort those who have lost their Mom or Dad or another loved one.
Jesus, we know that one day we will be with you.
It is so hard to be separated from them even for a short time.
We pray to you this day.
Give us strength to endure all that comes our way.
You are our strength --- only you.
Thank you for hearing my prayer.
Make us aware of those around us that need a loving hug today.
I ask you to bless them this day, as we share your love with them.
Help us to be open to your Holy Spirit
and say any words that you want us to say to them.

We praise you and thank you for the beautiful trees
and weather lately.
We thank you for the abundant record setting corn harvest this year.
We thank you for all the many, many gifts that you give us.
Thanks! You are so good to us!


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